Future Solution To Winterbourne View – a Recipe For Abuse.


Why did, an on message BBC commission a Panorama programme exposing abuse in Winterbourne View?

When the Local Social Services, and the Care Quality Commission after several warnings, had already allowed it to continue.

Why, in June 2011, did the Association of Supported Living, whose members  make billions from supporting LD/ Autistic in local private,’ community based’ living away from family, issue  a press statement outraged by the scandal..

And,  a letter  was then sent to every member of the UK Parliament calling for private supported living to replace what most were lead to believe was the  public NHS provision  of Winterbourne View, when in fact Winterbourne View was the very private community based provision proposed as the solution to its abuse.


Therefore the proposed solution of ‘community living’ ie supported/independent living would benefit their members greatly.

And thus was heralded huge campaigns on social media, national news and documentaries of the 3500 LD/Autistic trapped in public NHS Adult Treatment Units,  on the back of abuse in private supported living in Winterbourne.

And it is still going on in June 2017.

But, this private provision, could prove, far more dangerous to our most vulnerable,  than public NHS ATUs.

Since at least 2012 The Challenging Behaviour Foundation have backed the strategy for early intervention by professionals.

Facilitated by the creation in 2013, of a new type of Special Educational Needs Statement, the Education Health and Care statement.

Which allows funding streams to be mixed and  social services- child protection to monitor the child from starting school.

So from as early as 5, a person’s future pathway to ‘independent, 24/7 surveillance living for huge private profit has been set in stone by the state cabal.

Click to access Project-Report-26-10-12-FULL-VERSION-CBF-Personalisation.pdf

See latest investigation by police into an NAS-Autism Independent Living facility Mendip House. No prosecutions no action


Deaths in private supported living, need not be investigated.

Family can and are excluded on the basis that visits disablise care and are not in their best interests.

There are no spy cameras in supported living.

Medication, is not checked, or, monitored, and, prescribed often by employeemedics of the Supported Living Company.

And, healthcare, is overseen, by their own ‘Specialist Hospitals’, like the one Thomas Rawnsley died in.

It is unclear when MCA deprivation of Liberty orders, are not needed in supported living, and even when they are, they are tick box reviewed without any independent protection annually.

The Carers Act 2014, worryingly, allows, the Secretary of State, to make regulations, allowing any specialist provider, without any prescribed objective criteria, to be exempted, from the regulatory criteria of the Act.

Paving the way for total  self regulation,  without even,  CQC oversight.

The accountability, and checks,  therefore are far less in supported living, and, the overriding duty of a private provider , is to ever more efficient ‘care’, for ever more profit.

The MPs letters, and press release, were followed by supporting ‘reports’, and Norman Lamb, the then Health Minster’s Green Paper, all charities/campaigns promoted the very solution that had caused the problem.

And, were backed by a media onslaught, exposing  LD deaths in public NHS, and, the horror of  children being kept in NHS provision, miles from their families.

All sang harmoniously, from the same laudable hymn sheet, – the autistic/LD,  must live in their  own ‘home’ within the community.

The poor girl, shown in Winterbourne, under the chair, drugged, tortured, and, bullied for years’ mother, was on the TV, with the bulldozers building a ‘home’ for her daughter.

A ‘home’ policed by venture capital.

A ‘home’ such as Thomas Rawnsley had in Norcott Lodge, and Kingdom House.

A ‘home’ where Thomas, died 4 years after Winterbourne, but the horror of his community based ‘living’ was not, and is still not, exposed.

A ‘home’, most likely, where her abuse, could, and would not be revealed.


Let us explore, just a tip of the private profit iceberg, there for the taking, from the ‘care’ of our most vulnerable.

Managers, of Lifeways,  responsible for Thomas Rawnsley at the time of his death

Who held a 20% stake, made an estimated £50m, from their sale for an estimated £250 million to August Equity, who hired Rothschild, the investment bank, to handle the review


How was all this money made ?.And why  did venture capital pay £250 million for  the future business?

What does Lifeways have that is so valuable ?

It  ‘cares’ for 1,500 patients with conditions such as autism and learning difficulties.

August Equity, which already owns a string of healthcare related investments, had owned the business since 2007 ,when it backed a management buyout.

A year later it expanded by buying rival firm Kentwood.

Ever greedy, for more profit from the ‘care’ of our most vulnerable, after this buy out, the new owners  Cambian, whose boss earns £450,000 a year, reduced support  workers pay to below the minimum wage.


Read here, the history of the already appalling reduction of support workers pay, and benefits, before this take over.


This is not about providing specialist care for our most vulnerable .

This is about providing ‘care’ as cheaply as possible.

Whilst claiming the maximum possible, based on the supposed severity of the behaviour and condition.

