Who cares? :(

My daughter’s profound thoughts on society on a visit to Chester

Who does Care ?- not the Gov NOT the NHS, not your neighbour the public

Living The Art Life

After a mini-break in Chester last week you would think I’d use this (mostly) art blog as a platform to showcase some of my snaps of the beautiful walled city; it’s fairy-lit alcoves and alleyways, the gothic Chester Cathedral and Tudor architecture or the boats traversing along the River Dee, maybe even the Instagram-worthy shot of my raspberry ripple ice-cream. All this framed by a blue sky and beating sun.

An overall enjoyable experience, yet, what I also took from the trip was a sense that dark shadows seem delineated amid the sunshine.

When briefly passing through the shallow underbelly of Chester, in what is more commonly known as an underpass, the shadow descended. From all angles, the harsh halogen light reflected off the perturbingly pristine white brick walls that narrowed towards the end of my vision, bringing my attention to one lone piece of graffiti at the side –…

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Shillfield ?

My daughter has just arrived back from Sheffield City Centre

Where, whilst waiting for a delayed bus, she was regaled with 3 anti vax protestors . One, a young lad appeared ASD/LD and handed her three leaflets, the other remained silent whilst an older lady regaled with how the earth was flat and the Queen died in 2017.

She went on to say that all of the Royal Family are paedophiles, and that planes never flew into the Twin Towers on 9/11.

My daughter retorted these arguments would not help her cause and did she know of the yellow card system

She was silent despite it mentioned in her leaflets

Was she deliberately poisoning the anti vaccine protest well ?

Was she a paid crisis actor ?

Are these groups deliberately giving out valid leaflets of the dangers of vaccine and virus sabotaging their message ?

Are they in all cities at bus stops, train stations- anywhere with a captive audience

Who can we trust when our gov pays £320 million for a year long PR contract this year

And at Event 201, WEF told everyone to “flood the zone” even before virus announced.

Who do/can we believe with such mendacity?

Thomas Rawnsley- No natural causes.

Yet another disabled dies of natural causes. No liability on NHS/LA commissioners and oversighthttps://twitter.com/GeorgeJulian/status/1429814096006942722

Yet another statistic in the 12 a day dying of care that costs 9,000 a week making huge private profit

Even if coroner involved, no blame and all via short verdict from jury natural causes not care .
death average for fit ASD/LD 28 why ?

No investigation if in residential care under dol/ls, no accountability for care and medical examiner, not coroner, usually certifies death from natural causes

And family often excluded even from visits in MCA best interests

So profit and death ensured .

Due process disallowed by State.


How could a Court order a Jury to find Thomas died of natural causes ?

After The Coroner removed any issues relevant to his right to life from her Jury only allowed because of Thomas’ Right to life.

Natural causes refer to internal factors — like a medical condition or a disease — as opposed to external factors, like trauma from an accident.

… On a death certificate, natural causes actually refers to the “manner of death” rather than the specific cause.-

A Coronors Court investigates manner of death and will/should not be involved if death natural.

From Thomas death certificate He died of ‘hypoxia and Downs Syndrome’

He was a fit 20 year old, with no history of any serious medical conditions before State and its ‘care’ intervention.

Hypoxia and Downs are not conditions or diseases you die from.

The hospital he was eventually sent to, when effectively…

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Andrew Wyeth: Less Is More

My daughter’s profound words on Wyeth and the meaning of art.

Living The Art Life

I took a shine to this artist years ago, whilst studying at school. From my own crude attempts at recreating his work, I grew more inspired by the austere beauty he captures.

Art was in Wyeth’s blood, being born from a creative and artistic family, isolated in their rural hometown of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and submerged in their artistic endeavours. He was trained from a very young age by his father, a successful and talented artist himself, who illustrated well-known books such as Robinson Crusoe’s Treasure Island. The father and son had a very intimate connection personally, and through art.

At the pinnacle of his career, Wyeth was criticised in newspapers for being too liked by his audience, he committed the outlandish act of grounding the pretension of the high-brow artworld to a more ordinary level, in which ordinary people could relate to his work.

‘Christina’s World’ 1948, tempera…

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Autism Epidemic the betrayal of the ‘different’ for profit.

37% OF Tavistock And Portman NHS foundation trust who transgendered were autistic, ALLOWING more money from NHS funds more cashcow use of autistic rendered unable via MCA incapacity to choose to see parents.

Autistic are the most deliberately understood and THREFORE biggest cashcows for any gov money and the least protected from any abuse.



What is autism?

The truth is startling.

No one has a clue.

There is no pathology, no gene, no biomarkers and little understanding .

It is an intrinsic part of an individual’s personality.

And as such, many maintain is not an ‘impairment of mind’, under the Mental Capacity Act.

And, it was not until recently  a mental disorder under the Mental Health Act.

