A Tool of Global control?

in UK we can’t go to a park, and drones and police helicopters are everywhere,  now a police state, with not even a right to fresh air.

UK, apparently, will have the worse toll in Europe, that will teach them to vote Brexit , no hope of Brexit, with the huge consequential debt of coronavirus.


hitler-quote lie

What better time to create a phenomenon, that can control global/national and individual behaviour, economics and politics.

As the EU disintegrates- Italy, the main target, wants independent currency, no migrants, and seeks trade deals with China.

Merkel, has lost control of Germany to nationalist parties .

Macron is a puppet president at the mercy of a yellow vest rebellion, Spain wants out, and UK is, after a huge fight.

Spain’s death toll now surpasses China , as soon Italy will


Convenient, as both Spain and Italy  want out of EU and can now be bankrupted, to be controlled by EU.

Italy can be plunged into debt and forced to rely on EU loans and stay in EU see their desperation here by end of March,


During UK lockdown EU demand delay of Brexit due to virus


Global, particularly, European debt is at an all time high, as…

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