Kisimul ‘The Safe Haven’ sold to Roadchef for 200 million.Venture Capital’s bonanza on LA/NHS special needs education and care money.


Whilst Thatcher sold our silver, successive governments have sold our gold, bankrupting our country, LA and NHS, by selling off public services and then paying public money to use them, one of the biggest money spinners includes the care and education of the deliberately created autism and LD industry, making billions for investors, banks, investment houses and advisors.

It appears the eventual aim is to allow monopoly global mulinationals owned by venture capital banks and their investors to provide services paid for by the public purse.

This allows neither competition between providers, nor any real accountability, asset stripping at will, and a massive conflict of interests, as these Companies’ overriding duty is to make ever more profit from their guaranteed increasing public income from their captive consumers.

Who could have thought that 4 Kisimul special needs boarding schools in Lincolnshire could be sold last year by a multibillion pound investment group Antin to Roadchef for 200 million with Shoosmiths investment advisers paid to advise shareholders .

What would Roadchef know of running special needs schools ? They have no need to, just the money to buy them.

Kisimul School was set up in 1977, named after Kismul Castle, as it overlooks the safest harbour in Britain denoting the safe haven it offered to autistic and learning disabled children on their journey through life..

In 2003 Kisimul Upper School post 16 facility was built at the request of several LAs to provide residential placements and then on a similar basis Cruckton Hall for boys with ADHD, Aspergers and ADD was built as as labels increased, so did demand.

Billions were then paid by 30 different Local Authorities, NHS/CCGs and Education Authorities to Kisimul for these residential placements..

Generally a minimum of £177,000 a year per pupil was paid for a 52 week placement in 2007 ,the amount NAS was paid for my daughter’s enforced education and care, despite a third of the year being spent at home.

Now over £200,000 is paid per year, per pupil, twothirds by LAs who on the excuse of austerity have cut down SEN funding.

Kisimul’s consumers are captive, as their 38/52 week placements are enforced by Care Order or forced s20 CA ‘consent ’which is a prerequisite to funding, as it was in my daughters case.

So who or how could anyone complain of the school’s services ?.

By 2006 Kisimul’s 270 staff and over 30 LA customers were bought up by Bowmark Capital Limited for 8.5 million, together with its existing management team , which then had plans to expand and develop their services throughout the East Midlands to take advantage of the growing demand.

The Royal Bank of Scotland provided the senior debt facility shortly before it was bailed out by the public purse.

But by 2011 Rothschild Five Arrows invest unit, had seen Kisimul’s potential with revenues of 38.29 million and profit of 7.45 million by 2015 and had bought it for an undisclosed amount.

Rothschild also bought out Kisimul’s existing management team indicating Kisimul might no longer be the ‘safe haven’ promised.

By the summer of 2017 Antin Infrastructure Group had bought Kismul from Rothschild’s investment arm Five Arrows.

In 2017 Bowmark owned by Five Arrows Principle Investments , the private equity arm of the Rothschild dynasty, tried to buy back Kisimul for 200 million-191,500 million more than they had sold it for just over 10 years earlier.

Private Equity News commented on their bid.
Bowmark’s decision to try and repurchase an asset it has already owned comes as firms are having to become increasingly inventive to deploy capital in a fiercely competitive deal market’.

Antin declined to comment on the eventual sale to Roadchef and the actual amount paid remains unknown, yet its value was made and its future income is from our public money.

Antin’s partner Angelika Schochlin noted her surprise that so few investors were looking at social infrastructure stating the need ‘to go beyond a reactive approach and have a vision of things before they happen’

ie forsee that these schools command 200,000 a year per pupil and feed and could provide ‘community living’ for life for these pupils under DOLs ( soon liberty safeguards)with guaranteed millions of increasing public money with scant oversight from LA/NHS commissioners, as they are liable for any inadequacy.

