Isabel Returns Home.


Isabel at Christmas in Ireland.

After we returned from two weeks in Ireland with Issy in January 2013, NAS workers kept the pressure on us to consent to her  undergoing a 6 week residential assessment at Ruby Lodge a CAMHS’s Care Pathway Centre.

I read the literature and was shocked to see, the psychiatrist, heading up the centre, was the lady psychiatrist, we complained to CAMHS about in 2007 that resulted in an LA care supervision application.

Issy’s risperidone trial at 9,  and many others appeared to have justified the building of a multimillion pound complex  of assessment centres based on short term tranquilisation with risperidone and then on the long term use of this antipsychotic medicine, despite it’s licence for psychosis and short term  severe behavioural problems in adults.

This link is not the same as the one I found now 3 years ago.

From that Ruby Lodge’s literature, it was veiled, but clear that any assessment could only lead to permanent antipsychotic medication, as their documents stated its objective was to ‘control without restraint’.

Isabel did not have psychosis, and her aggressive behaviour was due to an untreated poo impaction, which I had continually pointed out and tried to get treatment for via her independent reviewing officer and local GP,

but had never managed to get her physically examined   and unknown to us at that time severe tooth decay.

All caused by NAS and social services  neglect costing,  already over a million tax free.

But neglect by the State  can never be investigated.

As if it were, NAS and the LA and NHS the commissioners of her ‘care’ could be made legally liable.

The prerequisite for admission to Ruby Lodge was an IQ of less than 50.

Yet Isabel at 5 had been assessed with an IQ of over 100.

As the NHS in their autisim assessment  had also assessed she had no general learning disability.

Once in thIs care pathway assessment centre, Ruby Lodge , Isabel would  only receive a  superficial medical examination by a nurse.

And Care Quality documentation via the web show 50% of even a general health examination is not undertaken due to lack of consent and only reasonable attempts need be made to examine.

Such a superficial  examination, could not  have discovered an impaction per se, and as it had already been  denied for months by all staff and agencies.

This impaction  would  be further exacerbated by the trauma of restraint and removal to the assessment centre, and   risperidone per se as constipation is a known side effect.

The lack of an investigation that Isabel’s behaviour was due to a pooh  impaction was despite a care review in 2012, eventually conceding to my demand Isabel be examined  for an impaction by a GP.

But no GP had ever been sent to Clayton Croft, even though actioned in a safeguarding meeting in 2011.

Isabel was not examined until her return home after being registered with our local GP who then discovered by merely feeling her stomach she was quite badly impacted.

Worse still NAS workers and CAMHS continued to deny that she had an impaction in the face of clear evidence of poo incontinence, aggressive behaviour, a 48 bruise restraint trigger and  a previous impaction in 2007.

Workers actually stated, categorically in reports, as did CAMHS,  that she was not constipated/impacted.

Such was the TOTAL dangerous cover up  and desperate need to process Issy in a CAMHS assessment centre to obtain a risperidone prescription which as a powerful neuro suppressant  would then make it physically impossible for poor Issy to be aggressive.

When we dropped Issy off on Sunday, after her first weekend home after her Christmas two weeks in Ireland at her regular return time, no one in her NAS home  opened the door.

This had been a continuing problem for years.

We waited outside for 15 minutes and rang them on a mobile. Issy was was not that happy to return and in view of her condition was particularly anxious.

And later that evening her NAS home rang to tell us Issy had had a melt down immediately upon entering and had had to be restrained.

I emailed her team leader complaining that they knew she was in a bad way, it was her regular return time and in future could they ensure the door was opened.

I did not receive a reply.

But, she did email,  asking for our consent to the assessment in Ruby Lodge.

We later found out, from subject access documents our social workers manager had requested Issy be sectioned under the MHA, to St Andrews Northampton behind our backs, if we did not consent.

The up to 12,000 a week fee to rapidly tranquilise a distressed driven over 100 miles impacted Issy, was not even a consideration.

The following weekend Issy’s social worker rang to say she  was ‘too distressed’ for her usual home weekend.

But we insisted on it.

And we would never know how grateful we would be to the van driver for braving the heavy snow that Friday night and waiting outside Clayton Croft when Issy was not ready.

Thank God for Issy’s sake he did.

As on Sunday night, Issy put her coat on as usual to get into the van, and walked to the frontdoor at least 7 times but could not bring herself to go.

This had never happened before on any visit.

Eventually, the van driver left and we notified her NAS home.

Staff from her NAS home, came several times, during the following three weeks as did the social worker, to try to persuade Isabel to return but she wouldn’t .

