Purpose of Blog- To End ‘The Silent Holocaust’.

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My daughter Isabel



My name is Finola Moss.

I qualified as a Solicitor in 1981.

I was a specialist features writer for the New Law Journal, and Solicitors  Journal.

I started my blog out of desperation to see if anyone might help to do something about my family and daughter’s  plight.

My daughter was diagnosed as autistic at 4 years old but found to have no general learning disabilities and  strengths in visual and spatial awareness.

Issy attended the top of the league primary school in Sheffield until 7, and at 5 read age 7 books and could spell phonetically.

Issy is not severely autistic as Autism Planet  has stated in fact there is no such thing.

Her development, has been severely affected by her inadequate/inappropriate education, and her state ‘care.’.

As have the development of many other autistic and learning ‘disabled’ who suffer and die in silence for huge profit in totalitarian Britain.

They are illegally deemed ‘incapable’ under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, and  taken by the state at 18

to make billions for private monopoly  mainly US ‘service’ providers and  venture capital investing in the newly created institutions, laudably termed ‘independent/supported living’ now renamed’ community  living’ with  their attached mental hospitals for drugging to manage..

The following description of life in  such an institution is  taken from Justice For Thomas Rawnsley’s  blog;

‘Imagine YOU are trapped in a unit or a home which is locked,

you have no choice over when or what you eat, when or if you go out, what you wear, when you go to bed, when you watch TV, what you do minute to minute is dictated by people you have not chosen to ‘look after you’.

Your family are only allowed to visit occasionally. Staff are present when you have family time.

You spend hours upon hours unmotivated and not stimulated. You are ignored and neglected. The moment you try and get attention you are considered to be ‘acting out’.

At any time family visits can be stopped for ever as deemed not in the service user’s ‘best interests’ under the MCA.

Thomas was 20 when he died from over anti psychotic medication in a venture capital backed Cambian ‘community living’ ‘home’.

Cambian/lifeways adult services was bought by Universal Health Services US in 2016 for 379 million.

NHS England’s Head is a former executive of UHS.

Parents have no rights over their child’s care or treatment once they reach 18.

Local Authorities no longer fund centres, clubs, community activities.

There are no schools for special needs after 16.

Replaced by ad hoc, disparate ‘education packages’, that  purportedly train for ‘independent living’ mainly within these institutions until 25.

Huge amounts of money average £200,000 per annum is ploughed by LA Care, NHS and Education into the ‘independent’,’ community living’ industry, and is effectively unaccountable so ripe for exploitation, and cronyism and all powerful.

Facilitated/ forced on the excuse, of  LA ‘cost cutting’ and allows no other Adult support for parents.

It costs the state £77 carers allowance, now £62,50 and an average 20 hour support package with a carer paid £8.50 an hour and administrative fee. ie £ 260 per week, to care for my daughter at home.

At 18 there is no duty on LA to fund such support and now most don’t.

By contrast, away from family living costs  a minimum of £5000 a week on the deemed severity of a person’s behaviour/condition.

Yet the Autism Act is not followed and the institutions are mixed disability all receiving the same standard services of drugging to manage..

In locked mental hospital wards an autistic/LD  can command £12,000 per week  of NHS public money..

Without accountability ..

There is no measure of outcomes.  And ‘Community Living’ is enforced  by the MCA for life in a person’s best interests.

It is the perfect buisness model and means of siphoning off  public money to increasingly venture capital backed provision commissioned and overseen by LA ..

On average £82,000 for social care with equal sums added for both Health from NHS, and Education ( if under 25)  under the Chronically Sick and Disabled Act.

This was how my daughter’s £177,000  tax free per annum National Autistic Residential School placement was funded.

This money by law is made available to the disabled and their families, that is why the Act was passed in 1970, but the money has been hijacked by Local Authorities/NHS and now makes private profit.

In addition, all disability benefits, housing benefit, DLA, Mobility can also be claimed by the provider.

For what ?

Itinerant, unaccountable, zero contract care, provided by agencies paid at least if not twice what the care worker is paid for simply providing the work.

