Holiday Con ?

As any holiday can now be removed from the Green List, ie Portugal, where does that leave those already paid up ?

As less than 3 weeks allowed, to surge into Portugal as the only real holiday destination on the green list.

As I found in March 2020, booking Italy, when flights were cancelled, with loveholidays

AFTER 8 months of emails, I received £585 back from the £860 paid

THIS was paid by a venture capital company, who had bought up loveholidays, presumably at the cheapest price as effectively insolvent due to CVIRUS .

So venture capital will have benefited millions from such deductions and a knock down acquisition caused by poltics

So how many companies and mendacious profit can be made from regular transfer and removal to green list ?

As no option but to book green list contries.

Until max thrived from customers, for future control of foreign holidays by venture capital corporations ?

Who will be next to be bought – jet 2, tui ,and travel agencies who might have survived ?

Resulting in huge rip off and a few totally in control monopoly providers.

No choice , and dodgy holidays,

Gathering Evidence From Social Care.

A blog about the mendacious/spin lengths care workers will do to find what they are trained to find- safeguarding issues for removal to controlled, for max profit , no choice, no accountability residential care for life


bigstock-magglassTo obtain care, and/or deprivation of liberty orders, evidenceof parental neglect,  incapacity, or safeguarding are needed, to show removal to state ‘care‘, is in a person’s ‘best interests’.

This evidence, also supports, ‘abuse’/ neglect, which will exclude parents, from  representing their child in court,

although there is no legal aid for this,

and almost invariably an Official Solicitor, will be appointed by the Court,

and, this is for the  life of the disabled loved one.

Legally, the definitions of such abuse/safeguarding issues are  vague, and expansive.

As left, to the  paternalism and power  of the Local Authority.

It includes inter alia, not providing a safe, healthy, clean living environment, medical care, sufficient/ appropriate food, and clothing, and emotional abuse eg isolation, derogatory comments, preventing a person reaching their full potential.

The agency workers,  kept a log of each shift, written without reference to me; the log book, the agency’s property.

The log pages of the meltdown…

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400% Increase in Deaths of ASD/LD- 11+ deaths a day ?

Why no comment on so many deaths for so long.

Average age of death 38 in the healthy. Millions profit made from their non care

No one cares because they are the vulnerable voiceless.


MENCAP reported in 2014, 3 a day were dying in State care

Mencap dismayed by lack of progress to stop avoidable deaths of people with a learning disability

What was done ?– nothing- no further campaigning from any charity, MP, or government voice.

What now 7 YEARS later ?

CQC publishes data on deaths of people with a learning disability | Care Quality Commission

The number is 11+ a day ,

206suspected‘ with Coronavirus- (not tested),

How when isolated from community ?

180 NOT related. to virus

deaths from 10/4- 15/5 2020

CQC publishes data on deaths of people with a learning disability | Care Quality Commission

‘This data shows that between 10 April and 15 May this year, 386 people with a learning disability, some of whom may also be autistic, died who were receiving care from services which provide support for people with a…

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Covid-19 Vaccine Effect and Cost

Billions has been poured into NHS and private companies for vaccines, PR , TESTS without accountability ,on the excuse of a created plague of flu, that kills 0.146 % of population,
the world brought to its knees in debt- no society, no jobs, no future except what was always the purpose the great reset fourth industrial revolution- removal of all from the population to enrich the few ,doing this.


A vaccine with no normal animal trials, no standard up to 2022 trial, with a new untested technology ,

Against a continually mutating virus, when vaccines do not kill viruses per se, let alone one not separately recognised/ isolated , as a deadly disease

Vaccines don’t work against some viruses. CRISPR might fix that – STAT (

Its manufacturer has been given the first legal exemption in history, from any liability, either from immunisation or side effects

Thousands of experts have warned of dangers but do not aired in media

Risk Evaluation of anaphylaxis with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine | The Wall Will Fall
Risks of the Pfizer BioNtech vaccine – Dr. Louise Lagendijk (video) | The Wall Will Fall

How will it help pandemic ?

Hancock, Fauci ,admit it does not stop transmission , needs to be given every 6 weeks, and at most alleviates symptoms of virus, yet…

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s4 and s5 Mental Capacity Act – No blame, total control ‘care’ only ?

No legal safeguards of the millions in State for private profit Care

Care now decided on by the executive- LA/NHS not the courts

Anyone, on a mere. reasonable’ basis, can decide if a person incapable and this can be fluctuating and remove all decisions from them for life

The MCA capacity test appears unpassable, if targeted .as it is against the old, mental. epileptic. autistic or learning disabled or indeed any behavioural problem

Huge profit for care corps. with no checks or even liability for care but huge profit as paid £8,000 + a week per incapable for life and not regulation as to their services. Family can and are being excluded. *


blame bigstock-Arrow-Signs-13878395

Despite the unworkability/illegality of capacity assessments and the draconian, no rights nature of the Mental Capacity Act.

And the secrecy of all process. and lack of independent representation. by appointed Official Solicitor, of the ‘incapacitated’ in the Court of Protection, the executive appears intent with its latest Law Commission Report on Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, renamed Liberty Protection Safeguards, to allow LA/NHS executive and not COP to enforce the present MCA practice, to aid ever more efficient private care profit and speedier pathways.

