The Mental Health Heist .

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Two years ago a cross party Mental Taskforce reported on the future policy of our mental health services,

‘There has been a transformation in mental health over the last 50 years. Advances in care, the development of anti-psychotic and mood stabilising drugs’

This report’s recommendations were predictable, as in 2013 NHS bosses had allowed the world’s largest pharmaceutical company’s lobbying company to draft the report shaping our future health policy.

At the time at least 62 Tory MPs had financial connections with pharmaceutical companies by then the UK’s third largest industry .

So the maximum amount of ‘customers’ had to be harvested and held captive for as long as possible .

The ‘advances in care

did not exist as attested  from even the perfunctory inspections of the CQC.

Here is the history of psychiatry to date and how it is now an industry of harvestors

So millions were poured into  building  private mental hospitals and ‘community living schemes’ bought up by private companies like the Priory and Cygnet themselves acquired by USA multinationals in multl million pound deals.

All from public NHS funds.

UK’s health and social care industry was ripe for exploitation.

More NHS public mental wards were closed .

NHS/LA continuing healthcare and support at home removed.

Any new admissions of autistic and learning disabled were only made to private ATUs.

Priory and Cygnet UHS/Acadia bought up most of community/supported living schemes mental patients might eventually be released to.

NHS Health and Social Care Trusts acted as outsourcers referring to monopoly, multinational services who were then given contracts lasting years from local Clinical Care Commissioning Groups via NHS England.

There need be no competition or tender as Priory/Cygnet were the only ‘specialised providers’.

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 had been drafted to allow such vulturing of the NHS by NHS England.

The plan was simple, create cash cows for life by a mental ‘disorder’ label.

Treat with antidepressants , anti psychotics and mood enhancers via institution or community treatment orders enforced by MHA section and/or MCA in secret inquisitorial courts and tribunals.

All in breach of patients’ human rights and MHA as, as there was no measure of outcomes they could not be ‘treatment’, or in an incapacitated’s ‘best interests’.

Studies showing adverse effects both physical and mental particularly long term, far out weighed any perceived benefits.

So the Mental Health Taskforces ‘transformation’ consisted of labelling, medication and removal to private hospitals, where corporate owners were given no incentive to cure as they then lost their customer.

And with no Medicare Insurance check , the spend was limitless paid out by a supposedly ‘cash strapped’ NHS.

At best a person was taken off section and put on a Community Treatment Order or ,as is increasingly the case, as the infrastructure is now in place , forced to live in community residential.

So from cradle to grave , the deemed ‘mentally disordered’ could produce ever increasing income for private hospitals, pharmaceutical and residential care.

And despite the number of signatures and petitions, inadequate/ damning CQC reports, campaigns , TV exposures, even deaths no one could help these captive consumers.

The system is honed by self regulation, no investigation of deaths, less Coroners, even narrative verdicts, no jury for DOLs deaths and no legal representation.

And relentless harvesting and pathwaying of customers from police stations, schools, workplaces, universities, GPs and community groups.

With increased legal powers given to the police to remove to a forced MHA ‘assessment’ via s136 MHA.

And ever vaguer justifications for a ‘disorder’ diagnosis, medication and removal – suicide prevention, anxiety, mixed conduct,self neglect or even those at risk .

No regulation or check on assessment , diagnosis or treatment and total reliance on experts employed by companies who profit from their diagnosis.

All backed and enforced by state authority with the NHS and local authorities given millions and legislation in MHA. MCA and Care Act to ‘safeguard’ the public.

Coroners issued five formal notices over the past five years, for care failures after deaths of patients in the care of the Priory Group’s hospitals.

US Acadia, bought the Priory Group for 1.28 bn two years ago and now owns nearly half of all mental services in England.

Joey Jacobs its CEO received 8,241,847 dollars in salary, bonus and stock in 2015.

On Monday Dispatches went under cover to reveal NHS ‘treatment’ in a low to medium secure Priory hospital, costing at least £950 per day per patient far more than public NHS.

