University Fee Scandal

When I was lecturing 62 students in Sheffield Hallam University in 1993 , the LA paid £1,000 per student to the University

that was the total payment for tuition.

In 2011 I was teaching 320 students, they paid £3,000 a year, personally in fees, and soon to pay £9250 a year

Why ?

Clearly the level of tuition – 62 to 320 students per lecturer for all tuition and marking, had decreased – why did they pay more ?

All universities including the Open at £6,000 a year, are now on the profit bandwagon

University is free in Scotland, but only if you’re a student from Scotland or the Republic or Ireland (or from the EU, and started in the 2020/21 academic year or earlier). If that’s you, you won’t pay a penny towards tuition fees at Scottish universities – the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) will cover the £1,820 a year for you.

So Scotland’s gov think a degree worth£1820 a year, so why £9,250 elsewhere in UK and far more for foreign students ?

And I assume won’t pay after 2021 intake so how much will be charged for even Scotland and NI ?.

i assume, all bar Scottish, must pay £9250 a year as all feed into greed. see below

In Ireland, undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degrees are free for citizens from Ireland, EU/EEA countries, and Switzerland. The costs are covered by the Higher Education Authority (HEA). Keep in mind that not all undergraduate courses offered by public universities are free.

The fees for new students who are domiciled in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and entering the University in 2021/22 will be £9,250 per annum for all programmes apart from LLB: Graduate entry accelerated (£9,450 per annum).

Most European Universities are still free or on average £800 a year ,
even in USA the student has a choice UK all degrees and Universities charge £9230 FOR all subjects excluding a few like Buckingham

All Universities are Charities,, paying no tax on income/buildings. So £9250 a year worth nearly £12,000


Not accountable for services, subject to their own PR and students, who invest in their profile

The only future for our children is extortion and life debt with no accountable education

They are given no future no jobs, no alternative, but the University conveyor belt

Captive consumers, without rights or choice

All is now public money, thrown at institutions any, without accountability

Despite years of austerity, it adds to our three trillion defecit
Indebting our future generations – forcing into low pay jobs and an average debt of 60,000

Yet universities ARE going bankrupt because of their misuse and greed.

Once a University degree was a choice, guaranteeing a future, now it is a money maker, guaranteeing debt and servitude for life.

400% Increase in Deaths of ASD/LD- 11+ deaths a day ?

MENCAP reported in 2014, 3 a day were dying in State care

What was done ?– nothing- no further campaigning from any charity, MP, or government voice.

What now 7 YEARS later ?

huge increase

CQC publishes data on deaths of people with a learning disability | Care Quality Commission

The number is 11+ a day ,

206suspected‘ with Coronavirus- (not tested),

How when isolated from community ?

180 NOT related. to virus

deaths from 10/4- 15/5 2020

CQC publishes data on deaths of people with a learning disability | Care Quality Commission

‘This data shows that between 10 April and 15 May this year, 386 people with a learning disability, some of whom may also be autistic, died who were receiving care from services which provide support for people with a learning disability and/or autism.

For the same period last year 165 people with a learning disability, some of whom may also be autistic, died who were receiving care from services which provide support for people with a learning disability and/or autism. This is a 134% increase in the number of death notifications this year. This new data should be considered when decisions are being made about the prioritisation of testing at a national and local level

What difference would a positive test as is MENCAPS REACTION .make to their care ?

As huge increase in do not resuscitate notices, on their files

but even those, who died ‘suspected’ appear not to have been tested

MORTALITY is on average 38 years old FOR HEALTHY MEN AND WOMEN. WHY ?/

There is merely a duty to inform CQC and deaths could be higher on FOIA Notice figure anomalies

Those dead, are previously healthy, their diagnosis is of mental and behavioural not physical problems.

No right to life on Inquest, to which they have no right to, as dying under Liberty Safeguards and normally certified as dying of natural causes

So no inquiry into deaths..………………………………………….

Most are in residential care that is paid £8.000 A week + to care
£13,000 in a hospital for treatment

Main providers private profit making companies- Cygnet, Priory, Cambian and Lifeways- UHS owned.

Most have been removed from family homes by MHA section or MCA best interests , the later can preclude even visits, if deemed in best interests

Families will know nothing of what happens to their children…………….. not even death

All are impotent without voice

And part of a permanent supply, as ever more are diagnosed to harvest for profit and death

Eugenics ?

The Risperidone Scandal

With 5 billion paid out by Johnson for effects of its Risperidol, now they have a C VIRUS vaccine that ‘proves over other brands’

Vaccines are now a licence to print money, WITHOUT LIABILITY FOR ANY SIDEEFFECTS, as Guardian prints ‘knowledge of vaccines is consistently evolving and that is a good thing’

There has never been an effective vaccine for a virus

at present max 67% protection, unknown sideffects for life which can’t be sued on

what do we obtain by vaccine – less effects for max 6 weeks, still transmit virus, can still die of it……………….