Hence the huge profit margin.

Squeezing every penny out of the system, for ever more profit.

These are our children, and, this is our public money.

And, this was Thomas in his at least £4500 per week ‘care‘.

11140049_738957042881532_6240991906647090532_n (2)


The non media coverage, and non investigation of Thomas Rawnsley’s death. Why ?


Thomas in ATU on medication .

What happened to Thomas was horrendous and was with a family fighting very hard, what must be happening to those without a family now out there, doesn’t bear thinking about’

Paula Rawnsley , Thomas’ Mother to the BBC.


Thomas died on the 4th February 2015 in Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital.

The hospital sent a safeguarding alert to Rotherham Borough Council.

And, in the Borough Council’s capacity, as the Safeguarding  Authority, they, investigated his death.

But this investigation, was limited by their narrow remit, and, their statutory duty.

Which provide, the Safeguarding Authority, cannot apportion blame, and, its duty, is merely to ensure, the various agencies, Thomas was involved with, at the time of his death, were communicating effectively, and if not, why not, to learn lessons, and make recommendations.


So one wonders by law how any ‘safeguarding’ authority can actually protect and safeguard our most vulnerable.

Additionally, as the Local Authority commissioned Lifeways’ ‘care’ of Thomas, it would be liable, if this care were inadequate, so there is a  conflict of interests, between  the LA’s safeguarding role, and, its commissioning one.

This was not an ‘investigation’, in any real sense of the word, and systemically could achieve little.

As, officially, Thomas died, from ‘natural causes’, and Downs syndrome , the police, and, the state, decided there would be no other investigation.

We have, at the very least, three ‘learning disabled’ a day dying ‘unexpectedly’ this is based on  the 1% of deaths, that are actually ‘ investigated’.

And, if investigated, the conclusion, is normally death resulted from  ‘natural causes’.

If these causes are ‘natural’, why were they ‘unexpected’ and if not, prevented?

‘Sudden adult death syndrome’, is another cause of death, proffered to inquests by state paid experts.

As  it was, for  fit, 19 year old Kristian Thompson, when he died, suddenly, in St Andrews Private NHS hospital, Northampton.


Like Kristian, Thomas, was a fit, physically well young man, before his ‘treatment’.

If, all these Learning Disabled, and, autistic,  are so ill,  they are dying in swarms, why are they not in normal hospitals,  and, what are they dying from?

Mental illness, appears to be now equated to physical illness.

Logic dictates, with so many dying, and, becoming physically ill, during their treatment’,

The ‘treatment’, must at least, be a contributory factor, if not, the  cause, of the illness, and  death.

So, what did happened to Thomas in those final months ?

We have precious little, information in the public domain.

All was, and still is, strangely silent.

As a singularity, Thomas’ death, was only covered by the Bradford Telegraph and Argus.


An untimely death, in a private, secret care institution, of a vulnerable fit 20 year old, after 2 years of constantly flagged up abuse .

Does not even warrant a mention, in  the local Sheffield/ Rotherham media, where he died.

Why not?

And, how many more Thomases, have and will die without a mention?

Channel 4 did pick up Thomas death but only inadvertently,  to support  the then Minister of Health, Norman Lamb’s push to move mental patients to local care provisions.


But, Thomas, had died in such local community living  private provision, albeit, none could be found in Bradford but this was not mentioned.

Nearly a year later, the BBC, covered Thomas’ death, briefly as an  add on, to the several others, who had died in NHS public adult treatment hospitals, inferring his death was yet another example of the public NHS’s neglect.

But neglect deliberately whitewashes the terrible abuse by the ‘care’ system of Thomas for years.

This was not failure of proper care, not an omission but continual actions by the state ie removal from family, over inappropriate unnecessary medication, severe physical and mental abuse, ignoring his unhappiness and complaints of bullying, dragging him around.

No media covered this.

And Thomas’ had rather inconveniently  from a PR prospective, died in the very private provision,  the government through a national  media onslaught, was promoting, as the answer to such deaths and abuse in Winterbourne View.

So what did happen to Thomas after he arrived deeply traumatised, terrified, and still alone, and now, 50 miles away from his family, with strangers in  Kingdom House.?


Imagine you are Thomas……….Illegal Cruelty for Animals, ‘treatment’ for our most vulnerable


Imagine how Thomas must have felt during those long last two years.

Thomas, is both Downs and autistic, making his world confusing, frightening, and frustrating.

He is super sensitive to cruelty, and fear.

He is alone with no one to talk to, and, no one he can trust.

He has no control over any activity.

At any moment, he can be taken, put in the shower, in his room, in a van…..

Months of prolonged terrifying abuse, and, huge doses of mixed antipsychotic, and antidepressant drugs.

