Billions profit from Institutions – 8 attempts to get Issy

Investment Company Omers bought Lifeways in 2012 for 207 million, UHS Cygnet in 2016 bought Cambian Adult services for 379 million.

Such is the guaranteed profit from the lifelong care of our most vulnerable
All agency developmental support plans lead to the institutionalisation of the autistic/learning disabled/vulnerable.

The net of avaricious State harvesting of these lucrative commodities, made ever wider by the State’s definition and assessment of those that qualify.

The State’s web is honed to perfection via safeguarding, statute and all agencies.

Now under Liberty Safeguards ( Newspeak for removal to institution) at 16.

Millions will, and are being imprisoned for life without oversight, or even family contact, against their and their families wishes for profit.

All illegal under Autism Act, HRA, MHA and MCA.
Our most vulnerable are commodities- non persons – worse than slaves- rendered ‘incapable’ of any decision under the MCA

All agencies conspire in secret to this end – GPs, LAs, NHS, Care agencies, charities, companies.

Institutions are the only funded support at 18.

paid £8,000+ a week per person, £13,000 if sectioned to a mental hospital, fuel our economy, boost our GDP, at huge expense to our trillion pound deficit, and result in a life of torture and early death for our most vulnerable.

All achieved on the most audacious lie of austerity.

The State pounds by bureaucratic foot, the most loving families and society’s most vulnerable

Whilst it is charged and paid to support, it feeds it into private untaxed profit coffers.

Here, I describe what my family went through from years of support, after their 16 year old vulnerable daughter had been abused for a million by the very advocate for autism- the National Autistic Society , and desparately wanted to remain with her family.

Reflect on the horror caused to that vulnerable child, the family, and the mother that writes this and the public money spent.

First attempt was by social services in December 2012 when Issy was 15, depressed, not eating and pooh impacted, with rotten teeth in NAS residential , under MHA section to St Andrews , Northampton but the psychiatrist, refused to section without our knowledge.

Issy refused to go back to her NAS home after her weekend with us.
Without support we cleared her impaction, got her eating and took her out for walks.

We could get no support until we had innumerable meetings with our social worker and Reed agency, and funding was available after the NAS notice period expired on her placement .

costing a quarter of £177,000 for one 4 hour babysitting of Issy in May 2013.

Issy’s NAS worker abuser and large burly male baby sat but refused to take Issy out for a walk, despite her demands, as not insured.

In June 2013 Reed support commenced thanks to Zoe an excellent carer Issy went via bus all over Sheffield and Darbyshire put on a lot of weight and was happy.
We had tickets to watch Wimbledon so requested a weekend respite and underwent more innumerable meetings and emails with Reed

Social services offered Issy a stay in what appeared to be an independent living complex apartment in the city.

Worried that Issy would think she’d never return home, be distressed in a strange environment, and stop going out, I rejected the offer,

Reed at the last moment notified us that the LA respite request had been too late to organise staff, and I decided not to go worrying Issy would be distressed left alone.

The support appeared to be unaware that I would be at home.

Reed support was a bureaucratic exercise to produce a body, some complete strangers, to cover the hours paid at huge expense -estimated at over£3,000 pounds, Reed charged 3 times the worker’s £7.50 an hour to provide them.

One overnight worker, I found out later, was an experienced Social Worker paid £30 an hour for an 8 hour overnight shift- £240, costing LA £720 to Reed , a worker £7,50 costing £168.

Why this extra provision for a social worker, if not anticipated that any problem with Issy could result in a phonecall for police aid and MHA section ?

The third, and one would think most unlikely attempt, was then by an education package funded by the LA to a charity New Routes 2,

Issy had regressed – hardly read, couldn’t write,didn’t wipe her bum or brush her teeth, despite NAS paid million
Issy had refused to go into a classroom in NAS for over a year, there and now since January 2013 no attempt at educational provision, despite the LA’s duty to provide.

A teacher from the local Bents Green special needs school arrived in my kitchen and assessed Issy in August 2013.

By October, having been told Issy could not attend any local school – Bents Green, Talbot, we were offered New Routes 2

The package consisted of an assistant teacher from Bents Green , her Reed workers and New Routes manager, eventually taking Issy to a room in ad hoc provision in Sheffield, full of computers and storage and often locked.
The two four hour a week provision was factored into Reed support.

