The For Profit Revolution- Brave New 1984

quote-George-Orwell-if-you-want-a-vision-of-the-431Two years ago, a Mail piece on the inhumanity of nurses in Staffordshire, prompted my following comment;

‘Careerism, academicism, demarcationism, managerialism, professionalism and finally dehumanisation– all maintained through Codes of Conduct’.

We are going through the most significant industrial revolution in history, without even knowing, let alone consenting.

Managerialism, outsourcing, commercial awareness,  and de-skilling, have converted  vocations,- carer, teacher, nurse, social worker, and, professions,- solicitor, doctor, academic, into disparate, cost effective , disposable ‘resources’ to  maximise profit, for  corporate  resource owners.

Deregulation is another word for self regulation.

And in public services  there is effectively no competition.

So, no accountability and no competition.

A recipe, for maximum extortionate profit and poor service.

Laudable verbage is bandied.

– collaboration, commercial awareness, professionalism, practitioner, dignity, codes of conduct, confidentiality, and, most of all leadership.

These  Leaders are often not elected but are everywhere.

And lead beyond authority to places we ought to be even though we do not know we should be.

This Nostradamus Newspeak perniciously shapes our society, and morals.

Replacing  substance, with control, and process.

Collaboration ensures individual compliance.

Commercial awareness allows rip off.

Professionalism, a perfunctory, impersonal, prescribed service TO AVOID COMMUNICATION and actual service.

Practitioner,  interchangeability/removal of expertise/role.

Dignity’s autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice, is  reduced to, a certain standard of personal behaviour- allowing a person to dress, not shouting and address in correct terms- name title.

Codes of conduct control the individual’s behaviour, work, and communications, mask and justify bullying.

Confidentiality allows ultimate secrecy  and maintains a cell structure. Where misinformation and lies flourish. Manipulation is rife and no one has facts/truth,

Leadership allows the absolute power to dictate without question.

These ethoses underpin, our institutional,public and corporate structures.

Individualism is now heresy.

Autonomy  dead.

All  work’s substance and performance, controlled, and  reduced to zero hour cogs,  owned, by a few large, untouchable corporate outsourcers.

Atos, G4S, Capita, SENCO, are paid 4 billion a year, to act, as a recruitment agency . is now

Whilst, the actual worker, is an unemployed, poorly paid, prescribed slave.

All a recipe for inadequate service.

As the corporate owner monopolises the market, and, is commissioned by the government, so unaccountable.

And, the actual service is provided by itinerant, prescribed, individuals ,with no autonomy, or incentive.

But even this extortioning capitalism isn’t enough,

Now supermarkets have more automated tills, than manual.

Researchers are training robots to ‘care’ for people in enforced state care.

Robots are the ultimate resource.

Human can be dropped from Human Resources.

As an ever more controllable, disposable work force, is put in place.

Huxley wrote a letter to Orwell,  expressing his believe, that no government, would bother, with the psychological hassle of ‘stamping on the face of humanity’, and would prefer, the genetic engineering, and pleasure, of his Brave New World.

Our governments, be they labour or conservative appear to be conspiring to do both.


MCA ‘Incapables’, perfect pharma and research cashcows, with few safeguards


In February 2014, the Independent, revealed, a leaked report, that showed, NHS bosses, allowed, the world’s biggest drugs firms’ lobbying company, to draft a report, shaping, future health policy.

62 Tory MPs have links with private health, many with pharmaceutical companies.

With 200 parliamentarians elected, and non elected, with private interests in private health companies.

Pharma, is our third largest industry, main booster of  economy, and, the power house, of our new, privatised NHS.

And, a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership,  effectively,allows private corporations, to dictate our laws, and remain unaccountable.


We must, therefore realise that, despite, expensive altruistic PR, healthcare, is now, driven, mainly, by profit.

And, dangerous to  the public.

We are bombarded with cures, and tests, for cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism, self- harm, PMT, anxiety, depression, shyness.

The Emperor’s Clothes of preventative medicine is  the future.

‘Addiction’, is now a mental disease.

All ‘socially unacceptable’ behaviour has, potentially, a future chemical ‘cure’, and, is a future income earner.

Universities now have faculties of ‘Community Medicine’.

