62 million a year profit NHSPriory fined £300,000 for Amy’s death- No accountability, oversight or justice so deaths continue



The Priory Group was fined £300,000 this week for the death of 14 year old Amy .

The Health and Safety Executive prosecuted the Priory, who admitted a breach of Section 3 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 by failing to discharge its duty to ensure people were not exposed to health and safety risks.

The conviction was mainly because a ligature audit of Amy’s room had been carried out by an untrained member of staff and had identified risks which were not then followed up.

And, despite an Inquest finding on the checking of ligatures, the Priory Healthcare had failed to make the appropriate changes required by the CQC

So much for the power and oversight of the CQC, it would appear it can’t even make our hospitals safe.

Since the prosecution we are told,

‘that following work between the Priory and the Care Quality Commission there was now a much better understanding of young person suicide, and that “vital lessons have been learned”

But Amy’s mother insists that the Priory’s contract with the NHS should be ended.

95% of the Priory income is from the NHS.

Declaring “I don’t believe there’s any lessons learned’

How could they be, when Amy’s actual care was condemned by a jury, but apparently there do not appear to have been checks on whether these failings were rectified – ie staffing, levels, training, nor of Amy’s history that had made her a secure patient.

So we do not know what lessons the Priory learned nor how they learned them ?

And from a recent death of 16 year old William, in a North London Priory hospital in January, little appears to have changed.

It is in any event, a shocking indictment on the NHS, that their only regulation, is from an executive charged with prosecuting employers ( not NHS hospitals ) for unsafe systems of work, resulting in a small fine on a billion pound corporation.

The Priory Group, bought by USA Acadia for 1.28 billion, and now provides nearly a third of all NHS mental hospitals, the others mainly owned by UHS/Cygnet


Joey Jacobs, Acadia’s CO earns 8,241,847 dollars a year in emoluments.

Amy’s Prosecutor stated the starting point for the Priory’s fine would be £2.4 million.
Priory Healthcare had a turnover of £133 million,

95% is public money from NHS.

It had an operating profit of £62 million in 2017.

Last year 5 of its executives were paid 15 million

But the Judge said he was unable to support this figure of £2.4 million, as he could not find any aggravating factors and took into account the company’s guilty plea, lack of previous convictions, “good” health and safety record and its steps to close and refurbish the unit where Amy lived.

The later has shades of Winterbourne View which was razed to the ground and then sold to Danshell for a knock down price of 30 million.


The Judge stated;
“There was common ground between the experts that the care planning was of good quality, that the suicide of 14-year-olds is extremely rare and prediction is likely to be extremely difficult.”

How could Amy’s care planning be of ‘good quality ‘?

When staff admitted at Amy’s Inquest they were under so much pressure, they had not always been able to give the teenager one-to-one time.

So much so, a Jury ruled staffing levels were inadequate, and a lack of one-to-one time caused, or contributed to Amy’s death in a ‘significant’ way

Even basic training for her Tourettes was not given, a member of senior staff had ‘put on training on Tourette’s, but nobody had attended’.

Amy had been repeatedly restrained by 5 members of staff and sedated.

in under three months in the Priory, Amy had been subjected to at least six incidents of restraint, sometimes involving forced injections.

the day before her death, she had been held down by five staff members and orally sedated

Would all this not make anyone, let alone a very disturbed child, cry out for help as Amy had that night and died as none was there ?

Yet UK taxpayers had paid £13,000 a week to provide it

Where is the blame and investigation of CAMH’s diganoses of Amy’s Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)ADHD Tourette’s, and Gender Identity Dysphoria

Labels that had lead to ,a then 13 year old hormonal Amy’s death in the Priory.

Nor how much Amy’s treatment in her £200,000 tax free a year Banardos school contributed to these labels .

If, as the Judge stated ‘the suicide of 14-year-olds is extremely rare and prediction is likely to be extremely difficult.”

For £13,000 a week one would expect the most vigorous systems, at least enough staff and treatment other than drugs and restraint, based on the actual child’s individual needs, not on objective speculations based on age ?

The Priory Group has been criticised at more than a dozen inquests in just 6 years

Seven years after Amy’s death, 16 year old William hanged himself in a Priory hospital.

So lessons have definitely not been learned

Why should they be when there is no accountability and profits are put before patients;

Like Amy, William had been left unattended in the hours leading up to his death, despite clear instructions that he required checking four times an hour, staff then falsified logs to make it appear as if they had checked on him.

