Imagine you are Thomas……….Illegal Cruelty for Animals, ‘treatment’ for our most vulnerable


Imagine how Thomas must have felt during those long last two years.

Thomas, is both Downs and autistic, making his world confusing, frightening, and frustrating.

He is super sensitive to cruelty, and fear.

He is alone with no one to talk to, and, no one he can trust.

He has no control over any activity.

At any moment, he can be taken, put in the shower, in his room, in a van…..

Months of prolonged terrifying abuse, and, huge doses of mixed antipsychotic, and antidepressant drugs.

Mood enhancers/ chemical coshes.

The side effects, and sensations of which, we can  only imagine.

And, which Thomas could not express, except through anguish, resulting in more of the same.

This is how Kathy Hopper, describes how her 16 year old autistic daughter Beth, must have felt in her treatment unit, on the IamThomas Facebook.

Imagine………….a poor defenceless animal, lost and afraid, hunting searching, losing hope of survival amongst this cruel world.

This animal is seeking help, a friendly hug, or pat on the back, encouragement, inclusion, to belong in a world not fully understood.

Instead it is afraid, scared of the world around it, not being able to understand the rules of human nature, companionship, this animal begins to withdraw, mistrust and hide….got your attention? ……

Now let’s call this autism. 

This animal is brought to strangers, strangers that promise the help it needs, they promise love and healing, and then this animal will be able to live freely and begin to understand human nature, this animal will learn to interact with those it loves, be with them, play with them and live happily ever after…………… Let’s call this a CAMHS Unit, and the strangers are ‘the powers’ (psychiatrist, LA, education, COP)

The animal was given a room with bedding and food, but it was afraid, the powers where friendly, offering treats that would make the animal feel calmer, much calmer, in fact too calm, these treats became frequent, this animal became dependant………..let’s call the treats antipsychotics, benzodiazepines and antidepressants.

The animal was in the same room each day not seeing the sunshine, the grass, the flowers, the rain or the fresh breeze on its nose, pinning for its owners and familiarity.

Nothing but four walls and treats at least four times a day, then the noises…….becoming curious and anxious, hearing the cries of the other animals in the other rooms, seeing, watching the distressed calls of fellow animals trying to escape, banging, yelping becoming dependant on those treats if only to sleep through it all, seeing from time to time other fellow animals with fur missing, painful looking wounds, vacant eyes missing their treats, needing more treats.

Then this animal witnessed another fellow animal savagely biting the strangers in a bid to escape, the strangers holding the animal down, at least 8 strangers holding down a frightened animal, yelping, snarling, biting, the more it struggled the more force used until the animal gave in, was shaved of its fur, put in a tiny bare room, with a small cup of water and left for hours and hours………………let’s call this restraint and seclusion.

The animal soon followed the same path, trying what it had witnessed, maybe it will be accepted in that lonely horrific place by copying, becoming anxious, frightened and aggressive, being left in the small room for hours with a cup of water, nothing to do but pace round and round, biting itself, pulling at its own wounds and making fresh wounds, the feelings from the injuries became comforting, a release, physical pain was welcoming, as the fear and toucher of the mental pain was unbearable, to escape would become a dream, until the animal, once a beautiful soul, loving and friendly, shy and unsure, becomes wild and aggressive, damaged by the very strangers that promised help.

No one cared, no one came, this was now the norm for this animal…………….the only hope was for its previous loved ones to rescue and try reverse this damage, the only glimmer of light was those brief visits of love and hope……

Once a week loving eyes pouring down on it, encouraging, loving, begging not to give up, looking for a sign that it’s still in there, that hope is not lost and the animal can be once again tamed………………………………………………..

Now let’s call this animal Beth a child !!and it’s loved ones family………………………sounds barbaric doesn’t it!!

Well it happens and if Beth where an animal no one on this planet would allow it to happen yet it’s happening and the world looks away!! It has to be stamped out !!!!

Beth is escaping but Thomas didn’t !!

And thousands of children are being kept and treated like an animal !!!!

Please do not look away and help these children xx

Do so by signing Kathy Hopper’s petition to bring these children and adults home

Beth, was moved to 21 different mental treatment facilities throughout the country, but unlike most, is now living at home with her family.

But for how much longer,  she is 16 ?

At 18, Beth can be removed for life, like Thomas was, to supported living, with its own specialist hospital for her ‘treatment’, under the Mental Capacity Act.

Her Mum, will not be able to rescue her, and may not even be allowed visits.

This is the shocking reality in the UK.

Kathy Hopper, will have no rights over her daughter in less than two years, and, Beth will have no rights to her own mother, family and home.

As an autistic, Beth, can be declared ‘incapable’, of making her own decisions, and, even of being able, to form a relationship with her own mother.

It has happened to most autistic, and is increasingly happening.

Read the horror of their future care, which costs, at least £3,500, and more than £4,500 per week, if in specialist hospitals, all public money, paid for an unaccountable private monopoly service,.

And make it stop.


  1. Yes, Cathy Hopper, Mum of Beth, writes amazingly, it is so graphic, but then she spent months watching this happen to her own daughter.

    The evil and horror from every facet is beyond intolerable, made worse by the huge amounts of unaccountable, public money paid for it, and the fact, that this is a government has a policy to eventually use this horror, as a means of investment, to bolster our rotten economy and themselves.

    What a moral compass, what a mark of our civilisation and democracy.

    Basically, it stinks to high heaven on every level.

    And, allowed simply because they are, our most vulnerable.

    Suffer the little children and the old, sick and disabled.


    1. Martin’s consultant is going to increase the dosage of one of Martin’s anti epilepsy meds without even telling me. He has totally ignored a letter I sent him asking for a review of Martin’s epilepsy before any changes. He states in writing that Martin has capacity (when it suits them). I am powerless – Again


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