Autism Epidemic the betrayal of the ‘different’ for profit.


What is autism?

The truth is startling.

No one has a clue.

There is no pathology, no gene, no biomarkers and little understanding .

It is an intrinsic part of an individual’s personality.

And as such, many maintain is not an ‘impairment of mind’, under the Mental Capacity Act.

And, it was not until recently  a mental disorder under the Mental Health Act.

It is a spectrum, we are all on.

Like quantum mechanics, it does not exist, until observed and labelled.

Only 70 years ago, it was merely a Greek word, meaning, ‘absorbed in self’.

Associated with loners, high intelligence, gifts, cold mothers, and, the children of academics.

Newton, Mozart and Einstein, who at 7, constantly repeated certain phrases, all showed autistic traits.

On reading Plato’s description of Socrates, he could well have been autistic.

A study by University of Sterling this year shows it is associated with creativity

Yet a ‘lack of imagination’ is one of its main diagnosis criteria.

Read this lady’s account of the genius of her autistic  son.

Scientists have urged it should not be treated as a disability but a different way of thinking with advantages

Here a mute autistic writes how wrong the experts are about him.

But today in the western world autistics are made the biggest cash cows .

an educate,

They cost the UK more than cancer,or heart disease.

Yet a recent study shows, they are 2.5 more likely to die prematurely in comparison to the rest of the population.

Why, as autism is not a physical illness ?

Is it because the autistic are huge pharma cash cows, earning billions for the autism and pharma industries, yet  receive little or no proper medical treatment.

And as a lucrative commodity the  number of autistic in the UK has increased ten fold, in the last 15 years, and 50% in the last 5 years.

In the US, study shows, it will cost one trillon billion dollars by 2025

Surveys increase the epidemic.


So there is an awful lot of money to be made out of autism.

It is likely, some disorders diagnosed as ‘autism’ is not but reaction/effect of vaccines- compulsory in USA, put under autism’s vague umbrella.

View at

Autistics are now assessed,  as intellectually disabled, based unfairly/discriminatory on adeptive skills alone, irrespective of IQ.

And then  taught, medicated, and treated, as if mentally retarded.

This  allows inappropriate ‘special needs’ non- education, drug administration.

And, worse still, autistics being assessed, at 18, as being ‘incapable’ of  the most basic decisions, as to who they have a relationship with or where they live.

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 is being  illegally enforced, allowing the state to declare the autistic,  incapable of making any future or past decision.

Yet, educationally, autism, is a conditioning disability, not a learning one.

Autistics are not intellectually disabled.

Autistic children’s  IQs, have been shown, in recent research by Swansea University, to be underestimated, as IQ tests are designed for non autistic children.

They merely have a different perception of reality, and therefore think, and  learn differently.

Autism, is explained and defined, as a difficulty with social imagination, communication, and interaction.

A  vague, expansive, meaningless definition.

What is social imagination ?

Autistics, once labelled, are perfunctorily and simplistically stereo typed, with little regard to the individual.

All like routine, all have sensory problems, all do not look you in the eyes, all hate transitions, all do not understand others emotions, and, the most damning  judgement, all are insentient, under the Mental Capacity Act.

And all this is wrong and discriminatory.

The different, are penalised, because they do not behave socially, learn or communicate as they should.

This, and, ever more blunted psychological diagnostic tools, make it, far too easy to label, a person, who merely, has an unknown, educational, communicational, and social ‘difference’ from the norm.

The diagnosis based on adeptive skills and misdiagnosed intellectual disability.

With such a cash cow, is it any wonder, more autistics are sought.

By awareness campaigns, in their best interests.

The latest is, to harvest autistic girls, on the basis, too few are being diagnosed.

Yet, the proportion of autistic girls, accords with the biology that the X chromosome masks the disorder in a female.

Who is merely a carrier of the ‘autism’ gene.

And a female will need both her X chromosomes to be affected, so an affected X from each parent, to manifest autism.

So is 50% less likely than a male to be autistic.

Mandatory  Universal Autism Screening has been called for.

The ‘at risk’ who might not be autistic are sought, and research into genetic causes and biological processes paid for presumably to market drugs and vaccines but specific genes cannot be found.

It can now supposedly be detected in babies and now before symptoms appear.

An autism label has already proved devastating for over a million in the UK.

Who with America, form an epidemic in the western world, but not   in the East, and, autism, is virtually non-existent in the third world.

The, ‘in the know’, late developing eccentrics, with private means, can avoid detection, and labelling, research proper education, and, like the characters in the New York specialist school in the book, ‘Bring in the idiots’, become high flyers, in literature, and technology.

But not, the ever increasing majority, destined, to be cash cows, for the burgeoning autism industry.

Which spans charities, pharmaceutical, educational special needs, NHS, social care, and independent living.

74% are on anti-psychotic drugs, and, imprisoned for life in NHS ‘treatment’ centres, or ‘independent’ away from family living.

Autism is a social conduct development ‘disorder’ at most, and was not within the Mental Health Act until  recently.