It is a spectrum, we are all on.

Like quantum mechanics, it does not exist, until observed and labelled.

Only 70 years ago, it was merely a Greek word, meaning, ‘absorbed in self’.

Associated with loners, high intelligence, gifts, cold mothers, and, the children of academics.

Newton, Mozart and Einstein, who at 7, constantly repeated certain phrases, all showed autistic traits.


On reading Plato’s description of Socrates, he could well have been autistic.

A study by University of Sterling this year shows it is associated…

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The Disappeared Disabled/Mental – the shocking facts.

Caused by C virus restrictions, we have a mental health crisis – suicides, no support for carers of family disabled, no contact for the lonely. all constant confusion.

The desperate distressed’ s  only option a MHA section. and interminable removal to private hospital -anywhere .

Samaritans are no longer confidential, anyone who cries for help, at risk of loss of all autonomy- drugs, ECG encagement for interminable time under MHA section, as private NHS hospitals paid £13,000 a week per inmate

See Sir Stevens promoting this profit, as mental help

Caused by draconian  covid isolation

Makes millions for NHS England – Cygnet, Priory paid £13,000 a week per sectioned inmate for years with no hope of freedom.


NHS Money, the AIM, HARVESTING the  game, no solution to complex problems possible by prescribed stranger professionals in minutes, with appalling outcomes of a MHA section, as proved by those already held for years on drugs in private hospitals, they are cashcows for billions profit

Sir Stevens employed by UHS USA for eight years, who now own most of hospitals.

conflict of interests as privately funded by NHS England,

With 8 million NHS waiting list yet under a statuary duty to provide health care, with its debt paid off now,and half a million volunteers- where is its responsibility to the sick ? Who regulates it ?


The Francis report stated that systemic, organisational and individual failings contributed to “the normalisation of cruelty” in  Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

The 2012/13 Annual Report by Healthwatch England showed 94% of the public agreed that the NHS and social services, could be improved.

1 in 3 of public surveyed, knew someone, who they believed, had experienced a serious mistake, abuse, or a preventable illness or death in a health or social care service.

All local authorities have now combined with the NHS to form Health and Social Care Trusts.

Increasingly these foundation trusts are being converted to private companies and run for max profit like Sheffield Health and Social Care and outsourcing to private hospitals and community living providers owned by US venture capital backed  multinationals like Acadia/UHS.

Last year a report revealed 3 learning disabled a day, died needlessly in NHS care

But these statistics can only…

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Tools of behaviour control ?

We will change the basic tools that we have used to control human behaviour’
PM 5/7

An unprecedented audacious attack on us.

Note the word human is used, we are now a global species

A million protesters in London alone, were ignored not even mentioned in media

Whilst 320 million paid to a private company 21/22 for virus media PR, to scout the world for stories on deaths from any source to attribute to c virus, and horror and jab the Teletubbies, despite even WHO stating children ought not to be vaccinated.

No media, no politics- the public servants now control us their pay master.

They say jump, we say how high.

Macron follows the dictate- all must be vaccinated


Against a virus with a 0.146% mortality rate and 99.9% survival rate , most dying with pre existing conditions/old age.

Gov.uk stating virus not a high consequence infection disease

Daily Mail report 47% of new cases in hospitals have been vaccinated.

So benefits from vaccinations appear little- at best milder symptoms, if you get virus, it does not stop transmission, or catching virus

And 100,000 adverse affects many very serious, including death recorded in days on a facebook group, quickly removed and as a million NHS yellow card adverse effects reported.

Air lines refusing vaccinated flying due to potential blood clots and BUPA, Private Health Insurance refusing claim if thought vaccine induced.

Need to self isolate remains

In trial until 2023 and in any event experimental, never used before.

Effect of mixing different vaccines unknown.

And infection rates still surge.

So what did we get for billions spent and huge health cost of vaccination ?

A Case of Graphical Correlations: Making Sense of India’s COVID-19 Surge

Desultory Heroics

By Mathew Maavak

Source: Activist Post

India is currently witnessing a COVID-19 surge of unprecedented proportions, with an allegedly triple-mutant strain stretching the nation’s healthcare infrastructure to the limits. The uncertainty hanging over the nation is compounded by viral despatches of dead bodies piling up in morgues; of people dropping dead in the streets; of despondent souls jumping off their balconies; and of funeral pyres all over the country. There will be no public service-minded Big Tech censorship in this instance.

This is supposedly Wuhan 2.0. Any social media addict would be forgiven for thinking that India’s population of 1.3 billion might suffer a dip before the year is out.

Amidst the toxic miasma of fear-mongering, coherent explanations over this surge are hard to come by. Therefore, one needs to resort to correlations and proxies in order to gauge causations and effects. For starters, one should compare the yearly death…

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