Mood enhancers/ chemical coshes.

The side effects, and sensations of which, we can  only imagine.

And, which Thomas could not express, except through anguish, resulting in more of the same.

This is how Kathy Hopper, describes how her 16 year old autistic daughter Beth, must have felt in her treatment unit, on the IamThomas Facebook.

Imagine………….a poor defenceless animal, lost and afraid, hunting searching, losing hope of survival amongst this cruel world.

This animal is seeking help, a friendly hug, or pat on the back, encouragement, inclusion, to belong in a world not fully understood.

Instead it is afraid, scared of the world around it, not being able to understand the rules of human nature, companionship, this animal begins to withdraw, mistrust and hide….got your attention? ……

Now let’s call this autism. 

This animal is brought to strangers, strangers that promise the help it needs, they promise love and healing, and then this animal will be able to live freely and begin to understand human nature, this animal will learn to interact with those it loves, be with them, play with them and live happily ever after…………… Let’s call this a CAMHS Unit, and the strangers are ‘the powers’ (psychiatrist, LA, education, COP)

The animal was given a room with bedding and food, but it was afraid, the powers where friendly, offering treats that would make the animal feel calmer, much calmer, in fact too calm, these treats became frequent, this animal became dependant………..let’s call the treats antipsychotics, benzodiazepines and antidepressants.

The animal was in the same room each day not seeing the sunshine, the grass, the flowers, the rain or the fresh breeze on its nose, pinning for its owners and familiarity.

Nothing but four walls and treats at least four times a day, then the noises…….becoming curious and anxious, hearing the cries of the other animals in the other rooms, seeing, watching the distressed calls of fellow animals trying to escape, banging, yelping becoming dependant on those treats if only to sleep through it all, seeing from time to time other fellow animals with fur missing, painful looking wounds, vacant eyes missing their treats, needing more treats.

Then this animal witnessed another fellow animal savagely biting the strangers in a bid to escape, the strangers holding the animal down, at least 8 strangers holding down a frightened animal, yelping, snarling, biting, the more it struggled the more force used until the animal gave in, was shaved of its fur, put in a tiny bare room, with a small cup of water and left for hours and hours………………let’s call this restraint and seclusion.

The animal soon followed the same path, trying what it had witnessed, maybe it will be accepted in that lonely horrific place by copying, becoming anxious, frightened and aggressive, being left in the small room for hours with a cup of water, nothing to do but pace round and round, biting itself, pulling at its own wounds and making fresh wounds, the feelings from the injuries became comforting, a release, physical pain was welcoming, as the fear and toucher of the mental pain was unbearable, to escape would become a dream, until the animal, once a beautiful soul, loving and friendly, shy and unsure, becomes wild and aggressive, damaged by the very strangers that promised help.

No one cared, no one came, this was now the norm for this animal…………….the only hope was for its previous loved ones to rescue and try reverse this damage, the only glimmer of light was those brief visits of love and hope……

Once a week loving eyes pouring down on it, encouraging, loving, begging not to give up, looking for a sign that it’s still in there, that hope is not lost and the animal can be once again tamed………………………………………………..

Now let’s call this animal Beth a child !!and it’s loved ones family………………………sounds barbaric doesn’t it!!

Well it happens and if Beth where an animal no one on this planet would allow it to happen yet it’s happening and the world looks away!! It has to be stamped out !!!!

Beth is escaping but Thomas didn’t !!

And thousands of children are being kept and treated like an animal !!!!

Please do not look away and help these children xx

Do so by signing Kathy Hopper’s petition to bring these children and adults home https://www.change.org/p/david-cameron-mp-bring-our-children-home?recruiter=10414247&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=des-md-share_petition-no_msg

Beth, was moved to 21 different mental treatment facilities throughout the country, but unlike most, is now living at home with her family.

But for how much longer,  she is 16 ?

At 18, Beth can be removed for life, like Thomas was, to supported living, with its own specialist hospital for her ‘treatment’, under the Mental Capacity Act.

Her Mum, will not be able to rescue her, and may not even be allowed visits.

This is the shocking reality in the UK.

Kathy Hopper, will have no rights over her daughter in less than two years, and, Beth will have no rights to her own mother, family and home.

As an autistic, Beth, can be declared ‘incapable’, of making her own decisions, and, even of being able, to form a relationship with her own mother.

It has happened to most autistic, and is increasingly happening.

Read the horror of their future care, which costs, at least £3,500, and more than £4,500 per week, if in specialist hospitals, all public money, paid for an unaccountable private monopoly service,. https://finolamoss.wordpress.com/2014/07/20/isabel-and-the-horror-of-her-future-care/

And make it stop.