Autism Bewareness- UK’s 32 billion a year Cashcows.


At 27/0 21 continues to harvest and label/ predict autism for profit reAD hERE

This is autism awareness week and the joys of an autism diagnosis are proclaimed with a study of 750,000 people that shows a tenth of the UK might be autistic.

A new Channel 4 documentary asks, ‘Are You Autistic?’: we speak to two of its stars

This Illustrates  autism is definitely not a mental disorder,

but a difference of behaviour, thinking and sensitivity, and was merely a ‘neurological condition’

until Parliament made it a mental disorder by placing it in the MHA ten years ago to facilitate the sectioning and detainment of autistics in mental hospitals. .

If one in ten of the UK have autistic traits , all this shows is that autism is an intrinsic part of a person’s personality and way of viewing the world which can’t be treated and has to be lived with and accepted but can lead to exceptional talents.

But why is our establishment hell bent on diagnosing people leading normal lives and insisting, even with the genetic masking nature of an X chromosome, girls are being under diagnosed ?

Because Autism is the UK’s biggest Cashcow eating 32 billion a year of public money and a growth industry.

So who does this industry serve and what has been achieved for the autistic by lavishing nearly a third of the total NHS budget on them ?

10 years on from the Autism Act and billions spent, autistics and their families have less than nothing, no rights and no lives.

There is no support for their parents after 18, no schools after 16, no extra time with a GP, no adjustments in hospitals, no equipment in the family homes, no respite, no holidays, few day centres, no support in a crisis other than removal to a mental hospital for years and few professionals trained in autism.

Many autistic die before they reach 40, most are medicated, few live with their family, most are unemployed, most will never be allowed to parent, and few gain any decent educational qualifications, and few are even allowed to make their own decisions.

As I write, over 3,000 and increasing are holed up in mental hospitals miles from family for decades drugged to a stupor, suffering horrific physical and mental side effects.

As an autistic can earn up to £13,000 a week for venture capital owned private hospitals, so there is no incentive to end their ‘treatment’ and more hospitals are being built with NHS money to cash in on this bonanza, and public NHS are no longer allowed to admit ASD/LD.

The same companies UHS/Acadia that own the hospitals also own the ‘community living’ units the autistic are eventually discharged to and they can then and often are being MHA sectioned back to these UHS hospitals, so a dangerous conflict of interests exists, particularly as services are run for maximum profit.

Experts are giving evidence in the Court of Protection that autistics can only exist in the present so can’t foresee future risk and therefore automatically fail the MCA capacity test allowing the State removal of their every decision at 18.

Reducing them to a 24/7 institutionally guarded life, torn from family and friends, forcefully medicated, strapped in wheelchairs doomed to years of isolation and physical, emotional and psychological torture to provide the perfect commodities for maximum profit.

The Coalition Government announced a national investment in 2014/15 of £4.5million to deliver the objectives set out in their Autism strategy

Click to access CBP-7172_Redacted.pdf

But this strategy with its introduction of Education Health and Care Plans under the Children and Families Act 2014, and £ 433 million payment to implement the safeguarding provisions of the Care Act 2014 made matters worse.

Earlier intervention saw ever younger children written off as’ autistic’ medicated, excluded and taught in residential schools paid an average £200,000 per year per pupil and increasingly bought up by the same corporate monopolies- like USA Acadia and UHS, who owned the CAMHS and AMHS provision and mental hospitals, providing a very lucrative pathway ‘care’ from cradle to grave.

These autistic were not taught to traditional GCSE exams but to P- scales , regardless of their actual IQ as their intelligence was judged by their adeptive skills, learning difference and communication problems.

EHC statements included social care allowing autistic families to be monitored by social services making it easy to remove their autistic children to residential schools and enforce medication under care orders.

Here are the facts of a case that went to the LG Ombudsman where SWs removed a special needs child from school to foster carers without informing child or family

Fostering,, is now a multimillion pound private industry and from this case it appears foster carers are not even being monitored and children  put at grave risk in care.

Social Workers Are Still Visiting Schools In Secret – It’s Time To Stop It.

