The Risperidone Scandal


The above was published by the American Federal Drug Agency in 2008.

It shows the adverse side effects, of the anti-psychotic drug risperidone, trade name risperidol, since licencing.

Well over $5 billion, in damages, and fines has been paid to plaintiffs, state, and local government agencies by the manufacturer.

Please read in link the legal actions, against Johnson &Johnson in respect to Risperidone damage.

And now in 2021 they have a C VIRUS vacccine out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Janssen Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Beerse, Belgium and owned by Johnson & Johnson. It was founded in 1953 by Paul Janssen. … Janssen and Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical have been placed in the Ortho-McNeil-Janssen group within Johnson & Johnson Company.

In   the UK, we do not have an insurance based system of healthcare, so  such actions are effectively impossible.

Read here the shocking expose of history of Risperidal in USA, and effect on children.

I was unable to find similar information as obtained from FDA, from the UK Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Our UK’s system of censured, patient led, ad hoc yellow card warnings, and under used coroners inquests, make it difficult to even record a drug’s adverse.

As a cross party UK political Mental Health Task force in 2016, advocates the medicalisation of mental ‘disorders’, now at 275 ,and risperidol or any antipsychotic is prescribed to children, here in 2018 is the latest position in USA on the corruption of child academic research and the connection to our third largest industry Pharma.

Read it and see the danger in UK under the government policies and insistence that a quarter of school children suffer a diagnosable ‘disorder’.

Physical illness and even death, also result in conditions created or contributed to by the use of Risperidone, for example chest infections and pneumonia

Long term autistic, and those with behavioural problems on Risperidone, are often described, as physically ill, and it is most likely that the drug is  causing this.

Just check out the side effects that could make healthy autistic/ leaning disabled/ mentally disordered, physically ill.

Similarly, it is documented, that the drug itself, can cause psychosis and seizures .

In the UK, 2000 children, and 110 toddlers are prescribed Risperidone, despite these adverse effects and this has increased.

See multimillion scandal in USA, of Harvard Research  Professor who advised Johnson’ the drug manufacturer Company Executives

How his research could show effectiveness of Risperidone  in pre school children for ADHD, Bipolar, Psychosis.

How could anyone diagnose these disorders in 3 years olds ? And why would they want to ?

And, on what basis would they decide the treatment worked, and how could they determine the future adverse effects on toddlers?

10% of our total NHS budget is on psychiatric prescriptions.

74% of autistics, are on enforced risperidone or similar antipsychotic, despite its licence, for short term extreme behaviour, or psychosis

Some as young as 4, given this powerful chemical lobotomy/ neurological suppressive  as if  sweets with  school milk, and it is put into their fruit shoot drinks.

And ensures a ‘learning difficulty’ due to its proven effect on grey matter and brain shrinkage..

Research shows it  causes learning disability, psychosis, fits and unknown physical changes.

See comments of parents both in UK, USA and Canada

93% of Learning Disabled in institutions are routinely medicated with Risperidone or similar antipsychotics.

Recent research in 2015 shows it is used to control behaviour  alone..

And evidence, that cognitive behavioural therapy works as well as medication.

Children in  state care,  are given behaviour controlling drugs, mainly Risperidol, although Beverley Hughes, a former secretary of state for children, schools and families was unable to provide details of their use.

As they were “not collected centrally by the Department”. (Hansard 28/4/2009).

And are still not.

This despite 39 fatal NHS drug reports, citing the deceased, as having:

a “learning disorder or disability, behavioural disorder, autism, aspergers.” (Hansard 09/3/2010).

Our MHRA is paid for by the pharmaceutical industry, and largely consists of ex pharmaceutical company experts.

And autistics will find it impossible to communicate side effects, let alone, have them acknowledged and recorded.

Only those that manifest physically, will be discoverable- drooling, restlessness, crying, poo incontinence, impaction, slowness, imbalance, stiffness of joints .

And state druggers, do not do physical examinations and care is by ad hoc, itinerant, prescribed workers.

Anti-psychotic medication is part of an accepted, enforced system of autistic care.

Which produces a huge lucrative, reliable, and increasing market,  and GP’s are now paid by interventions and prescriptions.

Parents and the autistics are given no effective choice.

If, 18 or over, the autistic is deemed ‘incapable’ of refusing treatment under the Mental Capacity Act, if under, parents are forced to medicate on threat of removal of their children by care orders.

Despite public warnings, from experts, at September 2015, this is still the position in the UK, and no one, is attempting to stop this abuse of our most vulnerable.

