Thomas Rawnsley dead 3 years. Still no answers.

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Sunday was the third adversary of Thomas’s death.

He was a fit 20 year old, born with Downs Syndrome , later labelled autistic..

Thomas’s abuse and death is a testament  of our society, morality and humanity.

His mother was not allowed to stay with him during his last night on earth.

Her access had been prescribed since he was 17.

She was not even allowed to be alone with him when they switched off his life support machine. No private rooms were available.

The only ‘kindness’ shown was an attempt to obtain his body parts.

Working full time, Paula was to bitterly regret her cry for help with a teenage Thomas.

Unknown to her, a yellow star was already next to Thomas’s name – Downs and autistic.

His fate was sealed.

Social workers came in, assessed, and were over critical of his behaviour – he had pulled down a curtain .

CAMHS got involved and he was medicated with halopidol and respiridol, an overdose made him fit.

Fluoxetine was added making him fly into hypnotic rages from which he recovered with terrible remorse., unaware of his actions.

As with all autistic and learning disabled, Thomas’s only support was his ‘ independence’ from his family.

So at 17, he was removed from his Mum, Dad and sisters to his own 24/7, 24 hour carer attended bungalow owned by Homeleigh Ltd, now bought by Cambian, complex .

But his ‘independence’ did not even afford him freedom from abuse.

For 6 months, a 4ft 10 inch Thomas was kicked by a large 54 year old experienced worker, into his bedroom , his fingers bent back with the words ‘lets see how many I can break this time ‘.

This was two years after Winterbourne View aired.

The Recorder said, ‘We have to respect those who care for our young disadvantaged’ .

Thomas was then removed from Homeleigh to an Adult Treatment Unit for more medication, as workers said he distrusted them.

Paula gave her job up to care for Thomas but couldn’t get him back.

As Thomas was worth too much – over £8,000+1 a week to ‘independent’/’community living’ as under 25, paid by LA. NHS and D of E.

And £13,000 a week to a mental hospital.

Thomas was the first inhabitant in his new ‘home’ Kingdom House in Sheffield, opened a month earlier, it had not yet been inspected by CQC, and was still half empty when he died .

My own daughter was to be taken there, the very day Thomas died, after her stabilisation in a holding bay/assessment unit costing NHS 16,000 A NIGHT .

A care worker remarked to me, ‘They are rounding them up and making pin cushions out of them.’ 

But Thomas would not be beaten into submission, his spirit was indomitable, and he died.

The Coroner postponed his inquest in July 2016, to allow an investigation by NHS England .

This investigation would determine the remit and evidence of any subsequent inquest.

Already Paula had had to crowd fund to pay for a lawyer and toxicology reports.

NHS England commissioned Thomas’s Cambian ‘Care’ via Sheffield Clinical Care Commissioning Group from Sheffield Health and Social Care Foundation Trust, a private company since 2015.

So NHS England would be liable if it found Cambian caused , or contributed to Thomas death.

Although the tax payer, Paula would pay the bill.

Below is a reminder of Thomas’s fate in pictures taken by Paula.

Think of the many not photographed , as deaths under MCA DOLs and MHA soar.

With just 1% even internally investigated and even less  inquests will be held when Medical Examiners are appointed in April.

With no juries or legal aid available at inquests for those, like Thomas ,dying under a Mental Capacity Act Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards .

Paula’s words posted before Christmas,

This time of year isn’t just hard because my son isn’t here to spend it with(although that’s hard enough on its own). Its the memories of a child’s suffering(my child)of him crying for me and begging for help, its memories of him telling me people are hurting him, of people dismissing us when we were screaming out!! ‘








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  1. I couldn’t even finish this post. Someone should surely answer for this totally unnecessary passing. One can imagine the lack of professionalism and care that should’ve been in place for Thomas, but I put it to you that he was seen as a burden on the system, and everything else followed from that, including the lack of care, to his death. I put it to anyone that a great number of characters working in this field are unfit to do such, but no doubt there would be a barrage of complaints attempting to negate that hypothesis.
    This was a human being that died, not anything else, but sadly some people – even in the care industry, do not see things the same way, just like some people think it’s ok to beat a dog, because it is only a dog – as if that is acceptable in any way. The staff concerned knew what they were doing, and should answer for what they did, and not be allowed to hide behind some technicality or fancy justification in a book or whatever which lets them off what really, is culpable murder..
    R.I.P. Thomas.


      1. This is systemic. The individuals are merely tools of a corporate system and as such are easily replaceable, so will not solve the problem.

        The system needs to change.

        Thank you for your comments they are very much appreciated.

        Best Wishes Finola

    1. Thomas was not seen as a burden on the system, he was a commodity financing the system, to the tune, over his short life in care, of over a million pounds ie 3 years at average £6000 a week, either in Kingdom House, ATU or Homeleigh’s Norcott House.

      But the system is for private profit, controlled by commercial awareness, and therefore, there is a need for maximum, ever increasing profit to be made from the service user.

      So the need is for more and more efficient, hence the need to medicate very heavily..

      And there is no accountability, as the body that commissions the service is the overseer of it.

      The service user, nor their family have any rights under the MCA or MHA, and family can be cut out by the service user at any time under MCA as in a person’s ‘best interests’.

      Family, as was Paula are gagged from telling anyone about what is going under the secrecy of MCA purportedly to ‘protect’ the service user.

      Thank you for your comment it is very much appreciated.

      Best Wishes Finola


      1. ok – but if Thomas was a “commodity”, why cease that? One does not kill the cow one is milking, to use an old and probably totally inappropriate phrase. I believe the so-called carers saw poor Thomas as a waste of time, and a burden, so maybe should be replaced with a more profitable subject.
        But what do I know? Nothing, probably.
        Thanks for your time!