Days before William had told his psychiatrist that he was worried about the lack of staff observation.

And safety concerns had been raised about this hospital in 2016 when government inspectors found a high risk of ligature points in all wards.


How many more Amys,Williams,Georges, Jodies and Jonathans must be ‘helped’ by suffering untold agony and death for profit from public funds?


Their sad young deaths are just the tip of the iceberg, most die a statistic and even these are unknown unless the hospitals inform the CQC, or an Inquest is held and these are decreasing under the new death certification procedures.


Why is a cashstrapped NHS funding 62 million a year profit from unsafe hospitals and wholly inadequate treatment?

This is the revolution in mental health promised by May and Cameron.

And ever more are being harvested.


Care Orders – Ultimate Profit and Control not Protection ?

95,837- 1% of UK children, have now been made statutory orphans by care orders, their home, parents and family replaced by a multibillion pound State industry run for profit .

As this industry is ever greedy, these numbers continue to rise , adoption and fostering adverts are every where, and the Heads of the Family Division- Sir James Munby and McFarlene continue to protest at the numbers in care.

Tony Blair and subsequent governments knew child protection was a huge public money spinner so by media, executive structures and the law conspired to feed it


So much so, LAs are now bankrupting themselves by siphoning off public money into private coffers.

Increasingly, LAs protection duties are being replaced by community trusts, such as Doncaster Childrens Services Trust, Achieving for children and CORAM, ripe for full privatisation.


These companies and LAs assess, and outsource via court order placements to companies for fostering, adoption and residential homes,.

It has been estimated that it costs an LA £250,000 a year per child for a foster/care home placement.

Childrens homes are paid three times more than Eton at 200,000 + a year per child.

So children have a huge bounty on their heads and this produces a huge profit motive to remove to a care placement rather than reunify with their families.

All that is required for removal, is an application to a care court and proof on the balance of probabilities of ‘a risk of significant harm’.

‘Harm’ has been continually widened by the NSPCC to nebulous ‘neglect’ and by statue to witnessing abuse including financial,

‘significant’ appears to be forgotten, and any future risk sufficient.

So it is impossible to perceive of a more expansive requirement for a care order which appears legally and practically impossible to oppose.

European and HRA law stating permanent removal should be exceptional, as a last resort is ignored.

This means that Private quasi companies and LAs control all aspects of family life including our children’s education , emotional welfare and medical treatment.

And their overriding ethos is profit or sustainability not child welfare.

So much so, LAs have tried to exempt themselves from liability for child protection services by statue, but failed because of Munro, and more recently the High Court in respect to fostering.

80% of care orders are for neglect these including those deemed to be in dysfunctional families.

Very few removed have suffered actual physical or sexual abuse, prevention of harm is  the ethos.

Hospitals classify an injury as either accidental, therefore neglect, or non accidental – abuse, making it risky to go to casualty.

GPs ,schools and all agencies are trained to look for neglect/abuse first and communicate anything suspicious on secret MASH ( multi agency safeguarding hubs) computer sites.

Despite the rule of law, each LA assessor has it own definition of ‘harm’ and removal is by easily controlled local magistrates and care courts whose judgements are not published.

So justice need not be even seen to have been done.

Appeals are practically almost impossible even to the High Court, and an adoption reversal impossible, no matter how great the injustice, see the Webster Case.

Whether your child is removed also depends not only on your LA, but on where you live in the UK., only 35 per 10,000 children are in foster/residential care in Northern Ireland, 82 in Scotland and 62 in Wales and 52 in England.

England could save 1.5bn if it followed Northern Ireland’s example, which spends half its budget on preventing removal with no worsened outcomes for children shown.

https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/sep/19/northern-ireland-fewer-children-care?CMP=share_btn_twizzy nhs

But there is no evidence, or even research that all our public billions with its destruction of millions of lives, has actually improved UK child protection.

UK has one of the highest child mortality rates.

Indeed, the much publicised horrific failures of protection were at the hands of the State, Baby Peter and Victoria Climbie died in LA approved care.

And the boys in Doncaster, convicted of attempted murder were in foster care.

And this media exposure was used to privatise LA protection as in Doncaster and increase care applications .

Nor is there any evidence that it has improved outcomes for children, as outcomes for children in care continue to be much worse than for their peers.

only 14% achieved 5 A*-C GCSEs in 2015 compared to 55% nationally.

