NHS Foundation Trusts – Monopoly Unaccountable For Private Profit NHS Services that control their private NHS CCG commissioners ?

Sheffield Primary Care LTD are a corporate body of GP share holders effectively owned by SHSC a private company from whom they are supposed to be commissioned by ie CCG.
So it would appear those who commission a service are owned by those they commission from.
So no choice of service and a massive conflict of interests and who is the service provider now accountable to ?

So services commissions are guaranteed regardless of service, CCGs have been subsumed into private corporate foundation trusts.
All can hide behind commercial confidentiality and effectively spend public money on their own private profit services.

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2011-2012 Issy in her National Autistic School 48 bruises, impaction.

The 18 month investigation by NHS England via a bespoke supposedly ‘independent’ paid by NHS England Company produced a report saying noone was to blame for Thomas’s horrific abuse and death, proving there is no accountability for the millions spent on the corporate residential ‘care’ of the learning disabled and autistic. Also proving that they will continue to die and suffer .
My own daughter as shown below suffered horrendous abuse from which she will never recover.
Physical with two untreated impaction one used as an excuse for £177,000 a year NAS residential school placement. Bites from other residence , 48 bruises, emotional abuse from a care worker still repeated today.
Meanwhile we her loving parents trying to cure all this abuse were cast as abusers and at 18 after several attempts with spying support workers including a fabricated assault we were hauled to court and gagged. Issy to be removed to the very place in Sheffield, Kingdom House, Cambian UHS owned, where Thomas Rawnsley died on the very day he died .
But as with Thomas all her suffering and abuse was hidden by all agencies self-harm, repeating strangers, autism.
So as all are still removed at 18 and the only support is hidden life , with all gagged.
How many more deaths ? How much more suffering and hell to make millions profit from our most vulnerable, voiceless.
What vicious cowards are those who perpetrate this evil in the name of ‘care’.

via 2011-2012 Issy in her National Autistic School 48 bruises, impaction.

US Acadia Group pay 1.28bn for The Priory Group .NHS billons on Behavioural services feed USA Venture Capital Profit.

US Acadia, bought the Priory Group for 1.28 bn last year and now owns half of all mental/behavioural services in England..

95% of The Priory Group income is now public money.In 2015/16 it received over 250 million of NHS funds.

Joey Jacobs owns Acadia Behavioural Healthcare Services and earned 8,241,847 dollars in salary, bonus and shares in 2014.

Tom Riall, Formally chief executive of Serco, with all its known financial scandals, was made CO of the Priory Group and is also a Director of 166 other learning disability companies including the Affinity Trust now Affinity Group and effectively controls most mentally disabled residential groups. His net worth is 1.66 billion

Due to five formal notices served by Coroners because of deaths in the Priory Group Riall moved on to My Dentist.

Does this sound like a cash strapped NHS ?? no it is a bonanza for private venture capital .

No competition, as all is owned and controlled by one company for max profit

Only those hospitals and residential units owned by US Acadia are funded by NHS England through its CCGs as the only ‘specified providers’ under the Health and Social Care Act.

The system is fed by no support in parent’s home due to LA cuts, but this is just the excuse, for a policy that feeds venture capital regardless of its service.

The rest of this lucrative behavioural industry is also privately owned by United Health Services who own Cygnet Hospitals and Cambian Group including NHS CAMHS groups. UHS previous executive was Simon Stevens who now heads NHS England which controls all CCG funding.

As we have seen there are no independent or indeed any investigations into service user deaths and even when there are and they last 18 months like Thomas Rawnsley’s death all is whitewashed and does not affect the service provider so there is no accountability as shown by recent death reviews for all our NHS billions.

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Autism and Deprivation of Liberty: The Shocking Tale of What the State is Doing

In addition to the thousands sectioned under the MHA, earning £13,000 a year from our cashstrapped NHS mainly now in private venture capital backed NHS hospitals, we also have hundreds of thousands held in various institutions – community living, nursing homes under Court of protection Mental Capacity Act Deprivation of Liberty Orders for life.

All their hearings, orders and services are secret on the grounds of confidentiality and their family is gagged from even mentioning them or their services and life .

At the time this article was published in 2014, it was estimated there would be 94,000 Dols LA applications, but in fact in 2015/16, there were 195,840. In a time of austerity this represents an average of over £6,000 per week payment for care from the NHS/LA with far more paid for ASD/LD deemed complex.

Dols allow every decision food, relationships, outtings, medication to be made by the for profit provider in what they think is in the  service user’s ‘best interests.

The deemed ‘incapable’ nor their family have any rights or even court representation as the COP appoints an Official solicitor to represent the incapable, funded by the state, but he invariably finds a person’s best interests is that chosen by the care provider.

Provided the service provider believe they are acting reasonably in a persons best interests they can effectively do what they like to  the service user for life and are not liable for their services under s5 MCA.

The LA/NHS who commissioned the services and would be liable if the services were inadequate oversee the services with a scant prescribed inspections from the CQC.

And the government has made it now much easier for LAs/nhs  to obtain DOLs which they are renaming LIBERTY  Safeguards


Now the service providers via the CCGs will effectively control them and capture and control their own customers.