Autism, is a godsend, as no one knows, what it is.

Its symptoms, and, mismanagement, and push to help the ‘disabled’s mental health.

Has allowed, the diagnosis, of a plethora of different mental disorders, ADH, OCD, depression, anxiety, psychosis, self- harm.

All, in need of a, different ‘magic bullet’.

But, not only, are the MCA ‘incapable’, voiceless, permanent, forced  consumers, of any drug.

They are also, the perfect ‘subjects’, to use, if you want, favourable drug trials.

And such trials, are essential,  to create new magic bullets, to sell to GPs, and the NHS.

The statutory ‘incapable’, are both impotent, and,  encaged.

So trials, can be strictly controlled, in favour of the outcomes, the pharma industry need.

How can the incapable, communicate side effects ?

Particularly, as they are deemed, unable to retain information, and, effectively insentient.

The pharmaceutical company, then finance, publication of these trials, in journals, and conferences.

Incapables’ consent, to such a clinical trial, can be given by a legal representative, by The Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations, 2004.

A legal representative, is a person,’ who is suitable to act as a legal representative’

So likely, to be an official solicitor, and, not a relative WHO hAS only consultation rights in best interests decisions ie no right to take part in them..

The only safeguard is, that they, must not be’ involved’, in the actual conduct of the trial.

What constitutes ‘involvement’?, and would this not cause a conflict of interests?.

Drug trials involving adults, who lack capacity in Scotland, a legal representative, is any guardian, or welfare attorney, who has power to consent, or the adult’s nearest relative.

But, in England and Wales, were the Mental Capacity Act operates, the Court of Protection, override Lasting Powers of Attorney, and  Deputyships.

And the court or, a doctor, not connected with the conduct of the trial, but, who is responsible for the medical treatment of the adult.

(an on message GP, for private state care provision, profiting from prescriptions and pharma perks), or,

‘a person nominated by the relevant healthcare provider’ (anyone), can be approached.

Not only are the incapables, invaluable, for drug trials, they are also,the perfect lab rats.

As they can legally, be used for any research, the list in the The Mental Capacity Act Rules, being non-exhaustive, social, psychological, physical, therapeutic

If an ‘appropriate body’ (normally a state funded Research Ethics Committee), agrees;

that the research is safe, relates to the ‘person’s condition’.

How could this ‘condition’ be ascertained, for autism/learning disabled?

and cannot be done as effectively using people who have mental capacity,

‘why not ?.

The research must produce a benefit to the person that outweighs any risk or burden.

How can any benefit/risk, be weighed, before the research into it is done?

And how, can these be weighed, in the subjective, ephemeral world of autistic/ learning disabled ?


if  the research is to derive new scientific knowledge, it must be of minimal risk to the person, and be carried out with minimal intrusion or interference with their rights.

What is deemed ‘minimal’ ?

And, who oversees the Research Ethics Committee?

Carers, (will not be relatives, as the incapables, are all now in state care, but, those dependent upon  the state for their income ), or

nominated third parties must be consulted and agree that the person would want to join an approved research project.

How could they possibly know this, if a person is incapable, indeed, how could anyone judge this, objectively?

If the person shows any signs of resistance, or indicates in any way that he or she does not wish to take part, the person must be withdrawn from the project immediately

How could they, when any non-compliant behaviour, is deemed part of their mental incapacity, and in any event, they have been deemed incapable of any objection and  any resistance, can be avoided by medication.


Parents of Autistics have no rights, and are unfairly blamed, Private Corporate Parents have all rights and are unaccountable


Britain, is a desperately depressing place, if your child is autistic or learning disabled.

As you look at your beloved son or daughter, as you cuddle, and struggle, and sacrifice, remember, your time together is short, and limited by the state.

Remember to, you cannot protect them, from that state,

And, that state affords them no protection.

LB, Connor Sparrowhawk drowned in a bath, whilst having an epileptic fit, in an NHS Assessment and Treatment Unit, costing over £7,000 per week, ( now private £13,000), 4 staff to every 5 patients.

Despite, a highly publicised, two year long campaign and hundreds of thousands of public money spent investigating, no one will, or can be held responsible.

Stephanie Bincliffe, died at 25, weighing 25 stone in her sleep of heart failure.