I have to add the stress caused by yet inderminable meetings with SW and education package head, who appeared disinterested in Issy’s needs,.

New Routes 2 and our social worker started to create safeguarding intervention issues.

In January 2014, I was informed by a rker, that the education workers, were meeting up in Costa Coffee each week, and being quizzed for negative comments about me, my home, and care of Issy.

When workers were in our kitchen their boss would ring asking what I was doing

In April 2014 Issy whilst having lunch out with the education workers refused to leave the cafe and eventually after hours she arrived home in the managers car rather than usual bus.

She then refused to go out and started repeating ‘you can’t live with mummy and daddy’

The page of this incident were removed from Reed Daily log book kept on our kitchen table.

Our new social worker drafted a critical assessment with many serious inaccuracies which I complained about.

A rather hostile Children in Need Meeting of 8, including a note taker was convened in our kitchen, the social worker commencing with ‘Isabel started to pull her hair out when she returned home’, when in fact she had had bald patches on arriving home which had now regrown, so quite the reverse.

She also complained Isabel was now overweight at 12 stone, up from 7 when she arrived home, including her periods restarting, and was not eating healthily.

I noticed parental consent was needed for the educational support funded to March 2015, so withdrew it, at which point New Routes manger angrily withdrew the workers at the end of the meeting midway through their shift.

Zoe, issy’s main worker arrived days later but could not get her out and refused any information on the education incident that appeared to have caused this , and left never to be seen again, a great loss for Issy.

Eventually. with the help of another worker X, we got Issy out all day in May 2014, but then she again became housebound as this worker was not sent again by Reed.

There then appeared a fourth attempt to get Issy with the help of Reed support.

A new Reed regular worker was, unknown to me, a trainee social worker, and, she asked me without reason, ’What are you going to do to keep Issy? ‘Stop her slipping when she got out of the bath, when she never had.

By September 2014, most support was by this lady, and a newly qualified social worker, who wrote a very unfair, negative, spun daily log, which was corrected and part of a formal complaint.

I was told by a worker, that one of the regular support, had refused to support Issy, at the end of September. We were told she was ill, but I was told, she knew what they were doing, and, did not want to be part of it, and, has since left social care altogether

I think a Warrior Mum’s blog post- Michelle Daly published in net on Issy 28 /9, put heat on Reed a reputable international agency,

So much so, on October 6th, Reed withdrew their extremely lucrative support, and ended their contract with LA without explanation.

The fifth apparent attempt was by a family comany, a second education package recommended by the LA, paid for by use by our direct payments,the LA funding lady met in the kitchen to inform us it was our money, jet LA chose the package and we never saw the money, nor amount paid.

They initially, messed us around for months with no support arriving when scheduled, until they seconded an LA education worker, who falsely claimed, that IB had a red mark on her stomach, and other lies, and disappeared, only a week after Issy had for the first time, put on her outside clothes, and had gone out for a walk.

I now understand why the only other company worker who appeared family stated ‘I don’t like working with education’ and revealed ‘They are rounding them up and making pin cushions of them’

The sixth attempt was when the COP knocked on our door and the next day told us Issy would be removed from our house in her MCA ‘best interests’, if we did not agree any order.

We needed support, so ‘Got Friends together’, one worker Gail, from internet
We privately paid.

But our private efforts resulted in an apparent seventh attempt to find safeguarding issues to exclude us from Issy’s life.

Gail, our only support worker, didn’t want to continue to support after only 2 weeks, no indication she was unhappy, her excuse was loss of tax credits, an unknown lady suggested by agency owner , we refused. Gail came back supporting.
We found Burton street day centre for Issy.

Plan by Social Services, to get her up,’ mentors’ to be sent into kitchen, to bring Burton Street to Issy.

But no explanation, as to how this would encourage IB out of the house, and, how they would get IB to engage with such workers.

Issy went out walking with me and photos taken by Gail put on Friends Together Facebook, were removed by the Social Services.

By April Gail had become a stepford care worker , formal with prescribed communication.

What do you drink ? How does Eleanor get on with Issy ? –
worn bath flannels removed from bathroom and she disappeared.

