The Love of Money…….

Since Isabel’s diagnosis, her state ‘support’, except for her  outings from May 2013 to March 2014.

Has been enforced containment in a NAS residential school £177,000 tax free for 9 months a year for 5 years,resulting in psychological, physical, educational, medical abuse, and neglect.

All was, and is, impersonal, bureaucratic standard letters, meaningless reviews with no attempt at humanity, changing stories,  covering up and lies.

Over 25 workers, have been in my kitchen.

Some daily for months, never without noice to be seen again.

Disappearing, without explanation.

I am not  allowed contact details.

How must all these itinerant ‘relationships’ affect a traumatised autistic teenager ?

We have been processed, through a ruthless, self-preservatory,  machine.

Issy has had 10 social workers, 3 independent reviewing officers, 4 speech therapists, 4 educational psychologists, 3 psychiatrists, 2 paediatricians,  1 CAFCASS Officer  and innumerable meetings, and reviews.

Which produced;

7 mouths respiridone medication, inappropriate, regressive, enforced ‘education’, 2 faecal impactions, 2 rotten teeth, a  48 bruise restraint,  PTSD, and now a refusal to leave her home.

Costing the public purse, well over a million.

Causing far far more problems, than her autism..

Had Issy been afforded proper medical treatment, education ( Brentwood the private German owned autistic school five minutes walk from home), and community support, from dedicated people, that  understood her, Issy would not be in the sorry state she is today, and, have suffered so much.

The  final straw, was an education package, telling her, she could not live with Mummy and Daddy.

This is the real scandal, and, the tragedy.

She would not have had, two faecal impactions, which both coincided with inappropriate care, one after ill- advised respite in her special needs school in 2006, the other in 2011, after a forced attendance, and a long wait at her GP’s practice, produced a meltdown, that necessitated a 48 bruise restraint.

The symptoms of these impactions,  ignored for years, and would remained so, had, it not been for our continued insistence they existed.

And our insisting our GP physically examine Issy’s stomach.

Issy’s NAS home also caused, and failed to notice her rotten molar and wisdom teeth.

And, fed an impacted child, ‘build up’ drinks which cause constipation.

We will never know, and no one will ever investigate, the permanent damage this neglect, may have caused poor Issy  physically and mentally.

And agencies/professionals refused to connect, the pain, and discomfort, of  impactions, to Isabel’s increasingly aggressive behaviour.

Instead, blaming her autism, to justify psychotic medication, an enforced 52 week inappropriate, school placement, and, a proposed 12 week CAMHS’s residential assessment, to enforce permanent psychotic medication.

This, enabled NAS, and CAMHS, to claim the maximum, from the public purse, and made Isabel’s ‘care’ easier to manage.

And off  social services books.

All was and is prescribed process in self interest and very much not in Issy’s interests.

In January 2013, had we not insisted on Issy coming home for the weekend, when her social worker said she was ‘too distressed’.

And a kind van driver, had not risked snow and ice, and, waited an extra 20 minutes, Issy would have been sent to a CAMHS Care Pathway Centre, Ruby Lodge for an assessment.

Social Services, and NAS had tried get our agreement to this for weeks.

Our permission, could then be dispensed with, by sectioning under the Mental Health Act.

To allow, £60,000 to be spent on, an illegal, as her IQ is well above 50, 12 week residential assessment.

In addition, to the £177,000, still being paid to NAS.

Issy would have been medicated with anti-psychotics for ever, despite it being licenced only, for short term severe behaviour.

This policy of sedation, chillingly promoted, in Ruby Lodge’s promotional materials, as the use of the

‘least restrictive alternative’, and,

Finding alternatives to restraint’.

With an outcome of,

A care plan that indicates the least restrictive alternative’,  ( powerful neurological suppression by anti psychotics ) to impact on ‘frequency, intensity and duration of challenging behaviour’.

Their discharge list including,

Medication/prescriptions to cover two weeks post discharge’.

Such Care Pathway centres, have been built all over the country.

Now ‘specialist hospitals’ in monopoly, enforced community living like Lifeways/ Cambian.

These centres/specialist hospitals are where Issy would be sent, if we, or the care workers were attacked, or Issy’s behaviour worsened, and we rang the police, the only option, we have ever been given by our GP, and social services.

The psychiatrist, who heads up this multimillion pound lodge complex, is no other, than the CAMHS psychiatrist, who prescribed Issy’s ‘off label’ Respiridone trial at 9, without our informed consent, as we were not told it was a trial.

She dismissed Issy’s side effects of crying, breathlessness and incontinence, as not side effects, as not on her list.

Issy had received no physical examination.

And when we had complained, we were served with a court care supervision application order.

One of side effect of anti-psychotic medication is constipation.

And at 7 stone, Issy still be being fed build-up drinks, 70 bottles were dumped in our kitchen on Issy’s return, cause constipation.

Issy’s impaction, was unacknowledged, and greatly acerbated, and now zombiefied, she would have been unable, to express her suffering, even by aggression.

It could not have been long, before she succumbed, to a long painful death, on her body filling with faeces, forcing her organs to close down.

As so many autistics have died before, unseen, unheard , no inquests, dying of ‘natural causes’, no serious case reviews,  very expensive state murders, silenced for ever.

Issy’s GP wouldn’t, and doesn’t visit residents for their £177,000 per annum.

When we complained of this, the Independent Reviewing Officer told us, it was our duty to arrange medical care at a distance of 25 miles.

We tried, but got nowhere.

A locum was prepared to visit the NAS home, but then left the practice.

One of the dedicated carers, who disappeared, before the final onslaught said, on my bemoaning enforced independent living,

‘She wouldn’t let them look after her dog, let alone her child’.

If Issy were a dog, the RSPCA would have prosecuted her state carers, yet it is the threat of care, and ‘best interests’ MCA orders, that have facilitated Issy’s abuse.

There can be no whistle blowers, and social and medical care goes unchecked, and is unaccountable.

The conflict of interest between, what is best for CAMHS, GPs and NAS,to make as much money as possible, and impose a government system  and what is in Isabel’s best interests, flaws the system.

The state, have complete control.

And, I dread the thought of Isabel’s future.

Physical medical examinations are perfunctory,  by a  nurse/practioner.

50% not even given this superficial observation, if deemed to refuse permission.