And, who can complain about the service ?

Not the service users as they are deemed under the MCA to be ‘ incapable’.

Nor their parents, as they would never be allowed to see their child again, and our gagged by the COP on confidentiality grounds under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

There  can be no whistle blowers, even if there where, somewhere to whistle blow.

Those that oversee the provision commissioned it, so would be liable for its inadequacy.

Families like mine, are now, due to changes in the law, which dictate social care, medical, and educational services, placed at the mercy of a ruthless, greedy state.

The old, disabled, and vulnerable are being herded up and encaged for life and profit under the Mental Capacity Act often illegally.

And used as a cash cows.

Once deemed ‘incapable’ under the MCA on illegal standard general assessmentsd by state ‘experts’.

There are no figures, as to if, anyone, manages to pass this assessment once targeted.

But, the effect of their failure is cataclysmic.

The ‘incapable’ becomes a non person.

No rights, legal incompetence .

Unlike an animal, he has no RSPCA to prosecute his state carers.

He can be forced to live anywhere, take any medication.

Any  drug trial,  therapy or research can be performed on him .

He can be made a  Joseph Mengele lab rat.

Even his dead body, is no longer his own.

The state can use every bit under MCA Regulations.

The learning disabled/autistic really are very lucrative commodities.

And as such, relentlessly and ruthlessly pursued.

And at least 3 a day die needlessly.

They are zombified by anti psychotic drugs, their moods enhanced with antidepressants  to make them easier to manage and to provide pharma profit.

74% of autistics are now on such drugs see The Risperidol Scandal post.

And encaging is easy .

The clogged up Court of Protection, rubber stamp the Local Authority’s capacity, and best interests assessments  tests.

All is done in secret, and all GPs, and agencies collude.

Your name in on all their sharing computers illegally sharing any information about you and holding secret meeting under MASH- Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub.

Charities are  funded and controlled by the State so they have no voice.

Our on message media will not expose this scandal.

That is why this blog, is so important, it is their only voice.

Their only exposure.

The rich, can avoid the state, by private schools, which do not have SEN, now ECHs funding, and can avoid an autism label/learning  disabled and state control,and those ‘on message’ are protected.

The rest are condemned.

We did not vote for any of this, and it has been put in place by a former labour and present conservative governments insidiously.

Whilst politics appear irrelevant, humanity, morality and freedom are.

Please read this blog, of what has happened to one disabled family, at the hands of the state.

And the law and pharma profits behind it.

And think of the evil, that is being done to so many, and all those who suffer, and die in silence, for profit.

And please help make it stop.

You can contact me, confidentially, on my email finolamoss@gmail.com

Thank you for your time.





  1. Great info. Lucky me I came across your website by accident (stumbleupon). I’ve book-marked it for later!


  2. You are absolutely spot on with what is happening. It is horrific. I’m speaking as one who has been sectioned four times now, and the reason I’ve been sectioned is to cover up institutional child abuse.


  3. We will fight and we will win.

    Who would have thought that our greatest enemy is our own people trying to destroy us. But ” we shall defend our island [ourselves], whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender “.
    Winston Churchill


  4. I am extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Either way keep up the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to see a great blog like this one these days..


  5. my autistic niece Ayla is in st andrews northampton, for almost 10 years we cant get her out and it is pure coersive abuse if you know any way, solicitor or means of helping us get her out any advise would be very gratefully recieved


    1. Sorry for not replying, but the answer is a harsh no I’m afraid.

      As we know from the increasing number encaged and no one released as they are worth too much public money to their private owners and this is gov policy.

      If you do get out it is only to another asylum named community/independent living often owned by the ATU owners who can then MHA section back to their hospitals at any time.

      Sorry for this late bad news which you probably gathered was the position.

      I wish I could do more best wishes Finola


    1. Thank you for your comment, and its getting worse, read what all parties have done to the NHS in blog.We are all being made commodities for profit with no rights over services, we as tax payers pay billions for- all UK scavenged…………..


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