It is not a mental illness.

But recent campaigns that autistics’ mental health was being neglected, enabled, autistic conduct to be perfunctorily diagnosed as separate mental disorders.

Even normal reactions of autistics to crowds, noise, muti stimuli has  now been labelled a separate disorder of Pathological Demand Disorder and Petitions supported by NAS have had it recognised in Scottish Parliament.

How can a mere facet of autism be recognised as a separate disorder, when this should have been appreciated as part of ASD and educated, treated cared for already ?

It serves to surreptitiously widens the net of cash cows by more diagnosis and will not improve care.

ASD has only be placed in the MHA fairly recently and is not a mental but a conduct disorder.

Continually government money is spent to show autistic are mental, the latest Cambridge and Coventry University report on their greater risk of suicide and depression January 2017.

This is the worst form of discrimination and misrepresentation of the autistic and allows autism to be a mental disorder and other mental disorders to be added.

Each requiring profitable medication- OCD, psychosis, anxiety, depression, self-harm, OD, ADHD, and increasing the amount that can be claimed for their care.

So they really are a useful, lucrative feed to the mental health industry and pharma.

How did this all happen? Is no one fighting for the autistic ?

In 2007, the National Autistic Society was the 8th largest charity in the UK, rich with government funding, and, 177,000 per annum residential school placements.

But,  was, strangely, precluded by its trust deed, from researching into the causes of autism.

Its campaign for autism rights, embodied in the Autism Act 2009.

Resulted in worthless, Local Authority Guidelines.

Which need expensive, complex, costs risky judicial reviews, by individuals to enforce.

To date I know of none.

So Local Authorities can ignore the Act.

As shown LA’s adult services policy of non-provision of specialist care.

But, the LA, commission, and the NHS pay, independent living providers, like the National Autistic Society, Autism Care UK, on the ‘severity’ of the individual’s disability.

Using the money available for disabled, and  family support, under the Chronically Sick and Disabled Act1970.

But now neither are given an option except private enforced secret care.

The autism industry, and venture capital, profit from creating ‘difference’.

The autistics have lost their lives, and, we have lost our visionaries, and eccentrics.

See here how a definition of autism allows  the state and care workers to decide all your decisions for life even when you are obviously capable and high functioning.

See fate of this 20 year old diagnosed  as autistic at 18, when Dimensions who own independent living support and the LA  got involved in her life. And an LA behavioural psychiatrist who decided she was MCA incapable of deciding, who she had relationships with and where she lived- terrifying stuff, happens nowhere else in the world.

Read here latest book dispelling the myths about Autism by Steve Sliberman, The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity

Despite or because of being made cash cows a study revealed they die prematurely

Dr Hirvikoski says that she was “shocked and horrified” at the results.

Her team found that the mean age of death of somebody with autism was 54 – compared with 70 for the general population. For people with autism and a learning disability, life expectancy was a mere 40 years.







  1. If you don’t follow the “norms” of society they’ll label you & make the world treat you differently without lifting a finger. But then again the question remains “Who is “they”?” & why are “they” doing this?

    To add, an IQ test is rated by your intelligence, but you only obtain intelligence if it’s in comparison to something else other than that you wouldn’t know if you’re actually intelligent or not, but the test is made by the norms of society as a whole meaning the entire country. Which is dumb! Because every inch of the U.S. is diverse.


  2. the autistic brain goes to places ours doesn,t. It makes connections that are unknown to us. It is criminal to put it under the Mental Health Act, as an excuse to section someone, the same applies to the MCA. Who is that vet in the USA who wrote about her autism?? I also think only personally) that it is connected with the endocrinal system. Refer to latest research.


  3. I’m unsure why you hold such a fervent belief that autism has no genetic cause. I personally believe it is epigenetic, in other words some people hold particular genes which are susceptible to environmental triggers. I have autism as do both my children and I know of 4 other families like me but there will be many more, because that figure is only within the limited social contact I make. There are plenty of families where parent(s) and child/ren have autism or there are other close relatives with it if the parents don’t have it. There have also been genes identified and if you Google you will find a lot of research studies naming the particular genes. Some environmental triggers include premature birth/oxygen starvation at birth and vaccinations. There is some information explaining the high heritability on the NAS website:

    Of course some forms of autism are syndromic for which they can narrow the genetic causes even further

    The CDH8 gene (16q21 microdeletions) is one

    There are lots more out there. Another thing is, ASC is strongly linked to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) which is also genetic, so there is clearly something going on with the genes.

    Brain scans also show brain differences in autistics from control subjects. and there are other brain differences identified too (amygdala etc.) I myself have had a qEEG brain scan which showed up the differences. Those differences are caused by something.

    If you look into methylation and mast cell disorder that is also related to both EDS and ASC, there are genes (or allelles of the SNPs within those genes) that are particularly known to be pathogenic or problematic for the conditions.


    1. I did not say, that autism is not genetic

      Let alone, hold a fervent belief that it is not.