Isabel was generally very distressed, during the months after her return home.

Up all night, and repeating/echoing in a thick Yorkshire accent, abuse, from a particular NAS worker,‘ ‘You can’t live with your f’in family’, ‘Stop f’in mithering me, woman’, ‘Strange kinda luv’.  ‘ Havi’ to deal with your f’in family’.

But even such comments were used to the state’s advantage.

NAS and CAMHS nurse reported this echoing of a worker, as evidence of Isabel ‘hearing voices’, and showed she was psychotic.

Why, they were in thick Yorkshire accents sounding exactly like her keyworker, was not explained.

Later from subject access documents we discovered carers recorded incorrectly that Issy repeated these phrases in an Irish accent  like her parents despite my not having such an accent .

Psychosis ( evidenced by hearing voices )  justified long term risperidone medication.

The social worker heard  these echos on her visits.

And I emailed the phrases to her and complained.

But the social services decided they could have been heard by Issy whilst out in the public.

The impossibility of this due to their content, and the fact that Isabel did not go out in her NAS home made no difference.

The social worker arranged a home visit of a CAMHS psychiatrist, psychologist, and psychiatric nurse for 9.00, hoping, no doubt, Issy would be in bed and distraught.

But, fortunately, Isabel’s six sense kicked in.

On my waking her, with ‘important people are coming’.

She was out of bed and dressed  with hair washed, by the time the entourage, arrived in the kitchen.

Within 5 minutes  of them settling into their chairs.

Isabel walked into the meeting sat down on an empty chair in the middle of the group, and behaved impeccably.

What a star.

On my return from the loo, I noticed our social worker whispering in the psychiatrist’s ear.

Who replied, ‘We don’t like using that unless there is evidence of psychosis’.

Isabel had saved herself from a 6 week assessment in Ruby Lodge and the horror of a permanent, and increasing respiridone prescription .

And a return to her NAS residential ‘school’ as she would now be more compliant.

We couldn’t have.

The social worker, and NAS had fought hard, but CAMHS had lost the assessment fee of at least £40,000.

And NAS were still being paid £ 6,000  a week as tax free for the next 3 months as required by their contract with the LA and NHS.

For this money, we got a phone call a week from the abusing care worker.

I naively thought this was her personal concern for Issy.

And two nights, baby sitting.

And when the two NAS workers arrived to baby sit Issy wanted to go out for a walk but they were not insured.

Eventually, on the 4th May after many many meetings in the kitchen we commenced our agency care worker package.

Two workers came for 4 hours two days a week, and 8 on  Saturday.

Issy was always dressed, bathed, with hair washed by 10 when the workers arrived.

And they went out  each day all over Sheffield, in shops and cafes even to Chatsworth in Derbyshire.

The social work core assessment, completed on the 19th March 1013, states

‘In the weeks Isabel was at home, she became less withdrawn and more able to interact with others. Isabel currently presents as happy and settled with her parents who are in agreement o her staying at home’

‘It is noted that Isabel is more tolerant of others since her return home. She will now come and sit with visitors, and interact well with them, requesting things such as cups of tea and a DVD. Isabel appears to enjoy having visitors and reportedly likes to meet new people’.

And, would have loved to have gone to her special needs school up the road where she should have gone 5 years ago saving the taxpayer millions, but it was not  funded under EHCs that had replaced SEN agreements.

CAMHS’ concluded that given Isabel’s change in mood and appearance it was likely that her low mood was attributable to being unhappy in her placement. It is also notable that Isabel’s menstration impacts upon mood’.

Yet, at just over 7 stone and 5ft 6 inches Isabel had not had a period for over a year and no one had ever commented on this.


  1. It’s not the first time they make up symptoms and lock up autistic people. They did it to my son.then told leo andreas to post on twitter that I was lying when infact they are doing it all the time. To autistics


  2. Finola, I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open in shock. Your girl was treated like my elderly mom who suffered over here in the US. When she finally went to the emergency room about the medication side effects she had stopped eating because of the constipation the Risperidol injection was causing. The hospital did an x-ray, the report shows MODERATE CONSTIPATION, yet they dismissed her concerns and even called her constipation a somatic delusion. When I was yelling at the hospital after her death the woman said “well, older people often have constipation problems.” Yes, so then it wasn’t a delusion was it?? And their answer to the problem they don’t want to admit was from the medication was to give her a double dose early and send her home with discharge instructions saying her diagnosis was delusions. She died 5 days later.
    It’s terrifying that this is going on over there too. It’s a world wide problem apparently. J&J needs to be shut down.


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