The Vultures are circling


The GP rang last Friday.

The apparent, tasked linchpin, of the intervention team.

The one who took notes.

And wrote letters to me, about my reported cough.

Insisted, I had diabetes, and, met with social services behind my back.

As Issy, had no signs of any physical illness, and 7 requested GP visits in May and June had achieved nothing, there seemed, little point in having GPs in the kitchen.

Bizarrely, no ‘ professional’, or support worker had even enquired into Isabel’s health,

let alone, suggested, we rang the GP.

I used to wonder why, but not anymore.

Parental concern, was in our favour.

Not providing, ‘prompt medical attention’, is evidence of neglect.

The last time, the linchpin GP rang, was in response to our out of hours call re Issy’s ‘tummy bug’, six months ago.

He had told me, a lady GP would visit.

All she had done, was to  ask,if we had a scales, to keep a record, of an over 10 stone, 5ft 6 inch girl’s weight.

And peer intently into my face,  I assume for signs of mental distress.

During his phone call, he did not enquire into Issy’s health, but  mine.

Forgetting, his original concern about my ’ persistent cough’ , but not my diabetes.

Informing me, despite two acceptable tests, that my blood sugar level was now ‘substantially’ raised, and probably the reason  I  had felt  ill,  a year earlier, on my last GP  visit, despite my symptoms,  post  glandular fever fatigue and ME tests.

I am now, without evidence, or notification, registered as a ‘diabetic’, and, receive appointments for NHS eye tests.

The fact, I have no raised blood sugar, or symptoms,- thirst, dizziness, eye strain,  appears irrelevant.

His phone call,  informed me, the adult services social worker, was concerned, as workers had reported,  Issy was losing weight, and, he wanted to see her on Monday. It was Friday.

Strange, as the adult services social worker’s many ‘domained’ assessment form in May, did not include health.

Her role in mine,and Issy’s life was unknown, but, obviously  powerful, and omniscient.

Strange too, only a week earlier, when the social worker, rang, ‘to see how things were’.

In her first contact for four months, she had not mentioned this concern about Isssy’s weight.

And, neither had, the support workers to me.

Incandescent, I raved….

‘When Issy, had had a faecal impaction, dropped from 11 to 7 stone, in her National Autistic Society home, we had tried unsuccessfully, for over a year, through safeguarding officers, independent reviewing officers, NAS workers, but could not get a GP, to even  visit her, once.

Even when it was actioned, in a safeguarding meeting in May 2011.

But now, a GP was prepared to make a home visit, on the hearsay of a worker, of loss of weight?

Why, and, what purpose could his visit serve?’

But as usual, I was talking to an assertive robot.

I asked how he would feel, if it were his daughter.

His over long silence, hopefully, spoke for him.

I pleaded the right to autonomy, normally, afforded patients.

Isabel had capacity, and, we had already sought over 7 home visits in May and June, asked for blood tests, which we hadn’t got, and, a urine test, so were, more than  capable, of seeking medical attention.

He made no comment.

I asked him to write a letter, giving specifics of his concerns, where they had come from, and, the purpose of his visit.

His letter arrived stating only, that he wanted to attempt to weigh Issy.

Were we not capable of that ?

On Monday, the social worker emailed, saying adult services manager, needed to update her assessment, but not why, or, in what respect.

They both, wanted to call at 4.00 the next day.

She, also said the NHS, had to do a funding health assessment of Issy.

Funding for what ?

Why was NHS funding needed now ?

Issy, had not received such funding since NAS residential who had paid £60.000 per year towards her residential school up to 24/5 2013 although she had left on 29/1/2013..

Our only ‘support’, was an education package.

The vultures were circling.

Issy’s potential as a cash cow was huge.

The boxes, must be ticked.

For ‘independent’, £8,000 per week, away from home encagement.

How easily these people get their money, from  vulnerable, voiceless commodities.

Yet the disabled family get £62 per week for 24/7 care and the disabled £105.

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