The Walker Art Gallery

My daughter’s blog post of her recent visit to the WALKER ART GALLARY, Liverpool.

Living The Art Life

Liverpool, is a city that’s offered us The Beatles, Britain’s greatest shipping export docs of the industrial Revolution, has the oldest Chinese community in Europe, and not least, is the home town of half my family. It’s also graced with one of my all time favourite Art Galleries at it’s centre.

The Walker Art Gallery.


In this post, I want to talk about a number of paintings taken from the vast choice in The 78264135_2650600028296465_5303894206622728192_nWalker Art Gallery that I especially like.

Comtesse de Morel-Vinde and her daughter

Comtesse de Morel- Vinde and her Daughter (The Music Lesson) by François Gérard, 1799, Oil on Canvas

At the top of the marble steps that wind up the dome curve of the gallery from the entrance, these two French figures greet you, or rather shine down on you,

The Rome born French Artist, Gerard, who in his lifetime earned commissions from Napoleon, executes his mastery in this radiant…

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How to Rule the World- Obedience to Authority


Below was written before the global take over by coronavirus.

Fear of supposed death, on the back of the Emperors Clothes without objection.

What that has done to our world. proves the  absolute power of our obedience to authority.

They know that. and have used it to control all. 

Frankly, there is now no hope for us.

As a child born in poverty, I asked why, to be told, there will always be ‘us and them’.

I could not accept this, and wondered why everyone else did.

As a lecturer adult, I invited questions, pleased by enquiring minds that taught me so much.

But noticed over the years, the questions slowly decreased, replaced by obedience to every word I uttered, particularly, if on a Power point.

I began to wonder why, even nonsense, was never challenged.

I’d try to expose this obedience, by putting up a complicated diagram,unrelated to my legal teaching, and watched as students slavishly transcribed, and then stopped them to ask why ? to make my point.

This was in 2008, before Top up Fees.

Ten years earlier, I had been frogmarched with other lecturers at the College of Law ( now bought up by USA and renamed University of Law UK ) to a London Hotel, to be told how to lecture by an ex Russian American magician, and blinded by science and nonsense. I wondered why then . Now I knew.

‘Education’ was to con and control, this was the future.

Questions could no longer be asked.

Acceptance was all.

As children, my students had been taught that authority could not be questioned.

They knew success lay in following the leader in playground and class.

All was simple- you did what you were told.

The bully ruled.

Herd mentality was entrenched in all

All reduced to following to survive.

This is how you rule the world- as Hitler knew, if you control the youth, you control the future nation.

And the adults ?

by the creation of Equality and Liberalism, destruction of politics, law, professions, families, relationships, religion,media and even thought, by Racism. Feminism, Sexism, Class-ism, Genderism, Professionalism, Totalitarianism..

Boot on head.

As the all powerful, via money, gobble up by capitalism to further evermore totalitarianism.

Any powerful person, dissident or not – Assange, Trump, Prince Andrew,Michael Jackson, Weinshein, Clifford

Could be destroyed, so all were made scared.

Fear and money are the weapons, the world the goal

And from top to bottom, they control this agenda, which even two World Wars only dented and Huxley and Orwell only nightmared of.

We are given a choice in the forthcoming election between furthering Globerlisation to rule the world via no Brexit Labour, or increased scavenging for profit and oppression of the UK, Tory

Both favour the horror of totalitarianism and oppression.

As my wise childhood friends told me – there will always be us and them

I still can’t accept it, although it appears the reality.

NHS pay UHS 505 Million a year- totalitarian capitalism of public services

UHS PIC 1e275a4f3c2d6020578c358a360dd8f9

Globerlised profit is simple- target a public market, infiltrate the country, take control of its legislation, con its populous, and eat up all existing services.

And bingo, you can scavenge the world for trillions- a capitalist dream, a county’s nightmare.

You, a country, pay ever more money, enslaved by debt to pay for an ever increasing service a corporate controls.

