Thomas Rawnsley’s Stitched Up Inquest ?

12310476_804974306279805_4058742453218544450_n (2)Thomas’ Inquest is to be held in Sheffield, early November, nearly six years after his death, to last four weeks, with a Jury, a Jury, being exceptional   for anyone like Thomas, dying under a deprivation of liberty, and  by a new Coroner.

An Inquest per se, is also exceptional, as most deaths in State care, are now certified as from ‘natural causes’, by newly created ‘medical examiners’.

No central record of their deaths is even kept, and there is no right to even an independent investigation, or jury in an inquest, unlike into prison deaths.

For the disabled ‘natural causes’, appears the norm, Thomas was certified from ‘downs syndrome and hypoxia.’

His family representation, is also exceptional  because of their own crowdfunding, no legal aid being available.

And essential Orders from a Coronors, like a toxicology report in Thomas’ Autopsy had to be paid by his mother, via crowdfunding

So all bureaucratic boxes are ticked, for Justice to be seen to be done.

Yet, this meaningless charade, nearly 6 years after his death, at huge public expense, is the worst,  travesty of Justice .

Why ?

The cause of Thomas’ death must be covered up, as nothing can be allowed to even smear the ‘community living’ reputation of Cambian/Lifeways worth billions of future venture capital profit.

Now, increasingly in England, they are the only ‘qualified providers’ funded by NHS England under the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Thomas’ care is Norman Lamb/government’s ‘transforming care’, the future for all autistic/learning disabled, worth billions of future profit, already Invested in globally.

The new Coroner- is ignorant of all , dependent upon paper evidence, having never overseen previous applications and oral witnesses.

He and his Court, are also severely limited to the strict remit of an NHS England’s Investigation, and on its findings, and a restricted time limit for investigation,  reduced to days before death, restricted witnesses evidence , some by link because of C VIRUS ,including, apparently, no apparent probe into the effect of the huge medication Thomas was subjected to.

Thomas’ Mum Paula, was forced to pay to have a toxicity report from the autopsy, to show the level of drugs in his body,  by her crowdfunding.

Why, when we pay for a public court to find the reason for a death, in publically paid for care ?.

The former NHS investigation, and its narrow remit agreed to by the former Coroner.  against parent and their lawyer wishes.

In breach of the UK Constitution, as a Court of our Land was, by a Court, consenting to be controlled by an Executive body- NHS England.

Thus the hallowed  doctrine of the Separation of Powers, that underpins our democracy and justice was breached.

Worse still, those that commission and choose the providers for Thomas’ Care, where he died, are NHS England, who,  would be liable for his death, control the inquest into why he died.

The evidence relied on in the inquest is now over 6 years old, making any witness evidence on an adversarial basis extremely unreliable.

How could,  the real cause of Thomas’ DEATH ever hope to be established under their control ?.

Conflict of Interests in Inquest

Thomas’ solicitor is employed by a venture capital backed ABS Corporate Law Firm.

Whose overriding duty is to make profit, mainly made from acting for ‘community care’ providers, where Thomas died,  and State- guardianship/attorney, MCA applications,- not the ad hoc parents opposing them.

Thomas’ original Solicitor, left her Company employer, after she advised the Coroner, on her not agreeing to an NHS England Investigation.

Thomas’ representation was taken over by a solicitor who appears an active Trustee of The Challenging Behaviour Foundation.

This Foundation appears to refer families to ‘community living’ placements owned by Lifeways/Cambian, whose care of Thomas, he is charged to challenge  in the Inquest.

NHS England will also be represented, but it commissioned and funded Thomas’ Lifeways/Cambian Care, and therefore, would be legally liable if found in anyway inadequate by Inquest.

Lifeways/Cambian will be represented but are directly liable for any inadequate care.

Care Workers/medics will  be represented and the most vulnerable to even criminal prosecution if inadequate care.