They are five times more likely to face exclusion from school and are hugely overrepresented in the youth justice system.

In 2015-2016 it was estimated that approximately 39% of the children in secure training centres had been in care.

The fostering industry is worth 1.7 billon of public money but largely unaccountable for its services.

22.7 % of foster placements breakdown and more than a fifth of UK children in foster care have moved home two or more times a year,

That equates to a lot of disruption and paid strangers in a child’s life time.


24,320 children went missing from care between 2012 -13, less than 2 years and in 2008  police searched for 10,000 a year in one year, spending even more public money and we have no definitive numbers of those still missing.

Read here the fate of one girl,who was adopted and only revealed because a High Court judge thought it ought in the public interest


Many have been groomed and raped as was Katie.

Far more emotional abuse than if left with their families.

But no one researches the affect of being taken from your family and brought up by several sets of strangers and it is not on the statutory welfare check list.

These children grow into adults who have had a lifetime of disruption, lost their family network and are left alone in the world.

Many suffer mental illness and even commit suicide.

Some mothers prefer to kill their children rather than see them in care – one after 60 professionals had arrived at her home and care was imminent for her 3 disabled children,


Another a child protection LA manager, Lianne Smith, took her baby son and infant daughter on the perfect holiday before suffocating them in their Hotel Miramar room. https://www.ukcolumn.org/blogs/lianne-smith-why-there-are-questions-be-asked

Forced removal of babies is at an all time high as each baby is worth a minimum of £27,000 up to £54,000 to an adoption agency.

Between 2007 and 2014 a total of 13,248 babies were removed by the authorities.

Each baby was worth 27,000 of public money to the adoption agency. One mother had 17 babies removed.


in 2013, 2,018 babies were taken into care at birth or soon afterwards as opposed to 802 in 2008.

A senior judge in Milan declared that an Italian mothers treatment by a secret court resembled a horror film an unprecedented ‘act of extreme violence’ that could not have happened in Italy.

The mother had stayed in a hotel to attend an interview with Ryan air, she got the job, but lost her baby, when she was sectioned in the hotel, detained for weeks until her baby could be removed by Caesarean without her knowledge by court of protection order.
This Italian exposure -not allowed in UK- forced social workers to have to explain their actions to the head of the family division.

But the little girl is now adopted estranged for ever from her siblings, mother, father and grandparents.


Adoption and ever earlier State intervention have been seen by courts to be in a child’s welfare and the best option for a child, as the most ‘permanent’ of placements.

Yet we have no definitive number of adoption breakdowns nor those re entering care or outcomes for these children.

CORAM in 2008 paid £3,000 to assess families but £27, for an adoption from care so there is a huge conflict of interests between these roles

Care Orders are also the ultimate weapons of social control

Children are changing sex without their parents knowledge and being taken into care if their parents object

Such is the inference of State between parent and child the basic tenant of family life and society.

NHS can use them to enforce any NHS treatment as shown by Ashya King, whose parents were arrested and imprisoned when they arranged alternative treatment, which has now cleared their son of cancer.



Parents Rail Against Big Business Inside The Family Courts.

As millions are being made from tearing families apart and destroying lives nothing is being done except more greed and ease of removal of very lucrative commodities by courts LA outsourcers. Its our money, our children, our courts, our law we finance it all and private profits.
The foster care industry is venture capital backed private unaccountable and worth 1.7 billion on public money.via Parents Rail Against Big Business Inside The Family Courts.

The average foster placement is for less than two years, a fifth breakdown and many have over 3 placements a year, that is a lot of disruption- schools, friends, community and contact with many paid strangers, who replace their family.

Over 10,000 go missing, some never found. Read Sun expose and profit involved and think of the fate of these children so expensively cared for by the now for profit State.

The Scandal of UK’s £15.1 Billion+ Elderly Cash Cows. ‘The hottest investment sector of the decade’.


Some months ago I’d seen a sign go up on a slightly dilapidated Victorian house – Alzheimer Nursing Home

And driven past its silence most days, wondering about the lives inside.

I saw a large dinning table and chairs through its windows but never a person.

Short plump ladies in blue overalls went in and out .

Once a white aproned man stood smoking outside and a black suited lady alighted a 4 by 4..

But no residents.

Then last week a tall older lady sprinting along the road caught my eye.

Without bag, or key .dressed in a spotlessly white cardigan and patterned, belted polyester dress, her neat dyed auburn curls freed in the breeze.