With little regulation other than a government controlled bureaucratic inspection from OFSTED and the CQC,

Antin has grown from 30 to over a 100 Investment directors paid between £98,000 and £334,000 a year

Its CEO, Alain Rauscher has an estimated annual revenue of 55 million dollars

Antin owns another group of residential schools for special needs mainly autistic,Hesley North in its portfolio, although they were to be sold to Bowmark in 2012 for 75 million, but the sale fell through.

Private Equity News notes;
Buyout houses globally are currently sitting on a record $1.5 trillion of dry powder, according to Bain & Co.’s Global Private Equity Report 2017.

So how many other special residential schools with the lucrative prospect of ‘community living’ for life will be guzzled up for billions to make trillions from public money?

There are many ripe for venture capital picking, particularly those in the charitable sector, like St Andrews Healthcare, the largest provision for 12-18 autistic and learning disabled in Europe, NAS,and MENCAP.

But we will not know their commercial worth, even though made from our public money, unless we follow the hidden by paywall, and commercial confidential world of corporate finance and investment.

Yet these venture capital cartels are playing billion pound monopoly with profits made from our money paid for our childrens education and future lives .

These children’s journey as commodities for venture capital buyers and investors will also remain unseen.

We have been allowed to see a little of their journey in November 2018 as 3 and now 8 members of staff have been arrested at one of the homes due to serious safeguarding issues.

Yet KISIMUL was rated outstanding by OFSTED this year.



The Bournewood stitch up and the precarious legal nature of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.

OUR courts used our HRA to create DOLs in England only, this allowed all decisions to be removed from anyone assessed incapable illegally ,as must relate to specific decisions needed to be made at a specific time in a person’s best interests not general . These were then stopped from appeal fromm those ordering DOLs in the local County Courts which could be controlled. DOLs have now by MAY in the MHA review been converted to Liberty Safeguards , allowing the CCGs/LA commissions to assess those incapable for life and effectively allow their commissioned service providers to make all decisions for life without court oversight. So executive have complete control over harvesting the incapable they deem for profit within their commissioned for profit homes. Such is the strategic gerrymandering of courts, executive of our law out of our Human Rights which are then destroyed for life.



In an age of  gay marriage affecting 1.6% of the population, transgender toilets and a vague Supreme Court pronouncement on wheel chairs on buses, our Local Authorities  encage over a million and increasing.

Before the Court of Protection was created, you had to be convicted of a crime, or be so mentally unstable you were sectioned to lose your liberty.

Now, it is increasingly being removed from anyone deemed ‘incapable’ under a vague MCA test for life and not  as a punishment or for treatment .

And worse still all aspects of their existence controlled.

So what law gives a court such God like power ?

s 4A Mental Capacity Act states;

This Act does not authorise any person (“D”) to deprive any other person (“P”) of his liberty.

But that is subject to the following provisions of this section, and section 4B.
D may deprive P of his liberty if, by…

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As unknown numbers of physically healthy patients, die in mental hospitals, with no independent enquiry and mentalhospitals are now mainly private- Cygnet/Priory, eating a quarter of the whole NHS England budget.
Such private hospitals can avoid FOIA on grounds of commercial confidentiality. Patients are effectively MHA sectioned for life, all all are employed by the hospital o under control and a single patient earns 13,000 a week NHS money and often die yet this is deemed ‘treatment’ under MHA . These troubled human beings fuel our economy at expense of our huge ever increasing deficit and NHS,and often their lives YET noone does anything.

Psychiatric Abuse UK

8 years trapped in cygnet             Elizabeth has been under two Cygnet Healthcares – one in Cygnet Stevenage and one that is supposed to be the flagship in Beckton.  I have been to their conference at the Royal College of GPs and I went with someone I know who has a brother in this expensive private hospital who wishes to be transferred elsewhere.   I was extremely interested in the conference which was very well organised and took part in a workshop called “least restrictive care” –  well I had to say what I thought –  Elizabeth thought it was like prison and I could not disagree with this description.