      That would be nonsense per se, as everything, we are born with by necessity, unless due to birth/womb problems will inevitably, have to be genetic.

      My opinion is, that we may have different disorders, which are only deemed disorders, in any event, subjectively by use of a created norm, and these might, or might not, even be discrete disorders, and are then being put under, the all embracing ,largely now, meaningless label of ‘autism’.

      We have the problem, that because of the vagueness of the term, the one eyed expert is king, and research is funded by the state, and therefore, may not be wholly independent, and itself, insufficiently objective.

      Science must be objective, open, and any theory only valid until discredited by another..

      All we can be certain of, is that we have very little knowledge of how the brain/mind works, or indeed, even how reality is formed in it.

      If autistic have different brain scans, from a control group, that tells us nothing about autism, or, its cause.

      80 % of our DNA is known as junk, because at this time, we do not know what its purpose is for.

      From my experience, autistics are deeply intuitive, and may have different experiences/perceptions, in their brain on a quantum level, which we barely could comprehend how, let alone ‘cure’, if real autism should be cured

      Should Einstein, Mozart have been cured ?.

      What arrogance, if we label another, and think we are superior.

      Who decides normal behaviour ?, and what is it ?

      Is its society’s creation to control, and profit from ?

      We therefore must always keep a very open mind about everything to do with behaviour, and if, at all possible, not label a person .

      Once labelled everything that person does is judged, from a preconception, which is often not valid, and as individuals, they are lost.


  4. I’m looking for some free legal advice in a situation I am helping with, involving a mother with aspergers and her autistic son, who has been taken into care – and is not being treated well. I am hoping that I might be able to contact you, Finola… but anybody, anywhere who can offer pointers would be appreciated. Thank you.


    1. There will be a huge amount of desperate, vulnerable people looking for help and am glad you are trying to help.Probably everyone with autism, IS now looking for legal help, as there appears, as I have found little available that is effective.

      What has to be understood is, we are dealing with systems ie the LA and COP AND/or Care Courts, which are systemically impossible to challenge, or its very difficult, under present systems.

      This is deliberate, as so many are feeding in for their own benefit, no one is supporting the autistics, and protecting and enforcing the rights in law they do have.

      The sad thing about law, which appears to have been exploited in the states favour, is that there is little point in having it, if it cannot be enforced.

      Law in favour of the autistic– Autism Act 2009, statutory guidelines only, so must be enforced by judicial review, very legally dodgy, and complicated and no legal aid, similar rights possible under Equality Act, again same problems, but ltd legal aid, then you can sue the LA, for breach of its statutory duty to the disabled, and payment of the huge sums,the independent living providers and residential schools now get, instead of disabled and parents under The Chronically Sick and Disabled Act 1970, again no legal aid likely, and if lose, as on balance of probability proof by LA, then you pay their costs, this could be remedied, if first apply and get, a prescriptive costs order, then you can also use breach of s 8 HRA and/or s6 freestanding, in high court, again no legal aid but possibly best line of attack.

      Please feel free to email me on and I will do what I can to help, obviously free,

      But first read the latest posts say from Feb at least on this blog, as I have tried to deal with explanations of law and practice, which should help


    2. Might have been a little misleading on legal aid availability in my previous post, as I assume the vulnerable will have no assets, and be on benefits you will get in it is some instances, but then you need to find an effective lawyer.

      You will also have to apply to be appointed the autistic’s Next Friend, to bring an action on their behalf.

      If in the court of protection, you can apply to represent them, if the MCA is being used, but it is rare, that the COP will allow you to, as they will deem you have some form of conflict of interests with the autistic person, and will appoint, as nearly always happens an Official Solicitor, to act on behalf of a suspected incapable ie the autistic.

      This OS will usually be on message particularly as more solicitor firms become ABS monopolies.


    3. It also desperately wrong, and discriminatory, but the mothers aspergers will be used against her by both COP, and care courts, on parental capacity, and best interests grounds.

      Your best bet might be judicial review of any care decisions, on grounds of not following Autism Act 09 guidelines by LA, if already in court can’t use JR.

      and/OR freestanding breach of s8 right to family life by LA . but the forms and technicalities…..and chance of success, and as everyone, now does, I have to disclaim any liability and state this is not to be taken as advice , as all is risk adverse,.

      and why all these poor autistics and their families are so bullied, after millions has been spent by the National Autistic Society etc ,and we are awash with campaigns, latest on bullying autistics… when it appears the state is the one bullying….


    1. I hope you are referring to those creating and policing the autism industry and not the autistic ?

      If so, their opinions have been deliberately formulated to create the autistic cash cow, so they are hardly idiots as making huge profit out of their created epidemic and its ‘treatment’


  5. Reblogged this on finolamoss and commented:

    37% OF Tavistock And Portman NHS foundation trust who transgendered were autistic, ALLOWING more money from NHS funds more cashcow use of autistic rendered unable via MCA incapacity to choose to see parents.

    Autistic are the most deliberately understood and THREFORE biggest cashcows for any gov money and the least protected from any abuse.


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