How will £433 million Care Act Implementation money be spent ?


The government’s future Adult Social Care is only residential, in whatever guise, supported/ independent/ community living or care home.

Private institutionalisation.

Support in the family home, is not provided on the excuse of Local Authority budget cuts, to allow enforcement of government’s drive to  use the disabled as cash cows.

And servicing all the ‘disabled’ in unaccountable, secret provision behind the walls of the state has huge advantages.

Adult services workers need not be qualified social workers after the enforcement of a placement as ‘Care Managers’ then can take over and tickbox/oversee the only residential placements.

The model is simple; assessment, court enforcement and then private residential care with scant oversight by its commissioner for life..

A similar model is used for Children’s Services, through adoption, fostering, and care homes.

Such models transfer billions of public money into private business coffers, boosting the economy but at huge expense to the nation’s deficit.

And it  is certainly not cost cutting, as an average placement costs over £4,000 a week, much more for the autistic and ‘behaviourally difficult’.

If left at home with family carers are entitled to nothing except DWP £103 and £62.50 Carers Allowance.

Even if support by PIPs were given at £7.50 hourly care would not amount to such a sum.

Venture capital investors/multinationals who are buying up all  ‘care packages’  gain a secure,  source of increasing government income.

And a lucrative actual and future package commodities they can trade and make more ever efficient.

The vulnerable, are commodities in our main growth industry- public welfare.

And our government is determined to promote it.

But, civil liberties and human rights can get in the way.

As evidence, of ‘vulnerability’ , and risk  need to be obtained.

So the vulnerable are relentlessly sought by use of awareness campaigns- alzheimers, autism and mental health, and concern.

And, the definitions of Vulnerability, Neglect, and Safeguarding, are ever widened .

As many as possible must be harvested.

Assessments of  them, their home , and care, must be carried out, to provide the evidence needed, to process these potential commodities through the courts.

If they cannot be removed to state care by MHA section, or emergency protection order; these assessments must take place in their family home.

And, neither the vulnerable, nor, their family, must be made aware of the real purpose of the assessments, removal to state care.

Parliament, refuses to grant the state, statutory access to a citizen’s home.

So our government, is providing LAs, with £433 million, to implement the Carers Act.


This money, is to be used mainly on ‘assessment functions’ .


The decisions to be taken in safeguarding cases will have to be derived from assessment functions, not free-standing duties, that actually provide any alternative means to investigate or manage risk’.

But the state does not have any right, to enter a person’s home to assess it, or them, in the absence of strong evidence of abuse/neglect,.

And under the Carers Act carers assessments cannot be forced on a carer.

So Local Authorities must use their ‘assessment function’ to gain access to private homes.

The Care Act, puts LAs, under a duty to provide Carers Assessments, but does not put them under any duty to provide  support..

And, in practice, rarely, if ever, is any support given to a carer, after an assessment.

But LAs, have only managed to assess 50% of carers.

And, it would be interesting to find out, if this 50%, are still carers, after their assessment.

And, when  support is provided, the higher sealings are only £500-£1000 per year.

It would also be interesting to know, why our government, is spending millions, to  implement,  unnecessary, voluntary assessments for support, LAs, are not under a duty to provide, and, are not providing.

It is  important to note, that the Care Act, provides, that once a person is deemed ‘incapable’, only ‘approved’ support is funded.

Considering all this it would be difficult not  to  the real purpose of carers assessments   is  to find ’safeguarding/neglect and abuse issues.

And support workers, GPs, nurses, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, person centred  planners, development workers, occupational therapists, or,anyone, involved in home support, are  briefed to do so.

See here, an account of how evidence can be created covertly by workers.

It appears ‘assessments’ are the means of obtaining lucrative commodities for private ‘care’ and our government is prepared to spend a fortune on them.

Training and employing spies, and enforcers, under the guise of ‘assessment’, ‘support’, and safeguarding, to ensure an ever growing  residential care industry, rather than  long term family support.

So how are carers or the vulnerable to survive, these expensive state  Care Inquisitions?

Safeguarding: An established process, not a civil liberties dilemma



  1. Martin has never wanted to live with me (nor I with him) He has always wanted to live in his own home with 24 hour carers trained to deal 24/7 with his complex epilepsy. Our family has always promised him we would finance buying a house for him, and have saved accordingly. Now the MCA and Care Act have condemned him to a life of imprisonment in a care home in Wales, with no resort to appeal (no rpr no IMCA) Capacity declared permanent, epilepsy removed totally from dols. Today I pretty well reached the lowest of the low. Ive only seen him for 4 hours every six weeks for the last 8 years, and this is programmed to continue. Also no holidays, no outings, no education, NO FUTURE


      1. Yes, all ticked boxed law, and, a gravy train, that purports to protect, and empower, as is the legal function of the MCA and COP.

        s4 MCA that the wishes of the incapacitated, as far as possible should be considered, and the least restrictive orders made also ignored.