Her face ecstatic.

Appearing to embrace  the air, the sun and trees and the euphoria of freedom.

Rarely had I seen such a look of joy and expectation.

Later it struck me she was most likely a resident.

And the pathos of the futility of her escape and her last moments of freedom hit hard .

She is one of nearly a million increasing every 3 minutes The Alzheimer Society quote and on whom their recycled profits depend.

As do the experts, lawyers, social workers, trainers, nurses, GPs, care agencies, community groups, charities, pharmacies and Health and Social Care Private owners.

As with the disabled, children, education, prisons; the old are our the new growth industry.

The Care Act 2014 diluted ‘capacity’ to ‘difficulty making a decision’, and £ 433 million has been paid to LAs to safeguard and feed this industry.



Anyone can assess a person covertly and remove their decisions and property, making them ‘insentient’ with no rights for life.

The Court of Protection is secret and unchallengeable .

An ‘altzeimer tax’ was unnecessary, as all property is seized by the state via COP, and powers of attorneys and Guardianships voided.

The lady in the white cardigan and her family didn’t stand a chance.

And May’s Queens speech promises consultations and more information for families on the care provided.

But not for all those families deemed ‘abusive’, or if, as it usually is, such information provision may prejudice service provision and not in the ‘cared’ for’s ‘best interests’.

And what is the use of information per se, particularly, from those providing the service?

No spy cameras will be allowed.

No check on services or medication, except by those who commissioned them, and a paper check by a CQC with no teeth.

There appears to have been no improvements to elderly care since it was exposed abusive years ago in Panorama’s ‘Behind Closed Doors’


So why the push to help our elderly ? Why the concern that  family not be burdened?

In 2014 Anchorage Capital saw their second block care home sale in less than a year – 27 British Care Homes to the Wall St hedge fund responsible for the sale of Hollywood film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer .

The Financial Times reported a ‘global appetite’ form US, Asia – Pacific and Middle Eastern hedge funds for Britain’s then £15.1 billion care home sector.


In 2015 the Bureau of Investigative Journalism urged Minsters to investigate the buy to let boom in care homes which involved Dementia UK and Lancashire County Council..



Yet despite profit motive and conflict of interests, our new government proposes even more money be siphoned off into this sector, to solve its problems, and care home closures, caused not by a shortage of money, but by greed,  lack of accountability, lucrative  buy outs and alignment for maximum profit take overs.


It is no coincidence that our latest social epidemics- altzeimers, mental disability, adult and child abuse allow court enforcement of services for huge and increasing private profit.

Think about the millions already made in deals which, Graham Rowan, a wealth coach, described as ‘the hottest investment sector of the decade’.

How could such a sector be cash strapped ? Do hedge funds, or indeed anyone, invest in a cash starved sector ?

And think of how this money is made, on the backs of old ladies in cardigans, who should be helped to live at home with their families, not forcefully medicated and hidden in misery from society for profit.



old lady rainrun-og


Why Is There A Load Of Brazilian Deliveroo Riders In Dublin Delivering Take Aways????

As globerlisation hits wages are driven down by prearranged contracts often with non European workers to make as much profit as possible, This is our future but if we even comment it could be hate speech, racism such is our oppression. We our society our jobs our future up for grabs by global multicorporations backed by venture capital. Already in UK hotels are franchised out, public services NHS/LA to private venture capital acquiring as cheep labour as possible by any means.


Video Link
23 February 2019

There have have been a spate of clashes involving Dublin youth and predominantly Brazilian delivery riders who use English schools to acquire visas in order to work in Ireland, often for years.

Beldar Conehead
More than one-third of Irish adults fear their jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence or robots, with 11 per cent expecting it to happen in the next six to 10 years… So why are they flooding the country with unskilled, uneducated people with very poor English when we’ve already got plenty of our own who are destined for the dole.

Ken Hayden
Tough jobs? my arse. Stay in a language school for two years, then apply for residency.
The language school system is a scam.

Han polo
Anyone remember the German branch supermarket that was looted by our diverse population this time last year??? The Guards couldn’t find…

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Kisimul Workers Comments-200,000 a year ‘education’-No Regulation.

So how do we find out what is provided in our £200,000 a year per pupil enforced residential schools ?

OFTED reports ? Kisimul was rated ‘outstanding’ by them, only months before one of their school homes, housing 47 pupils was closed on ‘safeguarding issues and 8 workers arrested.
Where were the CQC regulators ‘?

