Education Report, ‘A Red Mark The Size of a Fist’

4508491-Small-and-powerful-fist-on-a-white-background-Stock-PhotoIt is Thursday 29/1/2014.

What a long, long, week.

As if being up at nights for months, with no personal care, or respite for over 2 years wasn’t enough.

I am now being tortured by the social services.

The snow is thick, my husband had to take the bus to work.

Issy was up at 11.00am, and eventually after much effort in the bath.

And, I managed to get photos of her stomach..

It would appear, all those in need of support, are at the mercy, of any itinerant, zero hour, or, unpaid placement stranger,apparently, desperate, to do the State’s dirty work.

A friend in London told me, carers in care homes, demand ‘protection money’, from relatives.

What a disgusting moral compass is now the norm.

The snow has conspired, to make even walks down the drive scary, Issy doesn’t like slippyness.

Just before noon, the ‘funding lady’, our social workers manger’s manager rang me.

The last thing my psyche needed after Issy’s bath at a moment when she was demanding never ending juice and I was alone.

With the usual infuriating, social worker prescribed conversation,

How are things?’.

You surely must know how things are’. I replied.

You will know more than me, about what’s happening’.

The nice affable lady, did not turn up on Tuesday two days ago, and the Lodge Lady hasn’t today’.

‘We received no prior, or post notification, or indeed, any communication from anyone.’

Except from our adult social services social worker, and GP, demanding to see a non- existent lump on Issy’s tummy’.

This is the ‘intensive, specialist, highly expensive service’, provided to an autistic girl, not yet out of the trauma, the state, for the second time, threw her in’.

The funding lady, then tells me, I have ‘strong opinions’, and, the workers had not felt ‘comfortable’ in the house.

I countered.

They had not mentioned or looked as if they were ‘uncomfortable’.

Let alone why .

Its non- stop coffee, tea and chats, magazines, and two books on autism lent, and, never  returned.

And, they do what they want with Issy.

I have spent the last two years, having all my cupboards rearranged, without asking, and my washing machine broken.

Being a complete tit, I have given away dresses, shoes, coats, tops, CD radios, face creams, shears, masses of legal advice etc. mainly to the lady, who had the first hissy fit.

10 Nintendo games to another worker who befriended Issy, groomed me, and after an outing with him, Issy  repeatedly asked,’ Why do men like having willies up their arse?’.

He was never seen again, as not offered ‘education’ work, (more money and security).

Poor Issy has been so let down, by the itinerancy of workers, but, her fate would be much worse in ‘independent’ living.

And,Lodge Lady ( the latest since November education support worker), had arrived daily, with a Private Eye, or, internet article, or, own experience of a care scandal, to elicit/encourage my ‘strong opinions’.

I remind the funding lady,

‘as zero hour workers, every worker can be specifically chosen, and prescribed’.

She retorts, ‘they are all individuals’.

So the inference is  the 30 +  previous agency workers,  must all have felt ‘uncomfortable’…. For 18 months…. but this, was the first I’d heard of it.

She tells me the affable, independent of the state, with a conscience lady, does not want to support Issy anymore.

So why did she choose Monday, without  warning to leave ?

Why did she make me chutney and chat so freely never mentioning her ‘uncomfortability’.?

It was a  loss,  as she loved the autistic, and Issy liked her.

But she had said ominously, she, ‘had nothing to do, with ‘education’’.

Now, we know why.

I assume, she didn’t want to get involved in their dirty tricks, of the lucrative, independent of family living, industry.

I noticed the nice  workers disappeared.

One, had a two week mystery illness, just when the trainee and social workers, were moving in for the kill, but, had a hissy fit, never to return.

I suspect, their reputable international agency, were worried about bad PR, from this blog.

Their head office, monitors the net, and had picked up my mention of their name, as a zero hour employer, in a Guardian comment, and, had banned me, from naming them on social media.

Such is the self- preservation, of our all-powerful, privatised monopolies.

The funding lady asked, if I  would consider, having Lodge Lady, and a new worker.

I told her to read my blog, and then objectively decide, whether, she would.

She replied she didn’t read blogs.

Issy was demanding juice, the bath was run….  I did not need this.

I mentioned all this.

Which she must have already been aware of from Issy’s shouts.

Eventually, I forced an exit.

But the phone rang 20 minutes later.

She had read my blog.

And  some points were incorrect.

It was not the Adult Social Worker, who had rung the GP, but her.

So much, then for her asking last week, what she could do, to rebuild my trust in the social services.

But, did not explain why the GP, had given the social workers name.

Nor why, the same social worker, rang us earlier reporting the lump.

Nor, why  this was so important.

Secondly, she said the blog incorrectly stated the support worker, had not discussed her concern, when she had.

I said, read the blog again.

The worker had pointed  out a non-existent bulge.

And then, when I, and the affable lady, had said it was pre period swelling, had said no more about it during the 4 hours that remained of her shift.

She had not pointed out,‘ a red mark, the size of a fist’ as was reported to the GP.

I couldn’t bear this  cross examining sophistry any longer.

And Issy needed attention.

Why was no one concerned about her ?

‘For the mother of God’, I cried.

And Issy on cue, decided the phone had to go back in its place, and grabbed it.

That night, I reflected, on what the GP had actually, been told.

I had been distracted by the impaction discussion, and the bulge comment.

I  analysed the reported ‘concern’,

‘A red mark on the side of Issy’s tummy, the size of a small fist’.

I realised, it  wasn’t  describing a bulge,

It  painted, a shocking picture, of abuse.

It could not be accidental, self-harm, or, neglect.

It was on  soft tissue.

It could only be…………… a punch.

And, as small, my fist,  as the primary carer, and most alone with Issy.


How might this be made to appear in court documents;

An education worker, who had formed a good relationship with Issy over several weeks of support, and, had just managed to get her out of the house for the first time in 9 months, noticed a red, fist sized mark on the side of Isabel’s stomach.

She pointed it out to her mother, who ignored her.

So she reported it to the social services, who rang the parents, but they would not let them see Isabel, so they rang the GP, but the parents also refused the GP’s request to come to their home and examine her.

The GP, now very concerned for Isabel’s safety, arrived at their home, he was verbally attacked by the mother, didn’t manage to  examine Isabel, as she refused to undress, or cooperate.  (but did see her running around happy not in pain).

The mother then refused any more support, or engagement with the social services’.

I had walked right into that one…..

If I did nothing, as photos can be air brushed, this would be taken, as irrefutable evidence of a vicious assault.

