Enforcement , Commercial Awareness, and the Perfect Business Model…….

Wednesday 1/10

It is 11.00 am. Isabel is still in bed. The agency care workers still in kitchen.

One, as she boasted last week, is now a qualified social worker, the other not quite.

She is paid £12 per hour, other workers paid £8.50.

The international agency is paid £36 and £25 per hour for their services by the LA.

The LA would pay a maximum of £ 7.50, if I could find my own support.

The not quite Social Worker is hanging out the washing.

Isabel has taken to weeing herself, and the toilet floor.

Her bed in the morning is always dry, so one can only hope it is not medical.

I was summoned by Issy at 2am and 4 am to wipe her bottom.
The million spent on her NAS school could not manage this basic skill.

And despite this inability Issy must live ‘independently’ at 18.

Issy, through pride, and, I suspect on over hearing the education package workers concerns, that I wiped her bottom, has tried, since April to do it herself.

She would strip off, demand a bath, then go to the toilet, and into the bath. .

The social services have always maintained that she can wipe her bottom, but I insist on wiping it.

The truth appears irrelevant.

On the trainee social worker’s arrival, I mention my broken sleep, and unsavoury bathroom.

She looks disgusted, but says nothing.

Instead she went into Issy’s bedroom.

Saying we will have to swope her bed, for the single one in another room.

Isabel had recently made a hole in her mattress from banging her feet into it.

I inform her that was my bed.

She then told me, what she knew, I surely must have already known, that the springs were coming through,  but did not notice they couldn’t, as I’d turned the mattress over.

I replied, I’d replace it with the guest bed underneath her bed.

Which she appeared not to have noticed was underneath.

And I duly did,in front of her.

I felt judged, and supervised, and worried, that as usual, protection issues appeared to be unnecessarily sought.

In April in view of the lies, and agenda of our only official core assessment, and comments made by the workers, and their education package boss in meetings.

And that I had been informed, workers were meting up with the education boss in Costa Coffee to discuss the ‘concerns’, I had been forced to ask for different workers, and complaint to the agency they were spies.

This new lady had been  recommended by her agency boss, as a good motivator, who would get Issy out.

Unknown to me, the agency were paying, for her training to be a social worker.

It appeared, just another clandestine attempt, to remove Isabel, this lady, as a regular worker, accompanied by new lower paid workers.

I hadn’t had a clue.

One would not have thought, that after breaching their own social workers codes of conduct, requiring they support families, and our human rights to privacy and family life, they would just do it again.

Even if I had twigged, what could I do ?

I did not know how to find my own workers, and if I had, they would then have to be paid by the SS.

If I refused support, the SS would say Issy was in need, and I was not allowing her the ‘specialist’ support she needed, and was thereby neglecting her.

I was being bullied, and, so is anyone who has a potential cash cow, be they old, sick or disabled.

Once a person is incapable the Care Act provides their support must be approved y them.

Soon after her arrival in April, the trainee social worker asked,

‘What am I going to do to keep my daughter?’

‘How am I going to stop Issy slipping when she gets out of the bath?’

She had never slipped, and non-slip tiles had recently been laid.

So I dwelt on today’s comments for the court’s
‘best interests’ report, bathroom floor covered in urine, Isabel exposed to metal springs from her broken bed .

The last core assessment had mentioned far less, a jammed bath plug, that had been replaced, but not the new bath with safety handles, (not paid for by the LA), and, our kitten not always using his litter tray.

Over the past two weeks, Isabel has been getting up later, and later, but strangely workers do not comment, if pressed, the trainee social worker replied,

‘Oh, she’s just having a lie in’.

She had last seen Issy two days earlier.

When she had left at 3.30pm, Issy had still been in bed, I  pressed her again,

she remarked, ‘Oh, she’s just having a lie in’.

Exasperated, I’d exclaimed ,

‘Let’s face it no one cares a F… about Issy’ ,but just received, a tap on the arm from the other worker.

