NHS billons wasted on C virus profit ?

Why was 500 million spent on unused Nightingale Hospitals ?

Who got this money and why ?

Why were they built without staffing provision?

Why was such public waste of funds used as PR exercise that government was therefore coping,,,,,, yet their non use, used to overwhelm NHS to justify permanent lockdown ?

Why was 37 billion given to private companies – 6,600 a day to track and trace ?


Experts say tests worthless

WHO confirms: PCR test is useless.
7:18 PM · Mar 19, 2021·Twitter Web App

A positive test at most achieving a dictate to self isolate, and increase government death statistics for fear and justify lockdown

Reported fraud claims from a 45 million NHS deal for masks.

NHS is a c virus bonanza for private untaxed mainly as offshore, charity profit ? including furlough ?

NHS Not free, as an average worker pays £150 A MONTH for it in his National Insurance – without any accountability for its service.

No cancer/heart/bone treatment/operations, as NHS pay £176 per mere phone consultation from a GP , little home care and put off visits to A & E ..

Vaccines ?

Billions paid to manufactures , distributors, administrator’s and vaccinators

For what ?

A vaccine that does not stop transmission/ infection, has to be regiven every 3 months , to merely alleviate symptoms, without testing or liability for its long or short term side effects.

100 million + spent on virus PR latest Gov contract for 2 million to last to 2023

Budget 2021 highlights: Rishi Sunak lays out UK coronavirus response – YouTube

65 billion added to UK 3 Trillion defecit.

A virus with 0.146% mortality mainly with preexisting conditions and 99% survival rate has cost UK more than 2 world wars

2 billion contracts for private healthcare


320 million for advertising contract for a year to 2022 see gov website up from 119 million year before

Why ? What has it been spent on?, Private profit

no question from any mp so no point in parliament

Where are the GOVERNMENT’S social impact statements ?

UK Shrived for the Great Reset ?

For the last 20 years, we have been the subjects of a take over, by the very people who purport and are voted for, to look after our interests- An unprecedented, ultimate political coup.

We have been deceived and manipulated, our money, land, businesses, houses, education, health, even children stolen- 1% in care.

Us and everything, even our debt, has been commodified.

Even our health via NHS, has been capitalised and invested in for profit globally..

All has been deregulated, and made corporate monopolies – GPs, Lawyers, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Care Homes, Transport, LA services.

Our jobs have been automated, often taken from outside UK.

We have no control, our children no future with a free University Education forcing low paid jobs and debt of £60,000.

We are stamped on by Corporate monopolies, have no choice of any service, no rights and no freedoms

The Executive has taken over all media, courts and education.

Yet none/few of these actions were adequately debated in Parliament

left/right are the same, and politics has been destroyed, as has the Rule of Law.

As vague, draconian legislation often drafted by civil servants control, through a police state
poltical tricks used in this manipulation;

AUSTERITY- the repeated election promise to reduced our defecit

An excuse for public/private partnerships that siphoned huge amounts into unaccountable services and private profit

More money thrown at Universities, Schools LAs, NHS took over budget for care and effectively privatised by HSCA12..
Charities 189 billion worth controlled by CC by Charity Act 2006 turned into gov controlled recycled profit makers on back of sustainability

An excuse to siphon public money for private profit, as control of public institutions and assets were lost for ever, and their spend, and workings hidden from scrutiny under FOIA by commercial confidentiality

BREXIT- the trump card for May AND Boris and the failure of Corbyn via a second referendum

But we are still no nearer knowing what was, or is, meant politically by Brexit

During these hoodwinked years, austerity grew, as did the defecit, as more deregulation and silent privatisation took hold.

CARONAVIRUS– with LAs becoming effectively non existent except to make private profit and controlled by Common Purpose , Social Care and NHS effectively privatised, homelessness, joblessness rife, no enforceable law ,

The ultimate poltical devise of Lockdowns, to hoover all into corporate greed and control, as the rich got far richer and bought more, personal overdrafts went to 40% interest and our youth was thrown into permanent debt by university fees, rent

Household debt is £80,000 , youth, our future £60,000 , our defecit 3 trillion with 65 billion added in last budget,

We certainly will soon own nothing, but corporate has made trillions out of this, and will own all

The Great Reset can now take hold, we have been shrived of all, politics has served its purpose

Thomas Rawnsley’s Stitched Up Inquest ?

When I wrote this, I had no idea of the extent his Inquest could/would be stitched up, by a Coroner deciding, Thomas had no right to life, in his £8,000 +A week, for profit care, and then directing a Jury to decide the only verdict was he died of natural causes.

This is  a death in community living/ care, the only transforming care from ATUs and promoted by Lamb Gov et al.

These are the only institutions  where the LSD/ASD are supported , not with their family.