And we would be cut out of Issy’s life for ever.

The LA would have their £6,000 +a week, cash and pharma cashcow, the Lodge Lady a career path, a loving devoted mother  destroyed, and a father heartbroken, never to see their child again unsupervised.

And Issy doomed to live in an abusive hell, alone.

Such is evil.

Such is morality.

Such is adult state protection costing millions

And  the danger of care/education workers.

I rang the GP, apologised, and, asked him round to try to re -examine Issy…..

He arrived but did not touch her stomach only viewed for marks

Yet recorded later in Issy’s medical notes that there was no hot bulge on her stomach.


Education workers mentions Issy’s stomach bulges on one side

other workers agrees with me that due to her due period.

Not mentioned again by Education Worker to me during rest of her shift

Education Worker notifies social worker ‘Issy has red mark size of small fist on her stomach’

SW rings GP attends , observes Issy’s stomach but does not touch her.

Yet records in notes hot bulge at side of stomach with no explanation/follow up

Neither worker is ever seen again.

The Kafkaneque Nightmare Continues


It is Wednesday 28/1/15.

The day after  the storm.

A real storm rages outside.

Issy is asleep, up again most of the night, but this time due to the state.

Yesterday, the linchpin GP rang at 5.30pm.

Yes, it was quite a day.

The ever vigilant adult services social worker, who rang at 3.00, had asked the GP to examine Issy, as a worker, had reported a red mark on her stomach.

My husband had taken the call, and, was suitably enraged.

He explained, Issy, had now been up over 24 hours, had not had the best of days, as the looked forwarded to, education lady, had not turned up, and she was settling to sleep.

But, as an enforcer, the GP took no notice.

He must examine her.

My husband persisted, this was not the time.

There was no lump, mark. No pain.

Isabel was eating, and running around as usual.

I shouted, I’d send a photo.

I go to Sainsburys.

The GP rang again, demanding a visit.

My husband, caught between, not wanting to appear to have ‘something to hide’, and  my wrath, told him to ring back when I got home.

But the GP didn’t.

Within 40 minutes, he was in the kitchen.

Isabel was fast asleep in her bedroom.

I arrive back.

Beyond fury at the sight of the GP.

As I knew it would upset Issy, and, with the no show today, could put her back months, from her long…. Long…..long  awaited happiness.

It was also the GP, who insisted on seeing Issy last week, just to weigh her, on the hearsay of a worker, she’d lost weight.

And, when asked for a letter with reasons for his visit had just stated.

‘I understand there have been some concern about Isabels eating, and in particular if she has lost any weight over the last few months.. I would be grateful if we could arrange a visit to try to weigh her’.

Are we, not thought capable of being concerned about our daughters weight ?.

Why were these ‘concerns’ not discussed with us first ?

Are we thought not to be capable  of weighing her?

I am a conscientious objector to assertion, it is pernicious bullying, but, if continually asserted on, even I can let rip.

So I did.

But, as to be expected from a determined robot, it got me nowhere, except for some patronising ‘sures’, and some stammering.

The GP insisted on outlining ‘the process’.

Process, is all important to enforcers .

Substance, irrelevant.

Perfunctory adherence to procedure all.

‘conversations’  controlled to allow for this..

He told us, the adult services social worker, had been concerned, as a worker had reported, that Issy had a red lump on the side of her  stomach, the size of a small fist.


Wouldn’t we have noticed ?

Wouldn’t we have called the GP?

Why was she happy, eating, running around, and not in agony?.

And why had the worker, sitting most of the day in the kitchen with me, yesterday, not discussed her concern with me, and asked me, rather than the  social worker, to ring a doctor ?

Or mention it, before she reported it?

The GP agreed, ‘they were ‘all good points’.

‘Then, why had he not thought of them?’.

He said he should have done.

But then, he is not paid to think, just to enforce.

I then explained, what might have happened.

But as the worker didn’t discuss her concern, this was all conjecture.

The day before, Issy on her many attempts into the bath, had stood naked drinking my coffee in the kitchen

In front of me, and the two workers.

I was discussing Issy’s faecal impactions.

The last one, cleared out on Issy return home, our GP had felt a hard lump, inside of her lower stomach.

I said I felt sure, she didn’t have one, as she was on Movicol- they had just seen me putting it in her juice, and was not faeces incontinent..

The Lodge Lady said, it looked, as if the side of Issy’s stomach was sticking out.

I explained her period was days away, and this was just a normal ridge,  the other worker agreed .

Lodge Lady said no more, during the remaining 5 hours of her shift .

Other than her comment was bizarre, I  didn’t think anymore about it.

So, I took the GP into  Issy’s bedroom, she was fast asleep.

I woke her up, she got distressed, and pushed us out, and closed the door.

I tried again.

She came into the kitchen, but would not pull down her trousers down.

She knew I was very distressed, and this made her worse..

‘Mummy come into my bedroom’, she  anquished.

Autistics, are hypersensitive to others emotions, particularly, those  close to them.

Despite the philistine, state-suiting ‘experts’ mantras, that autistics cannot guage feelings, nor, form relationships.

I cannot show impatience, anger, or distress, as Issy senses it , and becomes anxious.

That evening, poor Issy got a double wammy.

She couldn’t understand why I was upset, nor why this strange man, was in her bedroom.

The GP, took an oath ‘to do no harm’, but, left the whole family distressed.

And poor Issy remained up most of the night.

The post has just arrived.

A letter to me from the head of the GP practice, the nice doctor, who visited once in May, who had said what a beautiful environment, we had created for our daughter.

I thought he was on my side.

He writes,

‘ to ask whether you mind coming in to see one of us to monitor your recently diagnosed diabetes. Ideally we would organise some blood tests, urine tests and a blood pressure test and consider whether you might need treatment. I appreciate you may feel reluctant to do this but I would very strongly encourage you’.

It is dated the 23/1, around the date of the meetings, we were not invited to .

I have not got diabetes, their tests were negative, and so was the one I did from the chemist to check.

But, if 2+2 does in fact equal 4, when everyone says its 5, what does the truth matter.

All GPs are now profit making cabals, and, in MASH- Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub.

And the Mental Capacity Act allows them to  enforce, any treatment.

I still have to face the ‘Lodge Lady’ tomorrow at 10 am.

This blog is not made up, and, it could happen to you.

And, is happening, in various ways, throughout the country.

Issy is Disappointed. Kafka lives.


I wait for the lodge, and affable ladies.

It is 9. 30 am Monday 26/1/15.

Issy is asleep.