Medical conditions, and treatment are not a ‘domain’, in the adult services forms for independent/ now ‘community living’.

There is no central audit, or, control of this medication by anti- psychotic and mood enhancers.

The administration left to individual GPs and CAMH’s teams.

Administered without physical examinations.

No wonder 3 learning disabled die needlessly each day.

It is now three weeks, since the agencies workers, had a hissy fit, and the agency without reason, withdrew their contract.

And over two weeks, since the last email from our social workers, stating she had been unsuccessful in obtaining any other agency cover, again without reason.

No matter how poor, or abusive the service, the provider is paid up front, and there will be no reimbursement of the £200,000 spent on Issy since 2013, nor, the million spent before that, on her abusive NAS residential school.

Under s2 of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970, £82,000 can be paid per annum for Issy’s social care, and under the Education Acts more than 50,000, even without SEN until she is 25, and some £73,000 from the NHS.

The funding for her £177,000 NAS school, split between the 3 authorities, and judging by the NHS ringing me last month, to request a home inspection for her continuing health care checklist, this is set to continue in independent living.

Yet, we, can only claim £200 in DLA and Carers Allowance per week, and personal services of 7.50 per hour and administration fee,if we could find our own staff.

Such is the huge financial incentive to encage Issy.

And  the potential for abuse and corruption.

Issy, is a huge cash cow.

And, the love of money, really is, the root of all evil.

Rip off of Disabled Care and Education

Over the past two years, I have been deceived, and manipulated.

But most of all, ignorant, of the Local Authorities, and Government’s policies, for the mentally disabled.

Through my experiences, and being a lawyer, I have researched, the law, and practice, of the despicable, clandestine, ruthless policies, initiated, by our last government.

Now implemented by our present, with the help of charities, care agencies, courts, and Local Authorities.

They, not only exploit, our most vulnerable, that should, in a civilised society, be our most protected, but, use our money to do so.

So in this post, I would like to share with you, how this is happening, so at least, parents can be forewarned.

Naively, I thought what our government meant, by privatisation of welfare, was personalised budgets, where families would be provided with lists of carers.

Rather like Com carer, and be able to choose, and employ the right ones, with the help of an administration charity.

But I now realise, personalised budgets, were always doomed to fail, as logistically, there is no effective system, to find carers.

With a maximum of 7.50 per hour, and the LA bureaucratic red tape, the system, is no more than a sop, to real privatisation.

The term, has been hijacked, by the personalised services  money, being paid to spying support packages, over which the consumer has no control.

Our government’s privatisation, is privatised monopoly corporate care agencies, run for maximum profit , cultish, on message, employing, a sea of itinerant, zero hour workers often immigrants.

Or, small ad hoc care agencies, and education packages, on a commercially aware basis, desperate for your ‘pot of money’, paid to them, and controlled by the Local Authority.

‘Education’, has  been privatised, under EHCs, for those with special needs, after 16.

SEN statements no longer exist, replaced by ad hoc, on message public/ private partnerships, combining social care with ‘independent’ skills training to encage.

After 16, there are no longer schools.

Or respite centres, as a home from home.

Or day centres, to meet up with chums.

Do not let anyone, try to convince you this is about cost cutting.

This is about redirecting, the money, we pay in taxes, to fund our public services, into large corporate monopolies, some owned by venture capitalists, outsourcing companies, or self preservatory charities, on a ‘sustainability’ basis, recycling profits tax free ,who service the social care, and independent living industry.

It is an orchestrated rip off, not only of our taxes, but of our statutory rights.

These corporations, are basically out sourcing companies ie employment agencies, easily disposable, and unaccountable; they can rip off and disappear, and reappear, under another name.

‘Independent living’ for life, is in secret, there are no spy cameras, complaints are futile, and, the Care Quality Oversight a tick box exercise.

So social ‘care’ is the perfect business model.

Our government’s privatisation has already ripped off probation, prison and court translation service by SERCO, and soon our child protection service, and courts.

In breach of the disabled, and their families human rights to a family life, and freedom from oppression, and inhumane treatment, Carers Act, Equality Act, Autism Act, and Education Act.

But, as these rights, cannot effectively be enforced, they can be ignored.

Encagement, under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, is the biggest, and most draconian weapon.

Since August 2013, applications to the court of protection for deprivation of liberty orders by LAs, have risen over 60%, but not, the number of judges.

Who continue to complain of impossible case loads.

Courts, are effectively forced, to rubber stamp applications, relying on the presumed paternalism of the LA, that ‘independent’ 24/7 supervised living, will always be in a person’s ‘best interests’.

To maximise profit for the Local Authority,‘incapacity’ is being too liberally, and, therefore illegally applied.

It is generally accepted, that the MCA, is not doing what it was intended to do, or is it?

We have the terrible conflict of interest, that the more severe the disability, the less the capacity, and the more the need to encage, and the greater the profit from ‘care’.

Making it not in the LA’s interests, to provide adequate care, for the disabled.

As the more distressed, a vulnerable person is made, by their ‘care’, or removal from home, the more evidence, the LA get of their’ incapacity’,so its win win.

My daughter is a prime example.

Since 2013, £200,000 had been spent on her.

A million, on her 5 yr 6 month NAS home, despite her being a third of the time, at home/holiday.

Her education regressed, her teeth rotted, faeces impacted, she suffered PTSD, had had no school,nor any overnight respite away from home.

Care and education, has made my daughter, ripe for processing under the Mental Capacity Act.

SEN has been replaced by a 75 million government fund, to provide bespoke ‘education’ packages

Anyone, and everyone, can set up such packages, but will have to be in with the LA to be paid.

Their quality appears unaccountable, as the LA commission the service, it has a vested interest, in finding it fit for purpose, and would be liable, if it were not.

The parents have little say, the threat, of loss of access to their children silences them, and, complaints are futile.

Legal action, for breach of statutory duty, without legal aid and the risk of court and LA costs, is impossible.

Education provision, does not appear subject to any oversight.

My own experience of such education packages, was not good.
We were lead to believe, that my daughter at 16, would attend a named local special needs school, and a teacher from the school assessed her.

I assumed under SEN.

A teacher from our local special needs school, attended our home in June 2013, for what was ‘termed’ an assessment of Issy.

But consisted of my filling her in, on the dire regression in her reading and writing, her one and a half million ‘special needs’ provision had produced.

She said nothing as to how, where, or, what our daughter would be taught.

