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Solicitor qualified 1981.Weightmans, Liverpool. College of Law Chester Senior Lecturer 1981-89, Litigation, Evidence, Employment and Consumer, Conveyancing and Landlord and Tenant. Law Society examiner in above topics, Senior Lecturer Sheffield Hallam University 1993- 2012. Equity and Trusts, Land and Evidence. Commissioned writer for New Law Journal, Solicitors Journal and Expert Witness Institute Publications on Forced Adoption, Child Protection, Care and Care Court System, Experts in Criminal and Care Courts, Charity Law and State Power. Blog 2014- on autistic daughter Mental and Disability Care, Mental Health Act, Mental Capacity Act , Power of State. Born and bred in Liverpool. Married, 2 daughters 15, 18, One autistic, abused by the state, and a huge present, and future cash cow. Email Issy has a facebook group please join and be her friend Help autistic Issy is groups name

Letter to Social Services re Issy’s abuse in NAS Robert Ogden School

NAS was being paid over 177,000 a year by LA NHS for this ‘education’ from public money tax free.

Thats over £200,000 per year.

NAS solution- A Referral to CAMHS in 2012 and drugging on PROZAC.

Issy refused to go back to the school in 2012, and has since been living with her parents.

Paid £63.15 p a week to care for her 24/7 without support. In contrast to £4,000 a week to NAS.

There has never been any accountability for what was done to her, nor the millions spent.

Letter to social worker 15th March 2011

I am writing to you to raise a number of concerns.

Firstly, I visited Isabel at Clayton Croft yesterday afternoon to have tea with her. When Isabel was brought into the Family Room, I noticed a series of bruises on both her left arm primarily, and on her right arm. I counted these and there were roughly 12 on her left arm, (that I could see and that were visible), and 6-7 on her right arm. Just before leaving Isabel at 6pm, I asked one of the care workers what had happened Issie and what had caused the bruises. She said there had been an ‘incident’ at Robert Ogden School that day, (Tuesday 15th March), and that Issie ‘lay on the ground’. I think you need to speak to the school about this ‘incident’ and I think it is very remiss of the school not to have informed/less spoken to us, (as the parents of Isabel), about this incident.

Secondly I am concerned that a very serious incident that occurred outside the Thurnscoe Medical Centre on Tuesday 11th January 2011, (2 days before Issie’s Annual Review, which was held at the school on 13/1/2011), when Issie suffered very severe bruising, ( over 48 bruises ) on both legs.

The reasons for this behaviour, or details of the restraint technique used, and why it resulted in such extensive bruising was not discussed at this Annual Review and not mentioned in the subsequent Independent Reviewing Officer’s Report. Seemingly Issie was at the Thurnscoe Medical Centre to see a doctor about her periods. She was kept waiting and apparently started getting agitated and left the doctor’s surgery and went out to the main road, The care worker(s) could not get her back and called for back-up at Clayton Croft to come out and retrieve Issie who was running away. I do not know what then happened, (whether and how she was restrained/and forcibly brought back to Clayton Croft), but whatever happened resulted in Issie sustaining multiple extensive bruising over large parts of the front and backs of both legs. The body maps that Clayton Croft routinely make of Issie reveal the extent of the bruising.

Another body map on 19/1/2011, 8 days after this ‘incident’ reveal 24 bruises on the front of her left leg, 4 on the back of the left leg, 5 on the front right leg and 3 on the back of the left leg. Also there were 4 bruises on the back of the right arm and 3 on the back of the left arm. No explanation has ever been given by Clayton Croft to us as to how Issie sustained this extensive bruising nor what the incident was. I was wondering please if either the Independent Reviewing Officer or yourself as Issie’s social worker were made aware of this second ‘incident’?

These incidents are related and connected to the fact that Issie is unhappy and unsettled with her new teacher, as these incidents stem from her removal from Ms Elliot’s teaching, as they did in September when she was removed from Mrs Jordan’s teaching .

As you are aware due  to this removal Isabel had already had a very unhappy 1st term from September-Halloween, with the claustrophobic class-room, new teacher and different lay-out of the class, thankfully she was eventually placed with a different teacher, (Ms.Elliott) and Isabel’s behaviour  improved dramatically, with no incidents from Halloween to Christmas, but then she was placed with a 3rd new teacher in January, and has since been unsettled, unhappy, and several incidents have occurred, particularly at school were it appears she is still refusing to engage in the teaching. These are evident from reading her link file, where on numerous occasions it is reported that Issie is refusing to do class work/tasks, getting very upset, or lying on the ground. Clearly, if she is unhappy at school, this will impact on her behaviour, not only at school, but at Clayton Croft, and as happened in September before the change to Miss Elliot, at home too.

We do feel that Isabel has to be put with a teacher/ class, who is known to make her settled and this new teacher has clearly shown she cannot do this, and this is causing serious injury to Isabel physically, and mentally, and makes it impossible for her to be progress educationally or in fact in any way.