        And Martin has capacity, although fluctuating, but this could be said of all epileptics, even alcoholics..

  2. OMG that’s terrible. I am so scared for son, he has only ever wanted to remain at home but there is no help.
    It’s a nightmare!


    1. Yes Shelagh, it is a nightmare, and you are right there is no support.

      Yet, parents are unfairly assessed, whilst coping without help/support.

      Yet, under the Chronically Sick and Disabled Act 1970, the LA is under a duty to provide support for the disabled and their family up to 200,000 on education, care and medical ie split between these agencies.

      This is how these supported living units are paid on average 3500 per week, and the worse the behaviour far more, and drugs bill, and up to 25 an education package.

      Yet, if parents were to sue for this support, as they did in the past, the LA would say they are fulfilling this duty by provision of residential care.

      But, this ignores the HRA right to family life, and MCA s4, that the wishes even of an incapacitated person should be taken into account, to say nothing of the fact it is rarely in a person’s best interests, as required by MCA to be removed from their home and family.

      Thank you for your comment and email me if you want on


      1. Our Children needs protecting from THEM but, if we do.. we go to prison while they steal our loved ones and create “total Parent Alienation” which lasts forever and we are supposed to accept it and move on with our lives as though everything is normal.

      2. Yes, that is about the measure of it.

        And, the same is happening, with all the children/babies, removed for ever, again for profit, £30,000 per adoption, £900 per week fostering.

        We now have literally. over the past 10 years, millions of children, and adults, taken under the MCA by COP, and Childrens Act by Care Courts.

        This is no comfort to the children, adults, or, their parents/children, but has to be revealed as happening, and it will only get worse, as it is such a lucrative source of income for so many, out of our public money.

        So, we lose our children, our loved ones, through our courts, with our money.

  3. “Shared Lives” is the worst. £80 a day to a carer to provide a family environment yet zero if your loved one lives with their actual family


    1. This shows the terrible squeezing out, of the family, and what is really in a persons best interests, in favour of making the vulnerable into income providers for strangers on a commercial basis ie cash cows.

      Thanks for this information and comment feel free to email me if you want on


  4. It has been “three” years and counting of No Contact but, we “never” even had a chance to say “A Final Goodbye”. They just fabricated he has gained “Capacity to Hate Us and never see us again”. With an IQ of 59 and Autistic. How un-democratic, inhumane and disgraceful by the “Secret Court Behind Closed Doors”. If we dare make any inquiries.. we are threatened with Court Action and Police actions. We do nothing wrong and are told to “Go Away”.


    1. ‘Three years’ in a life time.

      I’d add barbaric to your list.

      And worse, this is done for profit ,not in yours ,nor your son’s best interests.

      How can it be in anyone’s best interests, to remove them from those that love them, to unaccountable, secret, all for profit purported ‘care’ ?

      Worse, this is government policy, .enforced by all agencies, and is happening to all ‘vulnerable’.

      And, all are gagged, and threatened, and, suffer terrible lives in silence.

      No other country in the world does this.

      Words are no use to your plight, only action, will suffice.

      You, and your son are human beings, and citizens, with equal rights to the law of the land including the Human Rights Act.

      This beyond barbaric practice, will, and can only get worse.

      Thank you for your comment .

      I hope the many, many more families in a similar position add theirs.

      Best Wishes,



    1. Thank you for the Reblog. I think as many as possible should know how much is actually being spent on the disabled- billions- and where it is going and how determined the gov is to capture us and our loved ones for profit.Best Wishes, Finola


  5. What happens if you have progressive illness….can you stay at home with 24/7 care…if home adapters or is this fantasy. Makes disability feel so vulnerable.


    1. As the present and future plan, is to provide social and medical care services for maximum profit ,it is unlikely, that if you have a progressive disability/illness, you will get much care at home, and this will be most through continuing NHS health care assessments not LA.

      Although, as Health and Social Care Trusts now mainly provide such care the funding streams are confused.

      But, what isn’t is, if you are removed to commissioned private residential care, then the maximum will be provided to these carers.

      But, as the private providers seek the most lucrative service consumers, complex physical medical conditions, will not be wanted as they cost too much in expertise and equipment etc provision.