And protect Care for profit companies from legal claims, to avoid expensive Insurance claims

Law Commission reveals Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards replacement

Incapacity of a person is the gateway to MCA power And its decision, and under new Liberty Safeguards is left to The executive LA/NHS commissioners of the care home services they also oversee

A huge conflict of interests, and worse as capacity has illegally been…

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Psychology- The Weapon of Mass Destruction?

We surely, must know, by now, the reason for the C VIRUS pandemic,

it is to thrive the world, for the Great Reset – TOTAL CONTROL by the few . No choice. ownership. power, or even hope by the many.


We can escape bullets and bombs. but not ourselves, our own psyche.

We have been in lockdown, in our own Room 101, not with rats but our greatest fear- Death

Exacerbated. by isolation and all media flooded with the message of an unseen, arbitrary, ever increasing virus attacks, that can kill without symptoms/warning at any time

Why ?

As Huxley said because with conventional war- you can’t sit on the bayonet.

And Orwell announces our future as a boot, not on the head of humanity, but its face

We must therefore accept our own servitude

We must make ourselves slaves.

What psychological manipulation has been used to achieve this ultimate control?

Fear, instilling by State has made it parents. and produced a confused, reliant, infantile state in us,

As obedience to authority is our only option to avoid our fear of death, rather than actual death.
A well known historical…

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Hollies Medical Centre- I do not have diabetes

Inevitably, the NHS letter arrived on my memorable date- my birthday – a diabetic eye screening invitation .

No release from the profit making NHS computer

No stop of  its depressing harrassment

as I WRITE, my vision has, and always has been, without glasses ,perfect, my diet sugary, with no consequence , no diabetic symptoms

Yet NHS pursue me, State rules, despite the facts, they are right . I can do nothing to change its pathway.

Except, to cry here, into the wilderness ———– I do not have diabetes

But what does that matter ?


This is a plea of desperation to my GP practice – Hollies Medical Centre, Sheffield

I do not have Diabetes.

Despite telephone conversations to Dr HARVEY, AND lengthy letters from me- they have no email contact

I have spent 4 years being festooned by NHS literature inviting me for eye screens , assessments and more


Because 12 years ago, suffering from ME, after glandular fever, I was sent to my GPs Well Woman Clinic – that did no more than weigh me, at 16 Stone NOW 11, and take my blood pressure

I then, years later was stupid enough to respond to a standard GP Diabetes test, at the GP Clinic which was fine, but slightly raised due to my ciggy and coffee

So a second test was notified, despite the fact I’d passed my first

I had to care for all and was fed up with this…

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Millions Profit- Despite Acadia/ Priory Deaths ?

Priory Group made 800 million profit on their sale despite 12 deaths that managed to be made public

How many more we can never know- no relatives and Medical Examiner certifying natural causes ?

MHA only allows hospitalisation for treatment not death, and NHS pay £13,000 a week for it


USA Acadia Healthcare, bought the Priory Group in 2016 for 850 million dollars and sold it to Waterland in 2020 for £ 1.1 million.

That’s an estimated at least 800 million profit on exchange rates?

And for 4 years Acadia were paid £13,000 a week per patient, by mainly the NHS- OUR MONEY

The Priory had a reputation of providing the best care for the rich and famous

Who paid them under contract and would not return if dissatisfied

What did the NHS patients get for the same amount paid by celebrities ?

Without contract or choice

Read here 12 deaths in the Priory that managed to get out into public media

A 300, 000 fine resulted from Health and Safety Regulation for the life of a 15 year old

This modus of huge profits from mental health was mirrored by Winterbourne View’s sale to Dansell…

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Fifth Death St Andrews Hospital, Northampton,Inquest Finding Quashed.

When I worked at St Andrews in 2017 not once did I witness any physically assessment of patients on clozaril. When I raised this to a member of staff, why no physical assessment, he wasn’t able to answer… the staff member was newly qualified, supporting me on induction period.
A comment on twitter to this post
Yet £13,000 a week paid by NHS per patient with no tax, as charitable
No regulation , no enquiry, no doubt many more deaths with no adequate or any inquest due to newly created Medical Examiner role ,certifying ‘natural causes’
Why ?


Less than two months, after Bill Johnson’s death, Kristian Thompson, a 19 year old talented cricket player, was found unconscious in a shower, in St Andrews Hospital, Northampton, where he later died.

Kristian-ThompsonOnly weeks before, Kristian, had lost more than 2 stone in weight, and, would ‘’zone out’’, and, be unable to concentrate.

His mother, had raised concerns about the effects of his medication.

His death, shortly afterwards, made her even more concerned, particularly, when she found out, that four other men, on similar medication, had died at St Andrews in the previous 10 months.

Kristian was a fit healthy young man, who found himself in St Andrews, after an assault, just 10 months before his death, which left his behaviour, ‘unpredictable’, and allowed him to be detained under the Mental Health Act.

At Kristian’s inquest, experts gave evidence, that Kristian’s death, may have been caused by sudden adult death…

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