It appears all that were inspected were rated good, worryingly 2 appear never to have been inspected despite the money paid for their services and the vulnerability of the customers.

Kingdom House, where Thomas Rawnsley died had not been inspected before he was ordered there in his best interests by the Court of Protection, services commissioned and paid for – over £6,000 a week by LA/NHS and his mother gagged from disclosing these services.

My daughters Robert Ogden school was rated outstanding by OFSTED, the year of her 48, bruise restraint, not even mentioned at her education review the afternoon after it happened, nor her emaciated body and her lack of hair from pulling it out.

My cries to the then Care Minister were ignored.

So what can a parent do even when their child is actually being physically and mentally abused let alone failing to be taught anything?

Complain to the LA Commissioners, who are liable for these services ?

We did and our complaints were stopped by the same LAs s48 MCA application and had Issy been under 18 by an application for an Interim Care Order which had already forced her into the school at 10, despite no assessment and her regression/behaviour being caused by a severe facial impaction, such is the LA’s push towards then £177,000 a year residential schools.

Paula Rawnsley did several times the last meeting two weeks before he died resulting in a court gag obtained by the LA commissioners

So parents have no rights nor pupils a voice and OFTSTED/CQC are clearly inadequate.
The only way we can glean a little of Kisimul’s three Eton cost services is from those that work for them on recruitment internet sites.

Maybe the LA/ OFSTED/CQG should do the same before they pay KISMUL millions to educate and care for our most vulnerable.

Great job… shame about the management style
Residential Support Worker (Former Employee) – Retford, Nottinghamshire – 20 January 2018
The job itself is brilliant and rewarding, working with residents in their daily life and promoting their independence- where possible… unfortunately you rarely have enough staff to run a shift to minimum ratios and it can quickly become dangerous for staff and residents there. The management style definitely seemed to be a case of “if your face fits” but if it doesn’t then they won’t help you develop or progress in your role
Free lunch, rewarding
Long hours, no breaks, lack of support

General dogs body (Current Employee) – Lincoln, Lincolnshire – 28 December 2018
What to say about The residential side at Ancaica Hall.
The young people are absolutely brilliant, can be very challenging but it is worth struggling through the bad days because the good days are amazing.

Unfortunately 70% off the staff on the residential side follow a bully/intimidation culture, this is aimed at the pupils as well as other staff members who actually care.

At least 80% of the pupils have been verbally abused or physically hurt by said 70% of bad staff members. (This occurs on a daily basis).

Staff have reported these incidents, staff have blown the whistle, pupils themselves have told management what’s happened to them YET the bad staff are still working with these vulnerable pupils and get away with it!!

Yet the staff who report what they see (the correct thing to do) get penalised, punished and some have even left as there working life has been made so bad. This is making other staff fear blowing the whistle as it is not confidential at all.

Management are horrendous, incompetent, clueless and are good at brushing the bad stuff under the carpet. Nothing is confidential in this place, team leaders & deputy team leaders have got management wrapped around there little fingers so if you have a complaint about any of them they will find out and you will be penalised.

Thankfully the 30% of staff that I myself am in do everything we can for the pupils, we go above and beyond for them and genuinely care for them!!
Fun if you’re up for a challenge.
RSW (Former Employee) – Acacia Hall – 30 November 2018
I worked at Acacia for almost 10 years and absolutely loved my job there. No, the working hours aren’t great and perhaps the company do only treat staff as a number but if you really care about the residents then all of that becomes slightly less relevant.
I found it to be a hugely rewarding job (not necessarily from a financial point of view) but in the respect that you are privileged enough to work with some truly incredible young people and are able to help them along their journey into adulthood.
From my personal experience the majority of staff support and help each other as much as possible and for the most part I found it a really pleasant environment to work in.

Being short staffed was often an issue but I believe it to be the same amongst a lot of similar establishments.
I see from reading other reviews that not everyone shares my positive opinion but i hope it doesn’t deter people from wanting to work there.
The residents at Kisimul need and fully deserve to have caring, dedicated & resilient staff members to look after them.
I’d recommend working here to anyone with a big heart and lots of patience!
Steer well clear from this company!!
Support Worker (Former Employee) – Lincolnshire – 2 November 2018
Kisimul care about one thing and one thing only, money.
They are a company driven by greed, their ethos is expand quick and sell for bigger despite not being able to provide staff.
They have a complete disregard for their employees, I have never felt so worthless in a job.
The environment is incredibly high risk, Kisimul take on some pupils which are so complex and challenging that they need intervention from mental health professionals, not minimum wage healthcare support workers.