I had asked, would it be in her school building, she replied not usually, inferring lack of space.
Then,in the September’s Children in Needs Meeting, I was introduced to a man from XY, I was not told his function, and thought him a general overseer, and actually nicknaming him, the ‘umbrella man’.

At the end of this meeting, he discussed Isabel’s ‘education’, which he said would commence mid October, with an assistant teacher from the said local school, and, an existing agency care worker.

I thought Isabel was being phased into the named local special needs school,eventually attending fulltime until 18/25.

Instead, her education consisted of a twice weekly, 10.45.-3 pm, increased to 3 in January, outings.

Issy had lunch in a cafe, visits to a farm, two visits to the local school, and swimming.

The assistant teacher, showed me a picture of her classroom, and, I noticed there were computers stacked on the floor.

She provided Issy with a large cloth calendar with weather symbols, books from the local library, handcraft materials, but all had to be stored in our house, often it appeared the ‘classroom’, was not available, and locked.

I later found out, by looking at the address of the education provider’s office, that her ‘classroom’, was in fact a spare office in their headquarters.

And, a worker told me, Issy was often unhappy there, and office staff had complained of her noise.

There was no evidence of scholastic improvement, her ‘report’, stating she had acquired skills, she already had,like putting hat and coat on, carrying own bag, table manners, this package, supposedly, preparing her for her future ‘ independent’ living.

Making her even more profitable.

This ‘education’ was also used, to obtain evidence of parental incapacity, and/or neglect.

I was told, by a worker, that  the education workers,were spying on me, and discussing me in Costa coffee, after their education sessions, with their education package manager.

The education manager man asked me, ’Do you want us to continue to support Isabel ?’.

Confused I replied,’ You have a statutory duty to do so’.

Weeks later, he asked again.

I said, ‘You ’ve already asked me that’.

He said, ;Yes but you didn’t give me an answer’.

I said.’ is there any other option’.

He said, ‘He didn’t think so’.

The documentation sent, before our April Children in Need Meeting, said funding was in place until 2015 for this education package, but needed the parents’ consent.

Which, was why, he had pressed for my consent.

I withdrew my improperly implied consent, at a children in need meeting in April 2014.

The manager then took his workers, and left us without any support, or, Issy any ‘education’.

The same education package provider, has an internet site, and operates a drop in, for all parents with teenagers with behavioural problems, in confidence.

Desperate parents, reveal their problems, which, can then be used by social services, to show you cannot control and/or your parenting is abusive and/ or neglectful, and in your child’s best interests to live independently, and you  cut out of his life for ever, as an abusive/incapable/neglectful parent.

There is a conflict of interests here.

Your social worker will offer your child/ adult psychological help; this can then feed into their lack of capacity, and best interest’s reports, needed for a deprivation of liberty order.

Your social worker, will ask, as mine did, if you are depressed, anxious, and offer you psychological help, and you will be assessed.

And, as psychologists, are paid by the state, and want to continue to be paid, it is likely, their report will not be in your favour.

Depression, and anxiety, and by now, no doubt paranoia, can be easily diagnosed.

If you start suggesting illnesses, your unable to communicate child might have, they could add fabricated illness disorder, the newly named Munchausen.

Meanwhile, your on message GP, will want to examine you to ascertain present, or future health issues, that could affect parenting capacity, weight, age, diabetes, cholesterol, and, any conditions, you do actually have.

There is a similar modus, used, to obtain care orders, and as with the care courts, all is done in secret.

If you go to the media, you could be imprisoned for contempt, and, you will be gagged for life.

Gathering Evidence From Social Care.

bigstock-magglassTo obtain care, and/or deprivation of liberty orders, evidence of parental neglect,  incapacity, or safeguarding are needed, to show removal to state ‘care‘, is in a person’s ‘best interests’.

This evidence, also supports, ‘abuse’/ neglect, which will exclude parents, from  representing their child in court,

although there is no legal aid for this,

and almost invariably an Official Solicitor, will be appointed by the Court,

and, this is for the  life of the disabled loved one.

Legally, the definitions of such abuse/safeguarding issues are  vague, and expansive.

As left, to the  paternalism and power  of the Local Authority.

It includes inter alia, not providing a safe, healthy, clean living environment, medical care, sufficient/ appropriate food, and clothing, and emotional abuse eg isolation, derogatory comments, preventing a person reaching their full potential.

The agency workers,  kept a log of each shift, written without reference to me; the log book, the agency’s property.

The log pages of the meltdown in the city centre,  preceding Issy’s,  now 6 months indoors, had been ripped out.

Once full, the log book was removed.

But, our, now ex agency, had left, in such a hurry, an almost full book, remained on the kitchen table.

Yesterday, for the first time, I read it.

One entry, was made on the 15/8, 9.30-18.00.

A once weekly shift, recently extended, to allow  us a day out.

Written by the newly qualified social worker,  in my previous posts;

Her agency was paid at least £60 an hour just to provide her and she £25.

It was never explained why in these last two weeks of support a qualified social worker had been sent, this had not happened before excepting for the secret social worker sent overnight when I was supposed to have gone with all other family members to Wimbledon.

Isabel awake on arrival in bath. Bedding stripped and remade. Brushed Issy’s room. Issy had a bowel movement in the bath’.

The same worker, on shift the next day records,

‘ Bathroom cleaned after as Issy had a bowel movement whilst in the bath’.

The next day the trainee social worker, records, a more accurate, unspun version of the same event.

‘After about 2 hours we noticed she was incontinent of faeces, we prepare the bath’

Isabel had a tummy bug and the runs.

If, she defecates  in the bath, this suggests she is not toilet trained, (parental capacity), and is a safeguarding issue ( hygiene).

6 months earlier, our ‘education’ worker, had seen poo in Issy’s bath, from nighttime soiling.

The worker , hadn’t mentioned it..

But, afterwards had mentioned it to her ‘education’ boss.

In one of his weekly briefing, to obtain evidence of safeguarding/ parental incapacity etc.

I was only made aware of the purpose of these meetings when a worker told me these workers were meeting up in Costa Coffee  and discussing the house and mother and phone calls from the education boss clearly asking what I was doing were overheard.

And, the fact the boss had asked me  in the next children in need meeting.

Is Issy still pooing and peeing in the bath?

In 2007,Issy had slithered poo on the sofa, whilst sitting next to her GP.