The pharmaceutical industry is our third largest.

Profits support our economic growth, and, appear, more important, than its people commodities.

NICE guidelines, do not require a check, or even audit, of the amount, or type of drugs, used by state agencies.

And, are merely guidelines  which can and are ignored.

Prescriptions are at the discretion of individual GPs, and Children and Mental Health Service teams.

Managers of care homes are given a discretion under NICE guidelines, to administer drugs as necessary.

Regulations under the Mental Capacity Act 05 allow any clinical trial of any drug, or combination, on those deemed ‘incapable’ under the Act.

A godsend, to the pharmaceutical industry, as publication of trials, result in drug licences.

So, in this secret, silent, world of state enforced medicine, on those unable to communicate, how can side effects, even be observed, let alone, recorded?

Even when the side-effects kill.

In 2011, the privately run St Andrew’s mental hospital, in Northampton, only appear to have started investigating deaths, after 4 patients died, in less than 7 months.

And, the fourth patient’s, concerned family, instructed a lawyer.

The report to the Care Quality Commission, revealed, a recognised side-effect, of a 41, year old patient’s antipsychotic medication, a faecal impaction, had developed over many months, and, eventually forced his internal organs to shut down, and, an excruciatingly long, and painful death.

The report, had not been revealed in the first coroner’s inquest.

The coroner found systemic failings, contributed to the death, and the hospital’s failure to complete a physical examination, was a “missed opportunity”.

A physical examination, is basic medical care, of any patient.

But absolutely crucial, if you have a patient kept continually on high dosage antipsychotics, who is unable to communicate.

And, you are supposed to be ‘treating’, for a payment of £4,500 per week, tax free.

It is not just, a ‘missed opportunity’.

What is now being done in St Andrews, to avoid future deaths, of their 600 patients, detained under the Mental Health Act, worth 2.5 million per week, tax free?

: “Staff dealing with patients who are taking high-dose antipsychotics, polypharmacy [multiple medication] and in particular clozapine should be familiar with the side-effect profile and be alert to the possibility of a deterioration in physical health that may indicate a potentially serious or life-threatening adverse reaction or side-effect.”

How would such ‘staff’ notice ‘deterioration’, in heavily sedated, bed bound, mentally disabled patients?

With 4 deaths in 7 months, and the lives of 600, at stake, the very least the CQC should have done, was to make frequent medical assessments, mandatory.

The reason for these deaths, would not have, been discovered, or reached the media, had the deceased, not had a concerned family, able to instruct a lawyer.

Under the Mental Capacity Act, as opposed to the Mental Health Act Local Authorities can, and often do, stop all family contact.

The Court of Protection gags all information of the deaths or services of the adults under its protection via the MCA.

Why, in any event, is this drugged encagement, deemed ‘medical’ treatment?

Why are its providers, allowed to charge such extortionate amounts from the public purse, tax free?

And why, are these vulnerable, people, forced to live as tortured cash, and pharma cows for life?

In 2008, a large number of yellow card warnings, cited risperidone, as cause of death in the autistic, and learning disabled.

Today, with reports of 3 a day dying, this must now be far more.

In 2007, the only treatment offered for my daughter by the NHS, was risperidone.

The obvious reasons for her aggression, and unhappiness,a faecal impaction, and inappropriate school, deliberately ignored.

In 2007, I complained to CAMHS, of my then 10 year old daughters side effects, crying, incontinence, breathlessness, black rings under her eyes.

CAMHS informed, they could not have been caused by her risperidone, because they were not on their list of side effects.

On the back of such trials CAMHS assessment centres were built throughout UK providing 12 week assessment ‘pathways’ that only resulted in antipsychotic medication.Termed in literature as ‘control without restraint’.

My daughters unhappiness in her NAS residential school, and a second impaction, were then ignored again in 2012.

Despite, her impaction 3 years earlier, her aggression and a 48 bruise restraint trigger.

And her parents, spending over a year, flagging these up, to NAS, CAMHS, safeguarding authorities, and an independent reviewing officer, and demanding her physical examination.

Issy was not physically examined for an impaction.

Instead she was given anti- depressants, and build up drinks, both, known to cause constipation.

Issy’s PTSD, evidenced by distress, and, repeating the abusive comments of NAS carers, at that time in 2012  was used by CAMHS, NAS, and social services, as evidence of psychosis, to justify a 12 week assessment in a CAMHS care pathway centre, and permanent respiridone medication.