Due to the complexity of some pupils their needs are not provided for at Kisimul, however they are worth more money to the company!

Staff injuries are very high and low staffing levels also contributes to this.

Kisimul has an incredibly high staff turn over – despite what they say on their front cover! Low staffing levels has led to poor quality of care being provided to the pupils.
Concerns that are raised are quickly brushed under the carpet by upper management.
The pay does not reflect the daily risk the staff undertake.

They offer ZERO staff incentives/benefits

Don’t let this company pull the wool over your eyes, their prospectus is full of lies.
Good training and NVQ
A list as long as your arm

Rewarding job
Support worker full time (Current Employee) – Lincolnshire – 22 October 2018
The job is extremely rewarding, it is fantastic to see the impact you can have on an individuals life and how you can improve their independence and skills. Within the company, they are plenty of opportunities to progress and develop, from RSW to manager. The hours can be long but that is to be expected in a job where you are supporting individuals with such varying needs and levels of support and each day can be different. The staff turn over is sometimes high but again, this job can be challenging and it can take people time to find their feet however once they do, the impact they can have on an individual is extremely positive.
Very rewarding
Long hours

Not a good place to work
Rsw (Former Employee) – Swinderby, Lincolnshire – 30 August 2018
When I first started at Kisimul I enjoyed my time there, then once I got to know the staff they were horrible.managers not bothered with your safety, HR are useless not concerned with your health and well being, considering they look after kids with mental heath there not concerned with the staffs.

Staff will gang up on you and make up stuff to get you in trouble, worst job I have ever had !!!
Salary not bad
Getting hit, bit, staff gossiping, managers don’t support you
Disgusting doscriminating managememt
Applicant for a support position (Former Employee) – Cruckton – 11 June 2018
I’ve awful experience with this company. Applied for a job, wemt on an interview, had a call after the interview that I got the job after a week I met the childten. An obnoxious deputy manager in scruffy appearance pretended he knew everything
He nevet introfuced me to the kids was chatting on his mobile all the time entirely disengaged with the job no communication 0 professionsllism. Two days later they called me I was unsuccessful without any reason or explanation. The manager lady of the branch seems uninterested in what she is doing annoyed she never smiles.
The question is whst the CQC is doing to imptove such places. For Gpd sake these companies are responsible for vulnerable individuals.

Kids are great but the company is awful.
Teaching Assistant (Former Employee) – Surrey – 24 May 2018
I worked for the kisimul group for 3 years. At the beginning I really enjoyed the challenge but It soon turns bad don’t work for them you will just end up levelling.

The person who wrote the good review must be a manager or HR for the company. Don’t believe
Can’t think of one
Do many

Worse Company I’ve ever worked for.
Residential Support Worker (Former Employee) – Gainsborough – 3 April 2018
The job itself can be challenging but also rewarding. The problem lies within the Management of the Company and the lack of thought for the Staffs well being. Staff levels are low and there is a high turnover in Staff which is completely understandable. Staff are often left in dangerous situations unsupported and are then made to work 13 hour shifts. There are many concerns about the way the Company is run but the bottom line is.. if you’re a Support Worker you don’t matter and you’re expected to do so much on a poor wage whilst the Company is profiting in the millions. Very unfortunate.
Long hours, poor management, run by greed.

13 hour days, training done on your days off and little support whilst at work
Support Worker (Former Employee) – Market Rasen, Lincolnshire – 15 February 2018
Little of what you learn on your training days was put into practice. Breaks only seemed to apply to staff who smoke. The ratio of the number of staff needed to care for individual residents were not stuck to at all. A truly awful place to work, which is terrible considering the residents need the best of professional care.
long hours, no breaks and badly staffed (quick turnover of staff says a lot about working for this company)) .

