ALERT, this “Pandemic” is a total scam.

we must examine the facts behind the shut down and total control of our world


Unbelievable to think, but after a lot of research it has become clear that this Corona pandemic event is a complete and utterly dangerous scam.

Even if there is a virus, Italy has reported 99% of victims had pre-existing conditions, half had over three, and the median age of deaths is over 80yrs, as reported by Bloomberg.

And in Germany, replicating the stats in S.Korea where testing is more comprehensive, the death rate is 0.3%, which is worse than flu, and which justifies a triage, with the 1.5 million UK people know to the NHS being isolated and protected alongside isolation of those who test positive or have symptoms. It does not justify the forced shut down of our entire economy, and the total devastation of the stock market, job market and pension funds.

John Rappoport explains the scam
In other words, this is no different to the…

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A tool of Global Control?

hitler-quote lie

What better time to create a phenomenon, that can control global/national and individual behaviour, economics and politics and promote the globerlisation agenda big time.

As the EU disintegrates

– Italy, the main target, wants independent currency, no migrants, and seeks trade deals with China.

By 7/4, Italy has been brought to its knees by the virus – no hope now of leaving EU now, its debts are huge

Merkel, has lost control of Germany to nationalist parties .

Macron is a puppet president at the mercy of a yellow vest rebellion, Spain wants out, and UK is, after a huge fight.

Spain’s death toll now surpasses China , as soon Italy will

Convenient, as both Spain and Italy  want out of EU and can now be bankrupted, to be controlled by EU.

Italy can be plunged into debt and forced to rely on EU loans and stay in EU see their desperation here by end of March,

Italy by april

During UK lockdown, EU demand delay of Brexit due to virus

Global, particularly, European debt is at an all time high, as more non exist money is eased in.

The Euro is in crisis, and only the minor EU players like Greece,Ireland etc are under forced compliance due to their deliberate bankruptcy.

The world globerlist hated Trump, is due for re election and must be stopped.

He must comply to any virus control, or risk his vote.

What better way to distract citizens from their economic plight and politics, than total control their social interactions, with fear of death, lock down and empty shops ?

The globerlisers are desperate, this is their last chance to maintain their agenda and seize as many nations as possible.

Event 201 was the World Health Organisation table top exercise into a global coronavirus pandemic held 2 months before the actual one

And one month before the virus appeared in Europe

Confirmed: C19 was in Europe by latest mid-Dec

They -WHO- self appointed, unregulated, now control all policy and operations.

2001 controlled the middle east, 201 the world.

To plough the world into global recession, with  below zero rate interest on deposits, so banks can steal individual depositors money ,whilst charging 40% interest on overdrafts of the businesses and people affected.

Create the biggest lie, Emperors Clothes effect, that must be believed,

as if not, death may follow.

It appears if you control the media and a few ‘experts’ you can control all on a whim, a prepared plan,

All that is needed is every media platform .

As Orwell knew information is all.

Facts and their source are controlled, and spun for fear

And even then, these are the facts given;

by 13/3, 798 in UK have tested positive, one death in Scotland,11 in UK, most with underlying health conditions

Far, far less than the winter flu epidemic.

The old and ill, most have serious preconditions- cancer, heart/lung diseases and appear the only deaths, and each day a new celebrity tests positive.

At 19/3 all schools, colleges and universities are closed. Cinemas, churches all put into isolation.

On back of 29 deaths in England the ages and health conditions of which are not given

144 deaths in UK.

At 20/3 a man arrested and faces jail for ‘failing to isolate’ in South Africa

Within 48 hours now a criminal offence in UK.

Where are our civil liberties where is democracy and parliament in all this ?

233 deaths in UK , at 21/3 POP 68 MILLION, HOW many old /serious health conditions unknown.

The max use of safeguarding, locking all out from any contact.

Max social control, psychological obedience to authority, which will have an intrinsic effect on all nations.

By 22/3 twitter/facebook full of those who think they have symptoms.

