How to Rule the World- Obedience to Authority

As we prepare for the ‘new normal’, where anyone can dictate, anything to us without objection.

Hope is gone. We are slaves.

Any nonsense/oppression from so called Authority is now obeyed without comment.



Below was written before the global take over by coronavirus.

Fear of supposed death, on the back of the Emperors Clothes without objection.

What that has done to our world. proves the  absolute power of our obedience to authority.

They know that. and have used it to control all. 

Frankly, there is now no hope for us.

As a child born in poverty, I asked why, to be told, there will always be ‘us and them’.

I could not accept this, and wondered why everyone else did.

As a lecturer adult, I invited questions, pleased by enquiring minds that taught me so much.

But noticed over the years, the questions slowly decreased, replaced by obedience to every word I uttered, particularly, if on a Power point.

I began to wonder why, even nonsense, was never challenged.

I’d try to expose this obedience, by putting up a complicated diagram,unrelated to my…

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A poem for today’s times

Who hears the scream, when the voice is silenced
Who sees the pain, when the scars are hidden
Who heals the cry, when pity is gone
Who hears the knock, when noone is home.
Where is kindness in a world of hate
Who touches, when no one feels
Where is a friend, when darkness surrounds
Where is the peace, when hatred abounds
Who is the saviour from the abyss
Who is the shepherd, to lead the way
When all are led astray

Seek and you will not find
Seek and your brother will bind

NHS scavenged for Profit by Health and Social Care Act 2012

We must be aware, that the NHS has been given, by the Health and Social Care Act 12 , along with LA care budgets, to NHS England, whose head is an exexecutive of the United Health Services global health, based in the USA.
NHS England is a commissioning group , that controls all the NHS public billions budget, and pays it to their chosen ‘qualified providers’, locally through CCGs,

NHS funds private hospitals and dentists- MY DENTIST- so now no distinction between private or public health all are NHS

This is a cabal, we have no choice of service and NHS money is being paid to private monopolies without accountability.

Effectively our NHS and public money is privatised………………..


hitler-quote lie

Coronavirus has written off NHS debt, achieved half a million unpaid staff ,

weekly applause , return on reduced money of retired GPs,

millions on unused Nightingale hospitals,

no resuscitation of elderly, autistic, learning disabled,

cancellation of urgent cancer treatment, closure of GPs over bank holiday.

Our media led us to believe the crisis in our NHS is due to a lack of funding and increasing private contracts with Virgin, Serco, Capita etc.

Its lies, disguise the real sale off our NHS, by all political parties by the passing of the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

So our Public NHS, a hallowed bastion of altruistic public service, trusted to do what is in our best interests, our servant not our master.

NHS is a brand, no one dare critise.

It can only be admired not questioned

Has been mendaciously, converted to a cabal of monopoly ‘privatisation’, run by mangers…

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Hate by Any Other Name

Here my 21 year old daughter has worked hard on the meaning and use of Racism TODAY. PLEASE read as a lot of information on it. We must not be slaves ………………….

Living The Art Life


People aren’t protesting because of the murder of George Floyd, but rather what he embodies, an ongoing injustice that black Americans face from those who are meant to protect them.

Regrettably, this instance is not exceptional, but an example of appalling systemic abuse of power that’s spanned the globe, harboured from hundreds of years of slave trade and colonialisation, primarily imposed and perpetuated by white supremacists.

This historic racism still lingers globally. Day to day, racist oppression dominates a lot of Black American lives. Lives that are too often cut down brutally like in the instance of Floyd. These murders and countless other cases of violence against black people is not carried out by all figures of authorities for justice, but certainly by the few who get away with no penalty, due to flaws in the legal system permitting such criminal inequality.

Black people over the centuries…

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NHS ‘Blood and Guts’ for Global Venture Capital Profit ?

Today, we are told to volunteer our blood plasma, on the back of coronavirus response, yet more profit globally.

In July 2013 the government sold its 80% share in blood products company, Plasma Resources UK, which supplies the NHS with treatments for haemophilia and immune deficiencies, to a US private equity firm Bain Capital for £230m


_56770618_units blood

As a child, when my grandmother would say, ‘They’d skin a flea for its hide and fat’, I didn’t know how right she was.

on the coronavirus we are told to volunteer our blood plasma

With an ever increasing free supply, in 2011 of 2 million units of blood red cells ( £125 a Unit),3,500 organs,4,000 tissue donors and 2,200 banked cord blood units, successive governments realised our ‘blood and guts’ could be worth a fortune on the global venture capital market .

So in 2008, a three year Strategic Plan created an Organ Donation Taskforce and a National Blood Service Strategy Review.

Then came Andrew Lanley’s NHS Blood and Transplant Commercial Review in 2011

NHS Blood and Transplant is a joint England and Wales Special Health Authority responsible for securing the safe supply of blood to the NHS in England and North Wales providing solid organs, tissues and haematopoietic…

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