Further The Care Act imposed a duty on LAs to provide Carers and Family Assessments, but not to provide any support, which they do not do after 18, and these assessments can be used as evidence of safeguarding issues in the home to enable court orders to remove to institutions


Here is the sad story of how nearly two million spent on education, CAMHS, Courts, lawyers, CAFCASS, Care agencies. Social Services destroyed my autistic daughter and it is the story of many whose lives are destroyed by the greed of so many working for a system that cynically uses the autistic as a vehicle to transfer public money to private profit.

And let’s not forget autistic and Downs Syndrome Thomas Rawnsley, whose death and suffering in enforced institutional corporate care ordered by a court in his ‘best interests’, still remains unexplained and unseen.


  1. Reblogged this on | truthaholics and commented:
    “This Illustrates autism is definitely not a mental disorder but a difference of behaviour, thinking and sensitivity, and was merely a ‘neurological condition’ until Parliament made it a mental disorder by placing it in the MHA ten years ago to facilitate the sectioning and detainment of autistics in mental hospitals. .

    If one in ten of the UK have autistic traits all this shows is that autism is an intrinsic part of a person’s personality and way of viewing the world which can’t be treated and has to be lived with and accepted but can lead to exceptional talents.

    But why is our establishment hell bent on diagnosing people leading normal lives and insisting, even with the genetic masking nature of an X chromosome, girls are being under diagnosed ?

    Because Autism is the UK’s biggest Cashcow eating 32 billion a year of public money and a growth industry.”


  2. Finola could you clarify what you mean by no education after 16? There is post 16 offered in SEN schools although of limited quality and very few options. Would also query the P Scales? Can you explain this as GCEs are offered in SEN schools albeit with little support, few options and often unqualified teachers. Having had the misfortune to work in a SEN environment for a private provider, I have found that there is a constant pressure by parents, management, carers and students themselves to downplay the importance of education and have had students actively derailed when trying to put them up for qualifications. It shocked me that there was such low expectations of a group of people who are well suited to educational achievement at all levels.

    Also would it be a good idea to get a campaign going? Maybe a template letter for sending to MP?

    Please feel free to email if you think it would be a good idea to set up.


    1. Factal View I didn’t say no education but ‘no schools’ after 16, as I go from my daughter’s own experience. Had she stayed in her NAS residential it would have been funded to 18, but when she refused to go back we could not send her to the local day schools, as they would not fund and were pushed into two totally unsatisfactory education packages consisting of an educational worker one was actually a teaching assistant and another just a PA and an existing Care Worker from her existing agency. see here for details

      Issy was never actually assessed for her £177,000 residential NAS placement only enforced because of her behaviour, which was due to a severe poo impaction and one of her carers who had worked in her NAS school said her autism was insufficiently severe in comparison to the others to be placed there. Such is the scandal of throwing huge amounts of money at inadequate/inappropriate placements.

      I agree that special needs children, particularly the autistic, are being written off and their education is in fact abusive Anecdotally,

      I have meet several parents who have autistic children with a sibling at Oxford University doing physics, maths and one engineering and don’t think this is a coincidence. Many learning disabled as you see in my blog post will link later are not, as it is now called ‘intellectually disabled’ but merely have a learning difference ie slow developers, different ways of learning and need different teaching technics but instead are written off and then the boredom causes behavioural problems.

      I am so glad you provide further evidence of this from your experiences. There is much more profit in writing off and just providing care assistants/teaching ones, as appeared to be happening in my daughter’s NAS school, than teaching to GCSE level which would involve far more skill and training but the rewards could be huge.. The attitude to the autistic no matter what their intelligence was shown by her NHS assessors who told me, despite my daughter not having general learning disabilities, she would be unlikely to get any GCSEs, so her fate was sealed at 5.

      Those labelled also help increase the money universities get and I’ve noticed particularly the new ones ( old polyies ) have a high proportion of disabled students.. It is a very sad indictment on our education system that the more money spent the worse the outcomes, and if you have read the book ‘Bring in the Idiots’ these children would be better served not being labelled and taught in Private Schools with no SEN provision.

      As for a campaign, who would not want to do something about this terrible scandal and waste of lives and money ?? But both Labour – they introduced P scales, and Conservative appear both behind this ‘make as much profit as possible’ from education agenda. We can put hope a new politics emerges as soon as possible before anymore lives and money is wasted and there is an appreciation of the difference between Learning Difference and Disability and money well spent on teaching the former, so they can reach their true potential some like their siblings in Oxford.

