The Kafkaneque Nightmare Continues


It is Wednesday 28/1/15.

The day after  the storm.

A real storm rages outside.

Issy is asleep, up again most of the night, but this time due to the state.

Yesterday, the linchpin GP rang at 5.30pm.

Yes, it was quite a day.

The ever vigilant adult services social worker, who rang at 3.00, had asked the GP to examine Issy, as a worker, had reported a red mark on her stomach.

My husband had taken the call, and, was suitably enraged.

He explained, Issy, had now been up over 24 hours, had not had the best of days, as the looked forwarded to, education lady, had not turned up, and she was settling to sleep.

But, as an enforcer, the GP took no notice.

He must examine her.

My husband persisted, this was not the time.

There was no lump, mark. No pain.

Isabel was eating, and running around as usual.

I shouted, I’d send a photo.

I go to Sainsburys.

The GP rang again, demanding a visit.

My husband, caught between, not wanting to appear to have ‘something to hide’, and  my wrath, told him to ring back when I got home.

But the GP didn’t.

Within 40 minutes, he was in the kitchen.

Isabel was fast asleep in her bedroom.

I arrive back.

Beyond fury at the sight of the GP.

As I knew it would upset Issy, and, with the no show today, could put her back months, from her long…. Long…..long  awaited happiness.

It was also the GP, who insisted on seeing Issy last week, just to weigh her, on the hearsay of a worker, she’d lost weight.

And, when asked for a letter with reasons for his visit had just stated.

‘I understand there have been some concern about Isabels eating, and in particular if she has lost any weight over the last few months.. I would be grateful if we could arrange a visit to try to weigh her’.

Are we, not thought capable of being concerned about our daughters weight ?.

Why were these ‘concerns’ not discussed with us first ?

Are we thought not to be capable  of weighing her?

I am a conscientious objector to assertion, it is pernicious bullying, but, if continually asserted on, even I can let rip.

So I did.

But, as to be expected from a determined robot, it got me nowhere, except for some patronising ‘sures’, and some stammering.

The GP insisted on outlining ‘the process’.

Process, is all important to enforcers .

Substance, irrelevant.

Perfunctory adherence to procedure all.

‘conversations’  controlled to allow for this..

He told us, the adult services social worker, had been concerned, as a worker had reported, that Issy had a red lump on the side of her  stomach, the size of a small fist.


Wouldn’t we have noticed ?

Wouldn’t we have called the GP?

Why was she happy, eating, running around, and not in agony?.

And why had the worker, sitting most of the day in the kitchen with me, yesterday, not discussed her concern with me, and asked me, rather than the  social worker, to ring a doctor ?

Or mention it, before she reported it?

The GP agreed, ‘they were ‘all good points’.

‘Then, why had he not thought of them?’.

He said he should have done.

But then, he is not paid to think, just to enforce.

I then explained, what might have happened.

But as the worker didn’t discuss her concern, this was all conjecture.

The day before, Issy on her many attempts into the bath, had stood naked drinking my coffee in the kitchen

In front of me, and the two workers.

I was discussing Issy’s faecal impactions.

The last one, cleared out on Issy return home, our GP had felt a hard lump, inside of her lower stomach.

I said I felt sure, she didn’t have one, as she was on Movicol- they had just seen me putting it in her juice, and was not faeces incontinent..

The Lodge Lady said, it looked, as if the side of Issy’s stomach was sticking out.

I explained her period was days away, and this was just a normal ridge,  the other worker agreed .

Lodge Lady said no more, during the remaining 5 hours of her shift .

Other than her comment was bizarre, I  didn’t think anymore about it.

So, I took the GP into  Issy’s bedroom, she was fast asleep.

I woke her up, she got distressed, and pushed us out, and closed the door.

I tried again.

She came into the kitchen, but would not pull down her trousers down.

She knew I was very distressed, and this made her worse..

‘Mummy come into my bedroom’, she  anquished.

Autistics, are hypersensitive to others emotions, particularly, those  close to them.

Despite the philistine, state-suiting ‘experts’ mantras, that autistics cannot guage feelings, nor, form relationships.

I cannot show impatience, anger, or distress, as Issy senses it , and becomes anxious.

That evening, poor Issy got a double wammy.

She couldn’t understand why I was upset, nor why this strange man, was in her bedroom.

The GP, took an oath ‘to do no harm’, but, left the whole family distressed.

And poor Issy remained up most of the night.

The post has just arrived.

A letter to me from the head of the GP practice, the nice doctor, who visited once in May, who had said what a beautiful environment, we had created for our daughter.

I thought he was on my side.

He writes,

‘ to ask whether you mind coming in to see one of us to monitor your recently diagnosed diabetes. Ideally we would organise some blood tests, urine tests and a blood pressure test and consider whether you might need treatment. I appreciate you may feel reluctant to do this but I would very strongly encourage you’.

It is dated the 23/1, around the date of the meetings, we were not invited to .

I have not got diabetes, their tests were negative, and so was the one I did from the chemist to check.

But, if 2+2 does in fact equal 4, when everyone says its 5, what does the truth matter.

All GPs are now profit making cabals, and, in MASH- Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub.

And the Mental Capacity Act allows them to  enforce, any treatment.

I still have to face the ‘Lodge Lady’ tomorrow at 10 am.

This blog is not made up, and, it could happen to you.

And, is happening, in various ways, throughout the country.

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