When we informed social worker, Gail rang had had a migraine for 2 weeks at the beginning of June 2015.

‘Friends Together’s owner informed our social worker

’ No concerns have been raised by any staff member with regards to Isabel’s choice not to engage with them and where interaction has occurred Isabel has appeared happy and contented’

But 5 months later on contacting Gail,sent a very different report by email on the day of his meeting with SHSC on the 15th October.

I spoke to Gail on Tuesday night about how she felt working with the family. She said that she Felt that Finola regularly ran interference when she was interacting with IB, that Finola was sarcastic towards her and that Finola was at her happiest when Gail was doing housework/decorating rather that working with Isabel’

A never before stated lie, which did not save Friends Together being put into special measures by the CQC.

X the lady worker who had previously managed to get Isabel out, contacted by Facebook, was then privately paid by us for care and got Issy walking 3 times round close on her first visit in August 2015.

Meetings with our social workers recommenced where our social worker denied any contact with X but could not explain why X was only available for social services meetings and on the odd occasion cared in a stepford manner for Issy .
It was stated by social worker that she, not us, was the only person who had a relationship with Issy.

She stopped attempting to take Issy out.

We decided only to employ her without social workers being in the house and she was unavailable

Issy has never been out since except for one walk up our drive.

Was all this costing millions in Issy’s ‘best interests’ ?


The Risperidone Scandal

Written nearly 5 years ago, and this drug is still the main treatment for ASD/LD as it zombifies, to allow ever more profit from ‘care’ enforced by State.

The number of deaths it has caused in the UK is unknown. Deaths are not investigated as certified from ‘natural causes’.

From MENCAP 4 years ago 3 a day were dying.

Billions has been paid in US for its damage in court actions,

but it continues to be used in UK as we have no lawyers, experts or courts all are controlled by a State that promotes its use.

See affect on my 10 year old daughter and use as ‘treatment’ after £80,000 CAMHS assessment CENTRES,with millions NHS money spent to build assessment centres in Sheffield like Ruby Lodge CAMHS.

When will we wake up to how dangerous NHS for profit, is to us and our children.

The use of this drug is enforced in UK BY Care and MCA order .

IT costs NHS billons and causes untold torture and physical damage and death yet we can do nothing…………



The above was published by the American Federal Drug Agency in 2008.

It shows the adverse side effects, of the anti-psychotic drug risperidone, trade name risperidol, since licencing.

Well over $5 billion, in damages, and fines has been paid to plaintiffs, state, and local government agencies by the manufacturer.

Please read in link the legal actions, against Johnson &Johnson in respect to Risperidone damage.

In   the UK, we do not have an insurance based system of healthcare, so  such actions are effectively impossible.

Read here the shocking expose of history of Risperidal in USA, and effect on children.

I was unable to find similar information as obtained from FDA, from the UK Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Our UK’s system of censured, patient led, ad hoc yellow card warnings, and under used coroners inquests, make it difficult to even record a drug’s adverse.

As a…

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Sorrento: Sant’Anna Scuola di Lingue

My daughter’s blog post on her recent two week language course and her many experiences worth a read particularly on Sorrento

My life as a young artist

Sorrento, or rather ‘Sirento’, named after the ‘Sirens’ -mythical women/bird hybrid creatures who lured sailors with their sweet song to their peril as foretold in Homer’s epic, the ‘Odyssey’. Whose neighbour city, Pompeii was destroyed by Mt Vesuvius 2,000 years ago, offers a wealth of History.

My earliest memories were in Sorrento, from my holiday there with my family when I was two. The pinocchio puppets, innumerous alleys scintillating with the glow from little stalls and shops, and simpatico Italians all imprinted on my little dawdily mind instilling in me a fondness for the place that had prompted my return at the age of 20.66424467_873526553014747_6868097338498351104_n

Recently, I attended a language course at the Sant’Anna institute which is situated in a Program_3529_Photo__d2c8relatively secluded yet still rather central speck away from a lot of the summer bussle of Sorrento, in a tranquil place known as Marina Grande.

The initial orientation meeting marked a…

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Thomas Rawnsley dead 3 years. Still no answers.