This is what The United Health Services Group, USA have done to the UK. Health_Group

Despite poor reports and scandals from its own country- America, UHS took over the care of all UK from MHA section, to MCA best interests for life for NHS billions,

yet if had been a small provider in competition with others, no one would have touched them with a barge pole, but our NHS paid net revenues to UHS of 505 million dollars in 2018

Simon Stevens, Head of NHS England, the NHS all powerful commissioning body controlling NHS funds, after advising Blair on public services, took up an executive role in UHS, only to return to the UK eight years later to advise Cameron .

Meanwhile our Parliament set about mentalising, medicalising and community caring the UK population because it cares- the big society, well being, happiness agenda was launched.

Autism and learning disability were made mental disorders for easy sectioning under the MHA

Allowing thousands and ever easier via s136 MHA encagement indeterminably in ATUs paid £13,000 a week, £3,000 a day for assessment.

Future health policy was made by pharmacological companies

All harvesting into Mental services via media, mencap, mind, celebrities

The many dead are detailed in this blog, the many yet to die unknown – no numbers known nor centrally kept.

With Teresa May’s only legislation, other than Brexit, being amendments to the MHA, to allow deprivation of liberty orders, mendaciously created, as a sop to giving us a right to liberty, to be converted by May legislation, to the misnomered ‘Liberty Safeguards’- giving the Executive the power to encage its citizens from 16

As millions of our money was spent on mental hospitals owned by CYGNET, as ever more unnecessary deaths were revealed by media, but not recorded centrally, and hospitals hid all, even from FOI notices, under commercial confidentiality

And in secret the commissioners were taken over by the commissioned including Opium UHS commissioning provision- UHS fingers are in all pies

The UK ‘S biggest betrayal the HSCA12 where only one provider is funded- the chosen one- UHS parent .

Under various names UHS controls all ie Opium

UHS have now gobbled up all- Homeleigh, Winterbourne, Danshell, Whorlton Hall – 2 huge scandals, allowing knock down purchases, Alpha hospitals, Cambian/lifeways,Cygnet etc………………..

Here is the latest ownership of UHS, in UK, thanks to a Rightful lives report.

Check out what UHS now own, and the huge conflict of interests involved.

Where is our monopolies and mergers committee ?

Where is the vote behind successive governments that have put this public monopoly hell in place?

Our future, our money, our manipulation for profit to totalitarianism provision.

They own all professionals, all workers, and no one can touch them.

Their only account is their audit from our public NHS money to their bank.

NHS scavenged for Profit by Health and Social Care Act 2012

Coronavirus has written off NHS debt, achieved half a million unpaid staff ,

weekly applause , return on reduced money of retired GPs,

millions on unused Nightingale hospitals,

no resuscitation of elderly, autistic, learning disabled,

cancellation of urgent cancer treatment, closure of virtual GPs over bank holiday.

Our media led us to believe the crisis in our NHS is due to a lack of funding and increasing private contracts with Virgin, Serco, Capita etc.

Its lies, disguise the real sale off our NHS, by all political parties by the passing of the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

So our Public NHS, a hallowed bastion of altruistic public service, trusted to do what is in our best interests, our servant not our master.

NHS is a brand, no one dare critise.

It can only be admired not questioned

Has been mendaciously, converted to a cabal of monopoly ‘privatisation’, run by mangers for maximum profit, on a commercially aware basis, in secret, using the public,, as a  statistic for present and future profit.

By all commissioning of billions given to NHS England whose head is a UHS USA executive of 8 years.

With ever more media cries for more money to feed this profit, and harvest customers by preventative, innovative healthcare and medicalisation.

Is the NHS underfunded ?


The NHS was shown to be efficient and affordable, and didn’t need this radical reform.

The Commonwealth Fund, a private US foundation reported in 2010 ,using its own and other international data involving 20,000 patients in 11 developed countries found our NHS, one of the most cost effective systems with excellent access to care.

Who controls NHS money ?

By the Health and Social Care Act 2012, an all powerful national commissioning board

NHS England, whose head is Stevens an ex executive vice president of USA UHS international,took control of NHS England funds now in excess of £100 billion

Asked in 2012, the civil servant for the accountability of the NHS fund gave a battingly convoluted 300 word answer,

in 2014 Bernard Jenkin, Tory Chair of the Committee questioned the complex relationship the Act had established between the Department for Health and NHS England the ‘arms lenght’ commissioning board.

