Future Solution To Winterbourne View – a Recipe For Abuse.


Why did, an on message BBC commission a Panorama programme exposing abuse in Winterbourne View?

When the Local Social Services, and the Care Quality Commission after several warnings, had already allowed it to continue.

Why, in June 2011, did the Association of Supported Living, whose members  make billions from supporting LD/ Autistic in local private,’ community based’ living away from family, issue  a press statement outraged by the scandal..

And,  a letter  was then sent to every member of the UK Parliament calling for private supported living to replace what most were lead to believe was the  public NHS provision  of Winterbourne View, when in fact Winterbourne View was the very private community based provision proposed as the solution to its abuse.


Therefore the proposed solution of ‘community living’ ie supported/independent living would benefit their members greatly.

And thus was heralded huge campaigns on social media, national news and documentaries of the 3500 LD/Autistic trapped in public NHS Adult Treatment Units,  on the back of abuse in private supported living in Winterbourne.

And it is still going on in June 2017.

But, this private provision, could prove, far more dangerous to our most vulnerable,  than public NHS ATUs.

Since at least 2012 The Challenging Behaviour Foundation have backed the strategy for early intervention by professionals.

Facilitated by the creation in 2013, of a new type of Special Educational Needs Statement, the Education Health and Care statement.

Which allows funding streams to be mixed and  social services- child protection to monitor the child from starting school.

So from as early as 5, a person’s future pathway to ‘independent, 24/7 surveillance living for huge private profit has been set in stone by the state cabal.

Click to access Project-Report-26-10-12-FULL-VERSION-CBF-Personalisation.pdf

See latest investigation by police into an NAS-Autism Independent Living facility Mendip House. No prosecutions no action


Deaths in private supported living, need not be investigated.

Family can and are excluded on the basis that visits disablise care and are not in their best interests.

There are no spy cameras in supported living.

Medication, is not checked, or, monitored, and, prescribed often by employeemedics of the Supported Living Company.

And, healthcare, is overseen, by their own ‘Specialist Hospitals’, like the one Thomas Rawnsley died in.

It is unclear when MCA deprivation of Liberty orders, are not needed in supported living, and even when they are, they are tick box reviewed without any independent protection annually.

The Carers Act 2014, worryingly, allows, the Secretary of State, to make regulations, allowing any specialist provider, without any prescribed objective criteria, to be exempted, from the regulatory criteria of the Act.

Paving the way for total  self regulation,  without even,  CQC oversight.

The accountability, and checks,  therefore are far less in supported living, and, the overriding duty of a private provider , is to ever more efficient ‘care’, for ever more profit.

The MPs letters, and press release, were followed by supporting ‘reports’, and Norman Lamb, the then Health Minster’s Green Paper, all charities/campaigns promoted the very solution that had caused the problem.

And, were backed by a media onslaught, exposing  LD deaths in public NHS, and, the horror of  children being kept in NHS provision, miles from their families.

All sang harmoniously, from the same laudable hymn sheet, – the autistic/LD,  must live in their  own ‘home’ within the community.

The poor girl, shown in Winterbourne, under the chair, drugged, tortured, and, bullied for years’ mother, was on the TV, with the bulldozers building a ‘home’ for her daughter.

A ‘home’ policed by venture capital.

A ‘home’ such as Thomas Rawnsley had in Norcott Lodge, and Kingdom House.

A ‘home’ where Thomas, died 4 years after Winterbourne, but the horror of his community based ‘living’ was not, and is still not, exposed.

A ‘home’, most likely, where her abuse, could, and would not be revealed.


Let us explore, just a tip of the private profit iceberg, there for the taking, from the ‘care’ of our most vulnerable.

Managers, of Lifeways,  responsible for Thomas Rawnsley at the time of his death

Who held a 20% stake, made an estimated £50m, from their sale for an estimated £250 million to August Equity, who hired Rothschild, the investment bank, to handle the review


How was all this money made ?.And why  did venture capital pay £250 million for  the future business?

What does Lifeways have that is so valuable ?

