The ‘Natural Causes’ Cover Up


Nearly half of learning disabled including autistic deaths are avoidable.

And a three year old Department of Health ‘Progress’ Report revealed 3 a day die needlessly .

Media blame these deaths on a lack of government funding .

But more money will only increase the already huge profits of their private venture capital Corporate ‘carers’.

As ‘ cuts’ have been used to force the LD/ASD into for profit residential/hospital care/treatment paid up to £13,000 a week

But in this greedy corporate world, physical illnesses are not being treated.

The ASD/LD use behavioural challenges to show pain and physical discomfort.

the man with Down’s syndrome refusing to leave the house, who turned out to have had a heart attack; the woman refusing to eat, who had bronchial pneumonia; the boy with autism severely self-harming, who had a burst appendix.

Dr Sally Cheseldine Clinical Psychologist NHS.

But these signs are not being picked up on by ‘community living’ and hospital providers, who, in any event, do not have the facilities to treat them, and nor does the bankrupt NHS .

So many mentally disabled die long, lingering deaths, without pain relief, and their worsening behaviour is blamed on their disorder, and their medication increased.

In addition, we have many dying from the horrific side effects of medication and poly pharmacy.

These many deaths are then signed off as from ‘natural causes’.

Remaining hidden for ever.

LD/ASD are held under MCA, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards if in ‘community living’ and increasingly even in mental hospitals.

Deaths under DOLs have tripled, with a 56% increase last year alone.

Yet despite this shocking increase, which ought to require increased investigation of deaths, laws last year removed the right to an enhanced Coroners Inquest with a jury for those dying in ‘state detention’ from those who die under a DOL.

A medical practioner certifies the cause of death for death certificate purposes and only refers a death to a Coroner if he is unsure of its cause, or the circumstances of it are suspicious.

Worryingly, there are huge differences in GPs referral rates to Coroners throughout England and Wales as they range from 24% to 96%.

In 2015 out of 529,613 deaths , 236,406 were referred to Coroners , but Inquests were only held in respect to 32,857.

So more than 85% of deaths referred to Coroners, were sent by the Coroners, with or without a post-mortem examination, for registration as deaths from natural causes, without any formal coroner investigation and inquest.

But Coroners have not been required to have any medical training since 2013, only five years’ legal qualification and practice.

In the Chief Coroner’s response to a Department of Health Consultation on the introduction of the new Medical Examiner role, the Chief Coroner suggested these figures show, that too many deaths were unnecessarily sent to Coroners .

It is therefore believed that the availability of MEs ( Medical Examiners ) to advise doctors on the cause of death should reduce the number of cases which are referred to coroners unnecessarily.’

Click to access chief-coroner-cp-resonse-medical-examiners.pdf

Medical Examiners are to be introduced in April, and it appears their role may further curtail investigations by Coroners , the only external, and often the only investigation into a LD/ASD deaths.

As it was revealed by the hard fought for investigation into Connor Sparrowhawk’s death, SLOVEN  investigated 1% of its LD deaths and it was not an outlier in comparison to other NHS Trusts.

So it appears only 1% of LD/ASD deaths in NHS care are even internally investigated.

Connor’s death was initially certified as from natural causes, when he had an epileptic fit in his bath, despite his NHS carers knowing he had epilepsy allowing him to lie in a bath alone for hours in a locked bathroom.

But an inquest with a jury found neglect had contributed to Connor’s death.

Such a jury would not be available had Connor been held under the MCA, nor even an inquest had his family not campaigned.

Autistic Stephanie Bincliffe died of natural causes in her sleep at 25, 25 stone, in a private mental hospital under  MHA section . She was kept in a windowless cell for 7 years, fed through a hatch for £12,000 NHS money a week.

The coroner stated her over medication, and ‘care’, did not contribute to her suffocating in her sleep, despite her overmedication, diet and huge weight gain.

All Stephanie wanted was to go home to her family.

Previously fit Thomas Rawnsley, was certified as dying from natural causes and Downs Syndrome at 20, despite years of abuse, over medication, and parents only two weeks before warning authorities that the service provider’s treatment would kill their son.

Jonathan Malia a keen rugby player, and fitness fanatic , died of natural causes at 24, after 11 forced Olanzapine injections in 10 days, as an originally a voluntary inpatient in a Cygnet hospital.

Kristian Thompson, a fit healthy 19 year old talented cricket player was found unconscious in a shower after being injected with clozaphine. in St Andrews Hospital, Northampton, where he later died.

An open verdict was quashed by a high profile campaign, because epilepsy should not have been considered as a cause of death, as Kristian was not an epileptic.

Two months before Kristian’s death, 4 patients in an 8 bedded ward in the same hospital, also on clozapine, had died within 8 months of constipation, a known side effect of clozapine and all were certified as dying of natural causes.

At the time, the NHS was paying on average £10,000 a week tax free for their ‘treatment’.







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