      Please EMAIL Me on and do what you can to spread your very importtant word. . j


  3. Thank you for the additional information. I will email you but just have to say how horrified I am that your daughter was written off at 5 years of age. It’s incredible that they could make such a judgement at such a young age with all the potential of a young life still ahead.

    From reading this blog and having worked for an abusive private provider of autistic services I would have to draw a correlation between premature death, low employment rates and poor quality of life with early provision: how these children are treated at a young age I feel is a determiner for the rest of their lives. That the education (and inclusion in a social environment) that so many parents take for granted for their children is just not there for autistic people is shocking and a scandal. And such a loss.


    1. And most of all deliberate as the autistic can then be made the maximum Cash cows. Providing maximum profit to schools, residential care , pharma and employers,


  4. Thank you for this writing, extremely interesting and, of course, disturbing. I was a special needs teacher most of my teaching career and for the last 17 years at an independent residential school for young people with ASD. I have written some blogs about my experience on and reading what you have experienced and written gives me a parental/student perspective. The company who exploited the school I worked at is cambian and they are just in it for the money. The care, education, therapy and further placement systems are all inadequate for young people with ASD.
    I was so saddened to recently hear about a young man who was in my class for a few years has been sectioned within a few weeks of leaving the school highlighting the probable inadequacy of his placement and the education and care he received at my x-institution.
    Somethings got to change. Duncan.


    1. Thank you for this and am so glad you got in touch via blog. Such information confirmation from someone like yourself who has actual experience of what is happening is invaluable.I hope many will go into link and read your posts. It is clear with assessments in schools ever younger and it appears LAs want to rid themselves of SEND now ECH responsibilities the speicial needs childen will be harvested ever more and ever younger for private like Cambian profit. The government appearing to create the commodity source and willing to pay public money for private profit with no check on outcomes. A devastating future for these children and society unless there is a complete change of poltical direction.
      Please email me if you think of anything that can be done or blogged and thank you so much for your comments they have spurred me on and cheered me up.
      Best Wishes Finola


  5. Reblogged this on finolamoss and commented:

    As we reach the end of our enforced themed weeks, this one autism awareness, here is why the huge money from public guaranteed by a label of autism

    Awareness, is harvesting for private profit, easy targets, guaranteed secure increasing income

    AS 16 a day die, education does not exist and all decisions are removed from them and their parents at 18 under MCA without even a court.

    Pharma and care cashcows even now in Tavistock NHS 37% transgender

    they are our most vulnerable and therefore are most profitable

    As what is autism ? Whatever we say it is – Cheshire Cat


  6. I do appreciate all your profound thoughts on Autism and I feel for your loved ones and the ever-loving Families who have been cruelly cut off via abuse of powers lies and bureaucracy from their loved one’s lives forever. I am one too.

    For many painful years, I have been unfairly treated with hate and scorn for being a dedicated caring father for my LD/Autistic son with no abuse nor neglect involved but, he was cruelly removed to gain “Autonomy” but, it all failed and I can’t even get a fair Hearing as my son has become Obese, a Thief and cruelly locked up under DOLS with No Family Contact whilst, covertly stating “P has full capacity”.

    It is nothing but, to hide and protect the first Judge, the OS and the LA’s wrongdoings and abuse of powers. This new Judge now joins in on ‘the campaign of hatred’ too.

    I can’t get an Order made on my son’s current Capacity and that evidence “must” derive from an Independent Psychiatrist and not any NHS assessors because, it is clear that the NHS assessors {as in 2013} wrote a completely false, invalid and deeply flawed assessment {P has full capacity} but, once arrested in 2020 {again for the same offense}, the NHS’s assessor confirms that P lacks to decide residence and care {DOLS secretly applied for and got it} and that casts serious doubts on Contact too.

    How can someone with Full Capacity be subjected to DOLS? Who is lying here?

    Can you all see how unjust, inhumane, and draconian the Family Court System is while, we have a Care Act, ECHR, and the UNCRPD guidelines for them to follow but, they simply have ways to ignore them. They rely on unworkable MCA 2005 because they have ways to bend that too to suit their devious “Cash Gaining Ways”.


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