The Hell of Residential ‘Care’.What it feels like, and the shocking physical toll.


So what does it feel like, to be Thomas Rawnsley, or any one, of the hundreds of thousands on state enforced polypharmacy?

This is their ‘community living’, their independence, their future, their life, until death.

Their ‘care’, costing the public purse on average £6,000+ per week.

Without, the huge pharma bill.

As described by Thomas’ mother Pauline, in her, now removed, Facebook page, written, before Thomas died at 20, after just 2 years, in his MCA state enforced hell .

Imagine YOU are trapped in a unit or a home which is locked, you have no choice over when or what you eat, when or if you go out, what you wear, when you go to bed, when you watch TV, what you do minute to minute is dictated by people you have not chosen to ‘look after you’.

Your family are only allowed to visit occasionally.

Staff are present when you have family time.

You spend hours upon hours unmotivated and not stimulated. You are ignored and neglected.

The moment you try and get attention you are considered to be ‘acting out’’.

Consider the sheer willpower Thomas needed to ‘act out’.

Thomas, is receiving ever higher doses of anti psychotics, and, has been, for at least 6 years.

They block his dopamine, making it a Herculean feat just to raise mental, let alone, physical opposition.

His body feels like lead, it takes a huge effort just to walk, or eat, yet, his spirit is strong, and still resists. And his reward ?

A trip to Lifeways/Cambian specialist hospital, their own private ATU, for even more drugging ‘treatment’.

The dopamine block, has removed any remote feelings of comfort, reward, and motivation, he tries to cling to, in his terrifying isolation.

He feels disengaged from events around him, demotivated, restless, anxious, and irritated, but, can hardly move.

He is trapped, in beyond mental anguish inside his own body.

This is how hundreds of thousands feel, today, and every day for the rest of their, some might say, thankfully, short lives.

Now, add on the effect of high dosage anti depressants .

That cause desensitivity to seronin, removing, any possible feelings of happiness, wellbeing, or, hope.

Chronic, impotent, black depression, and aggression, worsening over time.

And the sedative effect of these drugs decease overtime, justifying, ever higher doses, increasing side effects, both physical and mental.

Producing perfect pharma cash cows.

Yet, this study in 2009, shows that the effect of antipsychotics on the learning disabled is little over the placebo.;jsessionid=3786449C0521C42450E500ECF7A37EBA.f03t03

The constant increased doses of serotonin, cause many physical side effects, as the function of serotonin, is largely unknown.

One is Osteopenia, as serotonin lowers mineral density in bones, and causes osteoporosis .

6% develop movement disorder- painful cramps and ticks, continual involuntary movements of mouth and tongue, often leading to Parkinsons; 10% anti cholinergic effects; 5% sedation; and 5% will develop weight from antipsychotics.

Together with chest infections, bouts of pneumonia and weakening of the heart.

And, these conditions, worsen over time, exacerbated by ever higher drug doses.

The result- a drooling, mouth clicking, tongue and head rolling, pain racked body, spotlessly groomed, strapped into a wheelchair.

But, the most needed drug,  will not be administered, by their itinerant, prescribed, tick boxed ‘care’- pain relief.

The system does not factor in, pain.

How could pain be picked up on, or, distinguished from  behavioural/mental angst ?

And it is not looked for

As,  physical problems- impactions, cystitis, appendicitis, tooth/ head/ear ache, cancer, Parkinson’s, osteoporosis, will not even be picked up, let alone  treated.

How could they be ?

Our NHS facilities, can’t cope with normal patients, let alone, non compliant, DOLs/safeguarded ones.

And, they are far too costly, though £4,000 + a week, is spent and mainly profit, on their pharma containment.

Even NHS scans  to detect faecal impactions are no longer available at 18.

Is it any wonder, 3 have already died today, and will tomorrow.

Of ‘natural causes’, signed off mainly, by private profit ‘specialist doctors’.






  1. It makes we weep every time I read about Thomas’s awful suffering under the care of so called professional psychiatric clinicians.

    He was unable to complain about his care and unable to tell them how the drugs were making him feel. Shocking in this day and age.

    Looking at other peoples experiences of these AED’s and antipsychotics in the press and on internet forums, I read how numb they can make some people feel, how restless and tired, angry and aggressive. These people can articulate how they feel. They can refuse their treatment. They have choices. Not so people like Thomas.

