Parents Rail Against Big Business Inside The Family Courts.

As millions are being made from tearing families apart and destroying lives nothing is being done except more greed and ease of removal of very lucrative commodities by courts LA outsourcers. Its our money, our children, our courts, our law we finance it all and private profits.
The foster care industry is venture capital backed private unaccountable and worth 1.7 billion on public money.via Parents Rail Against Big Business Inside The Family Courts.

The average foster placement is for less than two years, a fifth breakdown and many have over 3 placements a year, that is a lot of disruption- schools, friends, community and contact with many paid strangers, who replace their family.

Over 10,000 go missing, some never found. Read Sun expose and profit involved and think of the fate of these children so expensively cared for by the now for profit State.

US Acadia Group pay 1.28bn for The Priory Group .NHS billons on Behavioural services feed USA Venture Capital Profit.


US Acadia, bought the Priory Group for 1.28 bn last year and now owns half of all mental/behavioural services in England..

95% of The Priory Group income is now public money.In 2015/16 it received over 250 million of NHS funds.

Joey Jacobs owns Acadia Behavioural Healthcare Services and earned 8,241,847 dollars in salary, bonus and shares in 2014.

Tom Riall, Formally chief executive of Serco, with all its known financial scandals, was made CO of the Priory Group and is also a Director of 166 other learning disability companies including the Affinity Trust now Affinity Group and effectively controls most mentally disabled residential groups. His net worth is 1.66 billion

Due to five formal notices served by Coroners because of deaths in the Priory Group Riall moved on to My Dentist.

Does this sound like a cash strapped NHS ?? no it is a bonanza for private venture capital .

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Separate representation of a child – a thorny problem!

Remember, we now have effectively LA SW outsourced private, for profit, monopoly child protection services,. making huge profits, effectively unregulated, legally gaining their power by supposedly acting in the child’s best ‘welfare ‘ under much Blairite/Cameron amended Children Act, but as yet no voice of the child, as he is represented by a state appointed and paid guardian via CAFCASS again outsourced to private and a court rubber stamping for private profit decisions .

So here we have in this case rarely, the voice of the child for whom all this process and public money is being spent  and profit made.

Surely it must be listened to ? IF we really want child protection and not just the rubber stamping of people into for profit foster care and adoption and their harvesting by our state authorities and subversion of our laws and agencies ?  via Separate representation of a child – a thorny problem!