A Case of Graphical Correlations: Making Sense of India’s COVID-19 Surge

Desultory Heroics

By Mathew Maavak

Source: Activist Post

India is currently witnessing a COVID-19 surge of unprecedented proportions, with an allegedly triple-mutant strain stretching the nation’s healthcare infrastructure to the limits. The uncertainty hanging over the nation is compounded by viral despatches of dead bodies piling up in morgues; of people dropping dead in the streets; of despondent souls jumping off their balconies; and of funeral pyres all over the country. There will be no public service-minded Big Tech censorship in this instance.

This is supposedly Wuhan 2.0. Any social media addict would be forgiven for thinking that India’s population of 1.3 billion might suffer a dip before the year is out.

Amidst the toxic miasma of fear-mongering, coherent explanations over this surge are hard to come by. Therefore, one needs to resort to correlations and proxies in order to gauge causations and effects. For starters, one should compare the yearly death…

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Holiday Con ?

As any holiday can now be removed from the Green List, ie Portugal, where does that leave those already paid up ?

As less than 3 weeks allowed, to surge into Portugal as the only real holiday destination on the green list.

As I found in March 2020, booking Italy, when flights were cancelled, with loveholidays

AFTER 8 months of emails, I received £585 back from the £860 paid

THIS was paid by a venture capital company, who had bought up loveholidays, presumably at the cheapest price as effectively insolvent due to CVIRUS .

So venture capital will have benefited millions from such deductions and a knock down acquisition caused by poltics

So how many companies and mendacious profit can be made from regular transfer and removal to green list ?

As no option but to book green list contries.

Until max thrived from customers, for future control of foreign holidays by venture capital corporations ?

Who will be next to be bought – jet 2, tui ,and travel agencies who might have survived ?

Resulting in huge rip off and a few totally in control monopoly providers.

No choice , and dodgy holidays,