But , this is used by media to extra terrorise by saying there are no symptoms.

At 23/3 there are peculiar symptoms like loss of smell

Now BY 22/3, only 281 deaths in UK

422 in UK- out of 66 million, by the 24/3.

MHA emergency legislation allows sectioning of mental without 2 specialists, as Matt Hancock ploughs even more money into private, Cygnet 14,000 a week per patient hospitals.

By 25/3 403,000 volunteers, unpaid labour, helps NHS a billion pound making huge profit for UHS USA industry via Cygnet that has now bought up Priory Group.

We now have a do not resuscitate policy in care homes and hospitals that can only increase the number of official virus deaths

Yet now only 10 deaths in Scotland and 2 in Northern Ireland , announced with glee by media terror mongers.

All must be 3ft apart in shops etc and all are forced to outside takeaways and the old really suspect.

Community destroyed. All for self and hypochondria.

Schadenfraud rules-‘ I am not dead’ – they could be soon

At 23/3 with 8 dead in Scotland and Wales ie out of 5 million+, a stand in for PM if he becomes ‘unwell’ and many retailers close on High street.

yet only 303 deaths in England

Still ,all serious pre conditions of their health, or age, unknown.

Appealing to, and inuring, the most selfish/centralist behaviour

Yet 3 a day mentally disabled die in state care, actual death figures, not even centrally recorded.

‘Fake news’, any question of accepted media, is now a criminal offence

By 25/3 a quarter of the world’s population is in lock down

Prince Charles in his seventies has tested positive , displaying ‘mild symptoms’

This displays the problem undiscussed

What is the test for the virus ? – high temperature ? Cough ?

 would age and ‘ mild symptoms’ fulfil it

and a later death from another cause result in, death  from corona virus.

Creating statistics .

This accords with the main numbers dying being the old and those with serious health conditions.

Read here, noone knows actual statistics of those that would have died anyway from natural causes

This disturbing insight into the statistics is by the BBC, a known establishment mouthpiece

But comes 2 days. after a Boris announcement on the reduction of its funding.

What we need and do not have are the statistics of those dying each year from natural causes, and how many more have died  from normally, to create this panic/endemic.

All daily  media quoted deaths, are those dying after ‘being tested positive for virus’ but not crucially, dying from it

But, this will be dependent on a corona virus test, which appears so vague , to be based on the symptoms this dying group already have.

Rigging in favour of the virus,  ie those that died had the virus and died from it falsely alone, and making any exercise to find out if the virus caused their deaths pyric/useless

So a pandemic,  can be created resulting in total control.

At 26/3 we are kept now 3 metres apart, as we wait outside local supermarkets, as only 6 a time allowed in, yet all are crushed together in London tubes and national trains.

Government  plans to plough money into self employed- why to help ?

Indebting them to banks and removing their self employment to Corporate venture capital profit

40% interest on their overdrafts- profit banks and ensure they can’t remain solvent for long

And their unsecured creditors are not paid and ripe for take over by same banks

Provident has APR OF 532.3 % TO small loan consumers raising to 1,500% if paid off early

While 0.2 on savings paid and plans for negative rates ie they reduce/keep savings

Scavenging for max profit and monopoly of all services with total control.

By 26/3, 578 in UK, who tested virus positive, have died yet we are not told if they died of the virus or another cause.

AND 3.3 Million Americans have lost their jobs because of the effect.

On same day South Africa has been put into lock down, despite no deaths there from coronavirus.

26/3 Contagion movie on ITV TV back to back twice in lock down at home in uk

NETFLIX has Pandemic movie paid for by Obama

21 year old Chloe,  in all media has died of the virus, her family reporting no medical problems, yet coronavirus, was not recorded by the hospital as the reason for her death

She died of an unrelated heart attack and had not even tested positive for virus yet media reported she died from it

What does this say of media, and all information about the virus and those purportedly dying from it ?

