Assessments at 4 years old… Learning Disability Profit, and Snobbery ?


‘Demography still dictates destiny for children with disabilities’

A socio educational piece, on the decline in upward social mobility, which appeared in ‘The Lancet’ last year.

Blamed the UK’s lack of social mobility in the past 40 years, on the mores, and lifestyles of our, once ‘working’ class.

Concluding, that ‘disadvantaged’ home life, caused learning disabilities .

And, assimilated a ‘disability’- an innate, intellectual impairment, with  a ‘difficulty’, due to a  different way of learning.

Supporting the government’s initiative to combine, the discrete state roles of health, education and social services, hence, its publication in the Lancet.

It predicted, at least 1 in 50 people in the UK, are learning disabled.

And was based on  reports from The Council for Advancement Support of Education.

CASE, is a merger between the American Alumni Council and the American College Public Relations Association.

‘ that the social gradient is caused mostly by education, and by childhood social, and emotional skills, such as self-esteem and locus of control—just those non-cognitive skills that are often challenged in children with learning difficulties born into less advantaged families’.

Intelligence, and academic ability are not mentioned.

Non cognitive skills- dressing, shoe lacing , washing, grooming, eating, socialising  self esteem  ,and ‘locus of control’.

Discriminating  against, and targeting  poorer households, and, the autistic,

Such non academic skills are deemed almost as crucial, to upward mobility,  as  education itself..

State schools are to be run for profit..

And extra  income, can be claimed for a child,  under a Education Care and Health statement.

And, this income, increases with the deemed severity of their  ‘learning disability’.

So there is a profit incentive, to create more learning disabled, and, increase the severity of their disability.

And, ‘skills’ teaching,  can be by  teaching assistants, increasing the profit margins..

The article ends with,

‘ If politicians truly want to be able to say to their own children “This generation did the right thing”, challenging health and social inequities in childhood is the place to start.’

Read here for the huge increase in special needs statements and children diagnosed with autism

But the politicians’ children, will not be made subject to this regime, as Education Care and Health Statements, do not apply to private schools.

And, were they to be, state educated, they would probably have sufficient ‘locus of control’ and self esteem, from their middle class upbringing.

Read this Article in the Guardian this week on the discrimination against the ‘working classes’ in education.

Private schools, spend the same amount per pupil, as state ones, but, the quality of education, is protected from exploitation, by reputation, and competition

So, the poor, are deemed poor, because they are feckless,

And, do not progress socially, because their class, automatically disables them.

This is classism at its worst.

And the state can  control, these ‘learning disabled families’, with even more classism, via social workers  with the ever present threat of draconian care orders.

Supported by such reports and ‘research’, the government announced its proposals for assessments of 4 year olds this year.

Ignoring our already disastrous reading, and numeracy attainments, and, evidence from other countries such as Germany that ‘too much too soon’ is damaging children.

Einstein didn’t talk till 4, or read till 7, would be labelled learning disabled, and written off.

Yet, the government refuses to select on either IQ, or academic achievement at 11/13 ,

And reintroduce grammar schools, the removal of which, caused, the decline in the social mobility, they are purporting to  remedy.

For the past 30 years, IQ tests, and academic selection, have been almost eradicated, and, education dumbed down.

Replaced by the ethos, that anyone, can achieve, simply by hard work, and now by a locus of control,  self esteem, and non cognitive skills.

In the state only, brave new world of factory for profit education, intelligence, and academic ability, are replaced by  psychology, self control, and ‘skills’.

And, equality of opportunity equated to , equality of academic ability.

But only for the sheep.

Our future leaders, will  retain their position at the top, via their private education.

Whilst the public are factory farmed, and used as  tools, or commodities.

MENCAP’s smoking worker and the real story behind that photograph?


So what is the real story, behind this now infamous photo, placed anonymously, on  MENCAP’s website.

Steve Baker Regional Director of MENCAP services commented,

Our priority now, as always, is ensuring that we offer the highest quality of care to our beneficiaries so they live the lives they choose.’

How could any person, designated to mental supported living have any choices?

As they are expressly, or impliedly deemed ‘ incapable’ of any decision under the MCA..

And every decision is then made for them by their care provider.

When they wash, how they wash, when they get up, what they eat, who they see, who talks to them, who ignores them, what medication they take, when, and where they go.

They are in law made non people, but still Mr Baker propagands the ‘person centred’ regime.

Everyone was quick to demonise  the ‘smoking’ care worker, immediately suspended..

But how, when most are volunteers, or itinerant, zero hour workers.

It is difficult to find a media outlet, local, or national that did not cover this photograph.

ITV, Mail, Telegraph, Mirror, Independent, Star.

Facebook  250,000 comments.

