Effect of the Connor Sparrowhawk Verdict and Puplic Accountability.

Audit checklist on a desk, with tick against audit satisfactory

Over the past 30 years, public health and welfare systems, have been honed to perfect unaccountability,   self- preservation, and risk aversion.

The total impossibility of even NHS complaints is illustrated here.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/xn3zf9epstwl9mh/The%20problem%20is%20the%20burden%20of%20proof.doc?dl=0

It has taken nearly three years, and over a million pounds, a public campaign, several published enquiries a coroner’s inquest, and a jury, to show it was negligent to allow an epileptic, autistic inpatient in an assessment centre to lie for hours unattended in  a bath. .

Connor’s family have effectively got no where in the fight for justice for their son and as can be seen her in his Mum’s blog are still waiting at 5th April 2016.


To decide, that allowing, a vulnerable epileptic man, to drown in his bath, was negligent.

And, it was revealed, that only 6 years earlier, another man had drowned mal- nourished in the same bath, in the same NHS adult treatment centre.

The only conclusion, that can be drawn from this, is, the NHS is publically unaccountable.

And, even when it is, the only sanction is a fine, payable, from public funds, and, resultant insolvency.

Following a pointless, expensive public enquiry. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/feb/06/mid-staffs-hospital-scandal-guide

St Andrews Healthcare, and most Adult Treatment Units, are now run for private profit, but, paid out of the NHS public purse, and, as charities, pay no tax.

So no tax, no accountability, no service, and huge profit.

The perfect business model.


And, a similar story is true, now of most public services.

The Baby P scandal, illustrated, the lack of accountability, self-protection, and, inadequacy, of the now, effectively privatised child protection services.

What is their accountability, for the thousands of rapes of children over 15 years in Rotherham alone?

Or, the many illegal adoptions, that pocket adopting agencies, a minimum of £28,000 per child.


Mental health is now about creating, as profitable a market, as possible.

When did the learning disabled, autistic, epileptic, need to be institutionalised, and, medicated, at huge public expense, for life?

This is a gold mine, from which private equity is, literally, and, metaphorically, making a killing.

See the billions spent on mental health services in the past 5 years in England.


Throwing money at a service, without accountability, has shown not to work.

The forced, costly exposure of how Connor died, which, put his parents, through even more, unnecessary, excruciating hell, will justify further NHS privatisation.

And, be used, to move mental health care, to a local level, and utilise, the private Adult Treatment Units, holding units, and supported living, already in place.

Thomas Rawnsley, was the only occupant for a long time, in the ATU, which, effectively killed him.

Within these local provisions, accountability, is even more elusive.

As they are  policed, by the Mental Capacity Act, and, Court of Protection,

So, unlike   Connor’s NHS treatment, are in secret, and, for life.

And, therefore, the risk of abuse, and death, even greater.

As, are the profit making opportunities, for the outsourcers, venture capitalists, and their supporting industry



  1. Yes as one knows, the system is well stitched up, as, even this fought for, hugely expensive inquest, has only stated the obvious, the system put in place, to safeguard Connor, on a most basic level, was not there, let alone, the system to assess, and treat him, which was the reason, he was in this perilous place.

    So, one really has to ask, was this all worth it, and why wasn’t it.

    It does not appear to have done anything, to change the systems, except to get managers to increase their managerialism, and bureaucracy, of an already moribound,, tick box service, and oppress, the poor people actually caring even more.

    The public NHS and Care system model is very dangerous for its consumers .

    We need an American based insurance system, so that we can have proper adversarial fights, and, large expensive settlements, that will ensure accountability, and therefore effect change, and, give direct contractual rights with the service provider.

    All our governments, over the past 30 years, have conspired, to give us, the worse possible system of service, privatised monopoly public services, and even when not, no accountability .

    Will Sara now sue in negligence, where there can be a true adversarial exposure of the horror, as she most certainly would in US ?

    Unlikely, due to legal costs, and a system of damages assessment, that would gain less, than the costs to obtain it.


