‘Best Interests’: no choice, no oversight, no accountability the sad story of MN.


hitler-quote lie

A residential placement commissioned by the LA and/or a clinical commissioning group is invariably in an ‘incapacitated’ person’s ‘best interests’.

The Court of Protection is not given a choice of placement, it is forced to rubber stamp the executive’s decision.

And it doesn’t need to be proved that this placement is in an individual’s best interests.

The Court of Protection does not explore a placement’s previous outcomes, nor insist on a trial period.

Thomas Rawnsley’s ‘best interests’ were served by living in the newly built Kingdom House, 80 miles from his family, where he died at 20.

COP ordered the placement without even explanation as to how Cambian intended to cope with Thomas’ trauma , autism and Downs Syndrome .

The court his family nor Thomas were given any other alternatives.

And the Court of Protection will not interferewith a care provider’s services as shown in N v ACCG and Others [ 2017] UKSC 22


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‘Raze out the written troubles of the brain’. The Myth and Horror of Mental Disease



Psychiatry, is defined, as.

the diagnosis and treatment of mental diseases’.

‘Disease’ as a concept can only be defined in terms of its pathology.

Pathology  diagnoses disease from changes in cells, tissues, and body fluids.

Not even Schizophrenia, or psychosis, let alone, the recently created 375 mental ‘disorders’ have any pathology and therefore cannot be ‘diseases’.

And psychiatrists have had to admit  to this.

The Difference Between a Medical and Psychiatric Diagnosis and Facts about the “Chemical Imbalance in the Brain” Myth

Many academic and influential psychiatrists have written extensively on the non existence of mental illness per se, in books like ‘The Myth of Mental Illness’ by Thomas Szasz


Once a putative disease,  that has a pathology like neurosyphilis, is diagnosed, it then becomes a physical not a mental disease.

The use today, of socially ‘acceptable’ conduct/behaviour, as the main  diagnosis of  mental ‘diseases’, is akin to its historic use, that…

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Mental Health, Big Pharma, Big Profits, Big Danger.



As it is was revealed in February 2013, NHS bosses allowed the world’s biggest drugs firm’s’ lobbying company, to draft a report shaping our future health policy, we must consider the very real danger of the abuse of our mental health for profit.

Mental consumers are sought everywhere- schools, prisons, hospitals, police stations, prisons, even the homeless sleeping rough are hounded.

By 2016 Cameron announces on national news 1 in 10 children  suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder.

And all media promote the outing of ‘mental health’ issues.


And it is encouraged to discuss your mental issues, which then become a disability and enable the state to control the citizen and make him a pharma cash cow.


In 2011 FOI notices revealed hundreds of instances of hospitality, worth several hundred thousand pounds from drug giants.

Of conferences for NHS staff in Sydney, Mauritius, Las Vegas.


We are…

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The Antidepressant Scandal- Effect on Mind and Body.




As in 2018, 1 in 4 in Scotland and 1 in 8 in England are now prescribed antidepressant here is their effect and read research at 2019


The gov respond 1 in 3 should be on them.

The medication of depression, is justified by the belief, in an unproven theory, that depression, is caused by seronergic neurons, releasing too little serotonin into the synaptic gap, making the serotonegic pathways underactive.

Antidepressants, purport to bring serotonin levels up to ‘normal’


But, a normal level of serotonin is unknown, and, there is no scientific evidence that depression, is in fact caused by a serotonin imbalance.

And Germany will not licence Prozac as the trial data is insufficient above the placebo

And the latest 2017 data shows here it has no effect over placebo takers.


Despite this over 57 million antidepressant prescriptions were issued in England in 2013- a…

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The Antipsychotic Scandal- Affect on Mind and Body.


As even psychosis has no pathology, and there is no evidence that any mental disorder is caused by a chemical imbalance in our brains, what effect do drugs have ?

What permanentdamage do they cause to our brains and bodies ?

How will the UK Mental Task force recommendations for even more use of anti psychotics and antidepressants really affect our health and well being ?

And, why is our government recommending the use of anti psychotics in light of the scientific evidence of their effect on the brain and body, side effects and complete lack of any long term benefit ?

Neuroleptics- Anti psychotics

Risperidol, Thorazine, Haldol, and other first, and second generation anti psychotics, powerfully block dopamine pathways in the brain.