And a ‘there’s no need for that’, referring to my F… word, not their lack of concern.

It is now 12 pm, I go into the kitchen, both are sitting in silence, I boil the kettle, and witter on about watched pots, and Isabel’s reluctance to rise, but the silence remains.

The qualified social worker has been in twice to rouse Isabel.

I keep topping up the bath with hot water.

It is now 1.30, I wander into the kitchen again to their sitting silence.

Again I watch the kettle,  say  ‘This is fun’, and again  get no comment.

I then say I’ve topped up the bath, this elicits from the qualified social worker,

’ I’ve been in, but she does not want to get up’, but unfortunately, she continues,

‘But then, I think I’d lie in bed all day, if I had the chance’.

It suddenly hit me, this was a prescribed response.

I reminded them Issy liked getting up.

And had for months been up on their arrival. ready to go out walking all day.

But still no comment

My then rave of,

‘she wouldn’t be in bed, if she had a school to go to, or they hadn’t tied to push her into independent living, so now she’s afraid to leave the house’.

‘Let’s face it they will eventually get the police to take her away, particularly if she carries on like this,’ was also ignored.

They were obviously well trained.

I persisted, determined to get a reaction,

‘But why am I bothering to talk to you, you are the enemy’, this direct personal approach worked, social workers always want you to believe they are your friend, as it makes enforcement easier,

‘ Finola,I’m not your enemy’, but no more.

I gave up, and changed the subject, but the sulk of ‘how dare she’,had taken hold, so I took my coffee into the garden, wishing I didn’t have to go back through the kitchen.

I reflected on the new additions to their best interests report,

’ inability to work cooperatively to support Isabel at home, due to a paranoid suspicion of support workers, who she thinks of as ‘the enemy’.

Isabel was doomed.

The stress, and pressure on me was palpable, and I had two more hours the kitchen was free, and, would have to face them again to sign their sheets.

And all day tomorrow. I wished I had been born harder.

Later I was forced into the kitchen to use the printer, and chatted with one worker about Liverpool, grateful to relieve the tension, the other ignored the conversation, appearing the personification of indignant fury.

So I pondered why the workers, for weeks, had not discussed if Isabel were ill, asked if she were eating, should she see a doctor, has she taken her movicol, why she was wetting herself, and, the bathroom floor.

All pointed ominously to a brief of watch, record, wait, and remove.

The longer Isabel remained in bed, the less she ate, the more evidence they had that it certainly was not in her ‘best interests’ to remain at home.

This was enforcement, and commercial awareness at its best.

Staggeringly, nearly £200, 000 must have, already been spent on Isabel, since her return to living at home in February 2013.

£ 50,000 to her NAS school to cover their three months contractual notice, when they were our only ‘support’.

For which NAS provided a few phone call enquiries from Isabel’s key worker, I naively thought them genuine concern, 2 babysitting visits by 2 NAS workers, who, though Isabel was desperate to go out, couldn’t take her, because they were not insured.

This is how charities make millions out of their beneficieries. All tax free.

Then agency workers, who did take her out, until the’ education’ package appeared to have scared her in, with the prospect of independent living.

SS informed us we had used up our 70,000 per annum allowed, with agency support of 32 hours per week, eventually we received 3 days 10-3.30 ‘education support, so that has to be added on.
Our only respite, three days agency workers in our home day and night, with no coordination on food, clothing, cooking, and some with no experience of the house, or Isabel, but at a cost of over £2,000.
All support, excepting for the trainee social worker and assistant teacher, were £8,50 zero hour agency workers.

These workers were also being used as an enforcement process, their reports would be rubber stamped by the courts, to make maximum profits from the needy, who were lead like lambs to the slaughter.

Issy was worth, some £4,000 per week, in benefits, pharma, trials, Chronically Sick and Disabled claims in state for profit ‘care’.

And the Local Authorities were using their statutory duty to the disabled family, to make huge profits, with no accountability for their services, or, any possible complaint from the service user, it was the perfect business model.

And the most ruthless.


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