Questions on Coronavirus that will not be answered


Where and how did the virus emanate?

No investigation,

Accepted in Wohan MARKET Via ingested animals, yet reports- it was /could only be by human transmission.

Why did WHO the world health organisation have a conference setting out in minutiae the control of a global epidemic a month before first death reported?

Is it a disease per se, as no proof it passes the test?

Does it kill per se

Mortality at 0.146 % and these are mainly over 70

What is basis of test ?

A fruit labelled as human tested positive when sent to test centre

Now tests on roadside via Serco paid £8,000 a day for max positive result.

How transmissible is it?

And what of herd immunity. as in Sweden now no cases.

Are masks therefore increasing infection ? and how do they help?

How many have died of virus – GPs paid for…

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Questions on Coronavirus that will not be answered.

Where and how did the virus emanate?

No investigation,

Accepted in Wohan MARKET Via ingested animals, yet reports- it was /could only be by human transmission.

Evidence Wohan was injecting bat virues into humanly modified rats and workers hospitalised before out break.

Why did WHO the world health organisation have a conference setting out in minutiae the control of a global epidemic a month before first death reported?

Is it a disease per se, as no proof it passes the test?

Does it kill per se ie it has never been isolated to prove this.

Mortality at 0.146 % and these are mainly over 70

What are the symptoms ?

Anything and nothing– you need none to have it – headache, loss of smell, cough, nausea, difficult breathing, and Nothing, —–as with a positive test Trump as fit as a flea at 73.

More now thanks to SERCO- paid £8,000 A WEEK to test most have the plague – but just told to self isolate for a week…………………………….. such is the danger of C VIRUS………..

How many have died per se of virus ?

The number ever grows for PR fear but what is it based on ?

First ‘connected’ deaths – what does that mean ? In a hospital with a virus patient ?

Now at 2021, anyone that dies within 28 days of a positive test even if in a car crash or had heart attack

Telegraph report 2021, only a quarter from virus

So everything done to increase C VIRUS death figure when did not die of virus.

Few ——0.146 % . Since March to November 315 under 60 WITH no major but could have minor health conditions

LESS than suicides and normal flu deaths.

What is basis of test ?

We do not know, nor reliability yet NHS spend 37 billion on mainly private companies to track and trace

A fruit labelled as human tested positive when sent to test centre

Now tests on roadside via Serco paid £8,000 a day for max positive result.

It tests RNA,, so all, who ever had the virus would always test positive, regardless of infection capacity, or symptoms – see 15/11 AS BORIS tests positive as has had virus.

Here expert explains uselessness of PTR test

At 2021, two tests to school and to do anything ,as billions of public money paid to private corps, paid more for a positive test leading to track and trace and isolation at home.

Cancer producing agents in tests revealed as 2 a week for school children

All will be forced into vaccine to conduct their lives- no allowance of consent to it and huge profit made, and affect on our bodies ?

What is meant by C VIRUS CASES ?

appears based on those tested positive- more tests more cases, without need for symptoms or death

Tests have been proved unreliable with many false positives.

How transmissible is it? Do masks help ?

WHO issued a statement that it was not airbourne in March 2020

FACT: #COVID19 is NOT airborne.

The #coronavirus is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks.

To protect yourself:
-keep 1m distance from others
-disinfect surfaces frequently
-wash/rub your Open hands
-avoid touching your EyesNose

2021 all wear masks told at least 2 needed , yet WHO not retracted statement based on virus only spread in droplets

And how do antibiotic sanitisers work on a virus ?

The effect of global lockdowns ?

Herd Immunity ?

And what of herd immunity. as in Sweden now no cases.

Are masks therefore increasing infection ? by not allowing immunity and increasing other respirecy diseases ?

No mention of this simple cure until after vaccine role out to most with 18 months of masks etc

By July 2021 UK might with vaccine etc reach Herd Immunity

Yet ,such immunity only given by transmission, vaccine does not stop this, masks might, so why billions on vaccine when could by nature without masks have been created ?

mORE confustion as vaccine might not help HI for variant virus

How many have died of virus?

– GPs paid for virus mention as ‘connected’ with death

How many deaths in care homes, mental ATUs have been blamed on virus

Why were the autistic and learning disabled labelled as dangerous transmitters

Do not resuscitate notices are at an all time high- ensuring death

do not resuscitate notices are huge on old learning disabled- 13 a day dying half without virus, Why ?

Public health gov state no flu deaths in 2020/1 so where did they go ?

Co insiders with no GP funding for flu jabs,

Why is it more dangerous in the North, wales with lockdown ?

Yet no lockdown in London and no opposition from the rest of UK MPs

Why no opposition to Virus Bill ?