It  ‘cares’ for 1,500 patients with conditions such as autism and learning difficulties.

August Equity, which already owns a string of healthcare related investments, had owned the business since 2007 ,when it backed a management buyout.

A year later it expanded by buying rival firm Kentwood.

Ever greedy, for more profit from the ‘care’ of our most vulnerable, after this buy out, the new owners  Cambian, whose boss earns £450,000 a year, reduced support  workers pay to below the minimum wage.


Read here, the history of the already appalling reduction of support workers pay, and benefits, before this take over.


This is not about providing specialist care for our most vulnerable .

This is about providing ‘care’ as cheaply as possible.

Whilst claiming the maximum possible, based on the supposed severity of the behaviour and condition.

Hence the huge profit margin.

Squeezing every penny out of the system, for ever more profit.

These are our children, and, this is our public money.

And, this was Thomas in his at least £4500 per week ‘care‘.

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  1. Finola when I look at Steven’s face, it makes me really cry. He was over sedated to the point where he could hardly keep his eyes open. I can only imagine the agonising pain his mother must feel when she sees this picture of him.

    What type of person could do this to such a vulnerable lad. He has been shown no mercy. What utter bastards! I have nightmares when I think that this could be my son’s fate too when we are no longer able to care for him. We are already in our seventies. It truly is the stuff of nightmares.

    What does it say about our country and its government when this sort of abuse goes unpunished. How can it be ethical to allow our loved ones to be treated like commodities in an open, free for all, money making market.


    1. We, as parents are also shown no mercy.

      This is a ruthless state machine, and all, are forced to collaborate in it..

      They bureaucratise and professionalise it, to distract from the horror.

      And no one, is allowed to see, or know what is happening,

      Workers are encouraged to believe, all LD/autistic are insentient, and therefore, they do not know what is happening to them, as they are vegetables.

      It is not even known, when they are in pain ie impaction, or toothache and this pain is not treated.

      Imagine how it feels on these drugs.

      Yet, this is their independent supported living, and at 18, the only future for all LD/autistic/epileptic, in fact anyone, they can suspect might be incapable under the MCA, which is being enforced and interpreted illegally.

      Once suspected of being incapable, they can be removed from loving families, to become a venture capital commodity, and anything can be done with them.

      This is the reality of what is happening.

      As a care worker said to me, ‘They are rounding them up and making pin cushions of them’.

      Something must be done.

      Thank you so much for your comment, and despite it all, I hope you and your son are well.

      Best Wishes,



    2. And, from the Care Quality Report, there appears to have been only 3 residents including Thomas in then Lifeways, now Cambian owned Kingdom House, where he effectively died.

      This was therefore a third of its capacity as it houses 8, yet look how they were caring for Thomas. and being paid at least £4,000 per week

      So why could/did he not, after so much prior abuse, and the constant raising of concerns by his family, Paula had raised concerns with management and CQC, only months after Thomas arrived in Kingdom House in Nov 2014, and continued to raise concerns until she was gagged, was he not removed and why are they after all this still providing ‘care’ for our most vulnerable?.

      So how many young people in supported living and ATUs have died in such circumstances, and deaths not properly investigated ,and no inquest, or a narrative one and death by natural causes verdict??

      We must also remember if, as has been a huge media government push, but thwarted by HL, The Assisted Suicide Bill had got through, these vulnerable, under it, as ‘incapable’ could have been euthanized, as their quality of life was such, had they had ‘capacity’ to end their lives, they would have made that decision. Allowing no investigation, no inquest.


  2. Pauline, that’s the least of our worries.

    We need less pedantry they often play on this.

    I called him James, once and was descended upon by several people, as to how poor that was, when I was one of the few who spent time shouting out his abuse.

    Yet his abuse and the substance of my comment was not commented on.

    Why?I can only guess.

    If you ever get any time, or want to, see if your MP can, or is anyway interested in all this.

    It is a desperate helpless, hopeless hell, we and our loved ones are living in, and the abuse needs as much exposure as possible, but even then, I know we are living in very dark times in this Country, with few, if any freedoms and choice.

