Hollies Medical Centre- I do not have diabetes

This is a plea of desperation to my GP practice – Hollies Medical Centre, Sheffield

I do not have Diabetes.

Despite telephone conversations to Dr HARVEY, AND lengthy letters from me- they have no email contact

I have spent 4 years being festooned by NHS literature inviting me for eye screens , assessments and more


Because 12 years ago, suffering from ME, after glandular fever, I was sent to my GPs Well Woman Clinic – that did no more than weigh me, at 16 Stone NOW 11, and take my blood pressure

I then, years later was stupid enough to respond to a standard GP Diabetes test, at the GP Clinic which was fine, but slightly raised due to my ciggy and coffee

So a second test was notified, despite the fact I’d passed my first

I had to care for all and was fed up with this targeting, so did not attend

Then amongst made up health concerns notified by Social Services intent on getting my daughter into residential care

The Clinic on the telephone stated I had diabetes , based on a different test

My weight at well woman clinic and increasing age……….

So based. at most. on a risk factor. not clinical diagnosis, or even a test of an existent disease.

I was now a diabetic.

Without 4 years of any symptom 2 neg chemist checks

Is this new medicine for profit future ?

How long before Alzheimer’s, CRONAVIRUS, cancer, any disease ,can be diagnosed on a prospected likelihood of it ?

My medical records record I have diabetes.

How do I get that removed ?

It appears impossible, as at best GPs proclaim ‘ you have problems with this diagnosis’

Yet, they do not despite no symptoms or evidence other than overweight ( now no longer but no measure on their files ) and old.
Legally, I ask how can this be righted ?

It can’t, and NHS pay out millions as Diabetes UK MAKES millions tax free
latest letter from THE Hollies, prompted this BLOG, one of many, constant, over the years, as GPs are effectively for profit, paid much for diabetes patients

We want to ensure that we help you understand and manage your Diabetes

Our aim is to offer you regular checks around your birthday month to make any regular monitoring easier for you to remember.

So now my capacity for remembering, is another issue ?

All can then be used to show my incapacity under the MCA to remove every decision I may make, including if I have diabetes.

A frightening vista for any choice, truth, NHS or GP…………………….or individual autonomy

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  1. Reblogged this on finolamoss and commented:

    Inevitably, the NHS letter arrived on my memorable date- my birthday – a diabetic eye screening invitation .
    No release from the profit making NHS computer

    No stop of depressing harrassment

    as I WRITE this, my vision has, and always has been, without glasses ,perfect, my diet sugary with no consequence , no diabetic symptoms

    Yet NHS pursue State rules, despite the facts, they are right . I can do nothing to change its pathway.
    Except, to cry into the wilderness ———– I do not have diabetes
    But what does that matter ?


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