‘Vast amounts of money are involved here £95.6 billion( 2012) in the case of NHS England alone and it is simply not acceptable that there is no clarity or clear accountability for that kind of public expenditure… The architecture is not meant to be reminiscent of the film the Matrix where doors open on virtual worlds which are insulated from reality and hidden from the public and from those meant to be accountable for them’.

Social Care budget is also included in HSCA 12

HSCA also included the LA budget for care, and destroyed the boundaries between medical healthcare,community and personal support for life, opening up huge areas of potential profit.

In Sheffield alone £464 million is available for health services and £107 million for social care and public health.

So, the NHS is now our social carer usurping many LA roles and budgets.

So why did all parties vote for HSCA 12 ? Despite all professional bodies GMC GPs etc being opposed

Political expediency/party presure ,power could be devolved to local Common Purpose controlled CCGS, ignorance of effect

What is now no distinction between Private and Public NHS ?.

Despite what was proposed was within the definition of ‘privatisation’,

the word  redefined by ministers to ignore whether health services were provided by a public or private bodies

Few, as I didn’t, would know that the national MYDENTIST chain was run for profit as with most NHS and Community services.

Nor if their GP is employed by a private corporation.

Few in Sheffield will know the Health and Social Care Foundation Trust was converted to effectively a private company, its existing NHS managers made directors.

Nor how many more are now being run for profit not patients.

So the public have no way of finding out if the overriding duty of their services is to make profit and exploit them,

or to provide the best possible regulated NHS service, as they assume it is.

Worse still the public have no contract with service providers, their relationship dependent on trust in the NHS and so will find it impossible to sue for poor provision.

And their very vulnerability can be exploited in the ruthless commercial world.

As customers have no say/nor choice in their care. nor effect of outcomes on them.

The Myth of Competition by tender.

The lie of austerity,, resulting in the need for competive tendering of services, paved the way for monopoly cabal provision maximising profit and furthering globerlisation

S75 provides CCGs have to put out any services due for contractual renew to tender unless they prove there is only one provider capable of delivering the service ( How or who they prove this to is unknown )

And they are the only regulators  of the proposed provision ordered by MHA section or MCA best interests.

The Health Select Committee stated ‘ collaboration, rather than competition, as an organising principle’

Laudably heralding in a cabal of private providers with absolute monopoly on provisions for effectively ever.

If there is only one qualified provider in their estimation they will always get the NHS contract

In February 2019 NHS England produced a document outlining changes it wanted to see in legislation.

It is not only in control of NHS and social care funds, but our legislature

One of its main proposals was to remove the obligation to put services out to competitive tender if local commissioners considered a service would be best provided from within the NHS.

This has the mendacious appearence of avoiding further NHS/CARE privitisation by providing NHS public,

but allows monopoly private contracts, avoiding choice or competition.

The cabal of NHS and community care provision- the real reason for the HSCA12

The HSCA was sold to Parliament, to promote patient and GP choice, but intended to produce the opposite.

Foundation Trusts are being privatised on the lie of sustainability.


are being privatised and/or consolidated by government special measures and bought up by the very foundation trusts they commission .

The Foundation Trusts make/request the funding for the services they already own,, or are buying up, or have financial interests in.

Such is the corruption, such is the profit

and the love of money is the root of all evil.

A cry from every mother with an autistic child- please support

See plea for help from the Mother of an autistic son

I’m a campaigning mother, fighting for the right care for my son and other autistic people as well.

Crowding funding for support, as no legal aid

Who am I?

I have a son who has autism and learning disabilities.

Five years ago when he was 16 years old, he was MHA sectioned

and placed in a hospital about 5 -6 hours driving distance from his home.

We only thought he would be gone a few weeks and it has been years.

He is traumatised by being away from home.

He has developed self harming behaviour in hospital. He has been regularly restrained and secluded, which has caused lots of injuries to himself.

We know that he doesn’t exhibit any challenging behaviours, which has been confirmed by over 200 times short controlled home visits now since 2016.

