Millions Profit- Despite Acadia/ Priory Deaths ?

Priory Group made 800 million profit on their sale despite 12 deaths that managed to be made public

How many more we can never know- no relatives and Medical Examiner certifying natural causes ?

MHA only allows hospitalisation for treatment not death, and NHS pay £13,000 a week for it


USA Acadia Healthcare, bought the Priory Group in 2016 for 850 million dollars and sold it to Waterland in 2020 for £ 1.1 million.

That’s an estimated at least 800 million profit on exchange rates?

And for 4 years Acadia were paid £13,000 a week per patient, by mainly the NHS- OUR MONEY

The Priory had a reputation of providing the best care for the rich and famous

Who paid them under contract and would not return if dissatisfied

What did the NHS patients get for the same amount paid by celebrities ?

Without contract or choice

Read here 12 deaths in the Priory that managed to get out into public media

A 300, 000 fine resulted from Health and Safety Regulation for the life of a 15 year old

This modus of huge profits from mental health was mirrored by Winterbourne View’s sale to Dansell…

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Fifth Death St Andrews Hospital, Northampton,Inquest Finding Quashed.

When I worked at St Andrews in 2017 not once did I witness any physically assessment of patients on clozaril. When I raised this to a member of staff, why no physical assessment, he wasn’t able to answer… the staff member was newly qualified, supporting me on induction period.
A comment on twitter to this post
Yet £13,000 a week paid by NHS per patient with no tax, as charitable
No regulation , no enquiry, no doubt many more deaths with no adequate or any inquest due to newly created Medical Examiner role ,certifying ‘natural causes’
Why ?


Less than two months, after Bill Johnson’s death, Kristian Thompson, a 19 year old talented cricket player, was found unconscious in a shower, in St Andrews Hospital, Northampton, where he later died.

Kristian-ThompsonOnly weeks before, Kristian, had lost more than 2 stone in weight, and, would ‘’zone out’’, and, be unable to concentrate.

His mother, had raised concerns about the effects of his medication.

His death, shortly afterwards, made her even more concerned, particularly, when she found out, that four other men, on similar medication, had died at St Andrews in the previous 10 months.

Kristian was a fit healthy young man, who found himself in St Andrews, after an assault, just 10 months before his death, which left his behaviour, ‘unpredictable’, and allowed him to be detained under the Mental Health Act.

At Kristian’s inquest, experts gave evidence, that Kristian’s death, may have been caused by sudden adult death…

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Anorexic Jodie’s Cygnet ‘help’No psychologist, communication, assessment, protection, just death, cost £21,000.

With the death of NIKKI GRAHAME, we must ask what help do they receive for our £13,000 per week per patient in private hospitals ? Outcomes , accountability do not exist but profit does.

Read here, Jodie’s decent, as with all – Thomas Rawnsley into a dustbin costing more of NHS money without even communication, with the service user, let alone care/treatment, but huge payments made by NHS, on the severity that State NONEXISTENT care has created.



Jodie was a former air cadet, 12 GCSE straight A student, with exceptional talents in Maths and Art and ” would always put other people first and was a lovely, thoughtful, caring, creative, adventurous and highly intelligent’

She had battled anorexia and depression since she was 15

“She was very ill but she wanted to get well and move forward, but never got the right help.”

Despite her family fighting’’ tooth and nail all the way through Jodie’s mental health care to try and get her the best support.”

Jodie’s ‘help’ was, the only ‘pathway’ available to an ever increasing number of teenagers with mental health problems.

GP to CAMHS to inpatient, first an eating disorder clinic, where she did start eating and her mood improved, but then suddenly, she again became suicidal and set fire to her bed.

But ,” was horrified by what she had done and the…

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Kisimul Workers Comments-200,000 a year ‘education’-No Regulation.

NHS pay 200,000 A year per pupil in ASD/LD residential to NAS or whoever like Kismul, has the money to buy up the product. Why ? No oversight of outcomes .


So how do we find out what is provided in our £200,000 NHS/LA paid a year per pupil enforced residential schools ?

OFTED reports ?

Kisimul was rated ‘outstanding’ by them, only months before one of their school homes, housing 47 pupils was closed on ‘safeguarding issues and 8 workers arrested.
Where were the CQC regulators ‘?

It appears all that were inspected were rated good, worryingly 2 appear never to have been inspected despite the public 200,000 a year paid for their services and the vulnerability of the customers.