‘early warning response’, from EU ventilator manufacturers, making profit, to feed into to prevention of death

Will they avoid deaths ? how much profit made? Noone enquires

All flights anywhere out of UK cancelled

Basic questions remain unanswered, yet the effect is economically catastrophic

What exactly is this virus and danger ?

Science, is subject to its pay masters and per se, ever changing.

SAGE the world group of experts said this in January- hardly sufficient for world lockdown

On 27th January 2020, SPI-M-O concluded that while there wasn’t sufficient evidence to estimate a reasonable worst case scenario (RWC) for 2019-nCoV,

the RWC for pandemic influenza would be an appropriate planning scenario at that point.

SPI-M-O will keep updating their assessment of the reasonable worst case as the outbreak progresses.

Appears UK gov will not release SAGE reports at 4/5

We must trust all experts, death statistics from whatever source.

for globalism advantage from virus see here,

An economic tsunami

Where did this virus emanate from ? Some say USA.

By 15/4  we are given the answer via mail on line

From the Chinese  Wuhan Institute of Virology,Paid 3.7 million via US national Institutes of Health

The Coronavirus was originally called the Wuhan virus .

Its genome has been traced to bates in yuhan caves, that the institute were experimenting on, and  virus was transferred to animals in a Wuhan market , where first outbreak happened

Same day 15/4 Trump stops US funding of WHO.

Who decides country lock down and policy of control.?

The World Health Organisation, see its 201 pandemic tesk top exercise for handling a coronavirus pandemic, that took place 4 months before the real one.and one month before it broke out in europe

Lets consider the power given to the globerlisers

The power to control politics, society, INDIVIDUALS and world economies, particularly iin Europe

To bankrupt and scavenge companies at will, and control currencies and societies

Already, UK venture capital is buying up airlines to avoid bankruptcy.

Billions of our money is available without Parliamentary consent

For what ? And for what profit ?

Venture capital, Banks will own more, monopolise more

by 5/02/21 Bank of England announces ——the planned £150bn of additional quantitative easing in 2021, under which it creates money and buys government bonds

Even the legal profession,, is given its final defeat, as solicitors are already made monopoly corporate venture capital backed players, barristers chambers 81% can’t survive due to pandemic

Some might see it as a health scare, others economic and political terrorism

Without the bombs and ammunition of a third world war, far more effective to maintain and further globel power.

we Will see the havoc that the after effect of this most audacious globel edict will reap

But, it will result in huge global control and profit, far, far worse than the deaths of a few .

far less than die in state care for profit and annually from flu.

A virus can control the world with few deaths and no investigation of its origins or effect.

The purpose of this ‘pandemic’, will be achieved without us knowing it, and as always, because of our ego, in our best interests.

Readers, understandably, may not have the psychological strength to consider my words, and dismiss them as another ‘conspiracy theory’, but remember, this term was created by the CIA in 1967 for such use.

Freedom of thought, let alone opinion, and the world are in peril.

at 28.3 the latest research on virus as 20, 000 uk are told they could die.,

As 36 die in Ireland, there is lock down but one million died of potato famine and were ignored.

Even history is mocked, as is all, on the back of a preventative health scare.

More experts crtise panic

Hancock announces 2/4;

More than £13 billion of historic NHS debt will be written off, to place trusts in a “stronger position” to respond to the coronavirus crisis. It was announced as Matt Hancock gave his first news conference since leaving self-isolation after he tested positive for Covid-19 last week. More follows…£13-bn-of-historic-nhs-debt-written-off-to-help-trusts-fight-outbreak/ar-BB125to8?ocid=sf

The NHS, was Health and Social Care Act 2012, given to NHS England, who only commission ‘qualified providers’,, mainly private companies, so this money will go to private profit,,, and ensure our NHS trust, is a bonanza for such future profit.

