Common Purpose Rules the world for Profit


What if you planned to control the world, and every Nation for profit ?

All Nations’ currency, exchange rate, infer structure and livelihood.

Establish a very secret global, and national common purpose network.

A purpose of collaboration, diversity, world liberalisation,unification and local community,

As who could oppose such a liberal, moral, laudable aim ?

Why would we all not work together to help our fellow man ?

But such a purpose has the potential to Create the greatest Evil and profit, from the greatest apparent Good.

You would need to ignore the laws of that Nation, Nations and nationality, must be destroyed- so you need to Rule ‘outside authority’- the Nation’s law.

Tee shirts with ‘no nationality’ are worn by youth.

You need Leaders, that must be followed

Most of all to keep your Intention/purpose secret, by a maximum ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ modus.

A mere whiff of exposure by the Daily Mail ended the Leveson Enquiry.

Exposure of what ?

An innocuous ‘education/ charity, Common Purpose UK ?

But shown to have tentacles from top to bottom- government, media, education. Police , NHS, LA

And so the Common Purpose movement, and Common Purpose UK,with an equivalent in every Nation, starting big time with the EU, was born

There are no, even ethnic beggars in Sorrento, Italy, an apparent haven for globalist elite, but Rome is besieged by orchestrated, i-poned afro-Caribbean, trained to feed their importers.

and this is indicative of the whole…..

World War 3 was silent, insidious, unseen, and deadly.

Letter to Social Services re Issy’s abuse in NAS Robert Ogden School

National Autistic Society  was being paid over 177,000 a year by LA NHS for this ‘education’ from public money tax free.

Thats over £200,000 per year.

NAS solution to Issy- A Referral to CAMHS in 2012 and drugging on PROZAC.

Issy refused to go back to their ‘school’ in 2012, and has since been living with her parents.

Paid £63.15 p a week to care for her 24/7 without support.

In contrast to £10,000 a week to cambian,lifeways kingdom house if Issy in community living.

There has never been any accountability for what was done to her, nor the millions spent on doing it.

Letter to social worker 15th March 2011

I am writing to you to raise a number of concerns.

Firstly, I visited Isabel at Clayton Croft yesterday afternoon to have tea with her. When Isabel was brought into the Family Room, I noticed a series of bruises on both her left arm primarily, and on her right arm. I counted these and there were roughly 12 on her left arm, (that I could see and that were visible), and 6-7 on her right arm. Just before leaving Isabel at 6pm, I asked one of the care workers what had happened Issie ?? and what had caused the bruises. She said there had been an ‘incident’ at Robert Ogden School that day, (Tuesday 15th March), and that Issie ‘lay on the ground’.

I think you need to speak to the school about this ‘incident’ and I think it is very remiss of the school not to have informed/less spoken to us, (as the parents of Isabel), about this incident.

Secondly I am concerned that a very serious incident that occurred outside the Thurnscoe Medical Centre on Tuesday 11th January 2011, (2 days before Issie’s Annual Review, which was held at the school on 13/1/2011), when Issie suffered very severe bruising, ( over 48 bruises ) on both legs.

The reasons for this behaviour, or details of the restraint technique used, and why it resulted in such extensive bruising was not discussed at this Annual Review and not mentioned in the subsequent Independent Reviewing Officer’s Report. Seemingly Issie was at the Thurnscoe Medical Centre to see a doctor about her periods. She was kept waiting and apparently started getting agitated and left the doctor’s surgery and went out to the main road, The care worker(s) could not get her back and called for back-up at Clayton Croft to come out and retrieve Issie who was running away. I do not know what then happened, (whether and how she was restrained/and forcibly brought back to Clayton Croft), but whatever happened resulted in Issie sustaining multiple extensive bruising over large parts of the front and backs of both legs. The body maps that Clayton Croft routinely make of Issie reveal the extent of the bruising.

Another body map on 19/1/2011, 8 days after this ‘incident’ reveal 24 bruises on the front of her left leg, 4 on the back of the left leg, 5 on the front right leg and 3 on the back of the left leg. Also there were 4 bruises on the back of the right arm and 3 on the back of the left arm. No explanation has ever been given by Clayton Croft to us as to how Issie sustained this extensive bruising nor what the incident was. I was wondering please if either the Independent Reviewing Officer or yourself as Issie’s social worker were made aware of this second ‘incident’?

These incidents are related and connected to the fact that Issie is unhappy and unsettled with her new teacher, as these incidents stem from her removal from Ms Elliot’s teaching, as they did in September when she was removed from Mrs Jordan’s teaching .

As you are aware due  to this removal Isabel had already had a very unhappy 1st term from September-Halloween, with the claustrophobic class-room, new teacher and different lay-out of the class, thankfully she was eventually placed with a different teacher, (Ms.Elliott) and Isabel’s behaviour  improved dramatically, with no incidents from Halloween to Christmas, but then she was placed with a 3rd new teacher in January, and has since been unsettled, unhappy, and several incidents have occurred, particularly at school were it appears she is still refusing to engage in the teaching. These are evident from reading her link file, where on numerous occasions it is reported that Issie is refusing to do class work/tasks, getting very upset, or lying on the ground. Clearly, if she is unhappy at school, this will impact on her behaviour, not only at school, but at Clayton Croft, and as happened in September before the change to Miss Elliot, at home too.

We do feel that Isabel has to be put with a teacher/ class, who is known to make her settled and this new teacher has clearly shown she cannot do this, and this is causing serious injury to Isabel physically, and mentally, and makes it impossible for her to be progress educationally or in fact in any way.

In addition the method of restraint used on Isabel should be explained, and incidents clearly documented, and when resulting in severe bruising should be investigated by yourself, and if possible an independent medical practitioner.  These safeguards are the very least that must be in place to ensure that Isabel’s human rights are respected.

Best wishes,

The Head of NAS stated all bruises were self harm, regardless of their occurring as a result of a known incident of restraint and this was accepted by Sheffield Social Services and Barnsley Safeguarding Authority.

Issy was just 14 at the time of this abuse and 8 years later still suffers its effect.

As do thousands, and increasing for profit. The vulnerable made the ultimate cashcow.