Instead, of him, recognising, this as a sign of  an impaction.

He had  exclaimed in disgust,

‘Oh, she is still doing that, is she’.

At the time, I hadn’t  a clue what he had meant.

It was not until, I read the social services care application, where he stated he thought Issy, had  not been toilet trained, his comment made sense.

GPs, carers are trained to find only parental neglect and safeguarding issues, not the impactions, that nearly killed issy caused by their traumatic care.

Yet, he had not asked, or checked, if she was, and all services knew Issy had by then, been using  the toilet for over 6 years.

In fact, the GP was there, at our request, to find out what might be wrong with Issy, as she was distressed, behaving badly and slithering poo.

And,  was there to refer her to an endochronogist  for a bowel scan.

This made me think,  workers,  appeared to be looking for issues, mentioned in the 2007 social services application.

And the truth on an issue was irrelevant. All were briefed to look for and create safeguarding parental capacity issues only.

Issy’s undetected impaction, had resulted in bad behaviour, that had justified Risperidol medication,  and, an unassessed, 52 week, £177,000 per year NAS placement.

On seeing my mixing Issy’s Movicol, her social worker laughed, on my commenting Issy had the runs, and, remarked,

Well, that’s not going to help, is it ?’.

Indicating  I must be an idiot. ( parental incapacity)

But it was her who was ignorant, that  incontinence, was  a symptom of an impaction.

And, if I  did not administer  Movicol,  evidence of neglect.

Anyway, back to the log of the 15/8,

Removed last night’s tea from Isobel’s room into the kitchen. Isabel was trying to eat it . So we offered her other options. She asked for bread and butter and has eaten 1 and a quarter slices, packet of chocolate buttons’

Isabel had not been eating properly  for weeks, so we  left  supper in her bedroom, to encourage her to eat.

She had returned home in February 2013, 7 and a half stone, at 5ft 6 inches, and grown to 12 stone, within 3 months.

At the time of the log, she was nearly 11 stone.

It then occurred to me, another reason for Issy’s severe weight loss.

NAS’s policy, to remove food immediately from her room.

Staff had been reluctant to even go into her room.

And her food was sometimes put through the window.

One of our workers, had looked after Issy in her NAS home, and, recounted a shift, when she had been sent into Issy’s bedroom, to remove her food.

But unlike other staff, had taken the filling out of the nachos, to encourage her to eat .

Malnutrition, is evidence of neglect, but, only if you are a parent, not the state.

Back to the log, it continues,

There was blood and faeces up the door and units in Izzy’s bedroom supported to clean. It was also on the floor but we couldn’t find a mop and bucket to clean properly . So used a cloth and spray.’‘Kate has cleaned the kitchen due to issy trying to eat left over food, and moving staff around leading to blood being spread around .

Unhygienic living environment is a safeguarding issue.

We then later see the reason for this,

Isabel still refusing to put her pad on so I have to put a towel underneath her ( on her bed) because of her period’

They couldn’t get her to put her sanitary pad on.

‘Finola showed me the mop and bucket was kept outside’

Where the mops, had been kept, throughout this worker’ year’s support.

She walked past them on entering the house.

This was the same social worker, who had asked a month earlier for a second mop.

The log gets better,

Due to Issy’s weight loss her trousers were falling down I asked finola and seamus if they still had any clothes from the last time issy lost weight for her to use but they had been removed’.

These clothes, would in any event be too small, as side 8/10, Issys was now a 14/16.

There were clothes available in the draws, but the stack of clothes, I left out, had been used up.

Insufficient, or, inappropriate clothing, is evidence of neglect.

And better still.

‘Stripped bedding once again unable to wash due to no washing powder’

The ‘ once again’,referring to the missing mop.

On returning, I had got washing tablets left in the car.

What a pretty picture this paints for the court,

– inadequate clothing, washing facilities, filthy unhygienic bedroom , insufficient food , child eating left overs, old food left in bedroom.

If I were the judge, I’d  think this an inadequate home environment.

But reading between the lines, all it shows, is that the carers, could not cope with Issy, with the runs, and, a period, whilst I could, and had to.

And had, unlike the state,been encouraging her to eat.

Who would want ‘respite’, that removed your child to state ‘care’.

Where Issy, would be an unseen pin cushion, medicated, and, in nappies,

Where neglect, and abuse, is hidden, and, not deliberately fabricated.

Strangely, the log for October remained anodyne, with no mention of bed, and mop- gate, mentioned in later blogs.

One can only assume, workers had been told,

not to put me on notice, of their evidence gathering.

Where is the Cavalry ?

I post on Monday the 13th October .

Issy still in bed.

She was up most of the night.

Yesterday, she arose late, with bloody footprints all over the hall.

We felt relieved that her anguish over the past few days, had a natural cause.

It is now 9 days, since the agency staff walked out.

And, still no sign of support.

My poor husband, has to work all day on little sleep.

I am a little fearful, as these times of the month, and, so far Issy has refused her ibuferon.

The autistic mute, who wrote,‘Through The Eyes of Aliens’, describes how horrific periods were for her, all her nerve endings felt, as if, on fire.

I mention this to the social services etc, but gain little reaction,

medical help, is not part of their ‘remit’.

And GPs are many, itinerant, illusive, work by computer.

And, support is an encagement policy, for which, it would appear, my health, and, Issy’s neglect and self- harm, are the only boxes to be ticked.

The long awaited meeting with the genteel education package manager, and Measured Lady,was held last Thursday.

A funding LA manager also attended.

As usual, little of substance was said.

And, as usual, I was left wondering, why we needed yet another meeting.

The LA funding/service manager introduced herself, and, then persisted in asking why agency had withdrawn their support.

We persisted in telling her, we didn’t know.

But  omitted to ask, why, as the service manager, she didn’t know.

She explained personal services funding twice.

‘We will give you a pot of money, which you can use to support Isabel’.

I explained, I knew the mechanics, thought it preferable, to itinerant, unaccountable to us, agency support, but on going on the internet, had only managed to find, one wheelchair bound man, seeking a carer for the LA’s maximum payment of 7.50 per hour, and worried how I could find workers per se.

I  asked, why, the LA had paid our ex agency, more than 4 times this hourly rate.

But she just replied ‘I know’.

The genteel education package man, explained that he, and Measured Lady, were putting a package together, for our consideration, and, would let us have their proposals.