Drafted via 169 staturory instruments via civil service

If a citizen is asked by police for details and refuses in a public place can be arrested see Sheffield protester video

FINE issued to home address min £200

Who paid to collect ? Presume private Com, and who profits from huge fines ie £10,000 for host of private party and £1,000 for each participant ?

Why is only opposition more Lockdowns, and no basic questions ?

Why have more people died of suicide during this pandemic, than the virus ?

Why are hospitals empty and Nightingale ones not used?

Why did GPs receive no funding/guidance on flu this year,, and virus figures are to be added to common flu deaths?

What of herd immunity ?

As in Sweden= a success

Here,,, prevented by social distancing, lockdowns and masks

And now a report from Imperial London that there is no immunity – paid for by a gov with measures against such immunity.

What of vaccine ?

As we appear to know nothing of virus per se . How can we produce a vaccine ?

Side effects and many deaths ignored- 100,000 reported on Facebook group removed ,and yellow card notifications doctored by computer NHS system

As are the number dying of virus after vaccination.

Side effects 100,000 in one facebook quickly removed

Billions of profit made from it yet what is its effect ?

It does not stop transmission, nor infection, at best alleviates symptoms, yet most vaccinated have none, and has at 2021 already still allowed many deaths of those vaccinated mainly over 70

And appears, to do little for those with new variant ,and has to be re administered every 3 months – a licence to print money by pharma , with no liability for effect as exempted from legal action by govs.

At Feb 2021 now vaccine does stop 60% transmission, does not need anymore to be stored at a certain temp, and dif vaccines can be given

So why in information permanently changing to suit State purpose ? On a vaccine we can’t sue for life effects ?^

what of variants ?

As a virus variants permanent – India, Brazil, Africa – anywhere could have them and vaccine does not protect.

320 milllion contract to private company for 21/22 up from 119 million spent by UK for PR as more fear now from India as to mutants to ensure more lockdowns and thriving for the Great Reset adgenda.

All is Emperor’s Clothes put no one dare point out he has none

All assassins creed to achieve the purpose of control


Campaigns/Votes – Politically Controlled to Con/control ?

Why despite all votes/ campaigns does all get worse ?

Because  campaigns, even voter results, are orchestrated by those in control, to allow an illusion of choice/democracy, but merely promote unseen, governments objectives.

What has been achieved by Hillsborough?

The Grenfell Towers stitch up

The medical examiner role, that removes Coronors role

No legal aid for family representation

Exclusion of a jury, for those who die under a Deprivation of Liberty/Liberty Safeguard Order

Coronavirus allows no inquests- see Thomas Rawnsley 6 years after his death no inquest

Apparent local possible control of deliberately, underfunded courts, and privatised forensics via Common Purpose UK

Despite these courts being constitutionally separate from our executive and the only means to investigate death often caused by the State.

The nonsense of Austerity?

UK defecit of 390 billion, yet 3 governments campaigned on its reduction

We are now printing money for venture capital public services, and most bankrupt country in EU and personal debt huge

What of the Brexit Vote ?

I naively thought the Cameron referendum a hubristic mistake, but if it were, then it has been- win win

Farage was a useful tool- an illusion of choice

May a known remainer, spent her office agreeing a Brexit deal, with more restriction than if we remained.

We now have the hated Boris, as main advocate, with Coronavirus plunging us into huge debt and dependency on the EU- so no hope.

And more crucially -No one has ever defined Brexit per se.

The Corbyn defeat ?

Despite wanting Brexit personally, he campaigned for a second referendum, ensuring a Labour defeat, as labour voters, the main brexiteers, were forced via UKIP, to vote Tory to ensure Brexit.

The Boris and Trump hatred ?

Allows personal blame – irrelevant per se, for any policy, and national vengeance vented only against these individuals, not the system , as with Eastasia hatred in 1984.

The anti plastic campaign ?

Everything manufactured, is covered in plastic for convenient profit.

Yet we pay 20p for a plastic bag to take it home and increase shop profit.

We then recycle all, so the recycling companies make even more profit now at 360 million a year and apparently merely dump in China to increase pollution.

The pro NHS campaign ?

Billions spent to pay off NHS debt, at huge expense to defecit

YET, less now than ever in NHS service- no cancer treatment, virtual GP services, no basic effective treatment.

Half a million volunteers, locum GPs in corporate 76,000 patient practices

Retired NHS consultants called back to low pay contracts

More overseas recruiting of staff.

Nightingale Hospitals not used

Workers on basic wages

No money for flu jabs winter campaign

C virus track and test and trace to SERCO paid £8,000 a day

Campaign of the———– isms?