What does this tell us about our media ?.

When, similar images of our  disadvantaged, old, disordered, intellectually impaired ( the new term for retarded), are to be seen daily, everywhere in similar circumstances.

As, this is now their ‘life in the community’.

No longer, are they seen with their parents shopping, or in community centres , or with relatives/friends, neighbours, hanging around their homes.

But, in lines, policed , by ‘care workers’ in shopping molls, art galleries,  supermarkets, parks.

Appearing, at best scared and bewildered, at worst, swaying from side to side making noises and drooling, oblivious to their surroundings.

They were not born like this.

Society, has made them like that for their own benefit.

They are individuals, somebody’s son and daughter, sister, brother, friend, but remain alone, isolated, and tortured, prevented from forming any human, or even animal contact, in their risk assessed, profit hungry captivity.

Here, are just a few public observers’ comments of these vulnerable citizens, posted in response to this photograph..

‘I have never seen happiness in the faces of those herded sans choice round a shopping or town centre. I saw a miserable man who had wet himself in a group the other day. I drew a worker to one side, not well received, was pointed out only two to support two wheelchairs and 4 walking/trailing behind, an impossible task’.

‘This happens so often and worse. So often i see 2 carers taking patents out and totally ignoring them. Sometimes even dumping them at one table at costa coffee and them sitting at another a couple of tables away and when you complain you get rude remarks and told they are entitled to breaks.’

Thomas Rawnsley died at 20, in enforced care, after two years of known abuse, and no one covered his story, and all, is now silent about his inquest,

How did the photographer, know this was a MENCAP care worker, and how, and why did it get such totalitarian media attention?.

MENCAP’s care provision, in the last 6 months, has been made subject to, what appears to be a disproportionate amount of ‘unannounced’ inspections by CQC and, at least one has been put under special measures.

Thomas Rawnsley’s inspection of  Kingdom House, where he died was announced, even after concerns, were raised, and it was CQC’s first inspection.

In 2013 Midland Mencap, held the highest quality ratings with The Care Quality Commission, OFSTED & Supporting People

I wonder if this is still the case

The government’s future for all mentally disadvantaged, appears to be ever larger, monopoly, venture capital backed ‘supported living’, that control  all training, and facets  of its  care..

MENCAP has already sold some of its training colleges to Lifeways, now Cambian venture capital.

Maybe, the smoking care worker, the  media, OFSTED and CQC, are merely  tools, to ensure the government’s vision for all mental health care can be realised.




National Mental Capacity Action Day- an Executive Subversion?


Social Care Institute for Excellence, a quango which faced the axe in 2010 has declared today, National Mental Capacity Act Action Day.

One wonders what that means, and what purpose it services.

Baroness Ilora Finlay, Chair of the National Mental Capacity Forum is inviting submissions

to highlight work that has raised awareness and improved implementation of the MCA’.

Submissions from ‘professionals’ only.

But what will be interpreted,  as improved implementation’.

Is this a veneer over the present illegal implementation of the MCA as highlighted in 2014  in the House of Lords Select Committee Report ?

Does this ‘improved implementation’  remedy the illegal implementation of he MCA and satisfy the Human Rights Act ?

Or is this ‘improved implementation’ merely mean that the boxes should be ticked to disguise the present illegal implementation ?

In view of the fact there hasn’t  been any change in the  way the MCA is being implemented  one can only assume the later.

So is the following the ‘improved implementation’ ?

The appointment of an IMCA, RRP, who can take no part in ‘the best interest’s’ decision, having merely a right to consultation and to ‘support’ and inform the  incapable,  usurping family members, despite an MCA Code of Practice providing their appointment should only be in absence of family members.

These IMCAs, RRPs and Official Solicitors are appointed and paid by the state so not independent  yet purport to give family and the ‘incapable’ rights.

The  Official Solicitor  costs huge sums of legal aid to ‘represent’ the ‘incapable’ but like the IMCA, RRP, is rarely able to communicate with him and mainly duplicates the work of the Local Authority/Health Trust lawyers in breach of his legal role of representation as the incapable’s Next Friend.

A capacity test performed by an expert, chosen, paid, and remitted by the state.

On a  Standard Form, which allows incapacity to be based illegally under the MCA on the condition, and presentation of a person.

And, a Court of Protection that uses standard general capacity  assessment orders, again illegal under the Act.

Whilst, the MCA  and Code sec 4 provide, that a capacity assessment should only be undertaken, of a specific decision, that is needed to be made  at a specific time without delay in a person’s best interests.

And, the expert assessing is not usually  the person involved with the person’s day to day care as required by the MCA Code of Practice.