Most disturbingly, drugs are given at enormous levels to some patients. I list below the drugs given to the young person photographed above who has given her permission for her case to be made public as she would like to…

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London Grenfell Tower fire, still no justice

We can’t Brexit despite a referendum and can get no accountability for public services. All is stitched up by process and media We are at the mercy of a ruthless state using all for private profit. Read Grenfell detais that prove this.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This June 2018 video says about itself:

Grenfell Tower, One Year On: A Crime Against Humanity

Journalist and Broadcaster, Sonia Poulton, explores the events following the Grenfell Tower fire in London in June 2017.

By Paul Bond in England:

Still no justice as phase one of Grenfell Tower fire inquiry closes

8 December 2018

Almost 18 months after the Grenfell Tower fire of June 14, 2017, which resulted in the deaths of 72 people, the warnings of the Socialist Equality Party and the Grenfell Fire Forum that the official inquiry would be a whitewash have been confirmed.

Phase one of the inquiry, taking witness and expert testimony regarding the night of the fire, will complete within days, more than a year after its first hearing in September 2017. It has been a harrowing experience for those who gave evidence and anyone following proceedings—except for the guilty who should have…

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The Mental Health Heist .


heist PxlO40-H_400x400

Two years ago a cross party Mental Taskforce reported on the future policy of our mental health services,

‘There has been a transformation in mental health over the last 50 years. Advances in care, the development of anti-psychotic and mood stabilising drugs’

This report’s recommendations were predictable, as in 2013 NHS bosses had allowed the world’s largest pharmaceutical company’s lobbying company to draft the report shaping our future health policy.

At the time at least 62 Tory MPs had financial connections with pharmaceutical companies by then the UK’s third largest industry .

So the maximum amount of ‘customers’ had to be harvested and held captive for as long as possible .

The ‘advances in care’ did not exist as attested  from even the perfunctory inspections of the CQC.

Here is the history of psychiatry to date and how it is now an industry of harvestors

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US Acadia Group pay 1.28bn for The Priory Group .NHS billons on Behavioural services feed USA Venture Capital Profit.


US Acadia, bought the Priory Group for 1.28 bn last year and now owns half of all mental/behavioural services in England..

95% of The Priory Group income is now public money.In 2015/16 it received over 250 million of NHS funds.

Joey Jacobs owns Acadia Behavioural Healthcare Services and earned 8,241,847 dollars in salary, bonus and shares in 2014.

Tom Riall, Formally chief executive of Serco, with all its known financial scandals, was made CO of the Priory Group and is also a Director of 166 other learning disability companies including the Affinity Trust now Affinity Group and effectively controls most mentally disabled residential groups. His net worth is 1.66 billion

Due to five formal notices served by Coroners because of deaths in the Priory Group Riall moved on to My Dentist.

Does this sound like a cash strapped NHS ?? no it is a bonanza for private venture capital .

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Payers of $8.4 million for false claims Universal Health Services take over Cygnet Health Care for £205 Million.



Cygnet Health Care is one of mainly three providers of mental health services in England.

Mental Health Services are paid over 21 billion of our 95 billion NHS budget.

In 2014 Cygnet was bought by USA’s Universal Health Services (UHS) for £205 million..

Simons Stevens, chief executive of the group’s global division for 10 years after advising Blair on NHS public investment, is chief executive of NHS England, responsible for all NHS services commissioning.


Cygnet Health Care then increased UHS’s UK mental health footprint by a £95 million acquisition of Alpha Hospitals .

In September 2012, UHS, and its subsidiaries, Keystone Education and Youth Services LLC and Keystone Marion LLC,Keystone Marion Youth Center, agreed to pay over $6.9 million to settle allegations that they had submitted false and fraudulent claims to Medicaid.

Between October 2004 and March 2010, these subsidiaries provided substandard psychiatric counselling and treatment to…

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