Readjourned Inquest starts this month in Sheffield. Limited to a few days before death and NHS England investigation. NHS England commissioned and paid for this investigation and care enforced by Court of protection in best interests MCA. Cambian lifeways Kingdom House Sheffield where he died and Where my daughter at 18 was to be sent by COP, the day he died paid by NHS England 8,000 + a week for this ‘care’…………….
Coronors Courts must hold an inquest as soon as is practicable – 6 months recommendation for justice, it is nearly 5 years since Thomas died. Can justice be done ?


DUkC0CMXUAEMpdd holocaust silence

Sunday was the third adversary of Thomas’s death.

He was a fit 20 year old, born with Downs Syndrome , later labelled autistic..

Thomas’s abuse and death is a testament  of our society, morality and humanity.

His mother was not allowed to stay with him during his last night on earth.

Her access had been prescribed since he was 17.

She was not even allowed to be alone with him when they switched off his life support machine. No private rooms were available.

The only ‘kindness’ shown was an attempt to obtain his body parts.

Working full time, Paula was to bitterly regret her cry for help with a teenage Thomas.

Unknown to her, a yellow star was already next to Thomas’s name – Downs and autistic.

His fate was sealed.

Social workers came in, assessed, and were over critical of his behaviour – he had pulled down a…

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The Age of The Scavenger.

As all is scavenging, and we have no enforceable laws, we are left at the mercy of the most unscrupulous, without morals, all is maximum commercial awareness and lying PR.



We live in the age of the scavenger.

Frightened, greedy, insecure, in debt.

You, your children, partner, parents, its prey.

And, you will be powerless.

Here, is how they do it.

Scavengers know, that control, secrecy, surveillance and connection are essential.

They are smiling, plausible, psychopathological shape-shifters.

They work through social workers,  GPs, hospitals, police stations, health visitors, counsellors, neighbours, teachers, protection officers, care agencies, community groups, charities.

Through secret networkers and leadership..

All are  controlled by the state, work in secret and illegally share all ‘information’ through Multi Agency Safeguarding Hubs, agencies and community action groups.

Even our most trusted charity The Samaritans, is now controlled by the state, and details of the desperate  revealed to the authorities for forced lucrative private mental services interventions.

Even our suspicious, isolated, secretive, scared public, are social wardens.

Seeking state approval, money and power.

And many volunteer in NHS, police, schools,  community care desperate to please for…

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NSPCC- Child abuse, Politics and Power?


Mental health Charities and NAS, created an epidemic of ‘autism’, and ‘mental illness’ by ever more extensive definitions of ‘autism’ and ‘mental disorders’ now 372.

The NSPCC created an epidemic of child ‘abuse’ by researching, and campaigning for ever more extensive definitions of ‘abuse’.

And built a multimillion pound, tax free business empire, its charitable objectives drawn as widely as possible- ‘preventing the public and private wrongs of children and the corruption of their morals’

NSPCC as an old trusted brand, with an advertising, sought by media income of 90 million in 2003 , must be trusted and supported.

Therefore, the perfect tool for governments’ ever more invasive child ‘protection’ feeding a multibillion pound fostering and adoption industry , now ‘protecting’ and ‘parenting’ 1% of UK children.

Allegations of ‘abuse’ are also the perfect tools to control every aspect of education, family life and social behaviour.

In 2008 a Labour Advisory Group on Campaigning and the Voluntary Sector, considered charities’ political influence “as a way of addressing the ‘democratic deficit’ in the country”, as people trusted them [charities] more than politicians”.

NSPCC has capitalised on its political, unelected power, extending ‘abuse’ to neglect, an even more subjective, expansive concept that satisfies the threshold criteria for State intervention into a family, with 80% of successful care orders based on ‘neglect’.

NSPCC’s multimillion pound, tax free empire is very lucrative, raising millions from campaigns alone, its CO and managers paid over £120,000 over 10 years ago.

But has the NSPCC reduced abuse ?

Apparently not by their own advertising and record numbers in care.

So, no outcomes for billions, just increased ‘abuse’.

NSPCC does no research or exposure of abuse and neglect in State care .

No research into adoption breakdowns and effects of adoption.

Or in State fostering, where there is an average of 20 + different placements with strangers and deracination from family, locality and friends for ever.

Nor were they involved in the fifteen years of rapes of 14,000+ children in Rotherham alone, the number nationally, unknown.