He is so much happier once he is home with us.

Case Background

My son has been out of hospital since June 2018 and is in supported living now in the community, however, with hospital model care still in place.

Despite support from professionals, and his own desperate desire to be back home living with us, there is a dispute with the Clinical Commissioning Group and the case has been referred to the Court of Protection to make a decision about his best interests.

They also set strict restrictions on our family contact time.

He can’t have even an additional few minutes longer with us – sometimes when he is halfway through eating dinner at our family home, staff will take away his dinner plate before he has finished as the visit is officially over.

It feels like psychological torture for us and we believe it is for him too. He still regularly being restrained on the floor and sedated. He constantly has unexplained injury marks in his body as well.

We don’t feel that he is safe to live in a the community like this that similar like another hospital.

The CCG believes that our son needs routine because he has autism. But being autistic shouldn’t mean you are excluded from family life: that is a basic human right.

Currently, the CCG has spent large amounts on his care team, which is 12 staff team. We believe it will save public money if he can return back to live with us. We need to make the human rights arguments to the court

How much we are raising and why?

We need a solicitor and barrister to put our case to court.

The CCG has a legal team and it feels unfair to fight this on our own. We need help to navigate the legal system and understand all of the evidence.

Currently, we can’t get legal aid. Despite the fact that we have lost a lot of earnings fighting the case in the court and that we are lower income family.

My solicitor has forecasted significant further costs.

The final hearing will be 4 days, which would need involvement of a solicitor and barrister. In addition, I need to pay lots of the cost of an independent experts assessment.

We can’t afford the legal costs, so we’re asking everybody who cares about this issue to make a little contribution. my son lacks capacity to instruct a solicitor but one has been appointed on his behalf

This isn’t just about my son.

I recently watched BBC1 Panorama’s “Undercover Hospital Abuse Scandal”. The documentary shows that this scandal is carrying on in many hospitals and it can happen to anybody, even in the supported living places.

“Panorama goes undercover inside a hospital for vulnerable adults and reveals patients being mocked, taunted and intimidated by abusive staff. In shocking footage, reporter Olivia Davies films patients with autism and learning difficulties being deliberately provoked by staff who then physically restrain them. The Panorama investigation comes eight years after the programme exposed the scandal of abuse at Winterbourne View, another specialist hospital. Then, the government promised to reform care for the most vulnerable. Now they stand accused of failing to keep that promise by families, campaigners and whistle-blowers.’”

This documentary and our son’s case shows that we need justice for autistic people’s human rights in hospitals and community care! We hope my son’s case can shed more light on this important issue and benefit other autistic people and children in their care in the community.
We want disabled people and their families to have more choices over their life and their care and for them to be able to enjoy their family life, as is a basic human right.

*I can’t disclose my name or my son’s name here on account of a court order.

Billions has been made from the autistic deemed also learning disabled

NAS its voice has made millions of recycled tax free profit from being its voice.

The Autism Act it canvassed for WAS surreptitiously stitched up so that it can/is being ignored

They, our most voiceless and vulnerable are made cash and pharma cows to fuel a bankrupt economy and immoral society,

LOVE and care, and the obvious, are ignored and suffering and death allowed.

In the name of humanity make this stop.

This mother can’t even show her name such is oppression in UK as her son is subject to as Thomas Rawnsley was the most secretive draconian Court of Protection.

These ATU EFFECTIVELY services for life, are run for private profit, bought up by venture capital, as paid £9,000 + a week for her son, and they can make any decision they deem in his best interests for life and noone can complain about their services even if they result in the service user’s death see Thomas.

As Thomas Rawnsley’s, and my own plight’s non media cover showed this mother’s plight is not being taken up by media, which shows it is controlled by the gov’s agenda, ie out of ATU to another effectively ATU near home

Debt used to bankrupt UK and make trillions profit.

national debt DCgSlArXkAARVkoGordon Brown eliminated ‘boom and bust’ omitting to say a false boom could be mendaciously manufactured from a bust

As debt and interest on it, and the asset stripping it allows makes power and profit.

The global crash a year later saw the realisation of this.

