Drugs cannot be Blamed. And enforced for profit medication offers no escape.


Medication is highly toxic.

Yet, on the rare occasion, there is an inquiry, let alone autopsy into the death of those medicated, toxicology reports are not undertaken.

Thomas Rawnsley’s autopsy did not contain a toxicology report, despite his years of high dosage poly pharmacy .

Paula, his mother crowd funded for one.

Why, as if the cause of any death is to be found, the toxic effect of medication must be explored.

But, isn’t, as our third largest industry- pharmaceutical- must be protected.

Despite the fact in 2014 in the USA, 15,778 died from psychiatric drugs, 50% more than the 10,574 dying from heroin.

Psychiatric Medications Kill More Americans than Heroin

And these figures, do not take into consideration, the lives stolen , nor the suicides that resulted from such medication.

Brian, whose son had a successful career and family, and no history of depression, or mental illness, was prescribed citalopram to help work related stress, and six days later took his own life.

The coroner agreed with Brian, that the drug might be to blame, rejecting a suicide verdict, naming citalopram, as a possible cause in his narrative verdict.

Brian’s website documents reports of inquests and criminal courts in Britain, since 2003, link 3,500 suicides, and homicides with antidepressants and anti psychotics.

Welcome to AntiDepAware

These suicides are usually violent – jumping under trains, hanging, shooting, stabbing, often taking others with them, rarely leaving a note .

Unlike Jack Nicholson’s fate, in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,’ medication can, and does, worsen behaviour, so that sectioning can, and, is justified, and allows institutionalisation for life.

These institutions are now run for private profit, resulting in ever more medication, and the inevitable creation of serious psychosis .

In the seventies, Jack Nicholson, was not made insane, and, eventually, walked free, now, he would be made psychotic, a captive pharma cash cow, and a £4,000+ per week statistic for private profit.

In her book, ‘The Pill That steals Lives’, Katinka Blackford Newman, describes her own decent into madness and incarceration, after being medicated with the antidepressants escitalopram- brand name Lexapro or Cipralex- and mirtazapine.

Her own GP, had refused to medicate her for depression, during her stressful divorce ,but she had, unfortunately, then spent a few hundred pounds on a 20 minute private psychiatric consultant ,who diagnosed depression, and gave her a private prescription.

Katinka went into a four day toxic delirium, thought she had killed her children, lacerated her arm with a kitchen knife, but remembered nothing about that incident.

Having private insurance, she admitted herself to one of the most expensive hospitals in the country, at £6,000 per week, and was fine, after her insistence, she be taken off escitalopram, but then failed to convince the psychiatrists, that this drug alone, had been her problem, and was diagnosed as a ‘psychotic depressive’, a rare naturally occuring condition, and medicated  with a cocktail of ever more anti psychotics, antidepressants, and sleeping pills.

Within three months, she needed 24 hour care and was unable to wash herself.

Luckily, her medical insurance ran out, and, on the day she had planned to commit suicide, she instead, went to St Charles NHS hospital and got herself sectioned.

As the hospital was publically funded , they removed her from all, bar one of her drugs, and within weeks she was normal again.

As the government, is now phasing out public NHS mental admissions, those affected like Katinka, as profitable commodities, will be incarcerated for life in private hospitals like St Andrews, Northampton, and community living ATUs.

Fluoxetine/Prozac, is the only antidepressant recommended for teenagers and children by NICE.

It was given to Thomas Rawnsley, and my daughter twice, producing in both, an hypnotic trance like state resulting in violent behaviour, which could not be remembered afterwards by Thomas and contributed to his sectioning.

In 1990, a report by two Harvard psychiatrists, entitled,

’ The Emergence of Intense Suicidal Preoccupation during Fluoxetine treatment’ stated;

‘We were especially surprised to witness the emergence of intense, obsessive and violent suicidal thoughts in these patients. Two patients fantasised for the first time about killing themselves with a gun and one actually placed a loaded gun to her head. One patient needed to be physically restrained to prevent self- mutilation’.

And see here, a study on the violence and agitation caused by Zoloft from the Prozac family of anti antidepressants.

The Lilly Suicides

Katinka found many similar stories to her own, and like her ,many had stopped taking the drugs and regained their sanity.

These toxic reactions accord with the neurological affect of serotonin and dopamine super sensitivity already blogged.



But those on enforced medication, unlike Katinka, cannot stop taking the drugs.

And, their deterioration, and even death, is always blamed on their ‘disorder’.

For them there is no escape.


  1. Finola I sent Mark Neary a reply to his latest blog “Martin’s story” Could I ask you too topublish this far and wide


  2. Martin’s story.

    Born 1976. Diagnosed Lennox Gastaut epilepsy 1978.

    Court of Protection October 2007.

    Declared to lack capacity in all areas.

    Illegally, as decisions of which a person is declared incapable, under the Mental Capacity Act, must be time and subject specific.

    Martin is an intelligent, articulate man, who merely suffers from an intermittent neurological disorder, that is controlled by medication.

    He does not have a mental disorder, under the Mental Health Act.

    In 2008 the Court of Protect issued a Court Order to move Martin to a residential care home in Wales.

    From then on Martin was deprived of his liberty, without authorisation, until 2014, when standard authorisation DOLs, was put in place,and renewed yearly, since then.

    Both the RPR, appointed by the state under the MCA, and the LA refuse categorically to allow him to appeal his DOLs.

    In 2014, the DWP and the LA over ruled his mother Shirley’s Enduring Power of Attorney.

    The LA is now his appointee.

    In 2015, the LA decided, he was no longer eligible for continuing health care, and will not accept my appeal.

    Martin has always had capacity, although it fluctuates, due to his neurological disorder.

    As can anyones with such biological disorders, ie migraines,seizures,asthma, chronic pain conditions.

    Are they all, to be all encaged for life, for profit, with every decision made for them,-who they see, where they go, what they are medicated with, where they live under 24/7 survellience by a commercially aware monopoly, chosen by state care provider ?
    And, who is doing anything about this, 800 years after the Magna Carta provided that no citizen should be deprived of his liberty without proper trial by his peers ?


  3. Dear Shirley,

    As you can see, I added to your comment above, hope that’s OK.

    Will put this, in comment part of other relevant posts..

    I can, if you want, expand on your comment in a separate blog post, with more detail, ie the amount of private money spent on his care etc, let me know if you want me to do this.

    Best Wishes,

    Hope you and Martin are as well as you can be under the circumstances.



  4. What you write above is fine, put it out anywhere you think fit. Would the Law Society journal accept it. For the time being I want to keep costs separate – I am waiting for replies from Surrey Chiltern and Ocean Community Services. see e mail to Claire Reid


    1. Thanks Shirley.

      It has to be an all law, useful for practice and technical piece for NLJ, SJ, and don’t know how you get to write in Law Society Gazette, but that appears pretty on message.

      Understand costs bit, and obviously anything I write you must approve of first, and amend as you feel fit.

      Best Wishes


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