Social Care is unaccountable yet agencies make millions…

On Tuesday afternoon, some 3 days after the final hissy fit, we received our first communication, from anyone.

An email from our social worker, as follows;

I met with X and Y from the agency yesterday. Agency will no longer be supporting Isabel. Agency have ended their contract with Social Care and will no longer provide staff to work with Isabel. Please can we discuss’.

So endth, mine and Issy ’s, 18 month relationship with the carers in kitchen.

A damning indictment, on a large well known agency, who purport to be,

committed in developing our services to be a continuous, responsive and reflect the services required’.

And, the two workers, who left us, after nearly a year of knowing us, high and dry, without explanation, looking forward to a day out.

But, then, how is ‘Social Care’ accountable?

Obviously, not by conscience, and humanity,  or even the constraints of a normal working relationship..

You can make a complaint. We were not invited to.

But what would then happen?

Nothing, as such complaints do not affect agencies commercially.

We do not employ them and their is no choice or competition.

Internal complaints systems are without teeth, and, as such just a worthless sop to service provision.

We do not pay, or commission the services, so do not have the contractual rights of an ordinary consumer.

We shall see what happens to our indirect complaint to Social Services.

Last week I was contacted by the service manager, who I must meet with, before getting to stage 2.

So that’s an hour with team leader, then social worker, and then drafting a reply to their report, and, now this lady, before I can get near the ‘ independent’ investigator.

And at the same time, I have to look after, a severely autistic child, with no support, and, no overnight respite for 18 months.

I am certainly doing, a lot of unpaid jobs, for a lot of people, and, they are then claiming this, as part of their support system.

And the NHS now want to do an inspection of my house, I think to justify my carers allowance of £70 per week. Reduced In 2015 to £62.

If only, we had such diligent inspection of the huge amounts, the state are spending, on state ‘care’ … that is the scandal.

The profiteering from our taxes, of money spent on our inadequate ‘social care’, respite, and education.

In May, the Care Quality Commission, on one of their standard checks of our agency, had rang me.

A lady in front of a computer form, asking if my workers were reliable, ie turned up on time.

Presumably, a sop to checking care quality, as a result of the undercover spying of the poor old lady stuck in her bed ringing an agency, when her care did not arrive.

I mentioned to the CQC lady, that a second worker, had not been sent on Saturdays for months, and, asked how this might affect the agency.

She said it could affect their star rating.

Would that affect their commissioning by the LA, potentially liable, for their inadequate services ?

The lady, was not interested in the agency spying on me, and lying about me behind my back and discussing my private home life in public cafes.

That was not in her form.

Even if they lost a star,which would be unlikely to happen, it would not affect their contract with the LA.

Look at SERCO, they over claimed 70 million, and, allowed prisons to escape, overcrowding and record suicides.

Their court translator service was chaotic and expensive, and this merely increased their outsourcing empire.

They were, and still might, get all LA’s contracts for child protection.

Our social worker, on her last visit about my formal complaint, had stated this particular agency, were, ‘perhaps not the most appropriate care‘, and, ‘why did we chose them’,

but, then answered her own question with a , ‘but then you weren’t given any choice‘.

And then, when we asked, who could now support us, stated, she was not allowed to recommend social care…..( only  commission)

It would appear, that the amount paid does not improve the service, as our agency was paid, at least 4 times the £7.50 hourly rate, allowed by LA, on a direct payment basis.

Later the same day, our social worker emailed me back,

It would help me if you email me a list of tasks /job description for the worker. The worker will not know Issy, but will need to know what the expectations are in supporting her and what the role involves’.

So after 3 hour long home visits, amended care plan, core assessments, all the agency risk assessments, and, commissioning of agency support costing  tax payers nearly £100,000 she still does not know what their duties should be ?.

I, caring alone for a severely disabled child, that has cost the state to date £200,000 since 2013, for their purported ‘care’, have to also do her job.

I reflect, but will never know, that her required information, may have been, our agency’s excuse, for their withdrawal of care.

And, she, wanted to ensure, any new agency, could not do the same, and, that I could not complain, as I had given her their remit.

So, I email her back, repeating as usual, what they already know.

All is time wasting pointless bureaucracy.

Such is Social ‘Care’…..


  1. Hi,
    Your frustration is palpable – and I can see why.
    I edit a wordpress-based free magazine called Care To Share Magazine. I’d like (with your permission) to include this blog in the next issue. You’d get full credit and a backlink to your blog.
    Would that be OK with you?
    Please let me know.


  2. Oh this makes me cry..
    If anybody interested Adam Rick wood committed suicide under servo care? Read about this case too and make your own conclusion?
    So wrong.


    1. SERCO were, and maybe eventually will, outsource child protection ie the only protection now £30, 000 per adoption, £1600 per week for venture capital fostering.

      The same is happening with Adult Social care ie we have Capita – remember all the scandals- Care Resources, which supply agency social workers etc to the social services see next post.

      WE are lied to that there has to be budget cuts, but a fortune is thrown away on unnecessary agents all taking a cut and doing nothing, all feeding in, whilst the people doing the job are effectively zeo hours on minimum wage and totally prescribed.

      Trying to work out the affect, if any Brexit will have on this ??

      Thanks for your comment,. ..i


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