Where is the Cavalry ?

I post on Monday the 13th October .

Issy still in bed.

She was up most of the night.

Yesterday, she arose late, with bloody footprints all over the hall.

We felt relieved that her anguish over the past few days, had a natural cause.

It is now 9 days, since the agency staff walked out.

And, still no sign of support.

My poor husband, has to work all day on little sleep.

I am a little fearful, as these times of the month, and, so far Issy has refused her ibuferon.

The autistic mute, who wrote,‘Through The Eyes of Aliens’, describes how horrific periods were for her, all her nerve endings felt, as if, on fire.

I mention this to the social services etc, but gain little reaction,

medical help, is not part of their ‘remit’.

And GPs are many, itinerant, illusive, work by computer.

And, support is an encagement policy, for which, it would appear, my health, and, Issy’s neglect and self- harm, are the only boxes to be ticked.

The long awaited meeting with the genteel education package manager, and Measured Lady,was held last Thursday.

A funding LA manager also attended.

As usual, little of substance was said.

And, as usual, I was left wondering, why we needed yet another meeting.

The LA funding/service manager introduced herself, and, then persisted in asking why agency had withdrawn their support.

We persisted in telling her, we didn’t know.

But  omitted to ask, why, as the service manager, she didn’t know.

She explained personal services funding twice.

‘We will give you a pot of money, which you can use to support Isabel’.

I explained, I knew the mechanics, thought it preferable, to itinerant, unaccountable to us, agency support, but on going on the internet, had only managed to find, one wheelchair bound man, seeking a carer for the LA’s maximum payment of 7.50 per hour, and worried how I could find workers per se.

I  asked, why, the LA had paid our ex agency, more than 4 times this hourly rate.

But she just replied ‘I know’.

The genteel education package man, explained that he, and Measured Lady, were putting a package together, for our consideration, and, would let us have their proposals.

I  thought that was the purpose of this meeting, but thought there little  point in saying so.

It was now 3 months, since he, and the Measured lady, had become involved in Issy’s life.

And 6 months, since Issy had effectively stopped engaging with the previous, agency care package,

The Measured lady said, she had, ‘just the right person’.

I asked if she was fit, and liked walking, she replied yes, as she was a dancer.

No one asked about Issy.

Issy was up dressed, hair washed, and, wandered into the kitchen for juice, so I introduced her by name, to each of the circled throng.

She stared at them all intently, probably worried at her fate,

but, said nothing except ‘juice’.

The funding lady, must have been social worker trained, as she then asked, how Isabel had got the scratches on her arms.

I explained, we had been unable to cut her very sharp nails, due to her recent distress, and like me, she has rather dry skin, and also like me, liked nothing better than a good scratch.

But, I knew she would have been trained to note them, as self- harm, or, abuse.

I hoped for the former.

She asked no more about Issy’s eating, sleeping, or, distress.

My husband had to work away from home, and worried he may be called back, asked if some support could be put in place for Monday.

The funding lady seemed reluctant to find different agency workers, so the Measured Lady, said she would be able to get someone to come on Monday, but didn’t.

The funding lady, again described the mechanics of personalised services,  even using exactly the same words.

I replied, that in any event, the money would  be paid to the Measured lady, as it is her company, who employed the future support, and she agreed.

An hour had been spent in the kitchen, and they left.

Issy, was particularly agitated.

She was probably wondering why these, official looking people, were in the kitchen, and, so were we.

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