I  thought that was the purpose of this meeting, but thought there little  point in saying so.

It was now 3 months, since he, and the Measured lady, had become involved in Issy’s life.

And 6 months, since Issy had effectively stopped engaging with the previous, agency care package,

The Measured lady said, she had, ‘just the right person’.

I asked if she was fit, and liked walking, she replied yes, as she was a dancer.

No one asked about Issy.

Issy was up dressed, hair washed, and, wandered into the kitchen for juice, so I introduced her by name, to each of the circled throng.

She stared at them all intently, probably worried at her fate,

but, said nothing except ‘juice’.

The funding lady, must have been social worker trained, as she then asked, how Isabel had got the scratches on her arms.

I explained, we had been unable to cut her very sharp nails, due to her recent distress, and like me, she has rather dry skin, and also like me, liked nothing better than a good scratch.

But, I knew she would have been trained to note them, as self- harm, or, abuse.

I hoped for the former.

She asked no more about Issy’s eating, sleeping, or, distress.

My husband had to work away from home, and worried he may be called back, asked if some support could be put in place for Monday.

The funding lady seemed reluctant to find different agency workers, so the Measured Lady, said she would be able to get someone to come on Monday, but didn’t.

The funding lady, again described the mechanics of personalised services,  even using exactly the same words.

I replied, that in any event, the money would  be paid to the Measured lady, as it is her company, who employed the future support, and she agreed.

An hour had been spent in the kitchen, and they left.

Issy, was particularly agitated.

She was probably wondering why these, official looking people, were in the kitchen, and, so were we.

Social Care is unaccountable yet agencies make millions…

On Tuesday afternoon, some 3 days after the final hissy fit, we received our first communication, from anyone.

An email from our social worker, as follows;

I met with X and Y from the agency yesterday. Agency will no longer be supporting Isabel. Agency have ended their contract with Social Care and will no longer provide staff to work with Isabel. Please can we discuss’.

So endth, mine and Issy ’s, 18 month relationship with the carers in kitchen.

A damning indictment, on a large well known agency, who purport to be,

committed in developing our services to be a continuous, responsive and reflect the services required’.

And, the two workers, who left us, after nearly a year of knowing us, high and dry, without explanation, looking forward to a day out.

But, then, how is ‘Social Care’ accountable?

Obviously, not by conscience, and humanity,  or even the constraints of a normal working relationship..

You can make a complaint. We were not invited to.

But what would then happen?

Nothing, as such complaints do not affect agencies commercially.

We do not employ them and their is no choice or competition.

Internal complaints systems are without teeth, and, as such just a worthless sop to service provision.

We do not pay, or commission the services, so do not have the contractual rights of an ordinary consumer.

We shall see what happens to our indirect complaint to Social Services.

Last week I was contacted by the service manager, who I must meet with, before getting to stage 2.

So that’s an hour with team leader, then social worker, and then drafting a reply to their report, and, now this lady, before I can get near the ‘ independent’ investigator.

And at the same time, I have to look after, a severely autistic child, with no support, and, no overnight respite for 18 months.

I am certainly doing, a lot of unpaid jobs, for a lot of people, and, they are then claiming this, as part of their support system.

And the NHS now want to do an inspection of my house, I think to justify my carers allowance of £70 per week. Reduced In 2015 to £62.

If only, we had such diligent inspection of the huge amounts, the state are spending, on state ‘care’ … that is the scandal.

The profiteering from our taxes, of money spent on our inadequate ‘social care’, respite, and education.

In May, the Care Quality Commission, on one of their standard checks of our agency, had rang me.

A lady in front of a computer form, asking if my workers were reliable, ie turned up on time.

Presumably, a sop to checking care quality, as a result of the undercover spying of the poor old lady stuck in her bed ringing an agency, when her care did not arrive.

I mentioned to the CQC lady, that a second worker, had not been sent on Saturdays for months, and, asked how this might affect the agency.

She said it could affect their star rating.

Would that affect their commissioning by the LA, potentially liable, for their inadequate services ?

The lady, was not interested in the agency spying on me, and lying about me behind my back and discussing my private home life in public cafes.

That was not in her form.

Even if they lost a star,which would be unlikely to happen, it would not affect their contract with the LA.

Look at SERCO, they over claimed 70 million, and, allowed prisons to escape, overcrowding and record suicides.

Their court translator service was chaotic and expensive, and this merely increased their outsourcing empire.

They were, and still might, get all LA’s contracts for child protection.

Our social worker, on her last visit about my formal complaint, had stated this particular agency, were, ‘perhaps not the most appropriate care‘, and, ‘why did we chose them’,

but, then answered her own question with a , ‘but then you weren’t given any choice‘.

And then, when we asked, who could now support us, stated, she was not allowed to recommend social care…..( only  commission)

It would appear, that the amount paid does not improve the service, as our agency was paid, at least 4 times the £7.50 hourly rate, allowed by LA, on a direct payment basis.

Later the same day, our social worker emailed me back,

It would help me if you email me a list of tasks /job description for the worker. The worker will not know Issy, but will need to know what the expectations are in supporting her and what the role involves’.

So after 3 hour long home visits, amended care plan, core assessments, all the agency risk assessments, and, commissioning of agency support costing  tax payers nearly £100,000 she still does not know what their duties should be ?.

I, caring alone for a severely disabled child, that has cost the state to date £200,000 since 2013, for their purported ‘care’, have to also do her job.

I reflect, but will never know, that her required information, may have been, our agency’s excuse, for their withdrawal of care.

And, she, wanted to ensure, any new agency, could not do the same, and, that I could not complain, as I had given her their remit.

So, I email her back, repeating as usual, what they already know.

All is time wasting pointless bureaucracy.

Such is Social ‘Care’…..

The Final Hissy Fit ?

Hissy-Fit-Girl-CryingSaturday 4th October

It is 10.20 am.

I hear my husband, talking in the kitchen to the social worker and trainee, carers for the day.

Why Social Services, are prepared to pay their higher rates again, never before, on a Saturday, to sit in the kitchen all day, remains, a worrying mystery.

My husband had met and gret them.

Issy still in bed.

Up briefly last night, to eat some of food left out.

The bath is ready. Her clothes laid out.

My husband was annoyed, yesterday’s mop-gate.