The known side effects of her  anti- psychotic medication, weight gain, water retention, sedation, and, heart strain, were not mentioned.

Stephanie, spent the last two, of her 7 year, at least £5,000 a week,’ treatment’, in a padded cell, without being allowed out to bathe or toilet.

No effort made, to curb her weight, reduce her medication, for the two million, paid to the private company ‘treating’ her.

Her crime?

To be born an autistic cash cow, and  at 18  attacked a stranger, we do not know her reason, in a supermarket.

Shockingly the coroner found no neglect just failure to provide a care plan to reduce her weight.

The effect of her weight and her polypharmacy of medication on her death was not investigated.

The horror was revealed in June 2017 on national BBC News

So such ‘treatment’ will continue and be hidden better, as the industry grows and PR is perfected.

A similar fate, befell 20  year old Thomas Rawnsley, in an enforced under MCA, private Cambian Community Living ATU charging over £5,000 per week.

At 17, living at home Thomas was medicated, became violent, was sectioned and then forced to live in a supported living unit, where he was physically and mentally abused by his ‘carer’.

This abuse, and resultat  PTSD made him difficult to ‘care’ for, so he was medicated.

With such a high dosage, a chest infection, made it impossible for him to breath .

And his brain, starved of oxygen, stopped his heart.

His mother, cannot reveal details of his Coroners Inquest, or this LA commissioned care, as Thomas, was subject to the secret Court of Protection.

Many, many more deaths unknown.

3 daily,torture, and, unbearable suffering, has, and is being hidden, simply because, it occurs, in a multimillion pound, unaccountable, allowed to charge what it likes, industry.

And, all the ‘investigations’, are by the very establishment, who commissioned, created, support and profit from this industry.

So, they will use everything in their power, to hide the truth, and, not to blame drugs  or,  state care.

And the deaths, suffering, and, abuse will continue.

Unlike the USA, we do not have, an insurance based health and social care.

Although even in US private equity investment running disabled institutions has caused abuse see this

But   in the UK, we have no insurance company, with a financial interest, fighting for the vulnerable.

And private actions  by parents are effectively impossible.

As parents, risk all assets even if the could find lawyers and experts.

Parents,  therefore, have  no means to ensure, profit hungry, private companies, ‘care’ for their children for life, let alone, allow them any quality of life, in now, the only adult services provision, of supported/independent living ?.

And the consumer of these services is declared legally incompetent by the very court,the Court of Protection that enforces the commissioned services of the LA.

Here, is the only  information, I could find, on the rights of parents of autistic adults from the National Autistic Society Website.

it is considered inappropriate  for parents [ but not for corporate, profit making, parents] to make decisions on behalf of their children by this time in their lives’ [18, even if  they have the mental age of a young child ]

NHS and Community Care Act 1990, says:

“The individual service user and normally, with his or her agreement, [not needed, if Mental Capacity Act ‘incapable’, as most autistics illegally are] any carers [ we assume this means parents,, not paid support ?]  should be involved throughout the assessment and care management process. They should feel that the process is aimed at meeting their wishes.”

This means that care managers should consult parents when carrying out an initial assessment, and in recommending a PLACEMENT ( so your 18 year old cannot stay at home?)

but after that,  your rights as parents are not clear.

at any time, you are not happy with the services provided and feel that they are not suited to your child’s needs, you can complain either through the complaints procedure [ internal, so parents will get nowhere, and, risk all access to their child ] at your ( how are they still yours? ) child’s placement

or through the local authority [as they are commissioning agents, parents, will get no where, as the LA could then be sued], if they are funding the care

That about sums up, parents rights, and, theirs, and their child’s future.

Parents have no rights.

Nor, do the disabled service users.

So enjoy your children while you can.

Transition starts at 16.

Strangely,  NAS do not mention,  parents can obtain an Lasting Power of Attorney, allowing  them, to make decisions on behalf of their children, for the rest of their lives.

Or until the Court of Protection, overrides it.

Nor, your child’s right under the UN Article 12 Rights of the Disabled Convention, not to have all his decisions removed, because of his disability.

Or, his right to decide, where he lives, and be supported there.

And, his right to make his own decisions, and, not to have them illegally removed under the Mental Capacity Act  , and made by profit making private residential care provides in secret.