First night , for over a week without disturbances.

She was up from 3pm Saturday till 11pm Sunday.

In a good mood, but very demanding.

Lots of hugs,  few mantras, and no distress.

And eating , big time.

A whole chicken pie, sprouts, curry and rice, 2 weetabix

We weighed her.

She is 9 stone 3 pounds.

Poor Lodge Lady, may be mainly in the kitchen until 4,  as Issy will probably need to sleep now.

The problem with timed support.

Lodge Lady wasn’t here on Friday, when Issy was up all day, due to previous job commitment, all is slotted in by the pay masters.

On the cheapest  basis, for which the maximum, is claimed.

Help for Issy is urgent, costs a fortune, is deemed intensive, and it is 9 months, since the last education package, and it was 6 months in the planning all wasted on pointless meetings.

Such, are unaccountable services.

That  have no regard for Issy’s welfare.

Issy only got up at 2pm ,on Thursday.

The lodge lady was here till 4pm, so she was unable to do little more, than tickle, and play tunes in the bedroom.

Yet  on Friday, Issy had been happy, and  read 6 pages to me,and might have gone out with Lodge Lady.

As usual, I run the bath.

Go into her bedroom to set out her clothes.

As the workers will be here in 10 minutes, I do tell her, she gets up, but is very sleepy,  gets her nightie off, but doesn’t manage a bath.

The ladies arrive.

Unknown to me then this was the last time, I would ever see them.

The nice affable lady brought home made chutney, and clothes for Eleanor.

But Issy is not in a good mood,

I wished, I’d let her sleep, until she was ready.

Difficult one, as last Monday, was such a good day.

Issy had put her coat on and gone down the  drive, but scared back by some laughing girls.

Unlucky, but I know she desperately wants, and needs to go out.

IT is now Tuesday, the next day.

9Issyam, Issy has been up all night, juice, crackers and cheese.

We were up 7 times.

I run the bath, she goes in, but does not sit down, and gets out.

But after a coffee, I am successful, she takes the flannel and washes herself.

I wash her hair.

We are getting back to her old routine.

Hugh sigh.

I am tired, but jubilant, particularly, as Issy has now been up for 24 hours.

I think she is excited, that the affable lady, will be here at 10.

There is lego, and wipe books for today, in her bedroom.

At last things are looking up.

Even better, she says ‘book’,  handing me her favourite Keywords  book.

She sits and reads with me.

I think to video this, and she waits until I return, and continues to read.

I look for the affable lady, it is 10 am.

I open the door, and Issy goes out.

Issy stands on the drive excited, looking for the affable lady, but no one arrives.

Issy goes out several times to look.

By 11.00, she becomes anxious.

I am alone, and worried.

Issy is becoming distressed.

I walk on tip toes, giving in to non stop demands for juice and coffee, and mantras.

She is in a relatively good place, but now up 25 hours, pre period, and disappointed.

Particularly, as the Lodge Lady did not arrive on Friday.

I walk her down the path, we look at the trees, the bird in them startles her.

We go back.

There is no phone call, or email

It is 2 30 pm.

Issy is eating curry and rice.

She filled up one of the wipe books, she aims to please.

Issy tries so hard, shame her education manages don’t, they can’t even provide basics for their large, unknown pot of public money.

No one is scheduled tomorrow, Wednesday.

Poor Issy.

The phone rings.

It is the Adult Services social worker.

A worker, had reported, after their visit on Monday, that Issy had a lump/mark on her side, and, she wanted to come around to see her.

Issy hasn’t, and no worker yesterday, had mentioned anything to me.

But then, neither did they mention Issy’s loss of weight.

Kafka is alive, and well.

We await our fate.

Will Issy ever see her ‘friend educators’ again ?

The ones, we pay for, with our pot of money, and, supposedly employ.

And, would she want to, if she knew what they were up to ?

National Autistic School last 2 years- 48 bruises, 7 stone.

In January 2011, Issy was taken to her local GP, about her periods.

We weren’t informed she was going.

She was kept waiting in the GP’s reception for over 30 minutes.

That evening, NAS rang us to inform us there had been an incident.

Issy had tried to leave the surgery, and ‘back up’ had been summoned, and Issy retrained.

Issy returned home three days later, with bruises, all over her body.

Horrified, we asked how she got them, but, received no explanation.

On a visit to her NAS home,my husband noticed  a copy of the body map, completed the same day, as the incident.

He got a copy of it.

It was kept in a separate incident book.

Yet, an OFSTED report had recommended, it not be kept separately.

It recorded 48 bruises.

But, there had been no paediatric assessment, or, any medical examination.

We complained.

A meeting was not held until 10 th May 2011.

This was between Isabel’s independent reviewing officer, safe guarding services Barnsley, social worker, head master and ourselves.

Notes from this meeting state;

‘They (parents) had enjoyed a really good Christmas holiday with her (Isabel). However on her return to Robert Ogden things had been very concerning. On 11 January Isabel had attempted to abscond from the GP surgery appointment and they strongly felt that the GP should have been asked to visit her at Clayton Croft in the light of her difficulties with strange environments. When she returned home for the following weekend a total of 48 bruises had been documented on a body map. There was no discussion of these bruises at the looked after review meeting held the same day. The Easter holiday had been spent in Ireland and Isabel had been fine within the apartment but had tried to abscond when in town. There had been two incidents when she had exhibited signs of distress but there had been no need to restrain her and she had no bruises during this period’.

When I asked what they meant by ‘restraint’, the NAS head teacher, said they took hold of her arms, either side, and walked her briskly.

Disturbed, by this horrific whitewash, of the infliction of 48 bruises on a vulnerable child, I pointed out, that blaming injuries on ‘self harm’, would hide, and therefore, encourage abuse.

I received silent, patronising nods.

Any bruises, received at home, would not have been regarded as ‘self-harm’.

On  returning from our care.

Issy was always checked by NAS, for marks, despite no reported incidents.

If there had been any, Issy would have been made subject to a s47 Childrens Act paediatric assessment, paid for by the LA, so not independent.

Us prosecuted, our  jobs lost, made social pariah’s as child abusers, and worse still, we would never again have  been allowed alone with Issy.

Such was, and is, the terror of the State’s Damocles sword, that hangs over ours, and, every parent’s heads.

In stark contrast, what can, anyone, do about state abuse?

We could not go to the police.

Who could they prosecute, in the extremely unlikely event, they decided it was not ‘self harm’.

And the Care Quality Commission, and OFSTED, do not consider individual’s complaints.