In addition the method of restraint used on Isabel should be explained, and incidents clearly documented, and when resulting in severe bruising should be investigated by yourself, and if possible an independent medical practitioner.  These safeguards are the very least that must be in place to ensure that Isabel’s human rights are respected.

Best wishes,

The Head of NAS stated all bruises were self harm, regardless of their occurring as a result of a known incident of restraint and this was accepted by Sheffield Social Services and Barnsley Safeguarding Authority.

Issy was just 14 at the time of this abuse and 8 years later still suffers its effect.

As do thousands, and increasing for profit. The vulnerable made the ultimate cashcow.

Grasping Piranhas

Grasping Pirahas

Grasping Piranhas in every street

Grasping Piranhas on every Form’s sheet

All grasp, whatever is there

All profit from such Care

No escape from Selfish hue

No escape from Hell’s spue

All despair, as all can’t live

All dement, and see the noose

All riddle to Death’s louse

Where to go?

No where, as all is gone

All is one. Piranha-3D-2083

4 Billion spent on private ‘care’ but no protection- Katie’s Story .

All gets worse for the 1% of children in care of state, Read here 10 years ago the fate of one and the 15,ooo raped just in rotherham yet all gets worse. 200,000 paid per year of our money for our children to be abused.

A care manager explains how like in NHS Mental thousands of children are sent out of area for max profit


1184612030_3584839358001_4ON-CARE-23-stillEven the head of the family courts admits over 72,500 in care is too many.

2019 AND all is worse see here

And many more are kidnapped, as my daughter was at 10 by s20 agreement forced by an LA threat of a care order.
Yet 10,000 a year go missing from ‘care’, managing themselves to escape.

LAs are made bankrupt paying for all this private ‘care’.

And there is no evidence it is protecting our children quite the reverse, many are groomed, never traced and so damaged are then fed into the billion pound private mental health industry.

Social workers are employed effectively by private companies and trained and paid to harvest for the care industry, and care courts rubber stamp, effectively kidnapping our children with our public money, spending billions on supposed child ‘protection’.

Judge here how permanent and successful a solution adoption is…

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NHS Safeguarding Issue re Issy.

The s47 MCA application by Sheffield City Council to the local designated Sheffield, Court of Protection in February 2015, was withdrawn in 2017, due to SCC’s refusal to fund Issy’s support ( presumably in her family home).

Local COP transferred this application to Sheffield Health and Social Care, a NHS Foundation Trust, privatised, Corporate since 2015.

An NHS, CSA meeting was held with all concerned, including the manager of the care company, we had paid privately for and found, its care worker had disappeared without notice reporting no safeguarding issues or problems with parents, but eight months later, her manager reported in the CSA meeting I was ‘running opposition’.

Issy’s NHS ‘intensive’ support team consisted of a ‘consultant’ nurse lead , a ‘consultant’ psychologist, a Developmental Officer, and psychiatrist medicator.

The use of the term ‘consultant’ made qualifications and role unclear.

But the psychiatrist assured us- The team would be doing the same for Issy, as if she were living in the proposed State facility, which they oversaw.

Not much comfort, when that facility – Kingdom House Lifeways/Cambian, had resulted in the death of Thomas Rawnsley, a healthy 20 year old, on the very day Issy was to be sent to it.

Six monthly meetings resulted in a raft of medication, including Prozac, already given to Issy at 15, resulting, as it did then, in extreme aggression and agitation, as it did again, and as always an anti psychotic was added.

But Issy still refused to leave our house, becoming more unsettled and not sleeping so benzo’s were added.

But these made her more aggressive.

Strangely, on the NHS’s thrice weekly arrivals, no one ever asked how we were coping, or commented on the new beds in the utility room they passed through, needed, due to Issy’s continued incontinence and distress.

For over a year all conversation appeared prescribed, us doing, as always most, if not all, of the talking.

Eventually, I became so frustrated I dared ( Issy could be taken at anytime on NHS application ) to ask, why no one ever asked how we coped with years of sleepless nights and Issy’s demanding, agitated, unpredictable behaviour.

As a result the ‘consultant’ psychologist disappeared, and the development officer asked me twice, in two months, a perfunctory ‘how are you ?,

satisfied with my ‘fine thanks’.

Eventually, he too disappeared, and for a time we had, I assume his replacement, and another lady, both roles unexplained

So after 3 years of this intensive ‘support’, lasting 5 minutes, if Issy were asleep, and 15-20 minutes to cover 3 attempts to engage her if awake, we were left with one lady.

Two weeks ago, on needing to have the ‘consultant’ nurse authenticate yet another repeat 32 page benefit application form, we found she had retired

On contacting the consultant nurse’s replacement, she told us a safeguarding issue had been raised by our lady worker, in respect to Issy’s hygiene.