And it has been shown, despite millions of public NHS money, to be unaccountable to our most vulnerable


12310476_804974306279805_4058742453218544450_n (2)Thomas’ Inquest is to be held in Sheffield, early November, nearly six years after his death, to last four weeks, with a Jury, a Jury, being exceptional   for anyone like Thomas, dying under a deprivation of liberty, and  by a new Coroner.

An Inquest per se, is also exceptional, as most deaths in State care, are now certified as from ‘natural causes’, by newly created ‘medical examiners’.

No central record of their deaths is even kept, and there is no right to even an independent investigation, or jury in an inquest, unlike into prison deaths.

For the disabled ‘natural causes’, appears the norm, Thomas was certified from ‘downs syndrome and hypoxia.’

His family representation, is also exceptional  because of their own crowdfunding, no legal aid being available.

And essential Orders from a Coronors, like a toxicology report in Thomas’ Autopsy had to be paid by his mother, via…

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Psychology- The Weapon of Mass Destruction?

We can escape bullets and bombs. but not ourselves, our own psyche.

We have been in lockdown, in our own Room 101, not with rats but our greatest fear- Death

Exacerbated. by isolation and all media flooded with the message of an unseen, arbitrary, ever increasing virus attacks, that can kill without symptoms/warning at any time

Why ?

As Huxley said, because with conventional war- you can’t sit on the bayonet.

And Orwell announces our future as a boot, not on the head of humanity, but its face

We must, therefore accept our own servitude FOR ULTIMATE CONTROL.

We must ourselves, DECIDE TO BE slaves.

What psychological manipulation has been used to achieve this ultimate control?

Fear, instilling by State has made it parents. and produced a confused, reliant, infantile state in us,

As obedience to authority is our only option to avoid our fear of death, rather than actual death.
A well known historical control device.

The Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat rules- a word means what ever I say, and Assassins Creed, anything to achieve the purpose.

The State then offers hope, Arbeit macht frei, our ultimate psychological desperation, release from fear/ Room 101- continual vaccines.

Ridicule by mob bullying, is used to hound the white chicken out of the play ground, as any critical comment is destroyed on all media platforms

The bigger the lie the more it must be believed– Hitler

People can be made to get used to anything,

the more we do to you the more you believe it is not happening. MENGEL

All Nazi devices of control

None so blind as those that will not see – people have so much psychological investment in the lies and self serving attitude – facts are not objectively sought. The lie must be believed.

We police ourselves by judgment and ego– all can kill us, all must distance, and wear masks-comply.

Facts, sense are removed, adding to our unreality and insecurity

Why, such insidious warfare from those we pay and trust ?

Freedom is tyranny – Orwell AS health concern and liberalism rule and individualism is crushed.

The ultimate war of control of the world- the Great Reset.

We will own nothing- not even ourselves, and be happy in servitude.

As we put our face to the boot. and sit on OUR OWN bayonet .

Hollies Medical Centre- I do not have diabetes

This is a plea of desperation to my GP practice – Hollies Medical Centre, Sheffield

I do not have Diabetes.

Despite telephone conversations to Dr HARVEY, AND lengthy letters from me- they have no email contact

I have spent 4 years being festooned by NHS literature inviting me for eye screens , assessments and more


Because 12 years ago, suffering from ME, after glandular fever, I was sent to my GPs Well Woman Clinic – that did no more than weigh me, at 16 Stone NOW 11, and take my blood pressure

I then, years later was stupid enough to respond to a standard GP Diabetes test, at the GP Clinic which was fine, but slightly raised due to my ciggy and coffee

So a second test was notified, despite the fact I’d passed my first

I had to care for all and was fed up with this targeting, so did not attend

Then amongst made up health concerns notified by Social Services intent on getting my daughter into residential care

The Clinic on the telephone stated I had diabetes , based on a different test

My weight at well woman clinic and increasing age……….

So based. at most. on a risk factor. not clinical diagnosis, or even a test of an existent disease.

I was now a diabetic.

Without 4 years of any symptom 2 neg chemist checks

Is this new medicine for profit future ?

How long before Alzheimer’s, CRONAVIRUS, cancer, any disease ,can be diagnosed on a prospected likelihood of it ?

My medical records record I have diabetes.

How do I get that removed ?

It appears impossible, as at best GPs proclaim ‘ you have problems with this diagnosis’

Yet, they do not despite no symptoms or evidence other than overweight ( now no longer but no measure on their files ) and old.
Legally, I ask how can this be righted ?

It can’t, and NHS pay out millions as Diabetes UK MAKES millions tax free
latest letter from THE Hollies, prompted this BLOG, one of many, constant, over the years, as GPs are effectively for profit, paid much for diabetes patients

We want to ensure that we help you understand and manage your Diabetes

Our aim is to offer you regular checks around your birthday month to make any regular monitoring easier for you to remember.

So now my capacity for remembering, is another issue ?

All can then be used to show my incapacity under the MCA to remove every decision I may make, including if I have diabetes.

A frightening vista for any choice, truth, NHS or GP…………………….or individual autonomy