He asks the social worker, why she asked me to buy a second mop, when we already had one, and, said I could do without the hassle.

I hear her indignantly reply,

‘I wish I hadn’t asked now’.

No more.

Both remain, silent, in their chairs.

I’m desperate for a coffee, so despite dreading it, I wander into the kitchen towards the kettle.

Seamus continues, like me, desperate to break through their silent impasse.

‘Finola’s worried sick about Issy’.

‘We are all worried about her ‘, bleats the trainee.

’Then why don’t you ask about her’, I find myself retorting.

I can’t remember, the exact ramblings that ensued, but, remember the trainee lady, opening the window from her seat, holding her head, and, appearing, as if on the wailing wall,.

‘You know my own nephew is in independent living, and I have told you I am worried about him’.

’ We are supporting Isabel’.

‘We have been very well trained to support Isabel….’

She wailed, as if persecuted .

But by what?

My wondering why she couldn’t discuss why Issy was in bed?

Why couldn’t she just to that, instead of the silent sulks, and now histrionics.

I can’t remember exactly, what I then said, but, it  involved mentioning, that the social worker was a social worker.

To which she grabbed her coat, and rushed out of the house with a,

‘I’m not having people accusing me of being a social worker’.

And both were gone.

It was by then 10.25pm.

They were booked until 7.00 pm.

We had hoped to take a trip out to Bakewell.

Boy did we need to get away, but, it was not to be.

No one rang from the agency, or, anywhere.

Isabel remained in bed.

She got up at 6.00 pm, her bed dry; she ate some fish and potatoes, but appeared sleepy, and went back to bed
All day Sunday, she spent in bed.

I am worried sick about her, but what can I do?

We are beleaguered.

Monday dawns, no workers arrive at 10.00 am, and no phone calls.

Its Tuesday, as I post this.

The state is silent, but what are they doing ?

We wait.

Creating a Safeguarding Issue, Patronage and ignoring Issy.

mopFriday 3rd October

It is 10 am. The now qualified social worker and regular,since April,male worker arrive.

Each worker, on arrival  asks,

’How are you?’

And, they did not disappoint.

Two such enquiries,  most days, for the past 18 months.

I  tried to pre empt/ avoid  this impersonal prescription with a spontaneous greeting-

Issy’s dressed and/or in the bath,/

‘Nothing strange or starling has happened’.

Ever hopeful, for an individualised reaction.

Ever dreading, the ritual.

But knew regardless of my reply,

‘How do you think I am ?’,


Issy’s been up all night ‘.

I would be ignored, and receive at best, a look of pained/irritated sympathy.

Or, at worst,  the question repeated in the kitchen.

This was  a box, that had to be ticked.

The social workers/ doctors/ etc. did the same.

My reply of ‘Cataclysmic‘ even incorporated  against me by our social worker in a  core assessment.

I’d sat in my kitchen now for months, with a Pilgrim’s Progress of workers, all with their stories.

I supported a worker’s partner’s rape trial, another’s partner’s cancer treatment,

they had shed tears.

I too had bared my heart and soul.

Voiced views on the dire state of our country, for hours, not knowing they were both, laughing, and, spying on me.

I considered them friends.

I was isolated.

I had given them clothes, Nintendo games, books, shoes, creams, bags, lent out shoes and dresses, only to have them throw hissy fits, and, never to know why, or to see them again.

I was at their mercy.

Two nice workers, had recently disappeared, and, as always, it was impossible to find out why.

I suspect, they did not want to be part of the final horror, of spy, and remove.

But, it was much worse  a betrayal, for Issy.

She still calls out, the departed’s names.

We were being processed by human beings, who themselves, were being  processed.

Anyway, back to Friday.

As I said,  the standard, how I was, but never  Issy.

I thought, I’d clear up the ringing the doctor, although, not mentioned by the social worker, who offered to ring, the day before.

I therefore, thought it best to announc, as Isabel had eaten, didn’t have a temperature, and appeared well,I wouldn’t be ringing the GP.

‘Fine’. Was her only response.

She then asked, if I wanted them to do anything.

The upstairs bathroom floor  still had urine on it, and, the floor was still dirty under Isabel’s bed ,so I asked her, if she’d mind doing these tasks.

Fearful to add, she’d had had all day yesterday to do them.

Not knowing, they would later be used, as evidence, of Issy’s unhygienic home conditions.

The social worker support, instructed the male worker, on half her rate, to clean the bathroom floor.

He duly brought the mop out.

On walking into the kitchen, I noticed she was going through the mops threds.

And remarked to me,

Finola,  you will have to buy a second mop. You can’t use the same one with faeces on from the bathroom, on the kitchen floor’.

But she could find no faeces on the mop, nor can I remember it, nor the bathroom floor ever having had faeces on it.

Taken aback by the comment and accusatory tone, I wittered on apologetically,

’Of course I would later that day’.

Then remembered, we had two mops.

And fetched the other brand new, unused one, from the same place as the other, and gave it  to her, with a,

Here you are, we have got one’.

She made no comment.

This was  the creation of a ‘safeguarding  issue’  at its best.

And, what must be what they train disability social workers in.

I felt pleased, I was able to thwart it so easily.

‘Mother using mop with faeces on, to mop the kitchen floor’.

But no doubt, they’ll find another tomorrow.

I pondered, if I now had to, daily date photo my mops, to prove  I had two and they were faeces free.

After all that, she didn’t mop the kitchen, although there from 10-4.

No one did.

I entertained them in the kitchen in the afternoon, with stories of my youth in Liverpool.

The social worker, more than half my age, said,

She loves being entertained by me’.

Another worker, said I could cook, ( neglect issue).

The trainee lady, the day before so silent and furious, had once hugged me, at length, telling me how ‘strong’ I was.

Aren’t I the lucky bunny.

And so endth another day at 4.00 pm, with as always, no comment about Isabel being still in bed.

Poor Issy……

Prescribed Care and Communication

Thursday 2nd October

The same social worker, and trainee social worker, arrive at 10.00 am.

Apparently, synchronised by mobile.

But leaving a sufficient gap, to appear, not to be.

The lady, who left the previous afternoon, sulking and furious, first.

I can’t do silent assertion,but, was too angry for polite small talk,

So soon after entering,I asked her, why she appeared unconcerned, that Issy was now in bed, most  days.

