Psychology- The Weapon of Mass Destruction?

We can escape bullets and bombs. but not ourselves, our own psyche.

We have been in lockdown, in our own Room 101, not with rats but our greatest fear- Death

Exacerbated. by isolation and all media flooded with the message of an unseen, arbitrary, ever increasing virus attacks, that can kill without symptoms/warning at any time

Why ?

As Huxley said, because with conventional war- you can’t sit on the bayonet.

And Orwell announces our future as a boot, not on the head of humanity, but its face

We must, therefore accept our own servitude FOR ULTIMATE CONTROL.

We must ourselves, DECIDE TO BE slaves.

What psychological manipulation has been used to achieve this ultimate control?

Fear, instilling by State has made it parents. and produced a confused, reliant, infantile state in us,

As obedience to authority is our only option to avoid our fear of death, rather than actual death.
A well known historical control device.

The Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat rules- a word means what ever I say, and Assassins Creed, anything to achieve the purpose.

The State then offers hope, Arbeit macht frei, our ultimate psychological desperation, release from fear/ Room 101- continual vaccines.

Ridicule by mob bullying, is used to hound the white chicken out of the play ground, as any critical comment is destroyed on all media platforms

The bigger the lie the more it must be believed– Hitler

People can be made to get used to anything,

the more we do to you the more you believe it is not happening. MENGEL

All Nazi devices of control

None so blind as those that will not see – people have so much psychological investment in the lies and self serving attitude – facts are not objectively sought. The lie must be believed.

We police ourselves by judgment and ego– all can kill us, all must distance, and wear masks-comply.

Facts, sense are removed, adding to our unreality and insecurity

Why, such insidious warfare from those we pay and trust ?

Freedom is tyranny – Orwell AS health concern and liberalism rule and individualism is crushed.

The ultimate war of control of the world- the Great Reset.

We will own nothing- not even ourselves, and be happy in servitude.

As we put our face to the boot. and sit on OUR OWN bayonet .


  1. Reblogged this on finolamoss and commented:

    We surely, must know, by now, the reason for the C VIRUS pandemic it is to thrive the world for the Great Reset – TOTAL CONTROL by the few . No choice. ownership. power, or even hope by the many.


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    Concise analysis of Govt and media manipulation to eliminate citizen dissent and critical thinking, the core human values which ultimately keep us human by questioning any blind allegiance, to prompt accountability and reform.


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