Awful Managment, not enough staff
Teaching Assistant (Former Employee) – Swinderby, Lincolnshire – 25 January 2018
Staffing is absolutely horrendous, staff getting hurt kids getting hurt by kids, bringing in new staff that have no idea, you voice your concerns and no one listens your just told to get on with it.
Loved working with the kids and miss them dearly but management is awful and they don’t care what’s best for the kids its all about their money

Poor upper management
Support Worker (Former Employee) – Lincolnshire – 24 January 2018
There has been lots of changes over the last year and the introduction of 3 area managers was by far the worst management decision yet. Out of the 3 one already walked and the other 2 are barely surviving and are slowly destroying the reputation of Kisimul most of the managers have left or are leaving and the only ones left are new and full of themselves. It’s a disaster and it is a shame as it used to be a good company to work for. Now it’s a horrible.
Residents are fun. Teams can be good.
Terrible management all over
Disorganised confused service @
Support Worker/Carer (Former Employee) – Yaxley, Cambridgeshire – 15 January 2018
The tenants are amazing however are sadly let down by poor management and bad staffing choices.
There seems to more of a focus on what’s the latest gossip on site rather than what’s best for the tenants.
If you can handle long days with no breaks, lack of respect and care and continuous phone calls when your on your days off then go for it.
I could go on…
This is not a company you feel proud to work for!
Long hours, no breaks, no staff support, poor staffing choices, i rule for one and one for another

Great job… shame about the management style
Residential Support Worker (Former Employee) – Retford, Nottinghamshire – 20 January 2018
The job itself is brilliant and rewarding, working with residents in their daily life and promoting their independence- where possible… unfortunately you rarely have enough staff to run a shift to minimum ratios and it can quickly become dangerous for staff and residents there. The management style definitely seemed to be a case of “if your face fits” but if it doesn’t then they won’t help you develop or progress in your role
Free lunch, rewarding
Long hours, no breaks, lack of support
Great residents, no staff support and lack of staffing.

Night Care Assistant (Former Employee) – Peterborough, Cambridgeshire – 14 January 2018
Loved working with the residents but they can be very dangerous at times and with lack of staff it’s very hard to keep control of the situation without getting hurt.
No manager as they had also left, area manager not very supportive with homelife.
Good job to work in if staff levels were higher and a little more support.

Great kids but dangerous workplace and terrible salary
Residential Support Worker (Former Employee) – Acacia Hall – 23 May 2017
The kids are great to work with but do not get the care and attention they need due to lack of staff. And there is a lack of staff due to the horrendous pay to work in such dangerous conditions and with such dangerous children.
“Stay away from this company!!!!”
Current Employee – Support Worker in Lincoln, England
Doesn’t Recommend
Negative Outlook
I have been working at Kisimul Group full-time (More than 3 years)
Good training provided
Level 3 NVQ
Low staffing levels leading to poor quality care provided.
Staffing levels faked when there is an Ofsted inspection.
Concerns raised are brushed under the carpet by upper management.
Very high risk environment.
Some pupils are so challenging/complex that they need the intervention of mental health professionals… not healthcare support workers on a minimum wage.
Upper management has a total disregard for staff. You will be made to feel worthless.
Pay does not reflect the risk.
No staff incentives/benefits
Low staff moral
Greedy and purely money driven.
Kisimuls prospectus is filled with lies.
Advice to Management
You need to change something, otherwise you will lose everything. Take these reviews as a lesson instead of just having them deleted or making upper management leave fake ones!

Doesn’t Recommend
The Worse Company I’ve Ever Worked For January 2018
Negative Outlook
I worked at Kisimul Group full-time
Good staff training and NVQ
Long hours, poor management, staff shortages, high staff turnover, staffs well-being is neglected, poor pay for what is expected of Staff, poor service.
Advice to Management
Pay staff better and care about their well-being. Stop running by greed and start caring.

Kisimul ‘The Safe Haven’ sold to Roadchef for 200 million.Venture Capital’s bonanza on LA/NHS special needs education and care money.


Whilst Thatcher sold our silver, successive governments have sold our gold, bankrupting our country, LA and NHS, by selling off public services and then paying public money to use them, one of the biggest money spinners includes the care and education of the deliberately created autism and LD industry, making billions for investors, banks, investment houses and advisors.

It appears the eventual aim is to allow monopoly global mulinationals owned by venture capital banks and their investors to provide services paid for by the public purse.

This allows neither competition between providers, nor any real accountability, asset stripping at will, and a massive conflict of interests, as these Companies’ overriding duty is to make ever more profit from their guaranteed increasing public income from their captive consumers.

Who could have thought that 4 Kisimul special needs boarding schools in Lincolnshire could be sold last year by a multibillion pound investment group Antin to Roadchef for 200 million with Shoosmiths investment advisers paid to advise shareholders .