      As more and more of the NHS is privatised, and in any event the NHS is run effectively for profit recycled, and it is being deliberately cash starved, people with such medical conditions, will find less support at home, and no provision except in hospices, which as far as I know, are not being supported.

      Sadly, and atrociously, I think this is why we had such a push for a Euthanasia Act ie Assisted Dying, and we still have ‘Liverpool Care Pathways’ in hospitals but in secret.

      Yes, we are living in an unspeakably ruthless age, where to be old, sick, poor, or in anyway vulnerable is a disaster.

      You cannot afford to be at the mercy of the state or even on their radar.

      NHS and social care are to be privatised, and only the most lucrative will get services, and these will be made as profitable as possible.

      This is not proper privatisation, but rip off. As the services are commissioned and overseen by state and we have no choice nor means of complaint.

      Sorry, it is all so depressing but the governments since 2000 have engineered all this.

      Thank you for your comment.

      And best wishes,


      1. Thank you Fiona. I thought as much and feel euthanasia and LCP is truly sad on this day and age. I read your blog because I have progressive condition and always worked with children with the aim of intervention to aid prevention and maximise potential that was my 1980 s thinking was .Then as you know the 1989 ChildrenAct came in, at a young age I became confused. I did not expect an optimistic answer sadly. Thank you for you time replying.

    2. What you might think of doing is try to find a good specialised in this work lawyer, sorry I don’t know one, but only if you can get legal aid..

      As under care and health legislation the NHS and LA and likewise their HSCT union, owe you a duty of care to provide you with adequate services.

      We also have the Chronically Sick and Disabled Act 70, under which the private providers are getting their money as huge amounts are available under this, for provision of health and social care, and if under 25 education with a max of £200,000 for all living, care, medical etc,

      The problem is the state may say on a cost basis this cannot be provided at home on the present working of their system i- an excuse.

      This means they can, if they have the provision, offer residential care, and this be held sufficient, to fulfil their duty.

      They cannot force this on you, unless, they show under MCA you are incapable of making such decisions under MCA.

      This is where it gets scary, if they suspect you may be incapable, IE self- neglect, refusing treatment, complaining in their eyes unreasonably, showing mental distress confusion, as anyone would, evidence of a GP/social worker is usually sufficient to suspect incapability ,, they can take out a s48 MCA application, and a county court judge, can order what he likes in the interim, pending a proper capacity assessment and then the state decide what will be in your best interests

      This can then lead to a deprivation of liberty order, and removal to anywhere deemed in your best interests for your care,

      Scary stuff


  6. To Jane thank you for your reply .j am sorry I can’t give you better news but as we all know times are not very humane so it would be a little naïve to say the least if we really thought we had a caring government particularly in view of wholesale cuts and no support.

    And its best to at least not be in the dark about the powers they have.

    Best Wishes,



  7. To Fiona, just to give you more info,I m waiting for outcome of continuing health care it just has to be ratified, out come maybe CCG approve, but what I don t know……a shower each day? We need bathroom adapting at a cost of £6000 towards the means tested DFG so were refused at last assessment ,5 yrs ago.We have spent all our money making our home wheel chair accessible., everything to stay. Just gone with flow of what we felt right but no option really. Care worries terrifies me……worse still the children and desperate parents who worry I expect. We need to have a humane country like you said lead by genuine MP s who want a better place with passion and love for others. I don’t know it seems we are going more than backwards. Thank you for your support. Some how one day I would love a plat form to speak, a dream really. I think it is very generous at the least to do what you do responding in a compassionate way with empathy. Thank you again


    1. All these adaptations to bathroom/ house are basics, which you are entitled to under the Chronically Sick and Disabled Act 70, and if we had any effective law, ie it was not removed by no effective lawyers, no legal aid, then you would be able to sue for them, and the state would have to pay.

      So this is effectively remove your entitlement in law, not just a human compassionate concern, and that is what is wrong with the country.

      No one can enforce the rights, they have through the courts, so they are short changed, and the money goes to monopoly, chosen by government, eventually venture capital to boost economy at expense of public money, the vulnerable and the law.

      We just need to be able to use our present law, but it has been hijacked by our own successive governments

      What a desperate position to be in particularly if you are like yourself.

      Keep in touch email on

      We have a ruthless system of care, which does not care, and acts and is allowed to act illegally.

      Thank you for your comments, Its the only way people get to know, what injustice and inhumanity is happening by our own public services you, and everyone has paid for.

      All the best for the future



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