As legislation is rushed through to control our every movement- here exercise, one commentator on Law Society Gazette as follows;

Parliament has not reviewed the regulations, it clearly states on the face of the 11 page Statutory Instrument made by the Secretary of State under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 that no draft was laid before Parliament for approval ‘by reason of urgency’ which hardly rings true when the 348 page Coronavirus Act went through due Parliamentary process and was enacted the same day. The provisions dealing with events, gatherings and premises in the CA 2020 which were reviewed and approved by Parliament have not been brought into force in England. I’ve raised this as an issue with my MP.

By 2/4, 75% of UK Independent media is to close.

up to 50% of USA could be unemployed, and AMAZON abandon their small businesses.

UK is feed the daily increase in deaths,

with caption ‘died after testing positive for Coronavirus’, but not crucially from the virus.

This means. the more who are virus tested, will be reported as dying of the virus, death rates increased, UK control will be justified, and made worse.

And increased social distancing,, will prevent herd immunity. increasing the strength of the virus per se, and weakening our ability to resist its effect. as experts linked here have said. 

By 5/4 Hancock threatens things will get worse on police enforcement of driving and exercise regulations, a blog on the already possibly illegal police behaviour is removed from internet , as is the you tube video of a ex Vodaphone whistleblower on possible connection with G5 mobile masks.

And all/control appears possible, as more viri are coming from asia

at 6/4 the PM is forced for tests into hospital and now civil servants pressure his removal

8/4 Cats are forced indoors.

Blanket, ‘Do not resuscitate orders’ are put in force for the old, see AGE UK, in care homes and the autistic ensuring more deaths,,,, and increased statistics for the pandemic media PR.

The autistic, are now subject to do not resuscitate orders, as they are MCA incapable of any decision

Despite autism not affecting physical health, except the drugs given, which do.

At April 13th chance of a ventilator, if over 50 is slim, despite the billions paid to NHS, HALF A million volunteers, and cheap retired GPs return.

The NHS chart that will decide whether you receive ventilation if you need it

Why ?

All. can but increase death numbers, justification for all this, and lock down.

Half of deaths by 14/4 are in care homes, including autistic/learning disabled are made subject to do not resuscitate orders,,,,, and no access even to ventilators on grounds of age.

Yet this is used to show care homes are underfunded at an average of £8,000 + a week per person per week

As On ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Ms Ahmed said that care homes were struggling to source and pay for PPE, and prices were “not sustainable” for the care sector.

The care home sector is mainly now a venture capital private profit monopoly service enforced under MCA by executive LA/NHS, who commission the service and decide occupancy by Liberty Safeguards .

Its win win for care home, profit hungry owners,- DNR ensured deaths result in less care ,and more public money,,, and help gov. increase virus scare with more deaths

So what are they doing for their money ? And are greedy for more.

AS Health Secretary boasts we have spare capacity in NHS and Nighingale  Hospitals ,built at huge expense lay empty,

and ventilators unwrapped, half of all deaths in care homes, as no ventilators for old and do not resuscitate orders on them and autistic increase deaths numbers as now half of total in UK.

On 18/4 Still no end to lockdown and Daily Mail publishes ventilators increase deaths and oxygen masks are more effective in preventing death

So with DNRS for old, autistic disabled and ventilators deaths are increased as huge amounts of money poured into NHS applauded once a week by all openly.

By 19/4 7 MILLION jobs at risk due to lock down

At 24/4  19,506 died in UK after testing positive, again not stated, if death from coronavirus.

193,184 in the whole world have now died in similar circumstances- unclear if from the virus per se.

That is out of a 8 billion world population

Far less, 260,000 that died from flu in the world each year

in westminister there is no social distancing as public applaud NHS

the nonsense revealed, as NHS England, a commissioning body created by HSCA12 makes millions profit on the  created pandemic of corona virus

The latest from it is headed ‘Wonderful News’, a master of spin, showing Nightingale Hospitals not used,

despite limits on ventilators, and record DNRs on all old and disabled

GPs closed over May bank holiday. despite gov urging notification of health concerns.

urgent cancer checks not made by GPs

Media propaganda continues on 27/4, as we are told Coronavirus symptoms appear in children – breathlessness, hyperventism, often do in a normally active child.