What would Roadchef know of running special needs schools ? They have no need to, just the money to buy them.

Kisimul School was set up in 1977, named after Kismul Castle, as it overlooks the safest harbour in Britain denoting the safe haven it offered to autistic and learning disabled children on their journey through life.. https://www.kisimul.co.uk/about-us/

In 2003 Kisimul Upper School post 16 facility was built at the request of several LAs to provide residential placements and then on a similar basis Cruckton Hall for boys with ADHD, Aspergers and ADD was built as as labels increased, so did demand.

Billions were then paid by 30 different Local Authorities, NHS/CCGs and Education Authorities to Kisimul for these residential placements..

Generally a minimum of £177,000 a year per pupil was paid for a 52 week placement in 2007 ,the amount NAS was paid for my daughter’s enforced education and care, despite a third of the year being spent at home.

Now over £200,000 is paid per year, per pupil, twothirds by LAs who on the excuse of austerity have cut down SEN funding.

Kisimul’s consumers are captive, as their 38/52 week placements are enforced by Care Order or forced s20 CA ‘consent ’which is a prerequisite to funding, as it was in my daughters case.

So who or how could anyone complain of the school’s services ?.

By 2006 Kisimul’s 270 staff and over 30 LA customers were bought up by Bowmark Capital Limited for 8.5 million, together with its existing management team , which then had plans to expand and develop their services throughout the East Midlands to take advantage of the growing demand.

The Royal Bank of Scotland provided the senior debt facility shortly before it was bailed out by the public purse.

But by 2011 Rothschild Five Arrows invest unit, had seen Kisimul’s potential with revenues of 38.29 million and profit of 7.45 million by 2015 and had bought it for an undisclosed amount.

Rothschild also bought out Kisimul’s existing management team indicating Kisimul might no longer be the ‘safe haven’ promised.

By the summer of 2017 Antin Infrastructure Group had bought Kismul from Rothschild’s investment arm Five Arrows.


In 2017 Bowmark owned by Five Arrows Principle Investments , the private equity arm of the Rothschild dynasty, tried to buy back Kisimul for 200 million-191,500 million more than they had sold it for just over 10 years earlier.

Private Equity News commented on their bid.
Bowmark’s decision to try and repurchase an asset it has already owned comes as firms are having to become increasingly inventive to deploy capital in a fiercely competitive deal market’.

Antin declined to comment on the eventual sale to Roadchef and the actual amount paid remains unknown, yet its value was made and its future income is from our public money.

Antin’s partner Angelika Schochlin noted her surprise that so few investors were looking at social infrastructure stating the need ‘to go beyond a reactive approach and have a vision of things before they happen’

ie forsee that these schools command 200,000 a year per pupil and feed and could provide ‘community living’ for life for these pupils under DOLs ( soon liberty safeguards)with guaranteed millions of increasing public money with scant oversight from LA/NHS commissioners, as they are liable for any inadequacy.

With little regulation other than a government controlled bureaucratic inspection from OFSTED and the CQC,

Antin has grown from 30 to over a 100 Investment directors paid between £98,000 and £334,000 a year


Its CEO, Alain Rauscher has an estimated annual revenue of 55 million dollars

Antin owns another group of residential schools for special needs mainly autistic,Hesley North in its portfolio, although they were to be sold to Bowmark in 2012 for 75 million, but the sale fell through.

Private Equity News notes;
Buyout houses globally are currently sitting on a record $1.5 trillion of dry powder, according to Bain & Co.’s Global Private Equity Report 2017.

So how many other special residential schools with the lucrative prospect of ‘community living’ for life will be guzzled up for billions to make trillions from public money?

There are many ripe for venture capital picking, particularly those in the charitable sector, like St Andrews Healthcare, the largest provision for 12-18 autistic and learning disabled in Europe, NAS,and MENCAP.

But we will not know their commercial worth, even though made from our public money, unless we follow the hidden by paywall, and commercial confidential world of corporate finance and investment.

Yet these venture capital cartels are playing billion pound monopoly with profits made from our money paid for our childrens education and future lives .

These children’s journey as commodities for venture capital buyers and investors will also remain unseen.

We have been allowed to see a little of their journey in November 2018 as 3 and now 8 members of staff have been arrested at one of the homes due to serious safeguarding issues.


Yet KISIMUL was rated outstanding by OFSTED this year.