The worker then failed to arrive at our home for her visit.

We waited terrified, no notification, no show , reigniting our past experiences.

Would Issy be gone before Christmas ?

The ‘consultant’ nurse replacement did show as notified, with NHS Director a consultant’ clinical psychologist.

But not the worker who notified the safeguarding issue.

We were not told he, or indeed who, was to be in our kitchen, assuming the support worker who raised the safeguarding issue, would arrive also.

In the kitchen, with Issy asleep having been up 28 hours, I reminded both that I had a written agreement with the then head of SHSC Corporate Services, I quote her;

‘I can assure you that if either ( named previous DW and worker ) have any concerns relating to Isabel’s care they will inform you immediately while they are in your home.’

But they said they were unaware of this, and said this head of Corporate Services no longer worked for the Trust.

I also asked if our thrice weekly lady worker had informed them that our central heating and water boiler had packed up, and we had been without hot water for two weeks, a fact this lady had been made aware of at the time.

No, they were unaware of the crucial fact,,,,,,,,that we had had no hot water.

The said lady worker arrived at her designated time two days after this meeting, the day before Christmas Eve.

Visibly distressed, and without any question on the issue, she declared that she did not raise any safeguarding issue.

At a regular meeting she had updated on Issy, she was still not sleeping and had bathing difficulties.

When she had found out a Safeguarding had been notified, she threatened to leave the team.

Her hands are tied, by no doubt a zero hour contract and a need to earn…………..

We, as always await whatever happens,………… under the boot.

433 millions government LA money is now available to Corporate NHS, to find safeguarding issues but not in its State Care, where 3 a day died 6 years ago

Where Issy suffered 2 potentially fatal facial impactions, 48 bruises, PTSD , two bites, conjunctives, malnutrition.

We do not know, nor can find out, due to ‘commercial confidentiality’, how much of our money has already been spent on our Corporate NHS intensive support.

But know millions of our money, has already been spent destroying our child.

The number of deaths in SHSC is shown hereSHSC Deaths FOI 416 039

Note, in answer to last FOI question appears no investigation into deaths so no safeguarding enquiry before or after a death.

So no safeguarding in State for profit care.” alt=”Sheffield-Health-and-social-care” width=”360″ height=”180″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-6005″ />Sheffield-Health-and-social-careSheffield-Health-and-social-care

Brexit- the 2019 UK Election’s Con Trick ?


The proles did rise up to shake off the flies by a one person one vote to Brexit.

But it was then used to glue them to the horse.

To enslave them mendaciously, by an antidemocratic election in 2019.

I thought Cameron’s Brexit referendum a huge, huberistic mistake, that might destroy third way politics and totalitarian,

But in retrospect. might have been an ingenious trick to measure the Nation’s Zeitgeist for the use of future political control.

It could be either – a fate compli, or a means to maintain the status quo by ensuring election success in 2019.

They also know if you want to win, PR is all.

Find a huge personality like Blair or Boris, make them centre stage, and preach to the already converted Brexit majority.

‘Let’s Get Brexit done’ is made the only general election choice

Simple, no thought, no choice, for an already decided nation.

The Labour opposition is already infiltrated by Remainers , fortunately, but as to be expected all against their heartland voting populous.

How could the Labour party not realise, an overwhelming vote of Brexit from their voters would not result in their demise, on a policy of second referendum and no no deal ?

Corbyn’s hands were tied, his MPs were third way Blair children, who supported the continued Tory/Blair third way agenda- the establishment

So the die was cast. Labour’s defeat inevitable

Politics was, as always gerry- mendered, and democracy destroyed

42 % of electorate decided its end

hoisted by their own petard.

To now over 30 years of personal and national scavenging

Proving the third way belief, that politics should not be left in the hands of the people, democracy is the evil that finances them.

But how can we have democracy, when it is so mendaciously used by those in control for their purpose ?

The Walker Art Gallery

My daughter’s blog post of her recent visit to the WALKER ART GALLARY, Liverpool.

My life as a young artist

Liverpool, is a city that’s offered us The Beatles, Britain’s greatest shipping export docs of the industrial Revolution, has the oldest Chinese community in Europe, and not least, is the home town of half my family. It’s also graced with one of my all time favourite Art Galleries at it’s centre.

The Walker Art Gallery.


In this post, I want to talk about a number of paintings taken from the vast choice in The 78264135_2650600028296465_5303894206622728192_nWalker Art Gallery that I especially like.

Comtesse de Morel-Vinde and her daughter

Comtesse de Morel- Vinde and her Daughter (The Music Lesson) by François Gérard, 1799, Oil on Canvas

At the top of the marble steps that wind up the dome curve of the gallery from the entrance, these two French figures greet you, or rather shine down on you,

The Rome born French Artist, Gerard, who in his lifetime earned commissions from Napoleon, executes his mastery in this radiant…

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