No one, can or will, even acknowledge state abuse

Issy would remain in the abusers care, as she did and they could continue to claim £177,000  for 8 months residential ‘care’ tax free so £200,000, with impunity.

The notes, show the meeting recommended the following actions;

-Any use of restraint will be notified to Mr and Mrs Burns as well as to Social Care.

-Body Maps will be made available .

-Wherever possible medical appointments will be arranged at Clayton Croft

-The referral to CAMHS to be progressed

None of these actions were ever taken, or implemented.

A follow up strategy meeting was set for 28 th June 2011, as far as I am aware, it did not take place.

On Isabel’s return home in 2013, we complained about NAS’s abuse of Issy .

Her now different social worker, attended the follow up meeting, which should have been  held in  June 2011, in May 2013, we were not invited.

She fed back via telephone, that the meeting had concluded that all Issy’s  48 bruises, were self-harm.

And, this is now accepted, as the truth by the LA, and,  documented.

And  it was mentioned by her Adult Social Worker in her 2015 continuing healthcare funding assessment application that Issy  had seriously self harm.

This assessment can and  will, increase the amount of money her care provider, can claim and the drugs they can use.

And, exonerate them from future liability for her injuries, which can be blamed on self harm.

Ofsted’s report for Robert Ogden 2010-11, was ‘outstanding’.

After this incident, poor Issy was a changed girl.

As her restraint had been whitewashed.

Its likely effect on Issy, poo impaction, loss of trust , and, post traumatic stress disorder, could not be considered.

And, the ever present, corporate self- preservation, kicked in.

Her risk assessment level was,  no doubt, raised.

She was rarely taken out,  she still echos her care worker

‘Never goin out now because of f’in you’

And when Issy, was, reluctant to get out of the NAS van.

She now, totally, refused to go into her classroom.

And spent her time, mainly  in her bedroom.

But Isabel’s National Autistic School Progress File , still needed to be completed.Scan0046

And above, is a page from that File, Science 2, Making Choices, dated 2/5/12.

It states, Isabel did a cooking activity where she observed the ingredients changing texture. When the buns had cooked, staff showed Isabel the buns and explained that the runny buns had set to create a solid bun.

Such is education, costing £200,000 per annum as tax free.

She went from 12 to 7 stones, her periods stopped, and, she became poo incontinent.

But, despite frequent requests, and the recommendations of the Strategic Meeting in 2011,no GP was ever, brought to her NAS home to examine her.

Instead, Issy was fed build up drinks, and, vitamin tablets, both, exacerbate impactions.

When we contacted her independent reviewing officer, she repeatedly claimed medical care was our responsibility, even though she was registered with the NAS home’s GP, 25 miles away.

We rang this GP, but only a locum was prepared to go out, and, she never did.

One of our recent agency workers, had worked shifts at that time in the NAS home.

She told us Issy’s meals were put into her room via the window.

And she had been the only person, who had got her to eat a filled nachos, by taking the filling out.

Nor did it help her meals were quickly removed, on health and safety rules.Scan0045

In October 2012, whilst driving home for the weekend, Isabel attacked me in the back of our car.

We were forced to stop at the side, of a very busy A road, 5 miles from her NAS home.

I got out with Eleanor, and stood on the grass verge, whilst Issy wrestled with Seamus in the drivers seat.

I rang for help from her NAS home, they sent their van out, and drove behind to our house with Issy.

Despite warning of such an incident for months, we could not secure transport, so, I had videoed the struggle on my mobile.

On Monday, our social worker emailed, that the NAS workers, had noticed bruising on Isabel’s arms, and, social services were considering a s47 paediatric assessment.

NAS knew of the incident, and, the bruising, as they had driven her home, but the incident was not mentioned.

We were beside ourselves, thinking we could be prosecuted, and, cut out of Issy life, for ever.

I showed him the video. Thank God I’d taken it.

Because of it, the social services were forced to admit,the bruises were indicative of defensive action, to prevent Issy getting of the car.

And we got a van, and a harness.

The wonders  of irrefutable evidence.

In November CAMHS became involved.

We met up with their psychiatrist in Issy’s NAS home, she visited Isabel in her bedroom.

We were not allowed to.

The psychiatrist looked visibly shocked on her return.

And agreed, that it would be better for Issy, if she could live at home, but this was not possible.

She prescribed antidepressants.

We were not happy with this, but relieved, it was not risperidone.

My constant pleas, that she had all the signs of a second faecal impaction were ignored.

Issy still received no physical examination.

As ever, her physical problems were ignored.

The National Autistic Society were being paid, at this time, just under £6000 per week for Isabel’s care.

Factoring in her time with us, equal to, an unbelievable £9,000, as  tax free.

For which they provided minimum wage care staff, and, agency carers, to sit outside her room, attempt to wash and dress her, but not apparently to feed her.

She did not go out, or, to school.

Issy’s behaviour  worsened on the antidepressants.

She became more aggressive and agitated.

Over our two weeks Christmas holiday in Ireland, she would not go out, so we thought the only thing to do, was to see if her behaviour improved without the antidepressants.

Immediately, she became less aggressive, and, we were then able to take her out in our hire car  on trips to the sea, for walks and café lunches.


Isabel at Christmas in Ireland.

The Vultures are circling


The GP rang last Friday.

The apparent, tasked linchpin, of the intervention team.

The one who took notes.

And wrote letters to me, about my reported cough.

Insisted, I had diabetes, and, met with social services behind my back.

As Issy, had no signs of any physical illness, and 7 requested GP visits in May and June had achieved nothing, there seemed, little point in having GPs in the kitchen.

Bizarrely, no ‘ professional’, or support worker had even enquired into Isabel’s health,

let alone, suggested, we rang the GP.

I used to wonder why, but not anymore.

Parental concern, was in our favour.

Not providing, ‘prompt medical attention’, is evidence of neglect.

The last time, the linchpin GP rang, was in response to our out of hours call re Issy’s ‘tummy bug’, six months ago.

He had told me, a lady GP would visit.

All she had done, was to  ask,if we had a scales, to keep a record, of an over 10 stone, 5ft 6 inch girl’s weight.

And peer intently into my face,  I assume for signs of mental distress.

During his phone call, he did not enquire into Issy’s health, but  mine.

Forgetting, his original concern about my ’ persistent cough’ , but not my diabetes.

Informing me, despite two acceptable tests, that my blood sugar level was now ‘substantially’ raised, and probably the reason  I  had felt  ill,  a year earlier, on my last GP  visit, despite my symptoms,  post  glandular fever fatigue and ME tests.