An expert, who makes no attempt to maximise the person’s capacity, as required by s1

The capacity test removes a person’s legal competency purely because that person is ‘disabled’, and is therefore, illegal, under the United Nations Directive on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Improved implementation’, which renders a person effectively insentient, when the purpose of the Act, was to empower that person.

An Act purportedly drafted to ensure that decisions were not being made on  behalf of the vulnerable, if they were capable of making them.

This, ‘Improved implementation’, instead removes all autonomy and freedom and allows every daily decision to be made by an all for profit ‘care provider’.

‘Improved Implementation’, that allows the Court of Protection,  themselves to declare incapacity which must be presumed until proven otherwise under s1 of the MCA.

And then apply this incapacity,  retrospectively, to invalidate  Powers of Attorneys the  incapables have signed as they want, their family to make decisions, about their future care and medication.

Courts, that ignore that the functional test presupposes, an expert can know the workings of a person’s mind, which is impossible per se, and, particularly, if autistic

And is, completely discriminatory, in respect to the autistic, and learning disabled, because of their communication difficulties, and the fact other people are not made subject to capacity assessments. .

Let us not allow the executive, to subvert an Act, which can effectively remove anyone’s autonomy for life,  on an inquisitorial basis, in secret, and is still being implemented illegally.

And, exists only in England and Wales.

Enforced Medication of Learning Disabled/ Autistic.

11140049_738957042881532_6240991906647090532_n (2)

The face of enforced medication.

They are rounding them up and making pin cushions of them’.

Quote from a Sheffield Care worker.

68% of people with learning disabilities, in institutions, are on many anti psychotic medications.

Of these 68%, over 90%,are being coshed with them regularly.

Despite the fact, that they have not been diagnosed, with any mental illness, let alone the most serious psychosis.

Antipsychotics, are a group of medicines, mainly used, to treat mental health illnesses, such as schizophrenia, or mania caused by bipolar disorder,  severe depression, and severe anxiety.

They are only licenced for psychosis and on a short term-3 months- basis for acute/severe behavioural problems.

They are not recommended long term for mere behavioural management, a learning disability, or autism..

Antipsychotics are major tranquillisers, the strongest form of neurosuppressant. .

Studies show schizophrenics do not like taking them, as they make them feel like zombies, emptied out, willpower drained, lives meaningless.

They are a chemical lobotomy.

They make a person physically and mentally unable to reactive/oppose, and totally compliant.

In studies animals became immobile, and did not resist being passively put into abnormal positions, but as they are not as drowsy as other sedative type drugs, a person is not asleep.

So the ideal drug for the most efficient profitable  care control and the most expensive.

Leading Psychiatrists, have publically called for an end to this use

And, the Association of Amercian Psychiatrists, warn they should not be combined, strictly monitored, and, there should be pre health assessments.

But, this does not  happen, in the prescription tick boxing, of our supported, for profit living institutions.

And, the LD/autistic cannot complain of a drug’s side effects.

In addition, the autistic/LD, are often, treated with ‘mood enhancers’ – anti depressants

Antidepressants, are drugs used for the treatment of major depressive disorder and other conditions, including dysthymia, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, chronic pain, neuropathic pain and, in some cases, dysmenorrhoea, snoring, migraine, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), addiction, dependence, and sleep disorders.

But, are  not recommended, for merely having behaviour problems, learning difficulties, or autism.

Leading experts, oppose their use, saying, anti depressants, do more harm than good, and, this is to patients, who do have mental illness, and, can describe their side effects..

All medication prescribed in the UK, is licensed by the Medicines and Health products Regulatory Authority (MHRA)

But GPs, psychiatrists, can, and, increasingly do, choose to prescribe medication, ‘off licence’, for purposes, and at dosages, not recommended.

Particularly, as they are paid on the number of interventions, and prescriptions.

And, are targeted, and incentivised, by the UK’s third largest industry- pharmaceutical.T

NICE guidelines are just that.

Guidelines, which many professionals, and NHS Trusts, do not follow.

Therefore, there is no effective regulation, or, control on the use of prescription drugs in the UK.

Or, even, proper monitoring of the amount, dosages, and combinations.

All is left, to an on message professional, signing a script with minor adjustments, for life.

A professional, with little, or no involvement, in the day to day care, of the patient he prescribes for..

And,  no accountability for the medication he prescribes.

And, this medication, is enforced, and, unquestioned, in the ‘incapables’ ‘best interests’, under the MCA  on adults, and, by  Care Orders on children.

And, despite, these autistic and learning disabled ‘incapables’, having no diagnosed mental illness, let alone, a severe one.

And, despite, no attempt at behaviour management, or physical assessment,

Nor, investigation into a physical cause, for their behaviour, or, even any  pain, these patients, who have communication difficulties, may be suffering.




n or control of the use of prescription drugs in the UK.