    Psychiatrists who prescribe medication in these ATU’s/mental health hospitals to people with learning difficulties without monitoring the harm that these drugs are doing have a lot to answer for.

    The people who are incarcerated in these institutions need stimulation not medication. Winterbourne View was full of bored people. Patients and staff alike. Nobody with the skills or the will to motivate the patients to do anything. Meanwhile in the background Castlebeck the company that owned it raked in the readies. Castlebecks website at the time described Winterbourne View as almost like staying at the Ritz!


    1. Worse still, millions were made by Castlebeck, and then, when Winterbourne, exposed, I think deliberately, they sold out, and, owners got windfalls.

      This, is all about making, as much money, as possible out of as many, that can be harvested, as possible.

      How obscene, and ridiculous, that if you are labelled young, as having learning difficulties, the reasons are not investigated, instead of extra help, the school gets more and more money, and to gain it you must be kept as learning disabled, so you are written off, your life is controlled, you are bored, particularly, as likely you have no actual innate intellectual defect, just are a late developer or in a poor school, so your behaviour becomes worse, you are medicated, which sedates, but does not help behaviour, and then at 18, under MCA you are encaged for life as a pharma and care cash cow- easy money .

      Successive governments have conspired to create these commodities, and done the same with the autistic, they know they are a gold mine – money claimed under the hronically sick and disabled act 70.

      Problem is how to stop them ? As things are getting much worse.

      The horror of Winterbourne, was exposed and used to move all out of public ATUs to effectively private ones with residential settings like were Thomas died.

      Yet Winterbourne was privately owned just the sort of place they are moving all to from the public ATUs.

      We only know about Thomas, because a local paper, detailed his first abuse as carer prosecuted, and Paula has fought so hard, despite being gagged by the COP.

      There are many, and will be many more, similar stories untold.

      Thank you for your comment, it is very much appreciated.

      This is an industry, with huge PR, government backing and huge funding, it is boosting and maintaining our economy on paper, but actually bankrupting the country by the huge deficit needed to create such public funds, and, all individuals working, in it, are forced, to collaborate, and it is for profit, and as you say PR, so we cannot glean anything about what is going on, and, in any event ,as Paula has shown , parents, nor service consumer, can do anything about.

      Paula was screaming for weeks, that they would kill her son and was then gagged as per earlier post.

      All very, very depressing……………………….

      Best Wishes,


  2. Walton Hall school for disabled children was taking our children from the school without our knowledge or consent to Drake Hall prison for PE lessons. The excuse was, after they were rumbled, that the equipment was better at the prison than at the school!!!!! But it was rubbish anyway, as the children weren’t even using equipment that they didn’t already have at the school, benches and balls. They were doing this for two years before I found out.I’ve been told by Stafford Police child protection services that no crime was committed!!!! I’ve been illegally sectioned three times since then.

    I think the real reason children are being inappropriately drugged in institutions is far more serious. Drugged up children can’t communicate easily. I know there’s a massive problem with institutional child abuse here in Staffordshire.Disabled children are definitely being systematically targeted by paedophiles.


    1. Thanks Zoompad.

      The problem is, that we as parents nor the public know what is happening within residential schools that can cost over £200,000 per annum of public money and enforced by the care courts or threat on care proceedings resulting in forced s20 consent.

      And then when these children are 18, though it starts at 17, they are in transition and removed to just as expensive residential care via if necessary the Court of Protection.

      So all deemed to have either ‘behavioural’, now deemed mental disorders- 375 and increasing to choose from, are controlled by drugs in institutions for life with parents cut out, as they have no rights at all at 18, before 18 any parental responsibility could in any event, be removed by care order.

      Increasingly, more children are being made care, education and pharma cashcows for life and venture capital have moved in, as this is guaranteed easy profit for life.

      Until parents/family/commodities are given enforceable rights, this will not change and the state, via private for profit unaccountable agents can do what they like with these people.

      It is beyond believe that we could allow this to happen.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Best Wishes Finola


    1. We just need contractual accountability for their care and treatment. Any commissioner would have to be part of establishment that is doing all this to be appointed. System needs changing.


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