      2. The ‘carers’ are itinerant tools . They do their job as prescribed. Some may never see Thomas again after their shift, as zero hours/ or leave see blog post on comments of such ‘carers’.

        The Corporate Services did not intend that Thomas die, it was just an unfortunate result of their for max profit as efficient as possible ‘care’. Thomas as a person is only relevant in respect to the income he can bring to the corporation. This system of corporate care for as many disabled as possible, was conceived legally in 2005 on drafting of MCA , WHICH allows all decisions to be made by the corporate carer and provided they are reasonably made in what is deemed ‘best interests’ exempts that carer from liability for them.

        As autistic and downs Thomas, would have been one of their most lucrative occupants, as the service provider is paid on the complexity of need despite the treatments being the same- medication and containment.

        Even if the Corporate Carer is found culpable, as with Winterbourne View, it merely leads to asset stripping the corporation and it being sold off at a rock bottom price and another corporation buying up the Thomases, that remain as care packages. See post on Hanshell Group that bought Winterbourne, so there is no real accountability possible and therefore no incentive for improvement of services..

    2. Thomas was not a burden on the system, he was making over £8,000 a week for it- profit for lifeways
      As for professionalism, this is the guise, cruelty and tick box non care hid behind.


  2. I have been a witness to abuse of vulnerable children, reading this sad story brings back those terrible memories. Many disabled children shut in an old army style wooden hut. No one caring for them, forgotten hidden, so this sad story of Thomas hits home x


    1. More and more vulnerable children and adults are being hidden in very expensive sheds, all over our country, hidden, unseen making billions for an industry, that is supported more and more by venture capital, financed by our public purse.

      A system created by successive governments to use the vulnerable as very lucrative commodities and the means of siphoning off as much public money as possible, into private coffers, with no accountability for its use or outcomes for our most vulnerable.. .


      1. As parents we must, we.must set up a site or link where parents can unit against this . It is happening and it’s real. My son had symptoms made up by Dr kholi who worked for zinnia center in 2015. I looked up zinnia center last night 2019 and they are still harming patients .the few reviews they’ve published its very consistent to what we experienced.
        My health, my education, my job all ended when they took my son. He was 19 now 23 and I have wrote to everyone and anyone who I think could help my son .
        During this time my healthy autistic son has been beat , drugged and moved from hospital to hospital. All the bad side effects reactions he got from antipsychotics just grew his file and prolonged his stay

  3. Again an excellent post. So true in what you say.

    Medication is the real villain in most of these cases. Whatever happened to STOMP (the overmedication of people with learning difficulties)? Where are they in relation to the people incarcerated in ATU’s

    People who are regularly overmedicated can sometimes never get off these drugs. The damage is done because withdrawals are too horrible to bear. Medication now is no different to the chains used in the past.


    1. Worse as you can be released from chains, but not the mental and physical effects of drugs, as you have so sadly found.

      Thank you for taking the time to write a comment. I hope you and your family are well.

      You are so right, where is the rebellion, where is the outrage , where is the shame, where has our morality gone, where even our sense, as this is financially bankrupting our country, as it is all public money.

      Public Financial Initiative Contracts for over 10 years are being given to untested companies, with no accountability, at best asset stripped like Winterbourne View and sold to similar corporate providers at huge profits.

      All allowed by successive governments who control the media, so no one knows what is going on .

      And, even when these corporations do this to our most vulnerable, which no one even attempted to stop, Paula couldn’t, and tried harder than anyone could, but was gagged, not that any media wanted to know.

      And yet the only funded care of our most vulnerable is to enforce by COP order such services, in secret and often exclude families from even supervised visits in a persons ‘best interests’, which the service for max profit paid a fortune providers effectively decide.

      All the best Finola


  4. You are so right about the chains. They can come off but removal of the ‘brain chains’ is more or less impossible. Ruined for life. Quality of life non existent.

    I can only cynically believe that some of the powerful people sitting in Parliament have a vested interest in allowing these vile corporations to flourish. Are they shareholders? Are they financially being rewarded for allowing them to operate untested in this country? I hope I am wrong, but if I am not then likely we are living in a country no better than Hitlers Nazi Germany.


  5. Parliament and vested interest. These corporation’s are so big powerful with money, parliament don’t want to upset these directors, many I find are from Greece, Germany, and S/ Arabia. The smaller fry from South Africa. They have no elegance to the UK, corporate money funds off shore mo tax paid out of the billions they take. Victims out Children.


    1. Successive Parliaments, starting with Thatcher- Financial Services Act, Blair-Mental Capacity/ Charities Act ,have contrived to create this totalitarian no competition or accountability ‘capitalism’ for welfare and eventually all public services. They start as charities and small private public and then are given to huge outsourcing groups like SERCO.CAPITA, CORILLION.GS4, and in mental health services US venture capital multinationals like UHS and Acadia, buy the small ones up. They are given technically illegal 10 year + contracts, as the bind future parliaments, and are made too big to fail.

      So it is our governments left and right, and globerlisation that created these huge unaccountable, profit hungry machines that are bankrupting our country , people and services.


  6. Reblogged this on finolamoss and commented:

    Readjourned Inquest starts this month. Limited to a few days before death and NHS England investigation. They commissioned and paid for it. Cambian lifeways Kingdom House Sheffield wherehe died Where my daughter at 18 was to be sent the day he died paid by NHS England 8,000 + a week for this ‘care’…………….


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