Ambulance and Rescue workers , who transferred Thomas to the Northern General will be represented, and no doubt the most blamed, although by then Thomas was effectively, beyond help.

But as with the modus of Grenfell Towers, they are targeted as scapegoats- they caused death.

The PRESS coverage will be strictly controlled and spun, as shown by little media cover already – only a local newspaper and BBC stating neglect and inferring in an ATU not ‘community living’.

I predict, as justice must be seen to be done,

the Jury after a detailed, intensive, controlled, LIMITED direction will find negligence in Thomas’ care by care workers and even possibly rescue ones

A fine of a few hundred thousand will be imposed on Lifeways/Cambian – far less than the millions paid for this charade of justice, and Lifeways future Care.

Even if Lifeways/Cambian were found to have positively caused Thomas death, it, as with Winterbourne, would just result in a cheap purchase for another venture company

Such is the unaccountability of venture capital care – it profits on inadequacy.

And Thomas and similar past and future thousands deaths will be forgotten

Justice making huge amounts from public money for courts, lawyers and experts has been done

Nothing can or will change

The System will ensure that.

My own daughter and thousands more may be sacrificed on the altar of our no accountability NHS, whilst we pay the price by our money and our children.

Thomas will never receive justice, nor will the many to be killed with impunity until light is shone on this appalling charade of for maximum profit care and so called justice.

Thomas died under ‘ transforming care’  ie removed from loving parents to torture and death in a for profit, unaccountable Company.

The only future for our UK vulnerable is his torture and early preventable death.4

Care Reform? 136+ 62( 2020) Million to move LD/Autistic from public NHS Units to Private ‘Community Living ’

another 62 million, ploughed into ‘community living’, which is same as hospital ATU, only for life and mainly owned by ATU owners, so can be MHA sectioned back to hospital at any time.

Owners of hospitals Cygnet UHS have bought up ‘community living’, AND are  paid £9,000 + per week per patient, who can make no decisions for himself and even parents are excluded on best interests MCA decision by home owners who now effectively control liberty safeguards that replaced DOLS now no need for a court ie COP

Where will this money go ?

Into the already huge profits of Cambian/Lifeways Cygnet paid by NHS England whose head, ex-executive of UHS/CAMBIAN/CYGNET, and now appears to dictate gov policy on NHS and Care budget


Announced by Gov 20/7/20  Another 62 million to discharge to community living

In our times of austerity with LA budgets so tight there isn’t support for adult family carers, beds or equipment; benefits slashed to £62.50 per week for 24/7 care, and DLA reduced to £103.

Our government is providing 136 million to transfer 3000 LD/autistic from NHS hospitals to private increasingly venture capital monopoly corporation ‘ community living’ care with no public only private hospital admissions of the autistic/LD and/or behaviour challenged

So this 136 million goes straight into USA Universal Health Services/Acadia and three monopoly community living providers and LA administration. .

Such siphoning off  of NHS/LA money to private profit has been planned for years, Laing and Bouisson, specialist consultants in care development produced this report in 2011.

Commissioned by the Director of Learning Disabilities NHS under the ‘Valuing People now’ initiative.

How is enforced removal for life from family friends and real community, to…

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Universities scavenged for profit?

on 16/7 reported LOANS from gov for certain Universities – yet more money, out of defecit, yet more to the private corps that will buy them at knock down prices.

Huge profit is now to be made from decades of top up fees paid to UK universities.

Fees, justified, as always on insufficient funds/cashstrapped/austerity.

Now a standard cabal fixed for all at £9250 per student per year , tax free as Universities are Charities , so equal to over £12,000

Add on oversea students, that are now half of all Oxford graduates, paying twice the standard £9250 FOR any degree, some at the University discretion

And the Masters degrees now often the norm and only alternatives for students with no employability.

Fees, which have left millions of graduates/post graduates without jobs, and average personal debt of £50,000, they will never pay off and will come out of our UK defecit.

In 1993, when I started lecturing, the LA paid a £1,000 per student per year to every University.