This horror would have happened, had Issy not herself, had enough, and been 16,  too old for a care order.

And, as, not a danger to herself, or others, difficult to section under the MHA, without our consent.

Refused to return to her NAS ‘home’, where, had she, it could not have been long, before she succumbed, to a long and painful death.

But CAMHS, by then, would have pocketed £60,000, and NAS, dependent upon how long Issy lived, £3,500 per week, tax free.

Thankfully, Issy saved her own life.

And,once home, we had her physically examined by our GP, and, cleared her denied impaction, and, removed two undetected, rotten teeth.

Her aggression ceased, except for the PTSD.

The figures in the FDA table above, speak for themselves.

74% of the adults, and 79% of the children affected, died, or were hospitalised, with life threatening reactions, some left permanently damaged.

With 7.8 million prescriptions of risperidol in 2007-8, the horror of the human suffering, these statistics, and Jansen’s 1. 72 billion civil claim settlements represent, is difficult to comprehend.

And for what, expensive chemical lobotomy sedation, with no long term gains?

Despite these shocking adverse effects being revealed by the Federal Drug Agency, the death, and, suffering wrought, by spin, incentives, and high octane sales, grew worse, not better.

Up until 2007, the Federal Drugs Agency had repeatedly warned Jansen against promoting Risperidone for children.

But were ignored.

Instead Jansen instructed its sales representatives to call on child psychiatrists, and children’s mental health facilities to aggressively market Risperdal, as safe and effective, for the symptoms of various childhood disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, and autism.

And, then in 2007, the FDA, itself, despite the known side effects, approved risperidol, as effective, and reasonably safe for the studied indications in pediatric patients.

And thus ensured even more deaths and permanent damage as shown in the table above dated to 2008..

Eventually leading in 2013, to Johnson and Johnson, paying out 2.2 billon dollars, in one of the nation’s largest healthcare fraud settlements in U.S. history, for inter alia, the promotion for uses not approved as safe and effective, and payment of kickbacks to physicians, and to the nation’s largest care pharmacy provider.

Think of the billions, that should have been paid out to parents in the UK, but our NHS system precludes this from happening.

The exposure of this fraud, was  forced by private health insurance company claims, not existing in our publically funded but now privatised  NHS.

Unlike the USA, we have no insurance companies acting for us, protecting themselves from claims of those medicated.

20 years ago the USA started, psychiatric drugging of their children, and now one in every 15 enters adulthood, with a serious mental illness.

And half of all those in foster care, are now on prescriptive medicines.

There is research, and anecdotal evidence from carers, that the use of respiridone can itself, cause psychosisin the autistic, justifying its continued use.

So the drug causes  a serious mental disorder you did not have, as an autistic, learning  disabled, ADHD, bipolar person.

In 2013, Janssen-Cilag, applied to the MHRA for a license for risperidone use for ‘irritability in autism’.

But then, the company refused to accept an extremely lucrative UK licence, as it was conditional upon safety monitoring.

The business risk, of monitoring safety, which should, in any event, be, the paramount concern, outweighed, a lucrative UK licence.

Yet, care pathway CAMHS assessment centres, have been expensively built, throughout the country.

They are the only option for the under 16 autistics, mentally disordered/disabled with behavioural problems.

So what is the National Autistic Society’s  advice, on the use of Risperidol ?

NAS website proclaims,

’There is a significant amount of research evidence to suggest that risperidone may be beneficial for the treatment of various problems faced by people with autism, including irritability, repetition and hyperactivity.’

Risperidone, is not licensed for irritability, repetition, or hyperactivity.

And, the NAS website link, into their Research Centre, contains little, or, no evidential support for NAS recommendation of Risperidone as the main/only treatment for autism, let alone a significant amount of research.

Even after 2008, when the European harmonisation of indicators of side effects, restricted its licence, to short term sytomatic treatment for persistent aggression.

Its long term use in children under 18, even for schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder, is not licensed.

There is not, a ‘significant amount of research evidence’, quite the reverse, two recent studies warn of the serious side-effects,

Studies reported in the Lancet in 2008, show little effect on aggression over a placebo

The risk of sudden heart failure, has already resulted in the black boxing of the drug, for the old

Evidence from relatives however shows that similar antipsychotics and even Risperidone are still regularly administered in care homes for the elderly.

We must legislate for such a warning and the end of the standard use of this and other antipsychotics, on our young, most vulnerable, and, least in need of such medication.

NHS’s largest spend is n drugs for the central nervous system– mental health with a staggering £1.95 billion in 2011, the 0.1% ‘fall’ spin is due to removal of two patents.