I am now, without evidence, or notification, registered as a ‘diabetic’, and, receive appointments for NHS eye tests.

The fact, I have no raised blood sugar, or symptoms,- thirst, dizziness, eye strain,  appears irrelevant.

His phone call,  informed me, the adult services social worker, was concerned, as workers had reported,  Issy was losing weight, and, he wanted to see her on Monday. It was Friday.

Strange, as the adult services social worker’s many ‘domained’ assessment form in May, did not include health.

Her role in mine,and Issy’s life was unknown, but, obviously  powerful, and omniscient.

Strange too, only a week earlier, when the social worker, rang, ‘to see how things were’.

In her first contact for four months, she had not mentioned this concern about Isssy’s weight.

And, neither had, the support workers to me.

Incandescent, I raved….

‘When Issy, had had a faecal impaction, dropped from 11 to 7 stone, in her National Autistic Society home, we had tried unsuccessfully, for over a year, through safeguarding officers, independent reviewing officers, NAS workers, but could not get a GP, to even  visit her, once.

Even when it was actioned, in a safeguarding meeting in May 2011.

But now, a GP was prepared to make a home visit, on the hearsay of a worker, of loss of weight?

Why, and, what purpose could his visit serve?’

But as usual, I was talking to an assertive robot.

I asked how he would feel, if it were his daughter.

His over long silence, hopefully, spoke for him.

I pleaded the right to autonomy, normally, afforded patients.

Isabel had capacity, and, we had already sought over 7 home visits in May and June, asked for blood tests, which we hadn’t got, and, a urine test, so were, more than  capable, of seeking medical attention.

He made no comment.

I asked him to write a letter, giving specifics of his concerns, where they had come from, and, the purpose of his visit.

His letter arrived stating only, that he wanted to attempt to weigh Issy.

Were we not capable of that ?

On Monday, the social worker emailed, saying adult services manager, needed to update her assessment, but not why, or, in what respect.

They both, wanted to call at 4.00 the next day.

She, also said the NHS, had to do a funding health assessment of Issy.

Funding for what ?

Why was NHS funding needed now ?

Issy, had not received such funding since NAS residential who had paid £60.000 per year towards her residential school up to 24/5 2013 although she had left on 29/1/2013..

Our only ‘support’, was an education package.

The vultures were circling.

Issy’s potential as a cash cow was huge.

The boxes, must be ticked.

For ‘independent’, £8,000 per week, away from home encagement.

How easily these people get their money, from  vulnerable, voiceless commodities.

Yet the disabled family get £62 per week for 24/7 care and the disabled £105.

2007-10 Issy at her National Autistic Society School


Isabel’s first bite in her NAS school

We had continually sought a 38 week placement, but the National Autistic Society was only prepared to offer a 52 week one.

The only reason given, Isabel had ‘problems with transitions’, and needed to be able to walk to school.

She did not.

She had that year, as with every other year, visited Ireland twice by train, bus, and plane.

Issy’s reluctance to get in the school van, and stay in the taxi, was because she did not want to go to school, not the ‘transition’ per se.

Yet, ’ problems with transitions’,  continued to be, the NAS head teacher’s mantra in meetings.

Such is the nonsense allowed, to justify £177,000, tax free per annum, get Issy off the social services books, and remove her from her family.

A chance remark by my husband to the NAS  team leader, that he would like Issy home for a weekend, immediately, prompted a letter from our solicitor, warning us, if we continued to insist on  a 38 week, which we hadn’t, care proceeding, would be reinstated.

Such was the bullying.

And the illegality, as Isabel, had not  been assessed for any placement.

This ‘assessment’, NAS said, would be during the first 6 months of her stay, but this did not happen, and, was not mentioned again.

So the court approved, and the NHS, and LA paid for, a placement, that we opposed, and for which, Isabel had not been assessed.

I prepared an album of photos, some with bubble stickers saying, ‘Mummy loves Issy very much’.

And I recorded a DVD, of her mantras, routine, favourite food, videos/DVDs, and that she liked being tickled and messages from us..


But it was ignored, and never referred to by staff.

Such was Issy’s itinerant, impersonal, prescribed, yet charged for, ‘specialist’ autistic charity ‘care’.

We tricked poor Issy into leaving for her new home, by a return journey to the poo clinic, but drove past the hospital, and for a further 20 miles.

Isabel looked sad, but resigned, as if she had always known, this was inevitable.

She went freely with a care worker to the swings, whilst we were shown her new home, by the team leader.

It was a sparsely furnished, bare walled, clinical box, with a small view of a wall.

I offered to put up the pictures from her bedroom, but the team leader said this was not allowed, as blue tac would damage the walls.

With a pained expression of concern, she empathised, ’this must be the hardest thing a parent could ever do’.

But, did not consider, let alone discuss, why we were doing it.

Tissue boxes, were strategically placed in the reception, and office.

The buildings resembled Auschwitz.

Our social worker handed us a form to sign.

It was our s20 Childrens Act consent.

We had not been told the effect of such consent, or, that it would be required.

Once signed, Isabel would be, ‘a looked after child’, without a court order.

A prerequisite, to the NHS, Social Services and Education £177,000 per annum funding.

So this was why  we had been dragged through the care courts.

In the confines of Issy’s  dimly lit bedroom, it felt like signing a prison warrant.

I asked pathetically, did we have to sign.

She replied, if we didn’t, we’d have to take Isabel back .

My last glimpse of Issy, was from the car as we drove off.

I strained to see if she was happy on the swing.

I remained numb throughout the journey home, we did not know when, we would see Issy again.

Suddenly, on arrival, the strongest feeling I had ever experienced, hit me full on, Issy was gone.

Dark days followed. We wept silently.

We were allowed our first visit, 2 weeks later, in a cramped ‘family room’ for 3 hours, and similar weekly.

Issy was a sorry sight.

She had started to pull her hair out, and bald patches were clearly visible.

She had contracted conjunctivitis in one eye.

None of this had ever occurred at home.

She was also bitten badly, three times, in two weeks, by the same boy.

We could not help her.

Nor even comfort her.

Who could we complain to about National Autistic Society care ?

The Social Services, Department of Education, NHS and courts, who had approved her placement?

We were, as are all autistics, and their families, powerless.

Eventually after 2 months, we felt happier, having negotiated 3 home weekends every month, 2 weeks holiday in Derry Northern Ireland near her relatives at Christmas, Easter, Summer, and a week in Mahon, Minorca.