The Risperidone Scandal

as JohnsonAnd Johnson has already paid out 5 BILLION on Risperidone, but now have a CVIRUS vaccine

With no corporate liability for effects

And it boast ‘proves over other brands’

Vaccines, produce, at max, from their experts ^67% protection for max 6 weeks until next jab and 653 deaths and 12,0444 injuries from vaccines

Agst a virus which per se can’t be vaccined against

A licence to print money as does not stop death or transmission nor avoids sideeffects but costs millions

My Radio interview on Richie Allen Show

please listen important info on NHS PRIVATE and how we are being used as cashcows


please, listen to what is happening to autistic/learning disabled in UK and the NHS.

Listen 10mminutes in important information.

It has been given away to NHS England, see how in blog POST NHS SCAVANGED FOR PROFIT.

Now 13, billion paid to NHS, on back of virus to write off debt of a soon to be effectively privately run service.

And make it stop, repeal Health and Social Care Act 2012

We, no longer have or own the NHS, we pay for it belongs to a commissioning body NHS England.

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Rage, but no change from Cygnet-Whorlton Hall expose

As the future on behavioural care including autistic and learning disabled, invested in globally for profit appears to be unaccountable only revealed by Panorama and only ever resulting in no change, but similar abuse by a CORPORATE new owner, who bought cheap due to previous abuse.

ie WINTERBOURNE bought by Dansell BOTH owners of private homes exposed on TV—————showing little regulation of care and its use, which makes huge profit, as NHS pays £13,000 per patient for those retained under MHA, and £9,000+ A WEEK, for those removed to Community Living for life from these places and UHS USA buy up both provisions.


orwell flies

Forgive my incandescent tone.

But rage, is what I feel, as must we all, at the second Panorama expose into the mental health services, provided at huge expense- £13,000 a week per patient, in our NHS hospitals.

This is what our NHS now stands for- maximum profit, owned by a US multinational UHS , already discredited several times on US investigations as recent as 2017.

The head of NHS England, an UHS executive for 8 years after advising Tony Blair on our public services.

So we can but surmise, why Winterbourne View, and more importantly, its vulnerable inhabitants, were allowed to be bought by Danshell Group, itself then bought by UHS .

Our most vulnerable, are now merely statistics for the profit of global health investors and owners, despite the consequences being aired in Panorama over 8 years ago.

And despite two national scandals, ours and Cameron’s government…

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Extortionate credit UK

Debt is a 2.7 billion industry funded and apparently ultimately controlled by banks that pay 0,1 % on savings and are proposing negative interest rates ie reducing savings.

Just Google SHORT TERM loans………………..

A comment I saw today, suggesting that Provident’s APR, on an unsecured loan, no credit check assurance, was 1500% on a 6 month loan, prompted this post;

please check its website for rates

Already for years we have viewed on TV APRs of up to 200% maybe more.

Even my personal Nat west overdraft is at 40% with fees/admin on top

Business rates are worse, dependent on an interested party’s ie a bank loaner’s view of their business worth.

I remember teaching a judicial authority/case, which held that under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, an interest rate of 78% was an extortionate credit bargain under this act ,that rendered it/ the contract, void ab intio, so no need to repay and unenforceable by lender.

A very effect deterrent to lenders, who will lose their loans without interest.

But this provision of the Act, was removed by Thatcher in the eighties.

With the effectively little/no regulation of loans under the Financial Services Act

With most of the UK now in debt, and a largely unregulated 2.7 billion DEBT industry, the government is forced into a review of the industry

Review into change and innovation in the unsecured credit market (the Woolard Review) | FCA

Two reviewers are
CEO, Provident Financial Group Plc

Director, M&S Bank and Services

Any chance of any effective regulation ?

When debt is a huge commodity

In a time of unemployment, with a population reduced to universal credit

Little i think, as there is huge profit in debt.

That can only lead to more extortion and misery.

The Mental Health Heist .

enforced drugs , mha section, makes billions private profit from NHS public money

As our nation is somacised- Huxley With no right to sue on sideeffects and death as no contract with drug supplier or NHS as in USA with private insurance .


Introduction of Supervised Community Treatment, including Community Treatment Orders (CTOs). This new power replaces supervised discharge with a power to return the patient to hospital, where the person may be forcibly medicated, if the medication regime is not being complied with in the community.

Redefining professional roles: broadening the range of mental health professionals who can be responsible for the treatment of patients without their consent.

Creating the role of approved clinician, which is a registered healthcare professional (social worker, nurse, psychologist or occupational therapist) approved by the appropriate authority to act for purposes of the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended).

Replacing the role of approved social worker by the role of approved mental health professional; the person fulfilling this role need not be a social worker.[5]

Nearest relative: making it possible for some patients to appoint a civil partner as nearest relative.
Definition of mental disorder: introduce a new definition of mental disorder throughout the Act, abolishing previous categories

Criteria for Involuntary commitment: introduce a requirement that someone cannot be detained for treatment unless appropriate treatment is available and remove the treatability test.

Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT): improve patient safeguards by taking an order-making power which will allow the current time limit to be varied and for automatic referral by hospital managers to the MHRT.

Introduction of independent mental health advocates (IMHAs) for ‘qualifying patients’.