Mental Bewareness,- Prescribed Robot or Mentally Disordered ?

As if we could not be aware, as mental health is everywhere- Its mental health awareness week.

But let us explore where such awareness has got us.

NHS digital tells us a sixth of England has a mental problem (issue).
Yes, an epidemic, worse than in the USA.

1 in 6 people in England are zombiefied on antidepressants, a quarter of Scotland,our Government’s reaction- it should be 1 in 3.

FOIA reveal 5,621 attacks on Sheffield Health and Social Care ( now a for profit com) NHS workers in the past 5 years, so ‘treatment’ appears, anything but voluntary .

The government’s answer, is to criminalise the ‘mental’ under the Assaults on Emergency Workers Act , how,remains unknown.

Autism and learning disablity, ( behavioural issues ), are now mental disorders under the MHA, and in addition, have more mental labels foisted upon them to justify drugs and expensive care.

Mental disorders are making huge, untaxed profit for NHS providers, now eating a fifth of our total NHS budget, via USA UHS/Acadia.

And also profit for the NHS Foundation Trusts, that commission these services, increasingly, like Sheffield Health and Social Care, themselves privatised, and buying up and providing commissioned services themselves.

As, unlike other parts of NHS, the cost of ‘treatment’ is minimal – drugs and containment, so the profit potential is huge- NHS pay £13,000 a week per secure bed.

And, despite the huge sums of public money spent, there is no measure of outcomes, and no means of complaint.

Hospital detainments are at an all time high,and no longer in designated wards in general hospitals, but in newly built private ones.

The role of the AMHP has been created, to detain anyone who needs assessment, and MHA section, with the help of a police triage, without a warrant anywhere, other than their home – hotel, police custody, neighbour’s house- domestics and calls for assistance are now resulting in MHA section.

The police are effectively part of our mental service.

Celebrities, Royals, footballers and their managers and this week Coronation Street ( already paid for scripted mental charactors )increase mental health awareness.

But what is this’ awareness’ with Fry’s ‘there are people out there desperate to be heard’ and Prince William’s ‘ being able to talk about how you are feeling’

Such words absorbed into society’s psyche by multimedia everywhere in minute broadcasts.

Is there not by their words, a danger that emotions per se – anger, frustration, grief, dispair, exploitation will be taken as signs of mental disorders and we will be discouraged from expressing them ,conversely causing psychological problems ?

And to whom can we express these emotions ?

School children are told not to be ‘mood hoovers’, encouraged to be ‘ a radiator not a drain’, and we are told to avoid negativity to protect our own mental health.

How does this encourage talking about how people really feel ?

Is there not a danger, that in expressing emotions, they then will be judged as ‘mentally unstable’, preventing any passionate opinion or emotion .

Is this not a danger to freedom of thought and expression and even a convenient means of marginalisng/silencing dissenters?.

Worse still, as Prince William says’ we are not robots’, but could awareness ‘turn us into happy, clappy prescribed robots, as we strive to avoid a mental label.

A label, we are told is without a stigma, but one that can be used to sack us, remove our children, destroy our crediability, medicalise and even lock us up .
As in Victorian times to silence difficult wives and pregnant single woman.

So what is meant by ‘mental health’, and how has it been extended to effectively ‘feelings’ and unhappiness?.

I thought it strange that the first thing Dave Cameron did was to measure our happiness announcing.

‘ I do believe government has the power to help improve wellbeing.”

I’d noticed an increase use of the meaningless, seemingly innoucous term ‘wellbeing’, my former employer even renaming a University Department Health and Wellbeing.

Little did I know, that Cameron was heralding an up and coming Zeitgeist of enforced happiness,in a time of austerity, unemployment and debt.
Little did I know, the huge significance of ‘wellbeing’ , utilised by the expanding Occupational Health industry, where those insufficiently happy employees are sent eased out of their jobs without public, expensive tribunal claims.

Wellbeing Centres are all over the country, particularly, in poorer areas.

All emotions- sadness, dispair, anger, worry, frustration are now dangerous, as we are told everywhere, they are signs of abnormality, a lack of wellbeing, ultimately a mental disorder.

Such is the political control of our ‘feelings’.

Wellbeing appears to have created a slippery slope in our age of mental awareness,an exelerator from normal unhappy behaviour to mental labeling, and State control of our lives.
Insidiously over the past ten years, we have been made aware of specific disorders self harm, bi polar, self harm, depression,and suicide.

All with their magic bullet drug and expensive hospital detainment

All pathogenic/inate, not social, not circumstances, all blamed on the disordered,

Ultimate victims for profit.

All diagnosed on a symptom basis

All research and media awareness financed by governments.
Normal hormonal changes in puberty and pre and post pregnancy are signs of mental disorder. Even their partners are targeted by the NHS.

Even morning sickness and the menopause can produce mental disorders..
Victims of physical and mental abuse are now labelled trauma victims and further victimised by the mental disorders.

New government backed Charities have sprung up everywhere to cope with these potential mental issues which are spun from every normal reaction.

Cameron continued his mental health crusade, and by February 2013, NHS bosses allowed the world’s biggest drugs firms’ lobbying company to draft a report shaping our future health policy.

As he appealed for removal of mental stigma and encouraged the public to talk to their GPs promising to put more money into NHS mental

At the time at least 62 Tory MPs had financial connections with pharmaceutical companies by then the UK’s third largest industry .

Three years later, a cross party Mental Taskforce ,reported on the future policy of our mental health services,

‘There has been a transformation in mental health over the last 50 years. Advances in care, the development of anti-psychotic and mood stabilising drugs’

So ‘treatment’ was very much enforced drugging and containment.