Issy 11 in Mahon.

Isabel was, as she would always be, a child of the state, but at least, we had her for a third of the year.

And NAS, ever commercially aware, could make even more money, as there was no deduction in their £177,000 per annum payment.

And, each month they asked for pocket money, and towards clothes.

We received £80 per month in DLA.

Isabel attended school fairly regularly in the first years , we attended 6 monthly reviews, and an education review at the school, and picked her up and dropped her off every weekend, bar one.

Her ‘education’, which, we naively, had had high hopes for in an autistic school, was not fit for purpose.

Her P scale attainments, lower than the SATs she achieved at 7.

She stopped reading, and could no longer write her name.

And received certificates for knowing the letters of the alphabet, which she had known, and could write at 7 phonetically.

The extortionate amount of money paid for this ‘education’, justified by her ‘condition’, which had been caused by a previous inappropriate school, and an impaction.

And the fact, the authorities were prepared to pay any amount, to get ‘these children’ off their books, and out of society.

Yet at the same time running million pound campaigns like ‘Tolerate Difference not Indifference’,’ Autism Awareness’, etc.

The 38 week placements had vans home to Sheffield, but Issy was not allowed in them, as she was not insured.

So, Eleanor. Seamus and I picked her up, and dropped her off, every weekend.

A Nightmare

I am in a nightmare.

Issy has been taken. She was no longer in her bedroom.

It hit me. She was gone. I cannot find her.

Worse still, what was happening to her?

What horror was she suffering?

Her pain, unheard.

And, I cannot help her.

She will never be home again.

Could I bear to see her, if they let me?

I awake.

She is in her bedroom.

Pheww….. I make a coffee, and write this.

It is my one day without the ‘education’ package.

Which, we have had now for three weeks Monday 10-1 , Tuesday 11-1, polished, affable PA of measured lady, who holds our ‘pot of money’,

10-4, 11-4, Monday, Thursday, Friday, with lady sent up from The Lodge ( Issy’s proposed 2 day a week ‘school’), replete with I- pad, keyboard and bubbles.

Lodge Lady is doing an autism MA at Hallam, but has a music degree.

I suspect Issy may be an unpaid placement, but am told she is not.

Neither, were given Issy’s care plan, I managed to force on the measured lady, and, appeared to know nothing about Issy, so all is repeated again.

Despite this, The Lodge lady, asked a string of questions, and, on my becoming exasperated, opened her arms out to give me a hug. ??

All is bizarre, prescribed, and controlled.

Impersonally, too personal.

Issy remains in her room most of the time, has banged the keyboard a few times, and made sparkles on the ipad, and likes being tickled by the Lodge Lady.

After a two week break over Christmas, both returned.

Bizarrely, neither ask about Issy.

The modus operandi of no enquiry, let alone discussion, of Issy ’s health, sleeping, eating, behaviour, as for the previous workers.

Clearly their must be a reason for this.

Yet, on Christmas Eve, the Lodge Lady, unconnected with anything, asked, ‘How do you cut Issy’s hair?’.

Their role and agenda, are unknown.

But, it is clear, they are instructed what to ask, and what not to talk about.

Conversations stop dead, or, are rudely diverted, on certain topics.

If you mention this, as tactfully as possible, faces are attentive, but blank.

And no matter how dire the situation, Issy in bed till late, distressed, up all night, and no respite, the farewells of,

‘Hope you have a nice weekend’, are never customised.

It is now Thursday, the lodge lady arrives.

I now, deliberately, do not mention, anything about Issy.

And again she does not ask.

Issy was in fact, up all night.

In my bedroom light on, for juice once, crackers and cheese twice

Education funding, as stated in Issy’s March ‘education’ report, is available until March 2015, provided parents consent.

We withdrew our misappropriated consent in April, and appear to have no option, but to consent to this latest incarnation, but suspect, the full funding, will still have been claimed, on the back of this latest provision.

Who checks the LA’s accounts?

We have no other support, or respite.

Our social worker rings, her first contact since October.

‘I thought I’d ring to see how things are going?’

‘I am having a meeting with the Measured Lady tomorrow’.

Why, I am not told.

Yet, this lady has my pot of money and employs her worker, supposedly chosen by me , and provides the package by my express consent.

And meets with my social worker.

Behind my back.

I reply, ‘as our social worker, you should know how things are going. As should the Measured Lady, if not, there is no point in you meeting’.

‘I thought, I’d ask you first’.

‘As you should know from the workers, nothing much has changed,  Issy still won’t go out’.

‘And I still haven’t heard anything about my complaint’.

She replies, ‘But X has sent you a letter’.

‘Yes, it was not about my  complaint’.

‘I can’t comment on that’.

‘As X told you she is concerned about Issy, and why she is not going out’

‘But I didn’t give permission for X to be in my house to observe Issy for intervention issues, but to visit about my complaint. ‘.

The social worker agrees.

But continues,

’Would Issy be prepared to see a psychologist, to find out, why she is not going out?’

‘How  could they achieve this, when no one else has ?’

‘I don’t know I’m not a psychologist.’

‘’The first thing, she’d need to  find out is what happened on the days, just before Issy stopped going out. And no one has or is willing to’.

‘It was the education packages push to her ‘independent’ living that  caused all this’.

‘Well what do you want for Isabel’s future?’.

‘Surely, by now you must know. I have told you, and everyone often enough. What anyone would want for their very vulnerable daughter, to be at home, cared for and loved by her own family, where she desperately wants to be’.

‘But surely you don’t want her to stay in her bedroom for the rest of her life’.


I am the abuser, keeping Issy, in her bedroom.

I left it, asking our social worker to send a letter from the psychologist, stating the purpose of her visit, her qualifications to fulfil this purpose, and what she intended to do to achieve it, and for the psychologist to be briefed accurately, as we would like to be, on what happened on the days, now 9 months ago, immediately before Issy stopped going out.

I did not receive one.

I also asked why, we hadn’t had a single hour respite from any agency, since October.

She said she hadn’t wanted to disablise Issy, a different excuse from the last, of being unable to find an agency willing to support.


The Risperidone Scandal


The above was published by the American Federal Drug Agency in 2008.

It shows the adverse side effects, of the anti-psychotic drug risperidone, trade name risperidol, since licencing.

Well over $5 billion, in damages, and fines has been paid to plaintiffs, state, and local government agencies by the manufacturer.

Please read in link the legal actions, against Johnson &Johnson in respect to Risperidone damage.