And reduces a person’s capacity to respond emotionally to the world, and makes it harder  for them to physically move around it.

On a pathological level…

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24 year old dies in Cygnet after 11 forced Olanzapine injections in 10 days

Many more since as huge profit from medication.





Jonathan Malia a father, keen rugby player, and fitness fanatic studying to be a sports therapist.

Was described as “a fun-loving, manageable, intelligent young man,”

He had been diagnosed with bipolar but had been fine for years.

But when he started to feel depressed and couldn’t cope, he sought help, assuming he would be a voluntary patient, instead he was sectioned .

Two weeks, and 3 hospitals later, he died from a “massive pulmonary embolism”.

His girlfriend had rang the hospital on his second day of detention-, he was not allowed to make phone calls or see anyone- and staff told her he was “being aggressive”.

Wouldn’t you be, if you’d asked for help, but found yourself drugged and locked up, incognito, in your second hospital .

Jonathan was then transited 97 miles, to the Chamberlain Ward in Cygnet Hospital, a unit that specialised in ‘treating’ patients with…

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UK Shrived for the Great Reset ?


For the last 20 years, we have been the subjects of a take over, by the very people who purport and are voted for, to look after our interests- An unprecedented, ultimate political coup.

We have been deceived and manipulated, our money, land, businesses, houses, education, health, even children stolen- 1% in care.

Us and everything, even our debt, has been commodified.

Even our health via NHS, has been capitalised and invested in for profit globally..

All has been deregulated, and made corporate monopolies – GPs, Lawyers, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Care Homes, Transport, LA services.

Our jobs have been automated, often taken from outside UK.

We have no control, our children no future with a free University Education forcing low paid jobs and debt of £60,000.

We are stamped on by Corporate monopolies, have no choice of any service, no rights and no freedoms

The Executive has taken over all…

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Why despite austerity cuts is the deficit doubling ?Our people/country are being RIPPED off.



The Tories have won two elections on the back of cutting the UK deficit.

But our country and its people are more in debt than ever.



And despite ‘cuts’, more money is being spent on public services, but they are worse than ever.

Why ?

Because, ironically, austerity is being mendaciously used, to restructure public services to privatised monopoly corporate provision to make huge profits.

Public funds to support disabled adults and child protection provide private profit for residential care, fostering and adoption corporations enforced by secret courts in the guise of protection.

Whilst no money is available due to cuts, to support families at home, billions are available to remove the family members to private residential , adoption and fostering .

The eventual plan, is to use our public service as a cash cow for corporate owners and investors.

This is not privatisation as we know it…

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The Final Social Solution- State Enforced Corporate Services and Betrayal of Politics.



With the advent of C Virus , World Economic Forum Great Reset- Corporatism will be our only government.

The  City of London is not strictly a London borough, but special dispensation is given to the corporation to run council services for its 8,000 residents.

LAs are being asset stripped and put into special measures providing lawyers, auditors, consultants with huge sums of public income, to convert public administrative bodies to corporate entities that hide all from FOIA by ‘commercial confidentiality’.

These LAs outsource all services including child and adult protection to private corporate monopolies for decade long contracts.

Like Sheffield City Councils contract for road maintenance given to Amey Ltd in 2009 still in force despite local petitions and objections to the felling of 1400 healthy trees.

So monopoly enforced services with no competition. or accountability paid with public money for public services.

Health and social welfare has without…

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Thomas Rawnsley died two years ago today and still no answers.



On the 4th February 2015 Thomas Rawnsley’s life support unit was switched off.

He died of Hypoxia- no oxygen to brain, and a heart attack.


It is well known that antipsychotics cause heart attacks yet Thomas mother was forced to crowd fund to pay for a  toxicology report .


Thomas was just 20, Downs and autistic but physically fit.

It is 4 years since Thomas was removed from the love of his sisters and mother to Norcott House to his ‘independent’ life in his own bungalow in his ‘local community’ with the 24/7 support of strangers .


But Norcott House carers blew the whistle, after a particularly horrific night shift, when a worker who had targeted and abused Thomas for six months, kicking him into his bedroom and bending his fingers back with the words, ‘ Let’s see how many fingers I can break this time ‘, as Thomas was double jointed…

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