Nor do they support the 10,000 children annually missing from care( many never found) groomed, abused and raped and now used as drug mules….

deaths from restraint and over medication and suicide in State detention, hospitals, schools and community living

Victoria Climbe tortured and killed by approved foster parent, was referred to an NSPCC centre. seven months before her death, but this referral was not dealt with for months, and then marked with ‘no further action’.

Facts it appears the charity tried via an 80,000 barrister , to justify to the Laming Enquiry.

At the time it raised 250 million from its ‘Full Stop’ campaign which did not prevent Baby’s Peter’s horrific torture and death and the many, many unknown in State care like Thomas Rawnsley and George Werb.

The NSPCC has been a campaigning organisation since 1884, over half it’s 148.64 million spend is on non direct child services.

It’s ‘Full Stop’ campaign raised over £250 million, but there is little evidence as to how this money helped to stop child abuse, as nothing new has been added to NSPCC services, which still consist of family referral centres, 16 of which were closed down after this appeal, and phone help lines, which refer people to overstretched social services departments.

It did not reinstate the NSPCC home inspectors, abandoned in the 1970’s, who might have been an independent voice for Baby Peter, or Victoria Climbe.

Might not the use of such vast amounts of money, with it’s consequential unfettered, unaccountable power to change public perceptions of abuse and it’s role in society, be actually contributing to society’s problems?

The NSPCC documented allegations of Satanic ritual abuse in 1990, with the publication of a survey of 66 child protection teams , 14 teams had received reports of ritual abuse

An investigation into SRA allegations by the British government produced over two hundred reports, of which only three were substantiated and proved to be examples of pseudosatanic abuse, in which sexual abuse was the actual motivation and the rituals were incidental.[10][11]

The NSPCC then published Satanic Indicators to social services , which were blamed for social workers panicking and making false accusations of sexually abusing children.[12], in Rochdale twenty children were taken from their homes.
The allegations were later found to be false.

The case was the subject of a BBC documentary which featured recordings of the interviews made by NSPCC social workers, revealing that flawed techniques and leading questions were used to gain evidence of abuse from the children.

The documentary claimed that the social services were wrongly convinced, by organisations such as the NSPCC, that abuse was occurring .and so rife, that they made allegations before any evidence was considered.

NSPCC’s high profile, expensive Saatchi and Saatchi campaign, ‘Stranger Danger’, resulted in 78% of parents reporting that fear of strangers stopped their children playing outside, and it supported the Authority’s creat11 million adults, who have regular contact with children, being forced to register with the Independent Safeguarding Authority.

After NSPCC campaigns in schools and clubs, it led to 11 million adults, who have regular contact with children, being forced to register with the Independent Safeguarding Authority. Despite public furore.

NSPCC’s campaign, ‘Someone to Turn To’, encouraged children to talk to people outside their family about their anxieties, undermining family relationships, and appear to have contributed to the 25% increase in care orders based ’emotional abuse’ in 2008 making a 50% over the previous ten years, distracting time and resources from actual physical, sexual harm and death.

In 2009 the NSPCC helped set up Local Children’s Trusts, but an Audit Commission reported the alack of clarity as to their role, unaccountability, and the time wasted on setting up their structures and procedures hampered delivery of children services.

The NSPCC believe hitting a child is wrong, whatever the circumstances, and are determined that even a smack, which does not produce a mark is criminalised.
Despite the lack of hard evidence to show a link between smacking and serious physical abuse.

This dogmatic and absolutist approach was supported by the labour government think tank, The Institute for Public Policy Research.

Research supporting the danger of the activity to be outlawed appears in the media, ‘Smacking can turn Children into Criminals’,’ ‘Smacking produces low Intelligence’. Even the language used is perniciously diluted, the definition of corporal punishment (beatings and hitting with an object), now includes any form of physical tap, if corrective.

However, research, based not on restricted numbers, but the population of Sweden, who introduced a smacking ban in 1979, showing a 489% increase in criminal physical child abuse prosecutions from 1981-1994, increasing more rapidly amongst those, who were brought up after the law against smacking was introduced, is ignored.

Would such a ban benefit a child, whose parents would be criminalised, and who then might be processed by an overworked, under resourced care system?