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Deprivation of Liberty The Government created an Autism Act in 2009 for adults on the autistic spectrum.  Then it created an adults Autism Strategy (ironically entitled “Leading Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives”) in 2010, to remind authorities that there was an Autism Act and that they were meant to be adhering to it – just spelling it out sort of thing.  When people kept on reporting that things still weren’t being done as they were supposed to, despite the Act and the Strategy, the Government next created their “Think Autism” Strategy in 2014 just to remind them again (just how dense can these people be!).  What is all this achieving?  The Government can hold it’s hands up and say, “Look, we made a law for you, we did our bit, look how seriously we are taking this.”  …We all know what the term ‘lip service’ means though.

Some autistic adults are getting deflected…

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Police now the only NHS mental support in crisis.MHA amendments 2017. Removal for ‘Treatment’. Private Mental’s Ultimate Harvesting Tool.

It appears the police are being used as the only mental health emergency help for those suffering from mental issues, despite the extra millions the government have ploughed into NHS Health and Social Care Trusts, many like Sheffield Health and Social Care are now private companies making profit out of our NHS.
It has been reported that NHS trusts do not have crisis teams and are merely contacting the police when a person is in mental health crisis.
The police, together with an independent mental health act Practioner are then assessing that person under detainment by s117 MHA in a place of safety, and generally referring them to private for profit NHS mental hospitals anywhere that has a bed for which up to £13,000 a week is being paid.


Here is a report of one such NHS patient in crisis of what happened to them
I particularly enjoyed hearing a recording recently of a call to a CrisisTeam by a patient who chose to record their own call ‘for training and monitoring purposes’ and it involved a person asking for someone to talk to as they recognised their own relapse and having tried various distraction techniques of their own, before ringing. To say my gast was entirely flabbered as the nurse sought to quickly get rid of the call and ring 999 is to dramatically understate things: there was just NOTHING there to justify ringing the police. A person wanted to talk: it was bluntly (and rudely) refused and the actual words used by the patient seemingly ignored, the phone went down and the local police received a 999 call.

Is this now the mental support our NHS is offering and how can this help and improve mental health ?





An English man’s home is no longer his castle from Monday 11th December.

This historic bastion of common law refuge is weakened by Mental Health Act 2017 amendments.

As police can enter anyone’s home, be it tent or shed, and search for and remove an occupier to ‘a place of safety’ and provide any enforced ‘treatment’, if they suspect he is ‘ suffering from a mental disorder.

And he can then be detained interminably under the MHA or MCA .

This may seem beyond belief but it is terrifyingly true.

It gives the  Nanny State and private mental health services the ultimate power.

The Mental Health Act s135 allows such an ultimate, disproportionate interference with a person’s human rights- the removal of his legal competence ,

‘with a warrant’ obtained form a magistrate without notice,  if there

‘is reasonable cause to suspect that a person believed to be suffering from…

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Autistic/Learning Disabled Adults are never allowed to remain or live with their families. Why ? Universal Health Services own Cambian and Cygnet. What do we know about them?

For those thousands of autistic/ learning disabled holed up, illegally in ATUs for ‘treatment’ the grim, unfaceable reality is, that they will never be free. And their families will never be able to see them again for life without the control, supervision and constant threat of a mental hospital for life.

THIS is the future fate of all ASD/LD, as they are the ultimate Health and Social Care Cashcows.

And Acts like the Mental Capacity Act, Mental Health Act and more recently the Health and Social Care Act 12 have been passed to ensure their fate.

The plan for the LA/ASD is simple, they are harvested to ATUs all over the UK on a commercially aware basis but only to private venture capital backed NHS ATUs, mainly owned by US multinationals UHS or Acadia.

Who are paid up to £13,000 a week by the NHS CCGs under HSCA, as the private ATU is the only ‘specialised provider’. so they remain as long as possible as shown by the 7 days of action campaign .

To be discharged, they have to have an agreed care package from their local CCG/LA, this generally can only be to a community living unit in their local area usually owned by the very Company, who owns the ATU from where they are being discharged, as this again is the only ‘specialised provider’ under HSCA.

133 million has been given to LAs to facilitate their move to these ‘community living’ units under the lie of them going home and additional CARE LA funding is available to pay these local providers, as on average supposedly because of deemed complex needs the ASD/LD can command over £8,000 a week for life, so they are a hugely lucrative commodity.


UHS PIC 1e275a4f3c2d6020578c358a360dd8f9

UHS own more than 200 psychiatric facilities in the USA and admitted nearly 450,000 patients last year.

UHS now run nearly half of UK NHS mental health services, owning both the ‘community living’ provision of the Cambian group and the Cygnet group

Health and Social Care Foundation Trusts commission UHS services for Clinical Commissioning Groups, as the only ‘qualified providers’ under the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Nearly a fifth of NHS England’s budget is already spent on mental health services.

In July NHS England named  its new adult/CAMHS care models to Cygnet hospitals just 10 days after some rated inadequate by CQC.

Priory Group are the main other providers. See here.


The inadequate/abusive mental services despite all media propaganda is not a shortage of money.

Since last year all new inpatient admissions to private hospitals.

And mainly enforced under MHA section, or MCA ‘incapacity’.

And unlike in…

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