Why Is There A Load Of Brazilian Deliveroo Riders In Dublin Delivering Take Aways????

As globerlisation hits wages are driven down by prearranged contracts often with non European workers to make as much profit as possible, This is our future but if we even comment it could be hate speech, racism such is our oppression. We our society our jobs our future up for grabs by global multicorporations backed by venture capital. Already in UK hotels are franchised out, public services NHS/LA to private venture capital acquiring as cheep labour as possible by any means.


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23 February 2019

There have have been a spate of clashes involving Dublin youth and predominantly Brazilian delivery riders who use English schools to acquire visas in order to work in Ireland, often for years.

Beldar Conehead
More than one-third of Irish adults fear their jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence or robots, with 11 per cent expecting it to happen in the next six to 10 years… So why are they flooding the country with unskilled, uneducated people with very poor English when we’ve already got plenty of our own who are destined for the dole.

Ken Hayden
Tough jobs? my arse. Stay in a language school for two years, then apply for residency.
The language school system is a scam.

Han polo
Anyone remember the German branch supermarket that was looted by our diverse population this time last year??? The Guards couldn’t find…

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