    Best wishes again Finola


  3. Dear Finola
    Thank you for all your efforts and research in getting the ‘truth out there’! Did you see the Isabelle Garnett petition for her son Matthew on change.org? Another horrifying story to add to all the others and the worst of it is that they are waiting on a placement at a ‘special placement’ in Northampton for Autism assessment! I’m just hoping and praying that this is not St. Andrews. There was a clip on ITV news which can be accessed on u tube, I feel so sorry for the parents, they are like lambs to the slaughter, starting out on what could be a horrific journey. Not sure if you are able to forward some information to them?


    1. Thank you Jan, for your comment, and information about Isabelle’s 15 year old autistic son.

      Will put a link in blog to petition, I wish petitions were more effective.

      This is desperate news, and his parents must be distraught, once they have your child, they do what they like with them, and, the worse their behaviour becomes, the more they can justify their treatment, and the more money can be claimed for ‘care’, which is just drugs and encagement.

      Autism, is not a mental disorder, and does not need drugs, and certainly does not need this.

      Tianze Ni, was a relatively OK autistic, until the Risperidol, and then withdrawn, now after removal at 16 for assessment, two years later, he is destroyed by his treatment and drugs, and restrained several times a day in a mental institution, and there will be many, many like him.


      It, I fear, as with all the LD and Autistic, they are made cashcows for pharma and care private profit.

      I fear, it will be ST Andrews, as they opened a 100 bed child and adolescent unit a year ago. It is 16-18 when they are grabbed, and even if they manage to get out to local based independent living, it is the same encagement and drugging but this time for life under the MCA.

      It is unbearable for us parents, to live with, and, nobody is doing anything about it.

      I would love to get info to Isabelle, but do not have a facebook page, but will try to contact her, if, as I assume, she has a Twitter account.

      But, excepting for reading my blog posts on St Andrews, wish I could help.

      My own daughter, we found out, behind our backs, was to be sectioned to St Andrews in 2012, but thankfully, they did not feel they had enough evidence.
      This was when she was suffering PTSD from NAS 48 bruise restraint, and the discomfort of a poo impaction, and two rotten teeth, all through their 177,000 a year care and all denied and still whitewashed.

      On her own voluntary return home, without medication, or support,just the love of her family, she was cured, after poo impaction, and teeth sorted by us, and became a different girl,

      This is a desperate country for the disabled, used, and abused as cash cows, and beyond heart breaking for their parents.

      And a disgusting moral compass, for now 3 governments, who have conspired to create this horror, which, must make the UK, the most despicable country in the world.

      Where else, do they torture the vulnerable, and their families for huge profit ??


    1. Thank you so so much.

      It is a new low for this government, to use our most vulnerable for private venture capital profit, and abuse dedicated care workers, who under the system of ever efficient drugged ‘care’, are not allowed to care, and leaving care, if they can.

      Please, please spread the word, as much as you can. Tell, campaign anyone you can, to scream as much as they can.

      The vulnerable have no voice, and that is why they are being so badly abused, and our money, as tax payers, and carers, is being hijacked for massive investment profit.


      1. I can, if you like put you in touch with the worker at the centre of the Dorset lifeways dispute, who wrote the two posts you’ve linked to. We’ve put you in our links library.

      2. Please do, might clarify things. My email is finolamoss@gmail.com

        Thank you for putting me in your link library, it is much appreciated, as the media only cover that needed for the government

        It is quite unbelievable, what is happening in the country ie private billions made from welfare profit, and they say there is no money to spend on it, and all including professionals, are on zero hour contracts and no one can enforce the law……….. and everyone is a manager……………………………

  4. Thanks Jan, will reblog petition on my blog , have tweeted it.

    This cannot go on. What sort of country are we now living in?.

    And, what has happened to our laws, NHS, Local Authorities, Charities, and Media ?


  5. Absolutely vile my sons been I out over 8 years he’s also suffered.at the hands of abusers now
    Suffers flash back so much pain & suffering .


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