Fifth Death St Andrews Hospital, Northampton,Inquest Finding Quashed.

Less than two months, after Bill Johnson’s death, Kristian Thompson, a 19 year old talented cricket player, was found unconscious in a shower, in St Andrews Hospital, Northampton, where he later died.

Kristian-ThompsonOnly weeks before, Kristian, had lost more than 2 stone in weight, and, would ‘’zone out’’, and, be unable to concentrate.

His mother, had raised concerns about the effects of his medication.

His death, shortly afterwards, made her even more concerned, particularly, when she found out, that four other men, on similar medication, had died at St Andrews in the previous 10 months.

Kristian was a fit healthy young man, who found himself in St Andrews, after an assault, just 10 months before his death, which left his behaviour, ‘unpredictable’, and allowed him to be detained under the Mental Health Act.

At Kristian’s inquest, experts gave evidence, that Kristian’s death, may have been caused by sudden adult death syndrome, or, epilepsy.

The Coroner recorded an ‘open verdict’.

A spokeswoman for St Andrews said Kristian’s death had been investigated, in accordance with their procedures.

And St Andrews managers, dismissed claims by Bill Johnson’s solicitor, that the 5 deaths, could, be linked by the use of, the anti-psychotic drug clozaphine.

Merely on the basis of the logistics, that, they had occurred on different wards, and were treated by a  different teams of nurses.

Still, not knowing why, her physically fit young son, had died at 19, Kristian’s mother contacted David Miliband MP, who wrote to the coroner, asking to discuss his unexplained death.But the Coroner, replied that he thought there was no need for such a discussion..

So Kristian’s mother spoke to the coroner, and, asked to speak to the pathologist, but, who refused to meet her.

Desperate for answers, she then wrote to David Cameron, Prince Harry, the head of the CPS, and the Attorney General, and many other people, who all came back  with lots of sympathy, but said, there was nothing they could do.

But four years after Kristian’s death, two High Court Judges quashed the inquest’s verdict.

On the grounds, that without Kristian, having being diagnosed with epilepsy, before his death, an inquest, could not, have safely concluded it might be a cause.

And, this showed, there had been an ‘insufficiency of inquiry’, and there should be a fresh inquest into the matters put forward by Kristian’s legal team.

As there was insufficient evidence, Kristian was in fact, an epileptic at the time of his death.

The potential effect of his medication, and dosage before his death, were also not considered.

As was, no toxicology report done on Thomas Rawnsley, and his mother had to crowd fund to pay for one.

The High Court ruled, that this fresh inquest, should take place, ‘as soon as can be reasonably practicable’.

That was in May.

None of this would not have happened, but, for Kristian legal team.

And legal Aid, is not available for inquests, even under the government’s ‘exceptional funding’.

Bill Johnson’s inquest was re opened by family lawyers, after an initial finding of death by ‘natural causes’.

The only other inquest, into the 3 other deaths in St Andrews, recorded a finding of ‘natural causes’, but was not reopened.

In May this year, there was a successful application, under Article 2 European Directive, for ‘exceptional funding’, to cover legal representation in inquests.

But, there is still, no legal requirement, as exists in prisons, for independent investigations into deaths in hospitals, or residential care facilities.


  1. Finola Its Sudden unexplained death in epilepsy. Try their website re medication change. Clozapine black box warning -can cause seizures. This is more and more terrifying.


    1. Thank you this information, Shirley.

      I tried to find out, as much as I could, about Clozapine, but didn’t spot this.

      This young man, however, did not have an epilepsy diagnosis.

      Not that that, would be difficult to get, if needed.

      The drugs, these poor wretches, are force fed, often actually causes what they are purported to help.

      So often create, the diagnosis already given.

      This, as you say, is therefore, far worse ‘treatment’, than we thought.

      The biggy is, no one is accountable for the ‘treatment’, deaths, or amount of drugs used, or, type.

      Central records of such deaths, drugs, and amount, are not even kept.

      And, if there is a huge scandal, and I’d say 5 deaths of physically health men in 10 months is, the media do not reveal it, and all that might happen, is, as with Lambs proposed, they be moved to facilities locally, ie all the private for huge profits Adult Treatment Units, were similar medication, will be given, and housed eventually, in independent/supported living, making the same £4,000 per week, but all under the Mental Capacity Act, with no even tick boxed ‘reviews’.

      As long, as our vulnerable, which is an ever increasing group now including learning disabled and anyone whose behaviour is ‘unpredictable’, they can be made unaccountable cash cows, paid on the supposed ‘severity’ of their behaviour, nothing will change.

      I hope you, and Martin, are as OK, in the circumstances, as you can be.


    2. Sorry, forgot to send you for both my best wishes.

      So, if there were, any suspicion that Kristian was epileptic, or, indeed, any of those being medicated with Clozaphine were, it would be at least negligent, to ‘treat’, and continue to treat, for lengthy periods with this drug.

      Wonder if this will be considered, at new inquest ordered in May ?


  2. My daughter was at st andrews and they put her on so much medication im lucky not to have lost her she is still on 50 tablets a day its goin to take years to get her off most of them the way they treat paitients is dissgusting i could say a lot more it makes me sick something needs to be done to shut places like this down my daughter is living proof they havent a clue


    1. You must have been worried sick at the time, and, completely powerless to do anything about it.

      Thank God she survived.

      The Government have no intention of closing such hospitals down, they have been created deliberately, and mental health NHS policy, deliberately aimed to send, as many as possible there, see blog post,’Why are they herding MENTAL..

      What they are doing is cutting the bed numbers in such places, so that they, then can put the patients, in supported units, with their own hospitals and adult treatment units, owned by venture capital like Cambian/ Lifeways, which is even more dangerous, as this can be under the Mental Capacity Act for life, IN SECRET, with no reviews, or release.

      And if you read my Post, ‘Abuse of the autistic for profit’, you will see that Thomas Rawnsley at 20 died, in such a specialist hospital /ATU this year.

      This is why they are revealing SLOVEN.

      Thank you for your comment, and I hope your daughter is happy and safe now.
      Best wishes,


  3. Yes i was out of my mind and knowing what they where doing to her killed me i now have health issues due to stress it took us years to get her out of there it was such a fight just wish i knew how to sue them but thankfully my daughter now lives with 24hour care in her own home and can live her life the way shes meant to i feel so bad that there is families still goin through this it makes me so angry that they can get away with this


    1. But does your daughter have freedom in her own home ?

      Or, has she just replaced one cage for another, with 24 hour surveillance.

      Can she come, and stay with you as a family, in your home, whenever she wants to.

      And, is she still on medication, and does she have a say in this medication.

      Do you, or her, have any real control over her life.

      You probably, also realise, that she could, at any time, be still sectioned, under the MHA, or, it be decided, it is in her best interests and enforced by the Court of Protection that she return to St Andrews or similar hospital.

      So your nightmare could return at any time.


  4. Reblogged this on finolamoss and commented:

    When I worked at St Andrews in 2017 not once did I witness any physically assessment of patients on clozaril. When I raised this to a member of staff, why no physical assessment, he wasn’t able to answer… the staff member was newly qualified, supporting me on induction period.
    A comment on twitter to this post
    Yet £13,000 a week paid by NHS per patient with no tax, as charitable
    No regulation , no enquiry, no doubt many more deaths with no adequate or any inquest due to newly created Medical Examiner role ,certifying ‘natural causes’
    Why ?


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