Racism, Antisemitism, Feminism, Classism, Transgenderism, Terrorism, sexism- all represented as fascism

All so vague, noone knows when they qualify for ‘hate speech/fascism’ or derision

All lead to totalitarianism

All divide and rule, and prevent comment/thought, let alone opposition.

Leveson Enquiry

To control Press, on emotive campaign of hacking of a murdered youngster’s phone. Despite such hacking accepted practice for lawyers, journalists et al

Halted by Mail on threat of Common Purpose exposure

Now all press not just controlled via pollical editors, but fed all news including into local press which is desimated.

Latest Cummings Campaign ?

Targeting for months to weaken Boris and Brexit

The many campaigns for the autistic/learning disabled ?

Via MENCAP, Conor Sparrowhawk, National Autistic SocietY,BBC  et al

Again politically controlled

NAS has made billions – tax free, yet no comment on or finding the number of autistic dead in care…………………………………………………………..,,,

just the use of them for their own profit- their abuse- MENDIP HOUSE ignored by State, as they appear the tool of autistic oppression and profit

Lamb promised no more ASD/LD admissions to ATUs, omitting to add,- not to private ATUs

Whilst the government provided millions to build new private ATUs.

Removal from ATUs to local ‘community’ independent living placements for life and guaranteed profit to private providers and their investors

these facilities were then bought up by ATU owners- Cambian/Cgynet,  making removal from ATU superfluous, as they controlled MHA sectioning to the ATUs they owned.

Profit from the disabled, was A political aim of Blair ensured by the MENTAL Capacity Act

Facilitated by the only other than Brexit legislation of May- the creation of Liberty Safeguards, allowing the State without reference to the MCA created Court of Protection, to delegate every disabled person’s decision to the for profit provider it commissioned on the basis of MCA incapacity.

Campaigns like Sparrowhawk and McGowan, have resulted in historically unknown CPS prosecutions, of the relevant Public NHS authorities whilst the private hospital deaths are ignored and another intrinsic step is taken to privatise NHS mental services.

No one dare address the main issues- death from over medication, restraint, for profit care

The fact that no one can give find out the amount of money paid by NHS to private monopoly providers as they can hide from Freedom of Information Act Notices on the grounds of commercial confidentiality.

The total lack of any regulation of private care provision per se, let alone the conflict of interests of the LA/NHS commissioner role in their appointment, as they legally could then be liable for any inadequate services

And no contact or input by any independent agent- family can and are excluded even from visits

Nor any legal rights on death even

There are no campaigns for Thomas Rawnsley

As his death is the future of care in community, huge profit for venture capital, the reason for THE apparent cover up of this death- NHS investigation and six year delayed restricted Inquest.

His care and death being apparently overseen by the State, in MCA BEST INTERESTS,

– today decided by his care commissioners and for profit care providers, under Liberty Safeguards without reference to a Court.

A Life Ignored #WorldMentalHealthDay

written by my daughter of a suicide in front of her train and the reaction…………..

Living The Art Life

It happened a month ago, again.

Coming back from a city break in London, I was sat opposite my friend on the train to Sheffield. Our light-hearted chat, full of reminiscing, seasoned with the odd snippet of superficial yet all-engrossing gossip.

The gentle stop of our train in a remote field for which it remained for some minutes, lulled our conversation into apprehension.

The orange of the sunset over the now still hills bled through the wisps of clouds into a deepening crimson red, as the chill of the night descended.

I recall a uniform beep, and then uniform words (not quite so scripted as usual) through the intercom.

I’m sorry for the delay, but I regret to inform you, that someone has been hit.”

Our carriage, almost empty bar one young man nearby, now fell silent.

Reclined in his seat, he struck up conversation with us.

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The Mental Capacity Test- The Fool of Law ?

The Mental Capacity Act which has removed the freedom of hundred of thousands of UK citizens is illegal, unworkable and untenable.
We live under tyranny via a captive legislative, that controls the judiciary – there are no separation of powers or democratic law, just executive dictatorship


Rule of Law is the basis of our freedom and democracy.

It is our protection from state exploitation and tyranny.

It provides our laws must be certain.

Our main and most authoritative source of law is an Act of Parliament.

Parliament must therefore ensure Acts are certain.

That means sufficiently well drafted to be implemented without the need for too much discretion and/or subjectivity on behalf of the executive and/or the judiciary.

If  not, the state will be given too much unauthorised ( not sanctioned by Parliament), unpredictable power over an individual.

An Act, historically, commenced with a paragraph describing its ‘sprit and intendment’, known as a Preamble.

The Preamble’s function  was to explain the purpose of an Act to assist interpretation and application.

Preambles are now rare as thought historic and superfluous .

But The Mental Capacity Act commences with 5 overarching principles in the style of a Preamble but drafted as

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