    No rule of law so no justice.



    1. Even if Sara sued in negligence and it came to Court, not only would the costs outweigh the compensation, but the adverserial system would allow the defendant every possible power against Sara personally, and there is no barrister who would fight this. No rule of law as you say – but could a good lawyer (if such a thing exists) go for discrimination -not only against Connor but also against the family?


      1. Equality Act, very vague, so anything possible under it. Definitely Connor HAS not had equal safeguarding of his needs and safety. But similar problems of action, as with negligence. Although alL Sara
        needs to apply for, is a prescriptive costs order, as costs follow the event, this will limit the costs, she can be liable for, if she loses, and a lawyer. But I suggest she can only REALLY trust herself to act. Then of course she takes on all the lawyers and tricks of the establishment, but if I were her, although its a lot to ask, I’d have a go, at joint civil action in negligence, and under equality act, this would help get prescriptive costs order, as if she wins, they do not have to pay costs, as she has no lawyers. Your right about the rule of law no longer existing, this proves it. So where do we go without law???

  2. I desperately need advice, my daughter is deaf and autistic, for the past 4 years she has been living in independent care with a care provider who promised transparency and agreed we could install a camera just in the living room so we could observe her now and again, on numerous occasions staff were ignoring her, giving her tranquillisers spending hours in their staff room and totally ignoring her. Now they are taking us to court to have cameras removed. We are desperate to get advice because we know our daughter more than anyone and feel we need to be able to observe and protect her


    1. A desperate, desperate situation.

      For you, and, more crucially, your daughter.

      How, with her disadvantages, could she help herself ?

      And, even if she were not deaf and autistic, what could she do ?.

      You must be worried sick, and, this situation is for rest yours, and your daughter’s life, and as her care is run on a private profit basis, can only get worse, particularly, as your camera is to be removed.

      Please contact me directly on finolamoss@gmail.com were we can discuss what you can do, in confidence.


  3. Why are they placing people with severe handicap in independent living? It doesn’t make sense. If they lack the ability to look after themselves, how the hell do they expect to get them moved to independent living? Or are the good old faithful pill pushers onto this? I bet they are. Like a good ‘un. I know their game by now. Read, witnessed, been through half of it myself. Twisted people working at the top end, counting their bank notes, while secretly having it in for us all. Wonder when they plan on finally killing ME off. I’d better hurry up and tell them what kind of coffin I want. Wouldn’t want to waste their time staying alive now, would I? I once had this really eerie uptight “therapist”, while I was in a psychiatric hospital, and it was so laughable. She used to talk very slowly, in slow motion, and she’d just stare at me. I still try not to laugh about it to this very day. Britney Spears seems to be coping well, despite HER mental breakdown. Yet for all we know, someone in the psychiatric field, could be planning HER assignation. Run like the wind, Britney. Me following her. With all the rest of the mentally ill patients.


    1. They haven’t got severe handicaps, see Harvesting the disabled for profit.

      They are merely autistic/ LD, and more are diagnosed, as such, on dodgy diagnosis, but by the drugs and treatment are made really bad.

      The worse their behaviour, the more that can be claimed.

      IL is just the new word, for institutionalised for life under MCA ,all decisions and drugs enforced its the new billion pound industry see Penned For Profit.

      Thank you for all your comments. I very much appreciate them, and, wish you well, and hope, as I think, you have escaped.


    2. They cannot run or hide.

      Once labelled with a so called undisputed ‘learning disability’or autism, often as young as 5, they are doomed for life

      They receive no adequate only state deemed appropriate ‘education’ from which huge profits will soon be made by venture capital, as these children are removed to special schools always.

      At 18 under the MCA, they are declared illegally, ‘incapable’ by, if necessary, the court of protection, and all their decisions are made for them by their care provider for profit.

      Those within the cabal’s children, will be saved and used as tokens, and propaganda.

      Those who can afford private education, will not be affected, or labelled, and will lead normal lives, probably going on to university, despite being ‘learning disabled’.


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