I was then responsible for 60 students

In 2012 when I left, top up fees were £9250, I was then teaching 320 students.

Work out the increased income, and how/why Universities could now be  bankrupt?

Worse still 80% of ‘academic’ staff were now on a short term contract basis, some effectively on zero hour contracts

The money was ploughed into mangers and computer software from Silicon Valley that controlled all aspects of  teaching

my intellectual property, from my modules were acquired free by the university.

All became commercial awareness – assessed seminars, rather than teaching, assessments ever shorter, no access to lecturers- housed in 30 person rooms without space for books or notes

Teaching was reduced to prescribed Power Point slides, module manuals, and  answers to  assessments

Effectively, this allowed many without  detailed knowledge or experience to teach

Academics, were made itinerant tools subject to the system

Managerial, bureaucratic ‘Professors’, mainly, I suspect from Common Purpose UK took over dictating all

They received huge salaries some over £200,000 A YEAR, lucrative University sites were sold off as evermore students were crammed into the city and lecture/ seminar rooms below capacity

Codes of Conduct were made compulsory for staff/students as to how they were allowed to behave

The most important all ranging requirement was they should not bring the University into disrepute

The following is a secret list of Universities the government think may soon be bankrupt

Universities named between 1998 and 2003:
Bretton Hall (now part of Leeds University)
Greenwich University
Luton University (now Bedfordshire)
South Bank University
The College of Guidance
Rose Bruford College
Trinity College of Music
University of East London
Westhill College
North Riding College
University of Westminster
London Guildhall (now part of London Metropolitan University)
College of St Mark and St John
Chester College of Higher Education
De Montfort University
Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College
Dartington College of Arts
University of Greenwich
Lancaster University
Liverpool John Moores University;
University of Lincolnshire & Humberside
London Metropolitan University
Norwich School of Art & Design
St George’s Hospital Medical School
University of Northumbria at Newcastle
Wimbledon School of Art
University of North London
Queen Mary, University of London
Trinity College of Music
Nottingham Trent University
King Alfred’s College
School of Pharmacy
Writtle College
University of Derby
North Riding College
Westminster College, Oxford
Sheffield Hallam
Loughborough College of Art and Design
Roehampton Institute
Ravensbourne College
three more that have not been named.

Failure of public services, is the new profit making means, at huge expense to the UK defecit

UK is already bankrupt

Its institutions- education, health and social care sold off, after years of purported austerity, our tax ploughed in for billions

ALL public money, intellectual property, real property and citizens siphoned into investment global coffers and banks

This is the horror and modus, our future, and it will only worsen under the new normal post Coronavirus as now Local Authorities are bankrupt

Already University tuition is now being given on ZOOM.

Police and Courts may follow, as all public services are consumed by venture capital investment

 SIMPLE ETHOS -Plough public money in on created need, wait for bankruptcy. as no accountability for spend, allowing total rip off and then take over

Resulting in control of all for profit.

We are at their mercy, yet it is our money, and us, that have made their profit.


wAIT for the next scam for profit, here underfunded Care Homes– more money ploughed in, few left, not devoured by venture capital owners, taken over as per standard modus.

As Sir Stevens, head of NHS England a commissioning group asks for more money for care and change of system , yet he his not in any parliamentary position, just wants more money To NHS care,, to pay who he wants.

cash crisisloadsofmoney2

Profitable Retardation of the Autistic ? Learning ‘Difficulty’ conflated to ‘Disability’.

As Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, build a new learning disabled hospital ,we must ask why to be learning disabled  is an illness, there are no physical signs, and why NHS pay £13,000 a week, per learning disabled patient, and for what  and why?

Who owns and will profit from Mersey Care ?

It appears at least a quasi private trust from its accounts below

Following our acquisition of community services for South Sefton and Liverpool from
Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust, from 1 April 2018 we now provide clinical
services are provided from 65 sites across the North West. Our teams are supported
by a corporate team based at our offices in Prescot, Merseyside and Liverpool
Innovation Park. Around 8,000 staff serve a population of almost 11 million people.