Small businesses can get LOANS of up to £50,000, increasing bank profit, and risk of insolvency and take over by big monopoly.

At 29/4 number of deaths leaps as Care homes added

But why were these dead not transferred and saved by hospitals, that report a decrease in deaths in them.

At 30/4 9,000 police fines for breach of lockdown by public

So State makes millions as Oxford University signs vaccine DEAL more profit

A fifth of high street shops say they will/can never reopen

Over 50, should be last from Lockdown and fined if can’t prove age see mail on line

Scavenging now of all. is globally the only way to survive.

All .can be purchased for the globerlist agenda.

COVID-19 care home plans are not part of PCN DES, says NHS England
The plans for GPs to provide additional support to care homes during the second phase of the NHS response to the COVID-19 pandemic are ‘outside’ of the PCN DES, NHS England has said
by Emma Bower

No link to above GP on line as my free subscription has expired- freedom of info depends on money

Funerals must  be livestreamed no spouse, parent child, may attend.

Nightingale hospitals wound down on 2/5, as no admissions for a week, despite the huge deaths in care homes over 2,000 in a week- old, disabled, with a do not resuscitate policy.

Gov scheme to fund the businesses effected to be ‘wound down’ so all at mercy of banks- 40% interest on debts.

Huge figures nearly 3,000 deaths in care homes with do not resuscitate policies

A 98 YEAR OLD death has ‘presumed Coronavirus added as cause of death by GP, to surprise of relatives and care home managers.virus

Nightingale hospitals to be closed, 5/4, despite continued lockdown. As 54 treated within the HOSPITALS’ 4,000 person capacity, and nearly 3,000 a week dying in Care Homes with do not resuscitate policies.

No one enquires why, or the financial cost of these hospitals to NHS.

Deaths in mental hospitals double, despite patients being mentally, not physically ill, but Do not resuscitate policy for autistic/LD, THEIR main occupants.

Wuhan Labourites, after flooding Wikipedia, on the reasons, other than their lab for virus out brake, now on attack, with news of new outbreaks since lockdown easing on 11/5

UK defecit brought to 301 billion by virus and will be excuse for higher tax and wage freeze without popular consent

Lockdown allowances at 13/5

Even big pharma is promoted by the Sun newspaper as antidepressants protect from virus , already a quarter of Scotland and 1 in 5 in UK on them as the Soma of the nation

Our government’s stated wish to get the number up to a third of UK may soon be relised.

Billions,13.4 billion NHS debt paid off, our money has been paid to NHS England a commissioning body, paying mainly private corporations run for max profit under HSCA 12.

But now does not provide basic service GPs closed, only virtual service, A & E visitors at an all time low, urgent cancer treatment delayed causing death .

Here PM statement on this at 14/5

It’s important to stress that the NHS has always been running services for those who needed urgent care and has shifted a lot of outpatient services to video and telephone calls.
Trusts have been asked to start planning to bring back face-to-face, non-urgent services in a safe manner.
That planning is under way but it’s right that that process is led by local clinicians based on how they think they can do that without putting patients and staff at unnecessary risks.

So left to NHS, if and when, they decide they want to treat us yet applauded once a week.

Care homes are forced to admit ill people, instead of NHS hospitals, this increases virus deaths with a DNR policy in these homes, and a crisis that allows Gov to pay them 1.3 billion of our money to care home private corp owners..

These homes are owned by private corporations, on referral from private NHS Foundations ,like Sheffield Health and Social Care that owns most of them in Sheffield

So gov has increased virus death figure and venture capital profit.

17/5 So far 38,856 deaths have been registered in the UK where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate, including suspected cases.