Allowing enslavement of the individual and State by debt, and the use of austerity to control and refashion society for profit.

Debt owned to banks, then and still qualitatively eased by the public purse, who bear the debt but not the profit.

Debt per se, makes huge profit from both interest rates, avoided unsecured creditors and the Administration industry

Debt also destroys competition, by take over, after insidious financial destruction of smaller competitors

A tool of avarice – Solicitors firms bought up by huge corporations leaving millions unpaid debt to unsecured creditors as DWF take over shows-

GP practices, building , care , NHS, retail suffered similar fates, to allow privatisation of public services, ever more multinational owners to increase their profit – also the face of globerlisation , the era of no competition, too big to fail, or oppose capitalism.

The Tories have won two elections on the back of the need for austerity to cut the UK deficit.

And more people than ever are in debt, three million excluding students will never be able to pay off their personal debt.

Yet NHS, schools, LAs, Prisons, Courts, Legal Aid, use the excuse of cost cutting to avoid the provision of any/adequate services.

The Coalition took office in 2010 saying it would clear the deficit by 2015/16.

Having missed that target, Cameron planned to clear the deficit by 2018/19, more borrowing, that just added to the stock of public debt.

So what is happened to all the public money and why the cuts ?

The cuts/austerity has been used as a cynical tool of policy enforcement.

The only money available to support vulnerable/ disabled adults is to pay for enforced, no choice residential care.

Whilst the budget for family care is non existence the amount paid to the private residential care provider is effectively unlimited and unaccountable.

The NHS mental pays 3,000 a day in assessment, £13,000 a week in hospital and £8,000 + a week for life in community living all owned by private venture capital backed UHS/Acadia USA multinationals

Public-sector debt interest payments already represent the fourth-highest department for spending after social security, health education.

The same is true of schools, universities ,adoption and fostering agencies, mental health provision etc.

All soon along with our courts and all public services to be fully ‘privatised’.

But this is not ‘privatisation’ as we know it .

It is monopoly no choice , no accountability service for maximum profit.

There is no tendering for health and social care by NHS as there is only one ‘specialist/qualified provider that CCGs fund under the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

On the back of this public bonanza, investment companies like Ontario’s Municipal pensions pay 207 million for Lifeways residential homes, UHS 379 million for Cygnet hospitals

It starts with smaller providers taken over by the large multinationals, Cultistish , all hidden behind commercial confidentiality and too big to fail or be made accountable.

This is not competitive, best and cheapest service but the most expensive and worst provision.

It fuels GDP. at increase of our deficit.

It is a means of siphoning off/ripping off the Country and its people who are harvested as commodities to multi nations, venture capital investment trusts with offshore tax havens and no accountability.

Universities are now unaccountable cabals, all charging the same, whilst students are captive consumers who will never pay off their ever increasing debt, which is an annual bill of £9 billion for the tax payer another unseen , unpaid country debt..

£36,000 per year is paid per prisoner to private prisons and they are not fit for purpose.

£30,000 minimum/ max discretionary. is paid to private adoption agencies per adoption, minimum £900/max discretionary per child fostered to private fostering.

Adoption- Cameron’s flagship policy is a billion pound, unaccountable industry which has not helped child protection, as Rotherham/ Rochdale rapes testify, as does the attempt by LAs recent statutory attempt to exonerate themselves from liability for child protection.

Mental Health , another Cameron and now May flagship with now nearly a quarter of the NHS budget ploughed into provides worse services.

billions of public money is being poured into monopoly private enforced by courts in secret private services which are not supporting but abusing.

NHS England nor our LAs are accountable.

Professions and vocations Nurses, Social Workers, Psychatrists ,GPs, Dentists, Solicitors, Barristers are empolyed by ever larger corporations on an itinerant, prescribed basis for corporate profit.

Even the USA do not employ the alternative business structures for their lawyers

Yet we do and for our GPs/dentists, as NHS pay £136 per 10 minute consultation.

10 years of austerity has resulted in a trillion pound deficit

loadsofmoney2And unprecedented personal debt

So what can be done ?

The UK has been refashioned,and is personally and publically bankrupt

Debt and its power is all that remains.