Or even a check on the amount prescribed, their dosages or us.

All is left to an on message professional signing a script for life.

A profession with little on no involvement with the day to day care of their patient.

And no accountability for the medicines he prescribes.












What Happened in Thomas Rawnsley’s Final Weeks?

12310476_804974306279805_4058742453218544450_n (2)

‘It seems I alone have to prove Thomas died because of so many failings’

Paula Rawnsley, Thomas’ Mother.

Here, she describes the weeks before he died in the IamThomas Facebook site.

Then they had enough, of this increasingly complex young man and his troublesome mum, so they went to the court of protection, to place him in an untried, untested holding bay in Sheffield (Kingdom House), when they had in fact been told, by an independent hospital managers hearing, they had broken, so many codes of practice and must lift Thomas’ section and find Thomas, a robust care package in his local community!!

They didn’t want to do this, so told the judge at the court of protection hearing, if he was to stay in their ATU one moment longer they would close it down and move every patient there out of area

So there Thomas’ death sentence was set!

We know he was treated appallingly at Kingdom House, but we don’t know how he came to die.

Media come and ask for Thomas’ story only to disappear without telling it!

( as it did not fit the honed PR, of abuse in Public ATUs, Thomas’ private Cambian provision being the solution to Winterbourne not the problem)

Why?? Where’s  the anger and the public outcry??

Why is my beautiful boy being dismissed again??

Yes we all really fucked up here and made Thomas Rawnsley’s  life a living nightmare, placed his poor body and mind under unimaginable stress and if we hadn’t he would still be here”

I know that won’t happen, and I know, we have so long to wait and so much work to do but what do I do in between to keep Thomas’ memory alive?

How do I keep him, his life, and also his horrific, completely preventable death in the forefront of people’s minds?

How do I deal with waiting to find out how he died? What killed him?

I’ve read their horrific versions of events and nothing makes sense.

Why was my son naked and covered in his own excrement when the paramedics came?

What happened?

He’d gone, without knowing, I was there holding him, and willing him to live, without seeing me for a whole week before his collapse.

I believe he’d actually gone in that hell hole with a man he hated, and had made allegations about by his side, although I don’t know, because I don’t know which of the three accounts, if any are true, and he laid there dying with an injury on his torso that was caused in the days leading up to his death.

12321480_804974259613143_5123927975648449914_n (2)

An expert, paid by the state, gave evidence, that this injury to Thomas’ torso, could not have been caused by a carpet burn, and, was a skin condition.

This, was later proved incorrect, by a care worker, admitting it was a carpet burn.

Thomas appeared, to have been dragged around desperately ill, and drugged, for £4,000 per week, weeks  before  his fatal collapse,

His Mother continues;

He died only three weeks after a meeting, where both myself, and his father were frantically telling the authorities, they were going to kill our son,

because Thomas’ physical and mental health had deteriorated, and his allegations, were being ignored, only to be told, we were being intimidating, and the meeting should be halted, and a court should decide.

 A court,  that had already decided Thomas should be moved away from his family, to a holding bay, with no experts in learning disabilities or autism, and without medical staff.

A holding bay who’s management, were only interested in collecting the thousands of pounds every week that having Thomas there brought them.

Thomas died only a week after yet another meeting about his return home, where yet again we were told that nothing had moved regarding a return home for Thomas, and the authorities, and their legal representatives, only became animated, when the media were mentioned, and we were told

under no circumstances could we go to the media.

Today, I am sorting through a mountain of paperwork, because it seems that I alone, have to prove Thomas died because of so many failings, and it’s destroying me, because I’m reading through arguments, fears, lies and my desperation to get Thomas home and safe when he is in fact dead.

 In my eyes, I believe he was tortured and killed by people, who still have their jobs, families, freedom and who don’t give a damn about the life taken, and the lives ruined by their actions!!’

The Court of Protection, Local Authority and Thomas’ own legal representative, the Official Solicitor found Lifeways/Cambian ‘care’ to be in Thomas’ ‘best interests’ under the Mental Capacity Act.

They recommended and ordered it.

Thomas, had no choice, or rights nor did his parents.

But, our state appears, not to allow  accountability or even truth.

And, Thomas’ death, can but be, one of many, as the LD/ASD  are dying in record numbers.

We will never know their  fate, nor that,  of  the disappeared, encaged in secret .

Only that, it will continue, and worsen, as profit, jobs, and economic growth, are dependent upon such horror.

It is difficult to imagine, a worse evil, than a state, that removes its most innocent and vulnerable from loving families to such hell, and a nation that stands back and allows it to happen.

Here is a video of Thomas, taken by his mother, two days before he died in Kingdom House