    1. Finola my son has been taking Carbamazepine for 25 years, and Lamotrogine for 19 years. Both are anticonvulsants. Both also used has mood enhancers for people suffering with Bi-Polar My son has cerebral palsy, mostly down his left side and a learning disability.

      My son was 17 when he was diagnosed with epilepsy after a hip operation. He was medicated on Carbamazapine, and for 5 years was seizure free. We were coming to the decision to start taking them away, when he started having startle jumps whenever there was a loud noise or someone knocked against him. Sometimes these jumps led into a full blown seizure (tonic clonic). It was then that he was medicated with Lamotrigine. Six months later he was getting moody and distressed. We did not realize then that Lamotrigine effected peoples moods. We were given help from psychologists.

      In 2008 his seizures stopped. About the same time he was having aggressive outbursts and refusing to do anything or go anywhere. Sometimes they lasted for a few days, sometimes longer. At this time the day services in our borough were being pared down and outsourced to private companies. A disaster for him and many others.

      Anyway in late 2012 we started to reduce his carbamazepine (he was on 1000mg daily). Carbamazepine is an enzyme inducer. Any drug taken with Carbamazepine (Lamotrigine) would automatically begin to get stronger when you start to reduce CBZ. I reminded the psychiatrist of this but he ignored me. Perhaps he thought I was talking out of turn? The result was that a month after he was free of CBZ (in Jan 2014) he started to have terrible frightening hallucinations. He was terrified. He could not sleep. He was so scared. We contacted his psychiatrist who said that he had never come across this type of reaction before but he believed my son was having a interictal reaction to his withdrawal of CBZ. I argued that he was most probably having a toxic reaction to Lamotrigine. His psychiatrist reinstated 400mg of two weeks. He recoverd for 3 weeks and then went back to be psychotic again but this time with the added side effect of ‘freeezing’ in the middle of doing anything. He would suddenly stop like a statue.

      Telemetry showed no sign of any seizure activity. We have now began the long haul of getting rid all his medication. Lamotrigine is gone. We are now down to 400mg of CBZ. The withdrawl symptoms are horrendous. Completely in a world of his own. Keeps talking about his days st college (20 years ago) with a focus on the same person. Her name and her parents and her sister going over and over in his head. It is like living with a completely different person

      Carbamazepine has wrecked my son’s bones. He has osteoporosis. He has reduced white blood cells. (leucopenia). Both known side effects. He has little purple mauve spots on his body. Another known side effect which has been ignored by his psychiatrist. His psychiatrist suggested a while ago that my son should take biphosphonates to strengthen his bones. We refused, as we said we would not know if the drug would harm him, or if he was experiencing any side effects. In America the drug company Merck was being sued by pationts suffering with necrosis of the jaw and cancer of the osphageous after being on this drug. We were threatened with the MCA The doctor said if it could be proved that my son lacked capacity it could be taken out of our hands. This is why we cannot trust or like this doctor.

      The doctor claims that my son is not suffering from withdrawal symptoms because antiepileptics have no known withdrawal symptoms. He has reminded us however that they are mood enhancers. We reminded him that our son was not mentally ill when he was given antiepileptic drugs. My research tells me that Carbamazapine is related to the tricyclic group of drugs, which are antidepressants. There are withdrawal symptoms with antidepressants, especially if you have been on them for many years.

      I recently purchased a book by American Dr. Peter Breggin called Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal, and one of his arguements is that prescribers identify drugs according to the conditions that they are being used to treat rather than by their pharmacological category or characteristics, including their impact on the brain. He also in his book refers to articles by Dr. Joanna Moncrieff.

      I deplore that many of our children and loved ones are being used by the pharma and psychiatrist world as some sort of learning curve. My son and many like him cannot fully explain what side effects they are having. Thank you Finola for exposing these cruel practices… .



      1. Thank you Pauline.

        For such a long detailed reply which I hope as many people as possible will learn from .

        i ONLY WISH SOMEONE WOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT USEING OUR CHILDREN AND MOST VULNERABLE AS huge pharma cows and not only getting away with it but it being encouraged by government policy and law.

        Anatomy of an epidemic about what the pharma have done in America is a really good book, and as you say, joanna moncrieff’s blog is very revealing, and her books as you say are brill just got the bitterest pills..

        I am so sad you have been through so much, and just because of others,,they certainly would not treat their own children like this.