Of cause she was concerned, she exclaimed, so much so, that she had  just rung, her agency work coordinator, to tell her of her concern.

Why ? What good would that do?

But what was the point in mentioning this.

Beyond frustration, I continued my never before assertion.

Then why had she not shown, any concern over the past weeks, and continually ignored, and eventually dismissed my concerns, with an,

‘ Issy is just having a lie in’.

Might Issy not be ill, should we not ring the doctor?

By then, the qualified social worker,had walked into the kitchen.

And, to her rescue.

Bizarrely exclaiming,

I’ve never understood why we have this two to one, but now when I think about it, the agency insist on it, if it’s a child, and Isabel is still a child’.

She isn’t, and they don’t

a) because a worker told me she worked alone with a child,

and, b) Isabel had  been risk assessed by the agency for 2.1.

So the agency, can double their already extortionate fee, 3 times the hourly rate of the worker.

A basic rate £50 per hour, for 2 people to sit in my kitchen.

Our conversation, was descending into farce.

On reflection, I can only assume, her comment was a diversionary tactic.

It happens a lot,with workers,and professionals.

One new worker last month, asking had I had my hair cut, when I obviously hadn’t, mid-sentence, on my briefing her about Isabel.

Changing the subject, not answering the question, silence, and only ever asking questions, but, not responding to the answers, appear carers modus operandi.

It appeared ‘communication’, was controlled, contrived, and focused.

And excepting for those ‘in charge’ gaining information, for their own agenda, most conversations were  repetitive,  superficial, and, not about Issy.

All under the cloak of ‘Professionalism’.

I dismissed this bizarre intrusion,with Issy had one staff member taking her out on Saturdays for months , because, a second had not been sent.

But since April, and ‘the new regime’.

Despite Issy refusing to go out, and my presence.

The 2 to 1,  condition had been strictly enforced.

Several times, a worker had left, when the other did not shown up.

I left the kitchen, and drank my coffee in the garden, but, had to return through the kitchen.

The qualified social worker said.

‘Finola do you want me to ring the doctor’.

Her, not me.

Not promptly obtaining medical attention is neglect.

So workers, must be told, not to suggest it.

The state,as shown by NAS’s care of Issy, do not need to provide prompt medical attention.

And GPs, in any event, only look for neglect, abuse, and, self harm.

The appropriate medical attention is not afforded, to the autistic.

Our core assessment rang in my ears,

parents show a reluctance to involve medical services, and feel this is social services responsibility’,

This had been spun from my complaining that there seemed little point in calling the GP as we had already  at least 5 times in July and August, and we had had to insist on even a urine test.

So I replied, it was now too late, as a Thursday, there was no afternoon call out, and, we’d be diverted to, the many questions needed for a locum service, which I‘d been through before, to no avail.

I said, I’d think about ringing tomorrow morning.

Wondering the point,  as Isabel had no temperature, appeared well, and did eat in the evening.

And, even when Issy threw up continually, we had got nothing from 5 different GPs.

She replied, ‘That’s fine’.

No more.

Issy remained in bed, the bath was permanently topped up, the workers went in at regular interludes to check on her.

On my forced return to the kitchen for coffee, they informed me, as if scripted,

They had done this, although, as I was in the sitting room next door, they knew I’d heard them.

As I waited for the kettle to boil,  kitchen, I was irritated/unerved by their staring silence,

And broke it  with a casual, ‘why she thought Issy was still in bed’ to the trainee.

Who replied,

’I have been into her bedroom. I have asked her if she wants coffee, or orange juice. But she didn’t.’

And then remained silent.

I said,

You have gone into prescribed mode.Why won’t you answer my question.’

But she just repeated, almost verbatim .

The social worker, again came to her rescue, with a similar version.

’We have been in, and asked Isabel……’.

And then silence, so I left the kitchen.

I reflected, on the desperate lives of those, at the mercy of  institutionalised independent living.

They both had worked in such ‘Units’.

The regular trainee, once proclaiming, on brushing out Issy’s bedroom,

I’m only doing what I would be doing, if Isabel were in her own living unit.’

I had over heard, the now qualified social worker, describing her previous shift, in such an independent/supported living facility.

’I have to go in every hour to see if X is OK, then I have to talk to F for 30 minutes, Y for 20 minutes,and then Z for 10 minutes’

Who decides these time limits?

What if X wants her to stay,or Y doesn’t want to talk to her, at that particular time, or, at all?

One can only assume, once in place, this clockwork system cannot be deviated from, no matter how dire the need of the poor encaged.

It is a factory.

The ‘cared’ for, are irrelevant.

Process, risk assessment, efficiency, and profitability rule.

As long as the boxes are ticked, her job is done.

The floor under Isabel’s newly erected bed remained dirty, as did the urine on the bathroom floor, and, at 4.00 pm they left.

They had done what they were prescribed.

And, their agency had been  paid £300, to do.

Enforcement , Commercial Awareness, and the Perfect Business Model…….

Wednesday 1/10

It is 11.00 am. Isabel is still in bed. The agency care workers still in kitchen.

One, as she boasted last week, is now a qualified social worker, the other not quite.

She is paid £12 per hour, other workers paid £8.50.

The international agency is paid £36 and £25 per hour for their services by the LA.

The LA would pay a maximum of £ 7.50, if I could find my own support.

The not quite Social Worker is hanging out the washing.

Isabel has taken to weeing herself, and the toilet floor.

Her bed in the morning is always dry, so one can only hope it is not medical.

I was summoned by Issy at 2am and 4 am to wipe her bottom.
The million spent on her NAS school could not manage this basic skill.

And despite this inability Issy must live ‘independently’ at 18.

Issy, through pride, and, I suspect on over hearing the education package workers concerns, that I wiped her bottom, has tried, since April to do it herself.

She would strip off, demand a bath, then go to the toilet, and into the bath. .

The social services have always maintained that she can wipe her bottom, but I insist on wiping it.

The truth appears irrelevant.

On the trainee social worker’s arrival, I mention my broken sleep, and unsavoury bathroom.

She looks disgusted, but says nothing.

Instead she went into Issy’s bedroom.

Saying we will have to swope her bed, for the single one in another room.

Isabel had recently made a hole in her mattress from banging her feet into it.

I inform her that was my bed.

She then told me, what she knew, I surely must have already known, that the springs were coming through,  but did not notice they couldn’t, as I’d turned the mattress over.

