Covid19: the real mortality rates?

In England, as it stands, Covid19 RELATED deaths- whatever that vague term means- associates of a positive test person ?, involving  under  60s, with no pre-existing conditions, is 377, out of a population of 53 million.

A 98% survival rate for men in their mid 80s aka the most vulnerable category to Covid19.

All evident in the fact Covid19 isn’t classed as an HCID (High Consequence Infectious Disease) according to our official government website, link below:

High consequence infectious diseases (HCID) – GOV.UK (

Living The Art Life

I made a list of Covid19 mortality rates per country last week when very bored, from worldometer data, which do not corroborate Wikipedia’s data. From them, I am getting mixed messages as to the necessity of lockdowns and severe restrictions. I am personally very much against such measures, and certainly their long-term usage, given that the benefits do not seem to outweigh the pervasive and intense unrepresented harm they cause globally, worsening the inequality between rich and poor, not only financially but health wise, in the short and long term. Economies crashing more than since war time. As well as dismantling our basic humanity and rights. All stomped out by thriving bureaucracy, technocracy and venture capitalism, who will end up on top from all of this more than ever.

In the end, stats speak for themselves – taking our tunnel vision out of the tree into the forest.

Seemingly, such…

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Exempt Mask Wearer arrested in Sainsbury’s

Whilst reassuring intercom reminds customers to respect non mask wearing, the State does not.

As the customer below ,was surrounded by two LA Environmental Health Officers and 3 police officers in Sainsburys .

When he could not prove his exemption, which he does not have to under C virus regulations, he was asked for his details, when he asked under what law he was given no reason

Until POLICE rang superior, who decided that if he did not give his details he had committed an arrestable offence under PACE 84.

It does not appear to be one, unless cvirus Regulations have made it one , if so, why PACE QUOTED ?

This vulnerable customer, stating he had a disability and problems would have been taken to a cell in a police van to be processed without his shopping

Now has impossible task of suing for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment WITHOUT legal aid and therefore no lawyers

Such is daily life in UK.

MCA ‘Incapables’, perfect pharma and research cashcows, with few safeguards

Under MCA, any experimentation/ drugs/physical, can be performed on the deemed MCA ‘incapable’, who are cared for for max profit.

So the old and autistic, learning disabled are Mengle rats, subject to any drug etc torture. Already in Duke University petition please sign this is happening in USA.

FAMILY NOR ‘incapable’ have a choice under MCA ,and for profit care homes will get a cut of research grant and carried out in MCA’ best interests’ with no checks.



In February 2014, the Independent, revealed, a leaked report, that showed, NHS bosses, allowed, the world’s biggest drugs firms’ lobbying company, to draft a report, shaping, future health policy.

62 Tory MPs have links with private health, many with pharmaceutical companies.

With 200 parliamentarians elected, and non elected, with private interests in private health companies.

Pharma, is our third largest industry, main booster of  economy, and, the power house, of our new, privatised NHS.

And, a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership,  effectively,allows private corporations, to dictate our laws, and remain unaccountable.


We must, therefore realise that, despite, expensive altruistic PR, healthcare, is now, driven, mainly, by profit.

And, dangerous to  the public.

We are bombarded with cures, and tests, for cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism, self- harm, PMT, anxiety, depression, shyness.

The Emperor’s Clothes of preventative medicine is  the future.

‘Addiction’, is now a mental disease.

All ‘socially unacceptable’ behaviour…

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