Despite the extra millions poured into ever longer detainment and transport all over the country to private hospitals, Dispatches in it’s advertising of its programme maintained the lack of funds NHS lie stating dramatically,

In the grip of a funding crisis and with the number of mental beds plummeting the NHS is placing thousands of patients in private hospitals’.

Thomas Rawnsley dead 3 years. Still no answers.

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Sunday was the third adversary of Thomas’s death.

He was a fit 20 year old, born with Downs Syndrome , later labelled autistic..

Thomas’s abuse and death is a testament  of our society, morality and humanity.

His mother was not allowed to stay with him during his last night on earth.

Her access had been prescribed since he was 17.

She was not even allowed to be alone with him when they switched off his life support machine. No private rooms were available.

The only ‘kindness’ shown was an attempt to obtain his body parts.

Working full time, Paula was to bitterly regret her cry for help with a teenage Thomas.

Unknown to her, a yellow star was already next to Thomas’s name – Downs and autistic.

His fate was sealed.

Social workers came in, assessed, and were over critical of his behaviour – he had pulled down a curtain .

CAMHS got involved and he was medicated with halopidol and respiridol, an overdose made him fit.

Fluoxetine was added making him fly into hypnotic rages from which he recovered with terrible remorse., unaware of his actions.

As with all autistic and learning disabled, Thomas’s only support was his ‘ independence’ from his family.

So at 17, he was removed from his Mum, Dad and sisters to his own 24/7, 24 hour carer attended bungalow owned by Homeleigh Ltd, now bought by Cambian, complex .

But his ‘independence’ did not even afford him freedom from abuse.

For 6 months, a 4ft 10 inch Thomas was kicked by a large 54 year old experienced worker, into his bedroom , his fingers bent back with the words ‘lets see how many I can break this time ‘.

This was two years after Winterbourne View aired.

The Recorder said, ‘We have to respect those who care for our young disadvantaged’ .

Thomas was then removed from Homeleigh to an Adult Treatment Unit for more medication, as workers said he distrusted them.

Paula gave her job up to care for Thomas but couldn’t get him back.

As Thomas was worth too much – over £8,000+1 a week to ‘independent’/’community living’ as under 25, paid by LA. NHS and D of E.

And £13,000 a week to a mental hospital.

Thomas was the first inhabitant in his new ‘home’ Kingdom House in Sheffield, opened a month earlier, it had not yet been inspected by CQC, and was still half empty when he died .

My own daughter was to be taken there, the very day Thomas died, after her stabilisation in a holding bay/assessment unit costing NHS 16,000 A NIGHT .

A care worker remarked to me, ‘They are rounding them up and making pin cushions out of them.’ 

But Thomas would not be beaten into submission, his spirit was indomitable, and he died.

The Coroner postponed his inquest in July 2016, to allow an investigation by NHS England .

This investigation would determine the remit and evidence of any subsequent inquest.

Already Paula had had to crowd fund to pay for a lawyer and toxicology reports.

NHS England commissioned Thomas’s Cambian ‘Care’ via Sheffield Clinical Care Commissioning Group from Sheffield Health and Social Care Foundation Trust, a private company since 2015.

So NHS England would be liable if it found Cambian caused , or contributed to Thomas death.

Although the tax payer, Paula would pay the bill.

Below is a reminder of Thomas’s fate in pictures taken by Paula.

Think of the many not photographed , as deaths under MCA DOLs and MHA soar.

With just 1% even internally investigated and even less  inquests will be held when Medical Examiners are appointed in April.

With no juries or legal aid available at inquests for those, like Thomas ,dying under a Mental Capacity Act Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards .

Paula’s words posted before Christmas,

This time of year isn’t just hard because my son isn’t here to spend it with(although that’s hard enough on its own). Its the memories of a child’s suffering(my child)of him crying for me and begging for help, its memories of him telling me people are hurting him, of people dismissing us when we were screaming out!! ‘








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