I replied, I’d replace it with the guest bed underneath her bed.

Which she appeared not to have noticed was underneath.

And I duly did,in front of her.

I felt judged, and supervised, and worried, that as usual, protection issues appeared to be unnecessarily sought.

In April in view of the lies, and agenda of our only official core assessment, and comments made by the workers, and their education package boss in meetings.

And that I had been informed, workers were meting up with the education boss in Costa Coffee to discuss the ‘concerns’, I had been forced to ask for different workers, and complaint to the agency they were spies.

This new lady had been  recommended by her agency boss, as a good motivator, who would get Issy out.

Unknown to me, the agency were paying, for her training to be a social worker.

It appeared, just another clandestine attempt, to remove Isabel, this lady, as a regular worker, accompanied by new lower paid workers.

I hadn’t had a clue.

One would not have thought, that after breaching their own social workers codes of conduct, requiring they support families, and our human rights to privacy and family life, they would just do it again.

Even if I had twigged, what could I do ?

I did not know how to find my own workers, and if I had, they would then have to be paid by the SS.

If I refused support, the SS would say Issy was in need, and I was not allowing her the ‘specialist’ support she needed, and was thereby neglecting her.

I was being bullied, and, so is anyone who has a potential cash cow, be they old, sick or disabled.

Once a person is incapable the Care Act provides their support must be approved y them.

Soon after her arrival in April, the trainee social worker asked,

‘What am I going to do to keep my daughter?’

‘How am I going to stop Issy slipping when she gets out of the bath?’

She had never slipped, and non-slip tiles had recently been laid.

So I dwelt on today’s comments for the court’s
‘best interests’ report, bathroom floor covered in urine, Isabel exposed to metal springs from her broken bed .

The last core assessment had mentioned far less, a jammed bath plug, that had been replaced, but not the new bath with safety handles, (not paid for by the LA), and, our kitten not always using his litter tray.

Over the past two weeks, Isabel has been getting up later, and later, but strangely workers do not comment, if pressed, the trainee social worker replied,

‘Oh, she’s just having a lie in’.

She had last seen Issy two days earlier.

When she had left at 3.30pm, Issy had still been in bed, I  pressed her again,

she remarked, ‘Oh, she’s just having a lie in’.

Exasperated, I’d exclaimed ,

‘Let’s face it no one cares a F… about Issy’ ,but just received, a tap on the arm from the other worker.

And a ‘there’s no need for that’, referring to my F… word, not their lack of concern.

It is now 12 pm, I go into the kitchen, both are sitting in silence, I boil the kettle, and witter on about watched pots, and Isabel’s reluctance to rise, but the silence remains.

The qualified social worker has been in twice to rouse Isabel.

I keep topping up the bath with hot water.

It is now 1.30, I wander into the kitchen again to their sitting silence.

Again I watch the kettle,  say  ‘This is fun’, and again  get no comment.

I then say I’ve topped up the bath, this elicits from the qualified social worker,

’ I’ve been in, but she does not want to get up’, but unfortunately, she continues,

‘But then, I think I’d lie in bed all day, if I had the chance’.

It suddenly hit me, this was a prescribed response.

I reminded them Issy liked getting up.

And had for months been up on their arrival. ready to go out walking all day.

But still no comment

My then rave of,

‘she wouldn’t be in bed, if she had a school to go to, or they hadn’t tied to push her into independent living, so now she’s afraid to leave the house’.

‘Let’s face it they will eventually get the police to take her away, particularly if she carries on like this,’ was also ignored.

They were obviously well trained.

I persisted, determined to get a reaction,

‘But why am I bothering to talk to you, you are the enemy’, this direct personal approach worked, social workers always want you to believe they are your friend, as it makes enforcement easier,

‘ Finola,I’m not your enemy’, but no more.

I gave up, and changed the subject, but the sulk of ‘how dare she’,had taken hold, so I took my coffee into the garden, wishing I didn’t have to go back through the kitchen.

I reflected on the new additions to their best interests report,

’ inability to work cooperatively to support Isabel at home, due to a paranoid suspicion of support workers, who she thinks of as ‘the enemy’.

Isabel was doomed.

The stress, and pressure on me was palpable, and I had two more hours the kitchen was free, and, would have to face them again to sign their sheets.

And all day tomorrow. I wished I had been born harder.

Later I was forced into the kitchen to use the printer, and chatted with one worker about Liverpool, grateful to relieve the tension, the other ignored the conversation, appearing the personification of indignant fury.

So I pondered why the workers, for weeks, had not discussed if Isabel were ill, asked if she were eating, should she see a doctor, has she taken her movicol, why she was wetting herself, and, the bathroom floor.

All pointed ominously to a brief of watch, record, wait, and remove.

The longer Isabel remained in bed, the less she ate, the more evidence they had that it certainly was not in her ‘best interests’ to remain at home.

This was enforcement, and commercial awareness at its best.

Staggeringly, nearly £200, 000 must have, already been spent on Isabel, since her return to living at home in February 2013.

£ 50,000 to her NAS school to cover their three months contractual notice, when they were our only ‘support’.

For which NAS provided a few phone call enquiries from Isabel’s key worker, I naively thought them genuine concern, 2 babysitting visits by 2 NAS workers, who, though Isabel was desperate to go out, couldn’t take her, because they were not insured.

This is how charities make millions out of their beneficieries. All tax free.

Then agency workers, who did take her out, until the’ education’ package appeared to have scared her in, with the prospect of independent living.

SS informed us we had used up our 70,000 per annum allowed, with agency support of 32 hours per week, eventually we received 3 days 10-3.30 ‘education support, so that has to be added on.
Our only respite, three days agency workers in our home day and night, with no coordination on food, clothing, cooking, and some with no experience of the house, or Isabel, but at a cost of over £2,000.
All support, excepting for the trainee social worker and assistant teacher, were £8,50 zero hour agency workers.

These workers were also being used as an enforcement process, their reports would be rubber stamped by the courts, to make maximum profits from the needy, who were lead like lambs to the slaughter.

Issy was worth, some £4,000 per week, in benefits, pharma, trials, Chronically Sick and Disabled claims in state for profit ‘care’.

And the Local Authorities were using their statutory duty to the disabled family, to make huge profits, with no accountability for their services, or, any possible complaint from the service user, it was the perfect business model.

And the most ruthless.