The bipolar cashcows. Release this 8 year Cygnet ‘Bipolar’ 4 million pound inpatient.


In the USA  Prior to 1955, bipolar illness was a rare disorder. There were only 12,750 people  hospitalized with that disorder in 1955.

In addition,  there were only about 2,400 “first admissions” for bipolar illness yearly in the country’s mental hospitals.

Outcomes were relatively good too.

 Seventy-five percent or so of the first-admission patients would recover within 12 months.

Over the long-term, only about 15% of all first-admission patients would become chronically ill, and 70% to 85% of the patients would have good outcomes, which meant they worked and had active social lives.”

Today over 5.7 million US citizens have bipolar and are mostly unemployed, hospitalised and medicated for life.

And according to NHS Digital 2016, 2% of the UK population mainly children and under 25s screened positive for bipolar.

Yet there is no proven pathology and bipolar can be diagnosed on a few hyper episodes by those employed by corporations who gain millions from its diagnosis .

A psychiatrist commented to me fifteen years ago ‘ Bipolar is where all the money  is now’, as it appeared in soap characters  and celebrities like Stephen Fry. 

As  David Healy  noted

‘how a very few people in key positions can determine the course of events and shape the consciousness of a generation’.

Many bipolar victims have been holed up in mental hospitals on secure wards for years as they now earn £13,000 a week on secure wards and £7,000 on others for their private for profit providers paid from NHS funds.

This is not treatment under the MHA, as it is not determinable and  patients are mentally and physically deteriorating on an increasing in breach of NICE guidelines  diet of  polypharmacy, as they suffer in captivity.

They have no voice, no IMCA, no nearest relative appointed, no meaningful reviews, no future, no life, all experts and treaters are  employed by the private corporations that profits from their encagement.

The girl pictured above is just one  of the many victims.

We only know about her because her grandmother Gillian Speke, has  petitioned the government for her release from a Cygnet hospital.

She has been held medicated on a secure bipolar ward for 8 years, earning her Cygnet providers earning  over 4 million pounds of NHS money to date.

Here are comments by workers on Cygnet services.

Why is this allowed to happen ?

Can she not be more effectively treated under a treatment order in her community.

When, if ever would she be released ?

Here are the words of her grandmother from her petition, please sign it, this young woman  and  thousands silently suffering need our help.

‘My name is Gillian Speke.

Please help release MY GRANDDAUGHTER from CYGNET HOSPITALS by signing our petition.

She needs to be near to her Nan. 8 YEARS she has been incarcerated. Her physical & mental health have deteriorated, she has had no help from a Nearest Relative because this has not been attended to.

Her weight has doubled due to the long list of meds she is forced to take. She has to stay on a secure BIpolar ward, she gets no fresh air or exercise, there is no structure, no organised activities except for Mindfulness & she has been denied access to education for the past 11 YEARS.

She has not had an assessment for a move to the community as promised in 2016. She is DYING in there. She does not deserve to be punished. She is a vulnerable woman who needs help for Trauma (PTSD)

Is this how you want our NHS money spent ?

Here is the list of medications this lady is forced to take and originally her stay  was estimated at 2 to 3 years.

Regular Medication:

Sertraline 200mg mane; Depakote 750mg BD; Mebeverine MR 200MG BD; Metformine 1G bd; Atorvastatin 40mg OD; Omeprazole 20mg mane;  Furosemide 50mg mane; Dapaglifozin 10mg mane; Diazepam 5mg TDS; Colecalciferol T OM; Kwells 300mg TDS; Clozapine 225mg BD .

PRM Medication:
Ibrufen 200-400mg up to QDs; Epipen 0.3mg up to 0.9mg; Cyclizine tab 50mg up to 150mg;  Procyclidine 5mg PO max in 24 hrs 10 mg; Olanzapine 2.5-5mg max 200mg (PRN + regular); Promethazine 25-50mg max dose 100mg in 24 hrs;  Salbutamol 100mcg; Glucogel/Glucsgon T; Corsodyl ; Lactulose;  Stat dose of Clopizol Acuphase given on 3 occasions since admission – forcibly injected.

And read here the full story of the horror of this lady’s very expensive minimum £900 a day ‘treatment’


And, there appears systemically, no effective accountability for health services, as under the Health and Social Care Act 2012, NHS England and not the Department of Health is liable for services but are also the commissioner and regulator of these services and liable if inadequate.

So there is a huge conflict of interests between these roles of regulator and commissioner, which equals no accountability.

 ‘ My sister is dead after 4mths after being placed at Cygnet Hospital  Derby

was posted as a comment to this petition in November 2017.








    1. This is so cruel what they have done to this young child/adult. We share her posts ,because we care ,there are more like her she’s not alone. The before and after pictures is heart wrenching,and people should pay attention close attention these institutions are like camps killing them not helping cure them and show support. It makes one wonder why are so many suffering and so many walking away with pay checks! They only have to look at her,which part is this in her best interest? None of it. People accept it like it’s a normal thing and carry on. This isn’t far to her or anyone else suffering like this 😪


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