Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam

My daughter’s blog post on her year at Sheffield Hallam University studying Fine Art

Living The Art Life

Given the rather grand exterior of the old post-office building on High Street, ‘Sheffield Hallam Institute of Arts’, I was surprised to find that Fine Art students were chucked in the shed at the back.City-Old-Post-Office

We were divided into rather claustrophobic cubicles, each occupied by an average of 8-10 students allowing only a few feet of studio space for each individual. There were no designated places in each cubicle for people to go. As time went by and people produced more outcomes of work, conditions got very cramped, and it was hard to work.

I can remember doing one drawing in my shared studio space the whole time I was at Hallam. All other work I did at home. Though tutors criticised students who didn’t make use of their studio space.67583075_2342085009443485_6886755243367858176_n

At the beginning, as there were no specific designated spaces in each cubicle, there was almost a dog eat…

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University Scandal

My daughter’s third blog post on the dangers of University top up fees

Living The Art Life

A degree is a qualification, not a product.dlhe-hats-inset.jpg

£9,250 for any degree from any university across England, whether Russell group or ex Poly-technic, Medicine or Fine Art.

Post 2010 under Torie government top up fees increased to said amount from just 3k/yr in previous years. A strategy to help reduce the national deficit. Despite this the UK’s deficit has more than doubled since. Universities said they couldn’t cope on only £3,000/y. Before top up fees, Local authorities fed Universities £1,000 a year.

The average student leaves uni with a debt of £50,000+. Comforted by the fact it is paid back gradually. 9% taken from annual income once the minimum required income of £21,000 is reached. This encourages future employees to work for less as they’re reluctant to pay back loans, cheap labour for employers and corporate bodies. Debt is written off if unpaid after 30 years. However, the universities still…

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My daughter’s second blog post on her love of music and her clarinet

Living The Art Life

Like art, music has always been essential to me. It releases me from life’s daily drudgery, and with it I can process certain experiences I have gone through in life better. When everything is so complicated, music just seems so simple.

However, ‘Simple’ was the operative word when I was little as I found music anything but. I would almost dread music lessons at school. The ability to play the recorder was deemed an important component of most school children’s mainstream musical upbringing. I didn’t fit the picture.

A distinct dislike of the squeaky tube which seemed to do so even more when I played it didn’t inspire me to master ‘Hot Cross Buns’. My young peers all kept up with the pace of learning written music and became familiar with the instrument. Meanwhile, I tried to get by covertly mimicking the ample fingering of my music teacher as she…

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