        It is sad to say that anyone, who has any mental health issues, and many who do not, just social problems made into such issues, are at the mercy of a ruthless state, to be used as pharma cows, unless they are rich, or in the know.

        I hope people read your comment and get back to you.

        Get your son off everything,, if you can.

        The cure is worse than the disease, and cannot be trusted. They have not got a clue what they are doing, and it does not matter, if the drugs actually make things worse ,they cannot be sued.

        Imagine if they were surgeons and wrecked your body, or midwives and your baby,, you could sue them for millions , and they would take more care….. not have an industry based on dangerous emperor’s clothes..and made up mental illness/disorders.

        Hope your son gets his life and self back.

        Thanks once again. Am already writing what it feels like to be on risperidol and the creation of mental disorders ie explosion of bi polar and autism for next post…

        Just would love ways of increasing readership, as such information is much needed for everyone, As information really is a big help, and at least some power… at least you are not hoodwinked.


    2. Thank you so much for reblogging this post.

      I am very grateful to you, as it is important, that as many as possible have such information, and at least know what they are giving their autistic children, and at best someone might do something about it.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

      best wishes.



  1. I wish I had discovered your blog earlier. My son, Charlie, died two years ago of what I believe to be side effects from Risperdal given from age 15 until a few months before his death ay age 24. I am really trying to start and do an investigative journalism piece on just this…Risperdal is routinely handed out here in Canada to children with autism. I see one boy (on risperdal since age eight) in our small town going down exactly as my son did, starting with a strange gait and then rapid onset dystonia, losing swallowing and then dying from choking in the middle of the night. I have accompanied the family to the neurologist to no avail. I am collecting what I can on this. My son was born in England and we moved back to my home country Canada when he was eleven. I have to say that what I am reading in your blog about the Mental Capacity act, is frightening, and I am glad we were here for that period of Charlie’s life.


    1. Thank you, so much, for your comment.

      It is very much appreciated.

      My aim is to put as much information out as possible, as I know there is little out there, for obvious reasons.
      I cannot begin to imagine the horror, and, misery you have been through, and are still, and will always be going through, because of, the evil abuse of Charlie, and the needless ending of his life.

      It would appear, that this is now the fate of many autistics.

      It is a huge, ruthless profitmaking industry, growing, as I write.

      What a betrayal of these sensitive, highly intelligent, beautiful, affectionate, perceptive human beings, who could teach us so much, about real humanity, if they were not merely used, as a profit making opportunity, for an ever greedy industry.

      Our government is at present debating, and determined to introduce an Assisted Suicide Act, legalising euthanasia, one of the clauses of which, could be, that all those MCA ‘incapable’, and now there must be millions, as most autistics have been processed, in transition 16-18, as incapable of making all decisions for life illegally, and if the state, deem, they would decide to end their life, because its quality is so poor, were they capable, the state can end it for them.

      Even, their body parts, can be used under MCA regulations.

      This will mean no inquests into why they died, even court deracinated family, probably need not be told of death.
      We have literally millions holed up in private NHS ‘hospitals’, some have managed to survive for decades, all earning £4,500 for 24/7 survellience of their ward and medication, illegally as this is not treatment. What state are they going to be in by now?

      Imagine, the permanent effects of the long term drugs, they have been pumped full of, the horror is too much.

      And the bottom line is, there are no future services/ life for autistics, except as encaged cash cows, and the corporate/charity providers, need these drugs to do this, as the system does not allow, for individual care, and the autistic, are not allowed to remain, with those who love and know them.

      Please email me on and feel free, to ask me anything that might help you, or just chat.


  2. i am dying a horrible death from risperidal shot, i wouldnt take the pills. I have custody of two sons and the youngest is a senior. look me up shane clauer there is a few swear words but before dying never wore in my life.


  3. Reblogged this on finolamoss and commented:

    Written nearly 5 years ago, and this drug is still the main treatment for ASD/LD as it zombifies, to allow ever more profit from ‘care’ enforced by State. Billions has been paid in US for its damage in court actions but it continues to be used in UK as we have no lawyers, experts or courts all are controlled by a State that promotes its use. See effect on my 10 year old daughter and use as ‘treatment’ after £80,000 CAMHS assessment CENTRES,with millions NHS money spent to build assessment centres in Sheffield like Ruby Lodge CAMHS.
    When will we wake up to how dangerous NHS for profit, is to us and our children.
    The use of this drug is enforced in UK BY Care and MCA order . IT costs NHS billons and causes untold torture and physical damage and death yet we can do nothing…………


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