The NSPCC opposed the placing of a statutory presumption of contact with a non resident parent, in the Adoption and Children Act 2004, as detrimental to a child’s welfare, on the basis that it could ultimately threaten the safety of the child, in support, it cited evidence that 29 children over the past 10 years had been killed on contact visits, but chose to ignore its’ own research showing 800 children, during the same period had actually been killed by resident parents, and children were more likely to suffer violence from female carers.

The lack of a presumption of contact may have contributed to the 289 applications by non resident parents, forced to fight through the courts to merely have contact with their own children, and the consequential emotional abuse of children, deprived of any contact with a parent and their inevitable feelings of abandonment.

Women’s Aid in2009 increased their campaigning and educating activities in support of the government’s initiative to end domestic violence.

They joined forces with the NSPCC, to produce an almost unstoppable political force to lobby government to extend the definition of ‘harm’ in the Children’s Act 1989, to include ‘impairment suffered from seeing or hearing the ill-treatment of another’.

As a consequence ‘Harm’, for the purposes of satisfying the threshold criteria in care proceedings, is statutorily diluted, under the vague definition of ‘ill –treatment’, which Women’s Aid literature states can include such nebulous concepts, as the ‘emotional or financial abuse of another’.

In June the NSPCC handed a petition to the Children’s Minster to protect children, who live with domestic violence, supported by media headlines, ’Children kept awake by the sounds of domestic violence’, and supporting research that this affects one in twelve children.

Already nearly a third of all care applications were then made on the grounds of emotional abuse, due to domestic violence, which Women’s Aid maintains has a more devastating effect than a physical assault.

NSPCC want to be the definitive voice, leaders on abuse, despite no public debate or vote and so in 2016, they launched a web based ‘Impact and Evidence’ Hub designed to promote and make accessible its research evidence. The hub contained sections on:

Research and evaluation reports.[35]
Information about how evaluations were carried out by the NSPCC,[36] including information about the outcome measures used.[37]

A series of blog articles recounting the experiences of professionals in running research articles and producing evidence.[34]
Information about the organisation’s Research Ethics Committee and the process of ethical review to which research projects needed to be subject.[38]
An internal validation execise-

Research and evidence reports produced by the NSPCC include evaluations of:

A video interaction guidance intervention with families where initial concerns about neglect have been noted.[39]
To justify ITS stance on neglect

A therapeutic intervention for children affected by sexual abuse and their carers.[40]
(Capitalising on the Rotherham’Rochdale abuse, scandals it did nothing to avoid.)

a therapeutic intervention for children affected by sexual abuse and their carers.[40]
(Capitalising on the Rotherham’Rochdale abuse scandals it did nothing to avoid).

An intervention designed to support infant mental health.[41]

(Allowing babies and infaats to be medicated on antidepressants etc and removed to State care.)

An early intervention programme designed to enhance a mother’s relationship with her baby.[4(2]

(To define what that relationship is and class as abuse mother’s who do not meet its criteria to promote even more baby removal)

A parenting programme helping fathers change their behaviour after domestic abuse.[43]

An intervention helping mothers rebuild relationships with their children after domestic abuse.[44]

(Survellience of parents after child removal from abuse likely to never be allowed to parent.)

Martin Kinnear’s Norfolk Painting School: Simply Oils

My daughter’s account of her 3 day , Simply Oils course at Norfolk Painting School in August

My life as a young artist

Martin Kinnear, an accomplished Oil Painter and Writer, who’s written articles that imagesTQWPT8JIfeature in The Art Magazine, is the founder and director of this school in Norfolk to teach willing students how to master the traditional principles of oil paint and apply the knowledge to their own style.

I was recommended to study the short course Simply Oils, by a friend who himself is a great oil painter.


Although, Sparsely populated, with more cows and dilapidated buildings than people, Tattersett in East Rudham proved to offer a unique experience. The Crown Inn, a quintessentially English pub hotel was where I stayed for a few days while attending the course.

Day 1:

buttermere-and-crummock-water-oil-30x4022-205-by-martin-kinnearOn Entry into the School, my attention was immediately focused to the wall behind the receptionist’s desk. The white plastering superimposed by a beautiful image of a winding stream running away through undulating hills, their summits reaching into what looked to be the opening to Heaven, where rays of ethereal light…

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