A mental epidemic equals profit,- huge and tax free- and all that need be done, is to use ‘pink elephant’ ironic psychology to put ‘mental disorders’- now 370- in our psyche ,by awareness by expensive media campaigns.

And in our isolated, vicious, oppressed, depressed culture, it will be easy to harvest more and more distressed commodities.

All treated without even humanity, let alone compassion.


#SocialEngineering #StateInterventionLimits #LancashireCountyCouncil #FosterCare: 3-year-old changes gender from boy to girl (carers own son turned female aged 7)

As the Tavistock Clinic controls our childrens future read this. All medications, operations and residence and care is now controlled by care orders to place our children in State control and make millions profit out of our public money spent by NHS and LA

| truthaholics

Three-year-old changes gender from boy to girl after being sent to live with foster parents whose own son had just transitioned to become a female aged sevenMILLY VINCENT | MAILONLINE and DAILY MAIL REPORTER

  • The child was sent to school in girl’s uniform despite parents being asked not to  
  • The couple’s seven-year-old biological son also transitioned to become female 
  • The couple, CP and TP, were investigated by Lancashire county council 
  • Social services feared children were being ‘manipulated’ into the changes  

A boy of three was dressed in a girl’s uniform for school after living with foster parents whose own son transitioned to being female at the age of seven.

The younger child was taken to school dressed as a girl despite teachers ‘expressly’ asking the foster couple to put him in boys’ clothing.

The parents at the centre of the case, which came to light…

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The Age of the Maggot- Why we must Brexit

maggot picI wrote this driven almost insane by my own oppression and plight of care and love, stamped on by the State.

And the haunting of the voiceless multitude, that have died and still suffer for profit from their own money, paid to a ruthless State to care and not abuse and kill.

This poem is dedicated to Jodie, George, Thomas, Oliver, Conor and Amy and the nameless thousands who have died for profit.

And the majority who struggle daily without a voice.

Who then, when given one, voted, against all media and establishment, but only produced the most mendacious, surreptitious fight- by our own Parliament, against democracy.

A fight by their purported representative MPs in Parliament.

And yet they still had sufficient trust in our country to believe that if they vote per person in a referendum, they would be heard.

I ask them to vote again via UKIP and the BREXIT parties.

As they need to scream even louder to be heard and wriggle to freedom from globerlisation and ultimate destruction by totalitarianism.


The Age of the Maggot wriggling under foot
The Age of the Maggot blinded by the soot
Fighting for light, prevented from flight

Shapeless, black and crumpled under weight
Terrified of the State

Determined to survive
Unable to thrive

No way out

Too weak to fight endless oppression
Freedom becomes an obsession

Dark is their pit
Gone is their wit

Endless their strife
Fighting for life

Humans no more
As they wait for the foot through their door

Unable to think
They teeter on life’s brink

In endless despair

Wriggle is all they can do
Until the mercy of the boot comes forth
To squash the fraught

The wriggling stops
They are forgot.

All ignore their pain
Their wriggling always in vain

Major leak from Brussels reveals NHS will be ‘KILLED OFF’ if Britain remains in the EU


Tue  7 May 2019
posted by Tapestry

Hundreds of papers from the secretive trade talks between the US and EU have been released online.

They appear to confirm fears that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks between Brussels and Washington will, when ratified, lead to the health service being privatised or dismantled.

The documents, obtained by Greenpeace Netherlands, include a US proposal to have a committee with representatives from Washington and Brussels to meet each year “to review state-owned enterprises and monopolies” which would include the NHS.

The committee would meet annually and would not be guaranteed a representative from Britain.

But it would still be able to review state-run services in this country. Its duties would include checking that state services do not “distort” the market.

One section of the papers makes it clear that the EU and America would seek eventually to end all forms of…

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Shocking #truth about #police corruption in #Britain!

With more laws enabling the prosecution of campaigners etc ie under Protection from Harrassment,  Restraint orders,sexual allegations and even MHA and removal under MCA,policing community care orders and Care Orders- the police have huge power over the public.

And these powers, other than an internal complaint, appear largely unchecked and unaccountable.

The rule of law and separation of powers appear to be eroded with police now becoming poltical enforcers.

| truthaholics

The shocking truth about police corruption in Britain | Neil Darbyshire | THE SPECTATOR | 7 March 2015

It’s a growing problem.
But they’re hunting whistleblowers instead!

Imagine you lived in a country which last year had 3,000 allegations of police corruption. Worse, imagine that of these 3,000 allegations only half of them were properly investigated — because for police officers in this country, corruption was becoming routine. Imagine that the police increasingly used their powers to crack down not on criminals but on anyone who dared speak out against them. What sort of a country is this? Well, it’s Britain I’m afraid — where what was once the finest, most honest service in the world is in danger of becoming rotten.

Some of this was revealed in a little-noticed report by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, which went on to deliver some even more shocking news. Nearly half of 17,200…

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The EU believe ”Brexit will die” if they keep postponing it – Part ii

If we can’t brexit we can do nothing,

and are at the mercy of a ruthless State, that only has its own interests at heart and the will to use us per se, as commodities – the old, distressed, disabled, our babies and children, our health and education all for profit and their benefit.

What power to we have if a one person one vote has no effect ?


These EU people delude themselves if they believe that the British people will simply let Brexit die. They really don’t know the British people very well do they? We have long memories & do not give in to foreign threats or intransigence. when Nigel Farage returns to Brussels with 70 Brexit MEPs they will get a flavour of what their attempts to block our decision is going to cost them. And as Corporal Jones would say: ”They won’t like it up ’em.”

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