Issy is Disappointed. Kafka lives.


I wait for the lodge, and affable ladies.

It is 9. 30 am Monday 26/1/15.

Issy is asleep.

First night , for over a week without disturbances.

She was up from 3pm Saturday till 11pm Sunday.

In a good mood, but very demanding.

Lots of hugs,  few mantras, and no distress.

And eating , big time.

A whole chicken pie, sprouts, curry and rice, 2 weetabix

We weighed her.

She is 9 stone 3 pounds.

Poor Lodge Lady, may be mainly in the kitchen until 4,  as Issy will probably need to sleep now.

The problem with timed support.

Lodge Lady wasn’t here on Friday, when Issy was up all day, due to previous job commitment, all is slotted in by the pay masters.

On the cheapest  basis, for which the maximum, is claimed.

Help for Issy is urgent, costs a fortune, is deemed intensive, and it is 9 months, since the last education package, and it was 6 months in the planning all wasted on pointless meetings.

Such, are unaccountable services.

That  have no regard for Issy’s welfare.

Issy only got up at 2pm ,on Thursday.

The lodge lady was here till 4pm, so she was unable to do little more, than tickle, and play tunes in the bedroom.

Yet  on Friday, Issy had been happy, and  read 6 pages to me,and might have gone out with Lodge Lady.

As usual, I run the bath.

Go into her bedroom to set out her clothes.

As the workers will be here in 10 minutes, I do tell her, she gets up, but is very sleepy,  gets her nightie off, but doesn’t manage a bath.

The ladies arrive.

Unknown to me then this was the last time, I would ever see them.

The nice affable lady brought home made chutney, and clothes for Eleanor.

But Issy is not in a good mood,

I wished, I’d let her sleep, until she was ready.

Difficult one, as last Monday, was such a good day.

Issy had put her coat on and gone down the  drive, but scared back by some laughing girls.

Unlucky, but I know she desperately wants, and needs to go out.

IT is now Tuesday, the next day.

9Issyam, Issy has been up all night, juice, crackers and cheese.

We were up 7 times.

I run the bath, she goes in, but does not sit down, and gets out.

But after a coffee, I am successful, she takes the flannel and washes herself.

I wash her hair.

We are getting back to her old routine.

Hugh sigh.

I am tired, but jubilant, particularly, as Issy has now been up for 24 hours.

I think she is excited, that the affable lady, will be here at 10.

There is lego, and wipe books for today, in her bedroom.

At last things are looking up.

Even better, she says ‘book’,  handing me her favourite Keywords  book.

She sits and reads with me.

I think to video this, and she waits until I return, and continues to read.

I look for the affable lady, it is 10 am.

I open the door, and Issy goes out.

Issy stands on the drive excited, looking for the affable lady, but no one arrives.

Issy goes out several times to look.

By 11.00, she becomes anxious.

I am alone, and worried.

Issy is becoming distressed.

I walk on tip toes, giving in to non stop demands for juice and coffee, and mantras.

She is in a relatively good place, but now up 25 hours, pre period, and disappointed.

Particularly, as the Lodge Lady did not arrive on Friday.

I walk her down the path, we look at the trees, the bird in them startles her.

We go back.

There is no phone call, or email

It is 2 30 pm.

Issy is eating curry and rice.

She filled up one of the wipe books, she aims to please.

Issy tries so hard, shame her education manages don’t, they can’t even provide basics for their large, unknown pot of public money.

No one is scheduled tomorrow, Wednesday.

Poor Issy.

The phone rings.

It is the Adult Services social worker.

A worker, had reported, after their visit on Monday, that Issy had a lump/mark on her side, and, she wanted to come around to see her.

Issy hasn’t, and no worker yesterday, had mentioned anything to me.

But then, neither did they mention Issy’s loss of weight.

Kafka is alive, and well.

We await our fate.

Will Issy ever see her ‘friend educators’ again ?

The ones, we pay for, with our pot of money, and, supposedly employ.

And, would she want to, if she knew what they were up to ?

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