Thomas Rawnsley’s Stitched Up Inquest ?

When I wrote this, I had no idea of the extent his Inquest could/would be stitched up, by a Coroner deciding, Thomas had no right to life, in his £8,000 +A week, for profit care, and then directing a Jury to decide the only verdict was he died of natural causes.

This is  a death in community living/ care, the only transforming care from ATUs and promoted by Lamb Gov et al.

These are the only institutions  where the LSD/ASD are supported , not with their family.

And it has been shown, despite millions of public NHS money, to be unaccountable to our most vulnerable


12310476_804974306279805_4058742453218544450_n (2)Thomas’ Inquest is to be held in Sheffield, early November, nearly six years after his death, to last four weeks, with a Jury, a Jury, being exceptional   for anyone like Thomas, dying under a deprivation of liberty, and  by a new Coroner.

An Inquest per se, is also exceptional, as most deaths in State care, are now certified as from ‘natural causes’, by newly created ‘medical examiners’.

No central record of their deaths is even kept, and there is no right to even an independent investigation, or jury in an inquest, unlike into prison deaths.

For the disabled ‘natural causes’, appears the norm, Thomas was certified from ‘downs syndrome and hypoxia.’

His family representation, is also exceptional  because of their own crowdfunding, no legal aid being available.

And essential Orders from a Coronors, like a toxicology report in Thomas’ Autopsy had to be paid by his mother, via…

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