NHS Inpatient Mental Deaths Triple.No investigations. Numbers unknown.

This post was written before the policy of do not resuscitate those in mental hospitals,
resulting in record number of deaths.

Those dying are only mentally disordered not physically ill.

We will never know why they died, nor even ask.

NB the patients are physically fit just deemed mentally ill. And for £14,000 a week paid by NHS there is no physical care given. Just death.


crying out

If our government really were concerned about our mental health, it would, at the very least record the number of deaths of NHS inpatients and investigate them.

Particularly as the number of MHA detentions has risen by 10% year-on-year since 2010/11.

The latest 2017 figures from Full Fact show deaths in MHA detention have tripled.

And those held under Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards have increased 56%

‘Deprivation of Liberty’ deaths soar by 56% in a single year

But the actual number of deaths in NHS mental  hospitals is unknown, not recorded and rarely investigated.

No single body is responsible for recording children or adults deaths.

This crucial information is neither collated, analysed or made public .

And as  hospitals are increasingly owned by private corporations Freedom of Information Notices are being refused on the grounds of commercial confidentiality.

47% of child and adolescent mental health service providers refused to answer…

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Why no question of the totalitarianism of this world virus lockdown.?

We have been shown by it, to be totally controllable mules. So no hope for any future civilisation or any truth.

just absolute control of every aspect of our being.

The Slog


The sheer scale of the Covid19 ruse is revealed at last: instant hoax, just add hype.

But who was SpinDoctorZero?

Most shock-horror posts online these days begin with the words ‘new evidence suggests’. This one is a lot more persuasive, as I hope the following will show.

Old evidence from the US flu epidemic of 2017-18 shows as conclusively as anything ever will that Covid19 has been a confidence trick fuelled by concerted Unelected State and media sensationalism. Which was the chicken and which the egg between those two malign elements remains the only debating issue now – beyond, of course, what the original motive might have been for fashioning the Himalayas from a hill of beans…..and who SpinDoctorZero was.

I’m offering only very short odds that 99.8% of you know nothing about the 2017-18 US flu strain; but if you go to the Center for Disease Control site (CDC)

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A Tool of Global control?

in UK we can’t go to a park, and drones and police helicopters are everywhere,  now a police state, with not even a right to fresh air.

UK, apparently, will have the worse toll in Europe, that will teach them to vote Brexit , no hope of Brexit, with the huge consequential debt of coronavirus.


hitler-quote lie

What better time to create a phenomenon, that can control global/national and individual behaviour, economics and politics.

As the EU disintegrates- Italy, the main target, wants independent currency, no migrants, and seeks trade deals with China.

Merkel, has lost control of Germany to nationalist parties .

Macron is a puppet president at the mercy of a yellow vest rebellion, Spain wants out, and UK is, after a huge fight.

Spain’s death toll now surpasses China , as soon Italy will


Convenient, as both Spain and Italy  want out of EU and can now be bankrupted, to be controlled by EU.

Italy can be plunged into debt and forced to rely on EU loans and stay in EU see their desperation here by end of March,


During UK lockdown EU demand delay of Brexit due to virus


Global, particularly, European debt is at an all time high, as…

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ALERT, this “Pandemic” is a total scam.

we must examine the facts behind the shut down and total control of our world


Unbelievable to think, but after a lot of research it has become clear that this Corona pandemic event is a complete and utterly dangerous scam.

Even if there is a virus, Italy has reported 99% of victims had pre-existing conditions, half had over three, and the median age of deaths is over 80yrs, as reported by Bloomberg.

And in Germany, replicating the stats in S.Korea where testing is more comprehensive, the death rate is 0.3%, which is worse than flu, and which justifies a triage, with the 1.5 million UK people know to the NHS being isolated and protected alongside isolation of those who test positive or have symptoms. It does not justify the forced shut down of our entire economy, and the total devastation of the stock market, job market and pension funds.

John Rappoport explains the scam
In other words, this is no different to the…

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