And now in 2021 they have a C VIRUS vacccine out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Janssen Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Beerse, Belgium and owned by Johnson & Johnson. It was founded in 1953 by Paul Janssen. … Janssen and Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical have been placed in the Ortho-McNeil-Janssen group within Johnson & Johnson Company.

In   the UK, we do not have an insurance based system of healthcare, so  such actions are effectively impossible.

Read here the shocking expose of history of Risperidal in USA, and effect on children.

I was unable to find similar information as obtained from FDA, from the UK Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Our UK’s system of censured, patient led, ad hoc yellow card warnings, and under used coroners inquests, make it difficult to even record a drug’s adverse.

As a cross party UK political Mental Health Task force in 2016, advocates the medicalisation of mental ‘disorders’, now at 275 ,and risperidol or any antipsychotic is prescribed to children, here in 2018 is the latest position in USA on the corruption of child academic research and the connection to our third largest industry Pharma.

Read it and see the danger in UK under the government policies and insistence that a quarter of school children suffer a diagnosable ‘disorder’.

Physical illness and even death, also result in conditions created or contributed to by the use of Risperidone, for example chest infections and pneumonia

Long term autistic, and those with behavioural problems on Risperidone, are often described, as physically ill, and it is most likely that the drug is  causing this.

Just check out the side effects that could make healthy autistic/ leaning disabled/ mentally disordered, physically ill.

Similarly, it is documented, that the drug itself, can cause psychosis and seizures .

In the UK, 2000 children, and 110 toddlers are prescribed Risperidone, despite these adverse effects and this has increased.

See multimillion scandal in USA, of Harvard Research  Professor who advised Johnson’ the drug manufacturer Company Executives

How his research could show effectiveness of Risperidone  in pre school children for ADHD, Bipolar, Psychosis.

How could anyone diagnose these disorders in 3 years olds ? And why would they want to ?

And, on what basis would they decide the treatment worked, and how could they determine the future adverse effects on toddlers?

10% of our total NHS budget is on psychiatric prescriptions.

74% of autistics, are on enforced risperidone or similar antipsychotic, despite its licence, for short term extreme behaviour, or psychosis

Some as young as 4, given this powerful chemical lobotomy/ neurological suppressive  as if  sweets with  school milk, and it is put into their fruit shoot drinks.

And ensures a ‘learning difficulty’ due to its proven effect on grey matter and brain shrinkage..

Research shows it  causes learning disability, psychosis, fits and unknown physical changes.

See comments of parents both in UK, USA and Canada

93% of Learning Disabled in institutions are routinely medicated with Risperidone or similar antipsychotics.

Recent research in 2015 shows it is used to control behaviour  alone..

And evidence, that cognitive behavioural therapy works as well as medication.

Children in  state care,  are given behaviour controlling drugs, mainly Risperidol, although Beverley Hughes, a former secretary of state for children, schools and families was unable to provide details of their use.

As they were “not collected centrally by the Department”. (Hansard 28/4/2009).

And are still not.

This despite 39 fatal NHS drug reports, citing the deceased, as having:

a “learning disorder or disability, behavioural disorder, autism, aspergers.” (Hansard 09/3/2010).

Our MHRA is paid for by the pharmaceutical industry, and largely consists of ex pharmaceutical company experts.

And autistics will find it impossible to communicate side effects, let alone, have them acknowledged and recorded.

Only those that manifest physically, will be discoverable- drooling, restlessness, crying, poo incontinence, impaction, slowness, imbalance, stiffness of joints .

And state druggers, do not do physical examinations and care is by ad hoc, itinerant, prescribed workers.

Anti-psychotic medication is part of an accepted, enforced system of autistic care.

Which produces a huge lucrative, reliable, and increasing market,  and GP’s are now paid by interventions and prescriptions.

Parents and the autistics are given no effective choice.

If, 18 or over, the autistic is deemed ‘incapable’ of refusing treatment under the Mental Capacity Act, if under, parents are forced to medicate on threat of removal of their children by care orders.

Despite public warnings, from experts, at September 2015, this is still the position in the UK, and no one, is attempting to stop this abuse of our most vulnerable.

The pharmaceutical industry is our third largest.

Profits support our economic growth, and, appear, more important, than its people commodities.

NICE guidelines, do not require a check, or even audit, of the amount, or type of drugs, used by state agencies.

And, are merely guidelines  which can and are ignored.

Prescriptions are at the discretion of individual GPs, and Children and Mental Health Service teams.

Managers of care homes are given a discretion under NICE guidelines, to administer drugs as necessary.

Regulations under the Mental Capacity Act 05 allow any clinical trial of any drug, or combination, on those deemed ‘incapable’ under the Act.

A godsend, to the pharmaceutical industry, as publication of trials, result in drug licences.

So, in this secret, silent, world of state enforced medicine, on those unable to communicate, how can side effects, even be observed, let alone, recorded?

Even when the side-effects kill.

In 2011, the privately run St Andrew’s mental hospital, in Northampton, only appear to have started investigating deaths, after 4 patients died, in less than 7 months.

And, the fourth patient’s, concerned family, instructed a lawyer.

The report to the Care Quality Commission, revealed, a recognised side-effect, of a 41, year old patient’s antipsychotic medication, a faecal impaction, had developed over many months, and, eventually forced his internal organs to shut down, and, an excruciatingly long, and painful death.

The report, had not been revealed in the first coroner’s inquest.

The coroner found systemic failings, contributed to the death, and the hospital’s failure to complete a physical examination, was a “missed opportunity”.

A physical examination, is basic medical care, of any patient.

But absolutely crucial, if you have a patient kept continually on high dosage antipsychotics, who is unable to communicate.

And, you are supposed to be ‘treating’, for a payment of £4,500 per week, tax free.

It is not just, a ‘missed opportunity’.

What is now being done in St Andrews, to avoid future deaths, of their 600 patients, detained under the Mental Health Act, worth 2.5 million per week, tax free?

: “Staff dealing with patients who are taking high-dose antipsychotics, polypharmacy [multiple medication] and in particular clozapine should be familiar with the side-effect profile and be alert to the possibility of a deterioration in physical health that may indicate a potentially serious or life-threatening adverse reaction or side-effect.”

How would such ‘staff’ notice ‘deterioration’, in heavily sedated, bed bound, mentally disabled patients?

With 4 deaths in 7 months, and the lives of 600, at stake, the very least the CQC should have done, was to make frequent medical assessments, mandatory.

The reason for these deaths, would not have, been discovered, or reached the media, had the deceased, not had a concerned family, able to instruct a lawyer.