So connected, now changed to suspected to have died from virus

But no proof they have actually died from the virus

Creating statistics

jAPAN with no lockdown, has few deaths , a different variant of virus is media explanation

UK SCHOOLS not open till September as most owned by venture capital as academies and paid gov money, our money for not teaching

Same with Universities

Medical records changed by NHS Trust to allow admission to care home by stating 80 year old, virus free after treatment in hospital, noticed by Care HOme manager.

She only  had a high temperature and cough so should have been diagnosed with virus purely on symptoms ? What is the test ?

This story proves  common symptoms of any infection are sufficient for virus positive and worse those that may have the virus have been mendaciously dumped in care homes and infected others

increasing  virus death statistics,,,, and justifying 1.3 billion gov payment to care homes, making huge profits for their private owners.

In March 1.6 MILLION to Local Gov,

1.3 million to NHS and Social Care for discharge support to adult social care

May, 600 million to support providers ( all private venture capital companies ) through new adult social care infection control fund

These huge amounts of money given without accountability for outcomes for those in care homes subject to a do not resuitate policy ,MCA DEATH in ‘best interests’,  with no ventilators, physical health care

Money, merely making private profit to effectively let die………………

5/5 media tells us to donate blood plasma in aid of virus fight.

2013 JULY,,, THE government sold 80% of its share in Plasma Resources UK to USA Bain Capital for 230 million- profit from voluntary plasma of public, and NHS public money and now pandemic used to increase plasma supply read here

Prof Dolores Cahill AN EXPERT, says no need for lock down necessary , as virus just one of flu strikes, 3 so far in USA, lasting 4 weeks the last one

We have preventions- vitamin A,D Zinc, and OXACHLORyne ( CHeck spelling )

AND deaths from virus less than 0.01 % ie 1 in 50,000 ,unless  over70 years old- those not protected in UK- when 3% max see experts below

yet all in media is max panic – why ??

AFTER record deaths in care homes, with a DNR policy- most homes venture capital owned, they now are forced to pay £100 a week more because of virus..

UK, Italy Spain, France  on their knees economically bankrupt- only funds 500 bn from EU no hope of and Brexits ….. banks now have total control

Billions private profit made from lockdown

On 26/6 GP online report – Hospital tasks dumped on over of GPs as COVID 19 creates a tsunami of extra work

Also that GPs in the dark over flu plans ahead of crucial vaccination campaign,

with a 500 billion EU recovery fund available, and even companies like Austin Martin failing, and EU stocks the only growth- what hope of UK or any Brexit now ??

Italy reports 99% of virus deaths had other illnesses as probably in UK yet both countries destroyed by the virus Why ?

5/07 Sir Stevens Head of NHS England given all NHS funding by HSCA 12, EFFECTIVELY without accountability is now reforming Care on Coronavirus. as the Act already includes Care FUNDING and he wants more- all will be qualified providers NHS England choose and private so monopoly, no choice no competition care already in place is bidding for even more money……………

If we follow the money– those that benefit from virus and the world bank involved in forum 201 preparing for it, we see why we have a pandemic – profit and reconstructing our world for total max profit and control


#Scaremongering #Covid19: #Coronavirus: The only thing spreading “exponentially” is #fear!

We are controlled by media here is the proof, Facts are now irrelevant in this age of media control

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Coronavirus: The only thing spreading “exponentially” is fearFewer people are sick each day, and yet there’s no sign of panic abating | Kit Knightly | Off Guardian | 5 March 2020

Shall we start off this little overview with some cold hard facts? Not the ones about death rates, and the flu, and clinical diagnosis. We’ve done that. A lot.

No this is just simple maths; There are, according to official estimates, fewer people with coronavirus today, than yesterday.

That has been true every day since February 17th.

Here’s a graph showing global “active cases”:

Here’s a graph showing the number of daily new diagnoses with the number of daily recoveries:

Here’s a graph showing the daily change in death rate vs the daily change in recovery rate:

To sum up, according to official estimates, every day for over two weeks, fewer people have the disease, a…

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