Former manager of Eli Lilly, Blows Whistle

Congress-Compromises-ChildrenOne of the main treatments for autism/learning disabled behavioural problems is fluoxetine/Prozac.

Here is a  interview, exposing the lengths  a manager went to, to promote this drug, and, others.

Side effect: death – A former pharmaceutical manager unpacks – pharmaceutical industry invents diseases to existing products

Dr. John Virapen, is former manager of Eli Lilly, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

He has written a book entitled:

Side effect death: corruption in the pharmaceutical industry“.

The book is a best seller and has been translated into 18 languages.

The journalist and filmmaker Anne Blumenthal interviewed  Dr. John Virapen about his time in the pharmaceutical industry.

You worked for many years in senior positions in the pharmaceutical industry, and then wrote a book about its criminal activities. Why the change of heart?

The insight came when my son at the age of six months should be vaccinated. My wife had been with him at the hospital.

My wife refused vaccination, then the attending physician has thrown them out of the hospital and meant that they treat only vaccinated children.

I then researched, and found out, that this doctor was sitting together with pharmaceutical representatives and politicians, in a committee that advocated mandatory vaccinations.

Then I began to think, and my whole career was always more into itself. I had to ask myself .

What I’ve done. I was part of this whole criminal system which is now called Medicine, is one and only one thing, business, which has nothing to do with humanity, and the Hippocratic Oath.

And this kind of business is like a disease, that has infected from the US, all other countries in the world.

They abuse women, children and poor people as guinea pigs, for one and only one purpose: profit.

Many thousands of people die every day from the side effects of drugs.

Give us examples of the criminal activities of the pharmaceutical industry.

The profit of the pharmaceutical industry is built on lies.

If dangerous side effects are found with drugs, then they are covered up.

Using the example of Prozac, which is marketed in Germany under the name Fluctin®,

I can show the criminal procedure:

First, there is an active ingredient that is in the case of Prozac, fluoxetine.

In the study of fluoxetine, it was found that the people tested partially lost weight. That was a very interesting effect.

However, to obtain an authorization for a weight reducing agent, is very difficult and costly, so we aspired to, Prozac’s first permit, as an antidepressant, and later extend the authorization.

Fluoxetine,  affects the serotonin balance in the brain and should lead to a balanced mental state.

While the drug is submitted for approval, the PR machine begins to run: It creates need.

For Prozac® in favour of children, there were ads appearing in educational magazines, that promised that Eli Lilly, is researching a drug that allows children with ADHD to have a regular daily routine, and realize their full potential.

Previously, already had been marketed over the years, with the concept of  the disease ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder), to be known in schools and kindergartens, and to  have become as common as a cold.

Restless children, were made into patients, and potential customers.

As a result, a need was created, which set the licensing authority under pressure;  and more and more patients and doctors asked about this medication.

To gain admission for fluoxetine, however, appeared hopeless, since leading psychiatrist in Sweden, where I showed the data of the clinical trials, all of them showed the thumbs down.

I got a lot of pressure. My company wanted a Blockbuster, and, now the whole thing had failed  from the start.

The clinical trials, which we had submitted for approval, were assessed on behalf of the Administration by an independent expert.

This expert, I invited to a dinner party, I researched his hobbies and preferences.

I made him an offer, and he struck. The approval was thus set in stone.

I had bought an independent expert, my company received its approval, and, Prozac became the first pharmaceutical blockbuster, that is, it is implemented at least one billion US dollars so annually worldwide.

In the package inserts of Prozac, is as a side effect:

“Aggressive behaviour, abnormal thinking, suicidal ideation and suicide.”

Psychiatrist David Healy, who had  patients prescribed Prozac, before one of them in a gruesome massacre killed his wife and himself, was critical, and he began to investigate.

He came to the conclusion, that world a quarter million people who were on Prozac tried to commit suicide, 25,000 of them successfully. And this drug is still sold millions of copies.

Another example: the beginning of 2009, I gave a speech in Belgium.

The Belgian health minister was present. I photographed secretly the documents that he had it, because I cannot speak French.

I figured after that: These were documents relating to price negotiations with Glaxo Smith Wellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline) with respect to Tamiflu.

A few months later, the swine flu was announced, against which one had the vaccine approved in the bag.

So: the pharmaceutical industry invents diseases to existing products, similar expires in HIV / AIDS, but that you have indeed shown themselves forcefully in your movie “I will not go quietly.”.

How could you work for 35 years for those companies, without that their guilty conscience has excited? 

To be honest, I enjoyed the privilege of staying in five-star hotels, eat at the best restaurants, the good wine and women. As a colour I had not much choice and had at all times be as good as my white counterparts.

Do you feel guilty? What do you do against your guilty conscience? 

Believe me: I have many sleepless nights. Then came because this reputation that I received: “Fang to tell your story.” And when I started, I myself rehabilitated  piece by piece.

Why are not more people? 

It’s still so that doctors are quasi gods, which is blindly trusted. The whole system is structured such that we believe the experts unconditionally.

What can be done? 

We must begin to question and stop taking drugs the doctors, we do not need. There is not a single chemical drug that is sold by the pharmaceutical industry, whose benefits exceed its damage.

And what do you do when you are sick? 

What does it mean actually to be sick? When told you, you are HIV positive and will eventually get AIDS, you are then ill?

Treated us, with things and substances that Mother Nature would.

Whoever is our Creator, he has created something, that is so complex that the human mind will never be able to see through these secrets perfectly.











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