Under the Mental Capacity Act, as opposed to the Mental Health Act Local Authorities can, and often do, stop all family contact.

The Court of Protection gags all information of the deaths or services of the adults under its protection via the MCA.

Why, in any event, is this drugged encagement, deemed ‘medical’ treatment?

Why are its providers, allowed to charge such extortionate amounts from the public purse, tax free?

And why, are these vulnerable, people, forced to live as tortured cash, and pharma cows for life?

In 2008, a large number of yellow card warnings, cited risperidone, as cause of death in the autistic, and learning disabled.

Today, with reports of 3 a day dying, this must now be far more.

In 2007, the only treatment offered for my daughter by the NHS, was risperidone.

The obvious reasons for her aggression, and unhappiness,a faecal impaction, and inappropriate school, deliberately ignored.

In 2007, I complained to CAMHS, of my then 10 year old daughters side effects, crying, incontinence, breathlessness, black rings under her eyes.

CAMHS informed, they could not have been caused by her risperidone, because they were not on their list of side effects.

On the back of such trials CAMHS assessment centres were built throughout UK providing 12 week assessment ‘pathways’ that only resulted in antipsychotic medication.Termed in literature as ‘control without restraint’.

My daughters unhappiness in her NAS residential school, and a second impaction, were then ignored again in 2012.

Despite, her impaction 3 years earlier, her aggression and a 48 bruise restraint trigger.

And her parents, spending over a year, flagging these up, to NAS, CAMHS, safeguarding authorities, and an independent reviewing officer, and demanding her physical examination.

Issy was not physically examined for an impaction.

Instead she was given anti- depressants, and build up drinks, both, known to cause constipation.

Issy’s PTSD, evidenced by distress, and, repeating the abusive comments of NAS carers, at that time in 2012  was used by CAMHS, NAS, and social services, as evidence of psychosis, to justify a 12 week assessment in a CAMHS care pathway centre, and permanent respiridone medication.

This horror would have happened, had Issy not herself, had enough, and been 16,  too old for a care order.

And, as, not a danger to herself, or others, difficult to section under the MHA, without our consent.

Refused to return to her NAS ‘home’, where, had she, it could not have been long, before she succumbed, to a long and painful death.

But CAMHS, by then, would have pocketed £60,000, and NAS, dependent upon how long Issy lived, £3,500 per week, tax free.

Thankfully, Issy saved her own life.

And,once home, we had her physically examined by our GP, and, cleared her denied impaction, and, removed two undetected, rotten teeth.

Her aggression ceased, except for the PTSD.

The figures in the FDA table above, speak for themselves.

74% of the adults, and 79% of the children affected, died, or were hospitalised, with life threatening reactions, some left permanently damaged.

With 7.8 million prescriptions of risperidol in 2007-8, the horror of the human suffering, these statistics, and Jansen’s 1. 72 billion civil claim settlements represent, is difficult to comprehend.

And for what, expensive chemical lobotomy sedation, with no long term gains?

Despite these shocking adverse effects being revealed by the Federal Drug Agency, the death, and, suffering wrought, by spin, incentives, and high octane sales, grew worse, not better.

Up until 2007, the Federal Drugs Agency had repeatedly warned Jansen against promoting Risperidone for children.

But were ignored.

Instead Jansen instructed its sales representatives to call on child psychiatrists, and children’s mental health facilities to aggressively market Risperdal, as safe and effective, for the symptoms of various childhood disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, and autism.

And, then in 2007, the FDA, itself, despite the known side effects, approved risperidol, as effective, and reasonably safe for the studied indications in pediatric patients.

And thus ensured even more deaths and permanent damage as shown in the table above dated to 2008..

Eventually leading in 2013, to Johnson and Johnson, paying out 2.2 billon dollars, in one of the nation’s largest healthcare fraud settlements in U.S. history, for inter alia, the promotion for uses not approved as safe and effective, and payment of kickbacks to physicians, and to the nation’s largest care pharmacy provider.

Think of the billions, that should have been paid out to parents in the UK, but our NHS system precludes this from happening.

The exposure of this fraud, was  forced by private health insurance company claims, not existing in our publically funded but now privatised  NHS.

Unlike the USA, we have no insurance companies acting for us, protecting themselves from claims of those medicated.

20 years ago the USA started, psychiatric drugging of their children, and now one in every 15 enters adulthood, with a serious mental illness.

And half of all those in foster care, are now on prescriptive medicines.

There is research, and anecdotal evidence from carers, that the use of respiridone can itself, cause psychosisin the autistic, justifying its continued use.

So the drug causes  a serious mental disorder you did not have, as an autistic, learning  disabled, ADHD, bipolar person.

In 2013, Janssen-Cilag, applied to the MHRA for a license for risperidone use for ‘irritability in autism’.

But then, the company refused to accept an extremely lucrative UK licence, as it was conditional upon safety monitoring.

The business risk, of monitoring safety, which should, in any event, be, the paramount concern, outweighed, a lucrative UK licence.

Yet, care pathway CAMHS assessment centres, have been expensively built, throughout the country.

They are the only option for the under 16 autistics, mentally disordered/disabled with behavioural problems.

So what is the National Autistic Society’s  advice, on the use of Risperidol ?

NAS website proclaims,

’There is a significant amount of research evidence to suggest that risperidone may be beneficial for the treatment of various problems faced by people with autism, including irritability, repetition and hyperactivity.’

Risperidone, is not licensed for irritability, repetition, or hyperactivity.

And, the NAS website link, into their Research Centre, contains little, or, no evidential support for NAS recommendation of Risperidone as the main/only treatment for autism, let alone a significant amount of research.

Even after 2008, when the European harmonisation of indicators of side effects, restricted its licence, to short term sytomatic treatment for persistent aggression.

Its long term use in children under 18, even for schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder, is not licensed.

There is not, a ‘significant amount of research evidence’, quite the reverse, two recent studies warn of the serious side-effects,

Studies reported in the Lancet in 2008, show little effect on aggression over a placebo

The risk of sudden heart failure, has already resulted in the black boxing of the drug, for the old

Evidence from relatives however shows that similar antipsychotics and even Risperidone are still regularly administered in care homes for the elderly.

We must legislate for such a warning and the end of the standard use of this and other antipsychotics, on our young, most vulnerable, and, least in need of such medication.

NHS’s largest spend is n drugs for the central nervous system– mental health with a staggering £1.95 billion in 2011, the 0.1% ‘fall’ spin is due to removal of two patents.