These hospitals are the new private ATUs, that huge campaigns for years have forced ASD/LD out of, just another name, another PR

Public NHS is mendaciously replaced by private with overriding duty to profit, with no accountability for services or the amount of public money spent……………

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 gave all funding of NHS, to NHS England through CCGS locally, to anyone they deem a qualified provider, for any amount

Cambian/lifeways OWNED by UHS’cygnet, are the main qualified providers paid £9,000 + per week by NHS for these ASD/LD for life in ‘community care’

All is a turf war for the learning disabled including schooling like KISMUL who are building homes for them after 18

Huge profit making pathways based on the destruction and harvesting of learning disabled…………..



As Liverpool Health NHS Foundation Trust opens new learning disabled hospital

Plans approved for new learning disabilities hospital in Merseyside

We must ask why learning disability is now a physical illness and those with these difficculty are put in hospitals.

Could be the £13,000 A WEEK per patient paid by NHS

Autism, despite its  vague, non pathological definition.

And  vague criteria  diagnoses- lack of imagination and social communication.

Is the UK’s most costly medical condition.

Why ?

Because, ‘autism’ is so vague  it is the ultimate cash cow.

Despite treatment having little effect.

Analysis finds weak evidence for most autism treatments

And with the billions ploughed into the industry  outcomes for the autistic are  now dire- medication damage, early death and institutionalisation for life.

The autism industry has built a lucrative empire by autism  awareness, detection, and diagnosis.

I always worried about the more intelligent, and/or less obedient…

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Oliver Mc Gowan’s horrific death yet no NHS accountability

IT has just been reported that the CPS are prosecuting the Health Authority in respect to Oliver’s death which is very rare if not unheard of. The cynic in me feels this may be to discredit Public NHS as with Connor Sparrowhawk to enable privatisation.

As with Sheffield Health and Social Care Foundation trust, more are being converted to Private Companies, with an over all duty to make profit not patient care and can hide all spending and services from Freedom of Information Notice Enquiry despite their public funding.

This blog was wriiten mainly by Oliver’s mother in her facebook post


Thomas-Oliver-McGowanOliver was an athletic, handsome, mild mannered 18 year old, who had never been involved in any altercations, living happily with his family and was about to start a BTEC at a National Star college.

He was much loved by his family and friends and had travelled the world.

His only crime was to catch meningitis as a baby and develop mild autism and epilepsy.

But unnecessary, enforced antipsychotic medication caused his horrific death at just 18.

The result of an appalling catalogue of NHS arrogance, illegality, incompetence and their staggering inability to see their own medications were causing his problems and could kill him.

Yet there has been no enquiry, Coroner’s condemnation, nor anyone blamed.

The coroner concluded the antipsychotic drug that killed Oliver had been properly prescribed, regardless of lack of consent.

Here are the details of Oliver’s treatment by the NHS.
In October last year, Oliver was…

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The Art of Lockdown

My daughter painted all these oils during lockdown, as boredom set in without clubs, pubs or even a restaurant. Read about them here in her blog post.

Living The Art Life

106781397_2814586935335407_4079069539803597361_n-e1593704021472 (2) Lockdown Studies, bar the odd portrait and drawing less easy on the eyes.

In recent months the world has stood still.

For a while, I have put off significantly developing my art portfolio, claiming to simply not have the time. Well, with lockdown, I have not been able to hide behind that excuse. While confined within the four walls of my bedroom I found a universe within art, where I have the freedom to do as I please. The alternative being, my other new hobbies, of cautious cycles dodging social distanced walkers hedging their bets on the road, and supermarket sprees that grew even less scintillating with the days.

I forged a way out of the stagnant present with its future of unknowns, into the halcyon past, through photos. Snaps from holidays, my local pub (when it was open…), and even one of my mum’s ex’s university study.  Art’s nothing…

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