Kingdom House,   UHS-Lifeways/Cambian owned .where Thomas Rawnsley died,, had not been inspected before he was ordered there in his best interests by the Court of Protection, services commissioned and paid for – over £8,000 a week by LA/NHS and his mother gagged from disclosing these services.

My daughters NAS ,Robert Ogden school was rated outstanding by…

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The Risperidone Scandal

J and J, fines for opioid abuse

and 5 billion for respridol , yet allowed to produce a vaccine for the world now apparently causing blood clouts but for them no direct liability.

why ensure our future health to huge monopoly pharma without question of consequences ?

Care Reform? 136+ 62( 2020) Million to move LD/Autistic from public NHS Units to Private ‘Community Living ’

Transforming Care was a political device of funding to Local CCGs under Health and Social Care ACT 2012, NHS England could decide the providers of local care and provide this guaranteed income for the life of the ASD/LD under the MCA

It also apparently allowed the belief that those from mental hospitals had returned home.

But home was an institution the same as their mental hospital but for life.

All media, charities supported the gov/Lamb initiative, yet to date even more are in hospitals and hospital owners have bought up the home provision so are MHA sectioning back as more lucrative their patients

Gov targets for removal from hospitals therefore missed. And TC a failure . as too much profit to be made in hospitals.

Autism Bewareness- UK’s 32 billion a year Cashcows.

As we reach the end of our enforced themed weeks, this one being autism awareness, here is why, the huge money from public funds, guaranteed by a label of autism

Awareness, is harvesting for private profit, easy targets, guaranteed secure increasing income

AS 16 a day die, education does not exist, yet costs £200,000 a year per autistic, and all decisions are removed from them and their parents at 18 under MCA , now without even a court.

Pharma and care cashcows, even now in Tavistock NHS 37% are transgender

they are our most vulnerable, and therefore are most profitable

As what is autism ? Whatever we say it is – Cheshire Cat


cash-cow-women-s-t-shirts-women-s-fine-jersey-t-shirtThis is autism awareness week and the joys of an autism diagnosis are proclaimed with a study of 750,000 people that shows a tenth of the UK might be autistic.

A new Channel 4 documentary asks, ‘Are You Autistic?’: we speak to two of its stars

This Illustrates  autism is definitely not a mental disorder,

but a difference of behaviour, thinking and sensitivity, and was merely a ‘neurological condition’

until Parliament made it a mental disorder by placing it in the MHA ten years ago to facilitate the sectioning and detainment of autistics in mental hospitals. .

If one in ten of the UK have autistic traits , all this shows is that autism is an intrinsic part of a person’s personality and way of viewing the world which can’t be treated and has to be lived with and accepted but can lead to exceptional talents.

But why is…

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The ‘Natural Causes’ Cover Up

Much worse now 2021, with 16 fit ASD/LD dying a day in State Care see CQC report.


No cry from MENCAP, NAS. Parliament anyone, yet our money NHS pay £13,000 A WEEK in hospital, £9,000 in community living for 16 dying a day- fit, mentally different with little access to outside world.

Why ? because these deaths are ignored, and can be fed into virus stats.

Average age of death of ASD/LD is 38. despite all the billions of public money on their private care…………

Why support multimillion, paying no tax ‘charities’, like National Autistic Society and MENCAP When even the dead have no voice, nor the future dead are even heard ?.

The silent holocaust of death and sufferings happens each day. and we pay millions for it

IT is for profit, and continues with our NHS money, because we are silent and those tortured have no voice

Where is our humanity and voice ?



Nearly half of learning disabled including autistic deaths are avoidable.

And a three year old Department of Health ‘Progress’ Report revealed 3 a day die needlessly .

Mencap dismayed by lack of progress to stop avoidable deaths of people with a learning disability

Media blame these deaths on a lack of government funding .

But more money will only increase the already huge profits of their private venture capital Corporate ‘carers’.

As ‘ cuts’ have been used to force the LD/ASD into for profit residential/hospital care/treatment paid up to £13,000 a week

But in this greedy corporate world, physical illnesses are not being treated.

The ASD/LD use behavioural challenges to show pain and physical discomfort.

the man with Down’s syndrome refusing to leave the house, who turned out to have had a heart attack; the woman refusing to eat, who had bronchial pneumonia; the boy with autism severely…

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